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Jennifer Aniston To Sing In 'Goree Girls'

Jennifer Aniston To Sing In 'Goree Girls'

Jennifer Aniston will soon be singing a new tune!

The 40-year-old actress is training to do her own singing in The Goree Girls, her upcoming real-life drama about an all-female country band in a 1940s Texas prison.

“She can sing,” the movie’s director, Michael Sucsy, tells E!‘s Marc Malkin. “And she’s going to learn how to play the Dobro [guitar].”

Aniston — the one woman band?!

Remember last year? Aniston showed off her vocal chops on 30 Rock, singing “Happy Birthday.”

Aniston and her Echo Films partner Kristin Hahn will be producing The Goree Girls. Sucsy last directed HBO’s Emmy-nominated Grey Gardens.

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  • dani

    earplugs please

  • Lurker

    Lol, that’s all i will say for now

  • yuck

    yeah, i’m sure she sings ‘all by myself’ on a daily basis

  • Wendy

    Cute, the premise sounds fun, she will be great.

  • mimi

    She has tortured us with her mug and acting non-skills and now we have to hear her sing, ugh.

  • denise

    Ugly man face, Jennifer Aniston.

  • fresh

    good for her.

  • mickey

    Yes, but can she sing well? That’s the important part.

  • cyntija
  • Dreamer

    Good for her. I must say, I’m learning to love her more everyday

  • R


    No it is not

    Jennifer Aniston: Will Sing in Upcoming Flick!
    Today 8:56 AM PDT by Marc Malkin

    Ramey Photo
    Jennifer Aniston is getting ready to show off her vocal chops.

    I can exclusively reveal that the actress, 40, will do her own singing in The Goree Girls, her upcoming real-life drama about a group of female prisoners who form a popular radio country-and-western band in the 1940s.

    “She can sing,” the movie’s director, Michael Sucsy, tells me. “And she’s going to learn how to play the Dobro [guitar].”

    Aniston’s fellow inmates haven’t been cast yet. Sucsy isn’t looking to fill the roles with real-life musicians…

    “These women learned to harmonize and they learned to play instruments,” Sucsy explained. “They weren’t these amazing, accomplished singers who banded together. That’s what’s interesting about it.

    “It’s not just like, ‘Hey, you can play the guitar, I can play the piano, I can play the harmonica. Let’s put a band together.’ It’s like, ‘We have to get out of jail, and if we have to put a band together to do that, then that’s what we’re going to do.’ “


    More pics of Jennifer Aniston for Elle US (September 2009) :

  • You/Me

    Awesome! :) I love it that she is stepping outside her comfort zone and doing something no one would expect of her. She is a strong confident woman …..standing on her own and taking a risk with a movie that a lot of haters are going to trash whether she is good or not. Kudos Jen!!!! I will definitely pay to see this movie, even she she sucks at singing she gets my respect for at least trying. BUT, I think she’ll surprise and be fantastic.

  • Tina

    OMG. What if she actually pulls it off? What will the haters do then?

  • Name No

    You go Jen. Looking much more beautiful everyday.

  • Jill

    # 14 Tina @ 08/14/2009 at 2:03 pm OMG. What if she actually pulls it off? What will the haters do then?

    I’ll be happy for her if she pulls it off. God knows everything else has been going wrong in her life. Movie bombs, guys running away from her as fast as their legs can carry them… poor Jen needs a break.

  • anonymous

    Finally, she gets to do something really different. Can’t wait for this movie. And to those of you that doubts her, just because you’ve seen her comedic singing in 30 Rock and SNL………you’re gonna be surprised. None of you haters know: she graduated from the famous NY fame school that trains students on drama, dance, singing, and stage…..hahahaha! Now, let’s begin the desperate posts of all the haters, fans of Brangelina & John Mayer. I luv this woman that media keeps reminding everyone that she is 40 yrs old. She even looks younger than the young ones that want to look mature already. At least, Jennifer kept her style and looks all these years….no she didn’t have to look overly glamorous, too. Just herself.

  • flutters

    This might be the first role she’s done that’ll interest me. If she does a good job that is.

  • n.o.l.a

    PLEASE! You act as though she is singing LIVE. Her voice will be mixed in a sound studio. Musicals are big right now and she’s jumping on the band wagon. Her PR team NEEDED to put something out since BRAD DOMINATES this week. Hence, “Jennifer Anustain sings”. The hens will flock to it just the way they flocked to Management.

