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Kate Gosselin Checks Into Days Inn

Kate Gosselin Checks Into Days Inn

Kate Gosselin packs her things into a car after a fight with Jon, reportedly over an unapproved baby-sitter at their home in Reading, Pennsylvania on Thursday (August 13).

Police were called in while Jon and Kate argued at the fence because she was locked out and denied access to the home. Soon after, Kate was spotted checking into a Days Inn hotel.

The same day, Jon lit up his cancer stick and then took his daughters Cara and Maddy to Starbucks, Staples (to get some back to school supplies) and finally to the bank. Jon is set to throw a pool party in Las Vegas on August 29th.

15+ pictures inside of Jon and Kate after the blowup…

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  • kate

    eeeh who care

  • Matt

    Grow up already, Jon!!! Seriously…

  • gloria

    Kate doesn’t allow Jon to be at the house when it’s her time there, so why should Jon allow Kate to be at the house when it’s his time there? Kate is crazy and Jon was right not to let her in. Kate is just jealous that Jon is getting some booty, or alot of booty lately. I think that the show really needs to end. Those little children are probably having nightmares every night.

  • Halli

    Jon is a FREAK. So he locks out Kate from their home? What is he 12? I am no fan of either of these people, but if one parent disapproves of a baby sitter, the other parent has to respect that. These people are the definition of trash.

  • Mailen

    Ugh, he is such a douche! They say Kate is using her kids? Hello! He is!!! Going to france, vegas, and god knows where else! I am 100% on Kate’s side.
    Jon: Go Die in a hole with your stupid girlfriend

  • mary ann

    Gee, no Steve in sight. So Kate has to call the cops. What a waste of tax payers dollars. If I lived in that state I would be pissed off and complaining to someone. Kate needs to grow and stop exploiting those eight kids.

  • ashleigh

    Jon needs to hire a hit-man.

  • Matt

    Gloria #3 – I wonder if you’ll be as approving of your ex running around “getting some booty” as you think Kate should be. There’s a certain level of tact that Jon should exude (especially being in the limelight), but it’s missing. I hope you’re as cool about being disrespected by your ex if this happens to you.

  • Belinda

    Jon is a child that has children. I thought he couldn’t sink any lower but he has. So now he’s going to Sin City and that’s probably where he belongs. It’s just unbelievable that a father of eight wearing Christian tee shirts just months ago is with girls, even if they’re nineteen years old, plastered all over the internet for all his children to see. If there was EVER a definition of a loser, this guy fits it to a tee. The show should be called Kate plus 9. I won’t be watching anymore of this show if Jon is on again.

  • anonymous

    I love it! Kate was locked out & denied access to the home…I’d pay to see that. I do believe Jon has either found his balls or got new ones made of steel! It seems Kate’s ability to manipulate people into what she wants,is slowly fading away. Jon’s still a prick & about as disgusting as Kate,but wish I could have heard their fight & see Kate being turned away at the gate.

  • ally

    this family is a mess…I don’t care about these two idiots what so ever, what I do think is that this is effecting those kids more than they know. Jon needs to be a DAD all the time, not think with his dicck when he’s around those kids…
    This is what happens when you “share” a house for the children. You rightfully think its yours as well, to come and go, to check on your children…However, it doesn’t work that way. They need to each get a home of thier own. Just wait until Jon starts bringing home his girlfriend, Hailey, all hell will break loose.
    If I were kate, and I can’t stand her either, is go to the court system and see if she can get his time spent with the children reduced until he straightens up. What a Freakin’ mess.

  • A-Class Jerk

    When will this asswipe (Jon) just GO AWAY?? It’s obvious he doesn’t give a flying f*** about his kids – he lives only to ‘pleasure’ himself. He really needs someone to knock him down a peg or two. Once a jerk always a jerk.

  • shelly

    First of all, I have to comment on his hair…or lack there of. Didn’t he get free plugs on an episode?? Well, they didn’t work!
    Where is Jon’s biological family? I know his dad has passed away, but doesn’t he have sisters, a mom, a step mom, aunts or uncles…cousins…to tell him to get his shitt together? God, if this were my son, or relative, I’d smack the hell out of them and tell them enough is enough. The playboy days are over, time to be a DAD again. Someone has to get him in check. And #11, you are right. If he can’t make sensible decisions when he’s with the kids…(babysitters, etc) then Kate needs to file a temporary order for him to get the children less. He’d probably love that. He needs to go to vegas to host the pool party!

  • sweet

    @Mailen: Jon was all for quitting the show,but Kate wouldn’t even entertain the notion.
    They are both using them equally. If those 2 can stand up & say they feel they have their shitt together,they are lying. They are both as fuccked up as the other. They are pathetic,greedy monsters! Everybody’s tab comes due,sooner or later & Jon & Kate are no exceptions. Their gonna have a lot to answer for one day.

  • sweet

    @ashleigh: Don’t go there.

