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Kate Gosselin & Jon Gosselin Reunite

Kate Gosselin & Jon Gosselin Reunite

Kate Gosselin returns home to watch their eight kids on Friday (August 14). after spending the previous night at a Day’s Inn hotel.

Last night Jon denied Kate access to their house during his scheduled time with the kids.

“She tried to come home yesterday, and I wouldn’t let her in the gate, and I guess she called the police,” Jon tells Splash News. “The police came and said it was a civil matter. An officer pulled me aside and I said, ‘This has never happened before and I’m just trying to spend time with my kids and she’s [Kate] gonna have to leave.’”

He continued, “It was a miscommunication. Kate said she was coming home, and I said, ‘Well, it’s my time to spend with the kids.’ I don’t come home when she’s with the kids, and vice versa — and that’s how it’s supposed to be.”

You can watch the video of Jon explaining the situation at TMZ.

Also pictured below is Jon talking to fans and reporters by their house. Kate spent the day heading to Dunkin’ Donuts and then did another run to FedEx/Kinko’s.

15+ pictures inside of Kate Gosselin and Jon Gosselin reuniting…

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  • adiore

    I’m surprised she stay overnight at a Days Inn hotel

  • sienna

    Sorry Mady and Joel, Daddy needs to go to Hailey!!!
    You made him happy enough doing your part making him richer with this episode, now it’s her turn….

  • sienna

    Jon denied Kate access to their house?!?! I hope kids did not see that.. :(

  • J

    im glad jon stood up for himself, but these two are obviously borderline disgusting human beings

  • vannie

    Thats so sad…i dont see cara..its gotta be hard on the kids…especially the older twins cause this is an important time in their life..they are growing up! My parents divorced when i was 8 also and i stopped seeing my dad…it def. had a negative effect in my life..i feel so bad for them!

  • Susie q

    Stop with the “Kate made another trip to Fed Ex/Kinkos”. That’s probably where she picks up her mail, from a p.o. box. I’m sure they don’t have a regular ol’ mailbox at the end of the driveway where the paps hang out.
    BTW…Jon is scum.

  • betsy

    supposedly it was his night with the children and she was upset over who was assisting with the children. That should be agreed to upfront before either parent leaves for the weekend. These two have alot to figure out for sure.
    One thing that really bothers me – I only have two children. I work full time & I have the means to treat myself to a pedicure here or a manicure there. Although I have the financial means and I do enjoy a few hours to myself here and there, I don’t have the time or the desire to try and look like a holly wood celebrity – I’d rather spend time with my family then be tanning, getting mani and pedis, working with a personal trainer.I just don’t get it.

  • jaye

    It is sad. Kate knew it was Jon’s time to be at the house and that under their agreement she was NOT to be there. Yet, she let her desire for control to get the best of her. If she had a complaint about who was at the house ( i.e. the babysitter Jon chose), she should have made a complaint to her attorney and let the lawyers work it out. But noooooooo, she had to do something herself. A control freak never willingly gives up control. This would be a hard time for anyone divorcing, but given her personality type, if she doesn’t get herself under control she’s going to end up in a psychiatric ward. The kids just want to know that both of their parents love them, they don’t need her creating drama when it can be avoided.

  • unknown

    Uglies esp the brats

  • blah blah blah

    Jon isn’t scum, he had every right to deny Kate. It’s KATE who is scum, having a secret affair with a bodyguard.

  • misha

    jaye, you obviously read too much tabloids and stories about them.

  • Amanda

    You know what, Kate has every right to go to the house, she lives there with the kids, Jon is the one that moved out and comes and goes as he pleases….gosh he needs to grow up.

  • Catalina

    Jaye, you are way off base. This is about the children and a woman that the mother of these children did not want them near. Has NOTHING to do with controlling her loser almost ex husband.

    I personally would not want any of my children near Jon’s women. Can’t he wait until he’s not with his kids?

  • joley

    Kate is such a control freak- whack job. She knows this will be front page news and is trying so hard to bring down Jon. She is a mess!!!!!
    I’m glad glad he left her.

  • val

    wowwww i understand wat he is saying…..butttt then again if he was leaving i feel like he should have let her in and watched them for him until he got back, those BOTH there kids and i would never stop my ex from seeing his child ever. But then again his Jon soooo im not surprised by this.