  • Tina

    Her devoted pack of fans need to wake up to the growing anti-Aniston backlash. Read about the campaign to get her to stop pushing bottled water

  • Lidia

    I hate bottled water!

  • f

    haters – leave her alone already!

  • mary

    f – f off. your hero is a dumped loser – probably much like yourself.

  • iris

    i cant wait see movie 2010

  • karen

    Well, well, well. what do we have here a little thread about Jenny poo. That took what 4 days.. I think we have a record..

  • good for her

    She’s lucky she always has something to do to not sit at home alone. Gets paid for it too no matter how many times the flick bomb. Don’t you wish we all could get opportunitiies in life.

  • Steven

    Hey guys, has anyone ever seen all the ugly fat women that flock to JA movies? If you want to pick up a lonely dog with low self esteem go to a JA movie.

  • JennyPoo

    Hey ‘R’……’newslicious’……….You/Me………’Tina’……….’anonymous’……….and of course, the one that’s holding all these personalities together is none other than SALLY the schizophrenic. LMFAO!!
    Way to go, Sal. Go earn that paycheck from the Lonely Cougar.

  • R

    What a people are you, you haters have nothing to say

    So thanks for the hate comments

    You to make jennifer rellevant




  • lexy

    She’s so pretty and talented! Great smile.

  • Sally

    She’s a great actress and more versatile than some guys think. The ones who watched “The Good Girl” and “Friends With Money”, they know she can handle a drama very well. I mean, not just fine, but great. She was very complimented by the critic on these two performances. And personaly, I love these movies.


    Her ability to make humor is a quality so rare to find. The sucess of the serie “Friends” with her 5h nominees to Emmy (and one won), besides a Golden Globe and a SAG Award for her act, it shows how funny and talented she is. Now one more nomination for Emmy by her hilarious participation in the sucessful “30 Rock”.


    Sometimes, in the same episode of “Friends” she had a super funny scene and then a super emotional. “Friends” is not only humor. There some emotive and dramatic scenes, and Jen (and the full cast, of course) was wonderful in both. The same thing happened with “Marley & Me”. The movie has some hilarious scenes, it’s impossible don’t laugh. But it has a lot of drama too – when she lost her first baby, when she and Owen Wilson was facing thru a hard time in their marriage, when Marley got sick… and Jen had transited so naturally from the humor to the drama, and she’s so good in both. It’s just how life is, indeed. Funny and dramatic at same time.


  • Sally

    Some people underestimate her as actress ’cause she’s famous by her comic timing, but they don’t know how hard is to make comedy, according the critics, the writers, the directors and the actors. But this woman can do everything. Her performance in “Derailed” was consistent, and it was a thriller – she was the bad girl this time. She can be a director, she can produce, she can act. She is very smart and (multiple) gifted, but It’s not all: she works very hard and this makes the difference.


    And the other great thing on Jen: she’s great in the rom-coms. But she also aceppts new challenges. She hasn’t fear the unknow. Just the opposite: she loves it. She takes risks. Sometimes she fails, of course. Nobody can always win: “Management”, an indie and small movie, was not well. But she didn’t give up to try new things. “The Bounty”, for example, has a lot of action scenes, and it looks like she’s handle it very well. Some years ago, she made a participation in Broadway. I mean, she can do everything, really.


    She can be a spoiled, funny and lovely girl like Rachel. She can be a sweet and super sexy girl like in “Rockstar”. She can be a poor and sad woman like in “The Good Girl”. She can be a femme fatale villain like in “Derailed”. She can be a great wife and mother like in “Marley & Me”. What seh can not do?


    I admire her talent, but I admire even more her personality. She’s too strong. She’s a brave woman that absolutely loves her work and takes it seriously. She’s so dedicated to every single project, so professional, that she deserves the huge sucess she has. And even more!


  • JennyPoo

    Sally-the-Schizophrenic, cougar-loving, jen-azz-licking, sycophant strikes again! LMFAO!

  • Sally Hi there (# 12)! My favorites of these pics are the one she’s wearing a white jacket and her fabulous smile, and the two black and white pics of her face: one of Jen smiling again and other with her eyes closed. Beautiful and cool pics. She’s lovely!

  • kiki

    mary @ 08/14/2009 at 2:22 pm f – f off. your hero is a dumped loser – probably much like yourself.

    mary-you need your drug!

  • kiki

    why you hate aniston?
    everything is ok.brad has his soul-mate>

  • Sam

    I think it’s great, she is a great lady and a wonderful actor



  • zk

    A musical about female prisoners in the 40′s with Maniston singing?