  • mandy

    these two dummies need to go thru the lawyers, not the GATE! There should be special regulations already in motion on who can watch the kids when she is not with them, visa versa. Kate is a control freak, I’m sure she had this written up a long time ago. Jon probably changed the plans, and she went ape shitt. Call the lawyers…you know darn well the kids were witnesses to all the lights, sirens, kate wanting in the house/gate, and the verbal argument was more than likely heard….Get it together people.

  • Hate kate

    She does not deserve to come to that home when it is his turn just as she said Jon cannot come when it is her turn! To those saying he is locking them out of the home, they have said that is the KIDS’ home, not theirs! They take turns in it. If she doesn’t like it she can always go to court instead and try for custody, but then she would be in a world of hurt when the well documented abuse she has heaped on them for the world to see on television all comes out. She will lose. SHe is emotionally abusive, I’m sure also physically. She is a bitch! She knows she will lose and I’m sure he has a lot on her and her boy toys. Did Steve sneak into the Day’s Inn? Can’t wait until karma swallows her whole.

  • flo

    Kate filed for divorce, she had her lawyer arrange for each parent not being allowed to infringe on the others time at the “kids house.”
    That goes both ways and for her to show up close to midnight screaming and yelling, she is lucky she was not arrested for disturbing the peace and impersonatng a possum.
    Regardless of what you think of his hair or the dumb choices he made after she took a lover and kicked him to the curb, he is their father. At least he does not bad mouth her all over the media and the kids love being with him. If she cared abou her kids emotional well being she would not be on her Victim Tour throwing him under the bus and exposing the kids to this vitriolic mess.

  • Score card

    Home team 1 Visiting team 0

    yeah raw sis boom raw jiggle those pom poms

    ummm when was it over again?, ummm remember when you kicked loverboy out?

  • No excuses

    They’re BOTH jerks IMO. But I fault him MORE because he’s busy ‘partying’ and living the ‘high life’ while she, at least, sticks by those kids and doesn’t shirk HER duties as a mother. That guy really and truly needs to GROW UP and stop acting like a ‘self-indulgent brat’ himself.

  • Crystal

    Who’s a bigger loser? Michael Vick or Jon Gosselin? I’d say Jon because he not let himself down but his wife but most importantly his own kids. He should be locked up and throw away the kids. The sad thing is some of his kids actually looks up to him. Very sad.

  • tess

    why is the media so involved with these 2 disgustung parents? Don’t we deserve better journalism than this trash you’re feeding us day in day out? Those kids are the losers in this whole affair. ENOUGH already!!!!!

  • sweet

    Disrespected? Kind of like when she would yell at Jon in public,like he’s a kid? Respect is a 2 way street,so if Kate expects respect,then she needs to learn how to give some. BTW,there’s a reason they are called ex’s. If I had a ex,the mere fact they are now my ex,shows I probably don’t give a shitt who their doing,what their saying or what their opinion on me is. Their EX’S & it’s none of their business! Screww who you want!

  • sdf

    you know that kate freaked out because jon probably had another 20 year-old babysitter over.. for more reasons than just babysitting. of COURSE she would be frantic-her eight kids are there! i just feel so bad for her.. i just wish he would be more mature.

  • Rhonda

    Kate doesn’t have any problem leaving the kids when she’s “touring” with Steve and getting lots of attention and being photographed in her bathing suit at the beach. She has a problem NOW that Jon doesn’t ask her permission for anything and has his own Rights. Kate is a control freak and control freaks don’t like being locked out!

  • jake

    Everyone who is on the hate Kate bandwagon should maybe giver her some break. She was the one who went through labor having SIX BABIES and TWINS. Jon is like any other man, get the girl pregnant and then leave her.
    Kate should be applauded for her efforts, she is not cavorting with the opposite sex, smoking, going to bars and restaurants. Jon should be ashamed. I use to be on the hate kate bandwagon, but now I giver her the benefit of the doubt. She really is trying. Jon is such a douche, this man should’ve never had children.

  • sweet

    Here’s what is so great about this country…you don’t have to be fed anything. If you’re tired of the Gosselins,then why don’t you stop reading & posting on sites that discuss the Gosselins? Your problem solved.

  • Emily

    Bald, Fat and a Douche. No wonder he is into younger girls, which other classy, respectful, self-aware women would find him attractive and give him the time of day. A warning to young girls, he will just use you, and he definetly is not marriage material, all this guy wants is to have kids.

  • Francine


  • sweet

    @sdf: Kate freaked out,because that’s what Kate does. Mady walked in on Kate & Steve “talking” one time,so she’s no better. They are equally vile & disgusting people & neither is better than the other.

  • Diva

    wow, Jon totally sold out on his wife!

  • james

    #*3..It’s over with Jon and Kate, so why should Jon give up women.

  • Diva

    He’s acting like a spoiled teenage rebel. Yuck. Good riddance kate – he can’t handle you.