  • Frances

    This idiot doesn’t realize all that he lost. Anybody could see that Jailey, Hailey, or should I say Barboro is nothing compared to Kate. Who in their right mind, especially a father of 8 get involved with drug addicts and along with that she not even sure of her sexual orientation. I mean Kate can be mean but somebody has to hold the fort because this loser sure isn’t going to. No mother nor wife would ever put up with his childish behavior. After all, he is still a child in my book. I see maybe a year or so with this chick. I mean put all the last four chicks against Kate and none will ever come close to her. Not only that, he has 8 kids to take care of which is most important. He’s easy going, que cera cera, maybe a nice guy but I think few loose screws are in his head. He says that he asks Hailey if he could go out with his friends. He’s over 32 years old and asks if he could go out? This just proves that if the kids are left alone with him, they are doomed. That’s why Kate acted this way, I would too. He’s been listening to the wrong people, with their own agenda and he’ll be screwed at the end. I know this will happen.

  • eva

    As a divorced mother of 2, I’m in between. When people are going through a trial separation (ultimately leaving to divorce), there are certain conditions and ruled that must be made to keep the 2 parties civil. Each parent MUST obey these laws; if you don’t like it, then ask your lawyers to make you another arrangment.

    From what I’ve been reading, it was Jon’s turn. I understand mothers are going to be upset with the choice of the babysitter (I would too IF those rumors/her profile is true). What I’ve learned in my separation is that no matter how much I disagree w. what my ex husband does w. the kids, I have to trust him and know he would never put their care under bad supervision. It’s hard and it hurts but if you really love the kids, you really gotta keep sane. If I were Kate, I would have called Jon to discuss this w. him or meet somewhere private and say, “hey…i just want to know who this girl is…” Showing up UNANNOUNCED and expecting to control when you are not in the position to do so, shows me how much she really misses her power and control. The tears are obviously for sympathy (my ex would do that all the time if he didn’t have it his way).

    In public, Jon may come off as a d0uche but I think he wins this round. His ex wife needs to calm down.

  • eva

    @jaye: I agree w. what you said – read my post….

    that’s one of the consequences of divorce, folks. Now, if they were still married, YES…kate as every right as a mother to go down that house and demand what she wanted but in this situation, she is wrong. Kate has the right to WORRY but not to justufy her thoughts into actions. She must abide by the agreement that has been written

  • lola

    Dear Kate,
    Jon has watched you be in control of the kids, himself, and everything around you for over 9 years. He will not, or ever, put up with it again. Put on your big girl gannie panties, and just let him be. He’s making bad choices….he’ll screw up eventually….

  • http://aol Patti

    I think this is all a farse for ratings. You watch they will get back together.

  • ughh

    ITS HER HOUSE YOU IDIOTS, he moved out. He rarely sees the kids, he doesn’t CARE. She has said herself I let him drop by whenever he wants because I want the kids to see him, and she has invited him for holidays because she wants the kids to have both their parents around.

    Hes a DICKKK for not letting her into her own house and traumatizing the kids in the process. Its not fair for her to have to wait in a hotel while he stops by for one day to see the kids. It was his choice to move out and get a small place to stay. If he bought a house where his kids to stay too there would be no problem. He thinks hes 15 again.

  • http://aol Patti

    Oh another thought. Kate hasn’t slimmed down for nothing. She is looking to be an actress, talk show host or whatever. She isn’t going away any time soon.

  • chloe!!!

    Kate said in the interview that she didn’t move out and she is in her house wth the kids where she belongs , thats probably why she stays in a hotel on Jon’s time. I can see why Kate went to the house if Hailey was there , a mothers instinct is to protect your kids , especially from some wh0re like Hailey!

  • team kate

    Kate lives there with the kids. Jon MOVED out. It is not healthy for his kids to be introduced to another woman…in this case a whoreish college student, that is a drug addict. Kate maybe controlling, but its Jon’s fault for not being man enough to grow some balls.

  • cathy

    yea kate didnt have the right to go over when it wasnt her turn, but if it were me, i wouldnt feel comfortable with that babysitter there after he shacked up with her. i’d worry if he’s taking care of the kids instead of talking to paparazzi

  • Puddin

    She stayed @ Days Inn because it was on her dime for once.