    Sounds like FAIL

  • Jen is pretty AJ not

    I think that I will see this movie 60 times.

  • I love You Jennifer

    She is so wonderful,I love you Jennifer x


    Jen is pretty AJ not @ 08/14/2009 at 3:11 pm I think that I will see this movie 60 times.

    Just like you did Management?

  • The a stain

    @reply | Flag This
    # 40 Jen is pretty AJ not @ 08/14/2009 at 3:11 pm I think that I will see this movie 60 times.

    just like you did for management

  • karen

    @Jen is pretty AJ not:

    you will need to in order to make it a success.. Shame you did not do this for Management.. She really needed you then..

    What happened? Oh I know.. you and the other freaks were too busy stalking Brad/Angie so none of you could pull yourselves away from the computer; in fear you would miss something Brange related, to go see her movie..


  • Sally

    Hi n.o.l.a (#19). You should try to be better informed before judge someone or some info. These news on “The Goree Girls” aren’t fresh. Far away of this. This is an old project. And the press has been talking of it for a long time. For example, more than 8 months ago, in her interview to Vogue (last december), Jen had already mentioned it. In fact, she mentioned this dream project of hers some years ago.


    The thing is now the project is getting life. The director was choosen, another production company joined Echo to produce. Soon the full cast will be defined and that’s why the news on it will keep coming out. But it’s past the time of you let go your theory of conspiracy. It looks like so silly right now (I suppose it always seemed so silly).

    It’s not about Brad anymore, darling. This is only about Jen, her new life and her new movies. There is no contest. The movie will be shooting only in january of 2010. If the press like to follow every single step of Jen (personal and profissional), I’m sorry but it’s because she’s a very interesting person – that sell a lot of magazines (and clicks).


    She’s doing her job and living her life, and this is not happening because Brad is doing this or that. You, “the haters”, are the ones who always seem to need to link her with Brad, even almost 5 years after they split. It’s only in your heads now.


    She suffered when they divorced, of course, and she was honest on her pain at those times. But it’s far away now. And she never try to depreciate any of his movies. Just the opposite. She recently said he’s doing great things and she’s proud of him. So, what’s the big deal? Turn the page, guys. It’s getting ridiculous to you.


  • Oh dear

    You go Jen is pretty. I will see it 100X!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Maybe they will show it playing on AJ’s gigantic forehead.

  • jordan

    Love Jennifer! Can’t wait to hear her sing! Need me some Jen movies now!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • skankaline

    @karen: like a feel about brangelina! move on!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • kiki

    she is beautiful,sexy,rich and she had bp legally without the gay marriage, religion, legalization and taxation of marijuana platform.

  • jaye

    It’s not like this is the first time she’s done something different, it’s just that romantic comedies dominate her credits. She ventures off once or twice and did something interesting, but when it didn’t translate into the box office money that her RC’s do, she ran back to what she knows best. That doesn’t mean she can’t act, it just means she won’t take chances and risk FAILURE at the box office. Some of the best movies made have not necessarily been box office hits. Her movies DO make a decent profit, but they aren’t GREAT movies.
    She needs to get over being afraid of rejection if she wants to be an A-List actress. And before the bats swarm down on me, she is NOT an A-List actress. She doesn’t get offered the parts that these actresses do. The big studios don’t have the faith in her to consider her for the more meaty roles. Since she has her own production company, she can do this for herself now, if she has the guts.
    I’m waiting for her to headline a drama . Something that sheds the ghost of Rachel Green and is not another, “relationship” movie. She needs to stop making movies about lonely women, women who are looking for love, women who have been dumped; she’s had her fun with that, now it’s just sad. This woman very well knew what she was doing when she accepted those movie roles. It’s like hearing the same joke 100 times, it gets OLD. We get that she can laugh at circumstances, but she shouldn’t have done it until she became the joke.
    Aniston has a lot of projects listed on IMDB, so those of you hoping that she would have a family and babies ( despite your protestations otherwise), I think her workload is the answer for you. But considering who she is, it’s probably very good therapy for her, what else has she to do with her time? Her best friend is married and all her friends are either married or have kids. After a while even a much loved friend starts to feel like a fifth wheel.

    I hope this movie works and doesn’t turn into another RC in disguise. I was fooled by The Bounty Hunter. I bet her character and Gerard’s character get back together at the end of the movie. How sweet! ( rolls eyes and sighs).