  • james

    correction: This post is meant for #8 NOT #3.

    to #8…It’s over with Jon and Kate, so why should Jon give up women.

  • she can’t take no

    Give it up, it not like the kids haven’t seen their parents fight before. Rotating custody is rotating custody.

    She had her turn earlier in the week buying off her kids with toys and a big backyard production welcome home mommy. Its Jon weekend and they went shopping for school supples.

    Showing up at the gate and demmanding an appearance because someone thinks they are the better parent and have to approve what the other does is intruding on the rotating custody. They both know the paps are at the gate. Would Jon pull the same trick?

  • sweet

    @ally: For Petes sake! I think Jon should do the same. Collect the pics of Kate beating the shitt out of Leah in the driveway or not giving her daughter water,then proceeds to drinking in front of her,talk to Mady about walking in on her mom & Steve. Kate needs to straighten out as well.

  • Jody

    @Crystal: Stupid who’s worse M Vick or Gosselin “Sick Vick” killed hundreds of dogs bashing their heads in,, dumb comparison.

  • yuck

    i would hate to be married to half the commenters on these J&K+8 threads. y’all are crazy!! you sound like a bunch of bitter abandoned hags. my mom was like you and her friends were like you too: never able to admit they were single with kids cuz they were impossible to live with. never able to let go of the control & admit they weren’t always right.
    you know what men like?? fun women. women who keep themselves fit, are responsible, loving and who don’t sweat the small stuff. YOUR OBESE A$$ needs to quit sittin in front of the PC or lookin in the fridge and go for a romantic walk w/ your loved one(s).

    kate admits she’s a pot stirrer who loves drama but drama brings nothng but sadness to her family. if it wasn’t her night than she shouldn’t have showed up.

  • Sherry

    Jon was a born loser and he still is. I hope him and Barboro, aka Hailey have a great life. I seriously doubt it. He is so gulliable that anything that he hears from his loser’s entourage, he’ll believe it. He’s throwing away everything that was good in his life for few good times.

  • Jane

    Jon’s in a world of sh*t got kate fired up , got the twins upset , Kate will get out of the show and there goes his high flying style with all the girlfriends, take the twins out and buy stuff so they will hug on him and think he’s a good daddy, what a joke jon Gosselin Kate will get out of the show after these 40 episodes and go back to nursing, what will you do?

  • sweet

    @jake: You seem to have overdosed on “DUH” .

  • Jane

    @sweet: If he didn’t act like he was brain dead she wouldn’t have to yell at him, he’s a ninth child, he went from mommy to kate , never on his own that’s why he’s acting like a fool now! This show is over let the lawyers and fighting begin!!

  • The elders say

    Grandma says Kate can’t take her own tricky medicine. Grandpa says Jon is abusing himself with good time women. Both say Kate is a good time woman and Jon is good hearted man with bad timing.

  • JESS

    They both just need therapy. i do agree that Jon is not acting right. He let the media get to him and is so immature to see that he has become a joke.

  • Jane

    kate was worried about the welfare of her kids he should have let her in, what was he hiding? You can’t run a separation ( divorce) through TLC The lawyers will need to come in and this show is history. Kate is probably trying to get out of this show as we speak here, her kids are more important than the show, complete opposite for Jon, he’s a play boy now and needs the money, His girlfriends will kick him to the curb.

  • Charlene

    Why does Kate put up with this LOSER. There are so many good looking guys with maturity level well above this guy. He’s not even good looking, I’d say about a 4 out of 10. Please get full custody of your kids Kate because if it was left to him, the kids will be ruined for life. I’m sure majority of people out there would agree.

  • EML

    because i honestly haven’t heard this, when did Mady walk in on her mother and the bodyguard?

  • lola

    I’m confused…why does jon even need a nanny if he’s at the house???
    I bet she wishes now she never did the show with TLC…fame brings too many regrets

  • Beach Lover

    First and least important, why is Khate wearing a sort-of, kind-of Ed Hardy looking type shirt? She is in competition with the world. It is KI against the world. She’ll show him type of thing.

    Can’t you imagine the fury that ensued when Mrs. Thing couldn’t get into her house? She is, as was stated here, the ultimate control freak and even though she was ordered by the court, just as Jon was, to not come to the house when the other parent’s time was running, she never thought any rules applied to her and I think she was planning on having quite a scene possibly right in front of the kids. Actually, I’ll revise that and say I’m sure she wanted the kids to see her make the scene or didn’t care if they saw. She is full of rage. You can see it in her face.

    Funny to me that this horrible, horrible mother and wife seems surprised at all her actions have wrought. I think her own butt getting bit in the end was never in her mind. Classic. Poor kids.

  • Cherry


    Any good-looking mature man with half a brain would not want anything to do with this woman. HELLOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Have you watched the show??? Her ugliness has been documented for all to see. And as for Jon refusing her entry to the home…she would do exactly the same to him given the chance. And having the cops escort her out to her car and carry her luggage??? She is a first-class piece of white-trash.