  • bea

    What a douche bag. He couldn’t stand up for himself when he was married but now he wants to win every argument at the expense of their kids. How traumatizing is it to see your mother locked out of the house and barred from seeing her kids? And then he has the nerve to brag about it in interviews afterward. I’m not a big kate fan but she doesn’t go around saying things like that about him.

    Whether or not it’s her turn with the kids, she is still their mother and have the right to be concerned about who is watching her kids, when she is not with them. It’s really sad that he chooses the babysitter over the mother of his kids. The babysitter is obviously more important than having good relations with the mother of his kids. Jon Gosselin can’t think straight because he’s going through a midlife crisis, as evident by his comment “i’ll approve her babysitter if she approve mine.” So in other words, he’ll turn down every babysitter his wife hires, even if they’re qualified, just because she wont let that woman of questionable background watch her kids.

    He needs help and those kids probably will too.

  • the Ugly truth

    It’s totally inappropriate to hire a gf to be a baby sitter. He’s probably going to loose custody.

  • victoria #1

    When my neighbor went through the same thing, she could NOT come to the house either, when her soon-to-be ex husband was there with their 5 children.
    All ” Tammy ” was trying to do anyway, beside’s stirring up trouble, was to get all her children to see her in the driveway, then hoping they would start crying for her, if they saw HER crying for THEM.

    That way, it would leave ” Jim ” in a big emotional mess and maybe THEN, he would ask her in to stay. After a few weeks of this sick game, she gave up, because he never fell for it, and he eventually called the Police when he saw her pull up in the driveway.

    ” Jim ” never, ever did this when she had them.
    Kate’s tears are fake, I can be sure of that. Just as they were on the Today Show, according to the stage crew and the stage hands back in the dressing room area’s. One man back there said when she left, her eye’s were perfectly made-up, no smear’s from all that ” teary mess “, and absolutely ” no redness. ”
    So They told the USA Today newspaper who came in for a small interview ,that Kate Gosselin was the truest form of someone who identified with the words ” FAKE ” and
    ” FAMESEEKER.”, besides her husband. One woman in the hair ” area” on another stage, stated she was rude and ” cold as ice.”

    But the minute she stepped outside and went to the toy store, FAO Swartz, and everyone started staring at her, and a few people called her name out to take a photograph, she was beaming ear to ear, and waving like the ” Queen of England. ” One paparazzi even followed her in, and she didn’t kick him out. How is that for ” fame seeking ? “

  • Lisa too

    I have mized feelings about this one? I do think they both have a good point.

    If Jon has scheduled visits with the kids, she should respect those times he has them by not being in the house. I do think that they should come to an agreement on who the babysitters are going to be and leave it as that. They should have a list of 5 people or so that they agree on. If for some reason the 5 on the list can’t watch them, then they should talk on the phone as adults and explain the situtation. I think they should be adult enough to speak to each other if they have to.

    As far as the house being Kates. It really isn’t. They said on the an episode that the house is the “kids” house and that they will have to take turns when it is their time to be with them. They both said that the house belongs with the kids no matter what. I think that Kate needs to find a local place where she can stay when it’s Jon’s turn to be in the house. It’s a shame she had to spend the night at a hotel, but that isn’t the agreement that she made with Jon. I thought though that they have some living space by their garage for some reason? It would be nice if they could make an extention for a little living space if they could agree that they could stay there as well? Maybe it’s too close when each are with the children, but if they agree on it, who knows, maybe it could work out for them?

    I do feel that the kids are 100% on Kates mind and when she isnt working by traveling around, she wants to be home with the kids. Now Jon on the other hand when he isn’t with the kids he is living the life a a single guy looking to party it up. They both have different ideas of how to spend their free time away from the kids.

    I do think that Kate is the better parent. Jon is the “fun” parent, but Kate is the one that takes care of all the important issues when raising their children. I really do respect Kate for how she is trying to adjust being the main caregiver of 8 children.

    Just my opinion………

  • sienna

    OK, they are having a divorce but they can at least be civil with each other. I feel like our passive aggressive and bitter Jon is trying hard to hurt his soon-to-be ex-wife, by publicly cheating on her with different young women every other week and not letting her in saying it’s her turn. I’m not for Kate Gosselin but I’m definitely against Jon Gosselin. He is a selfish immature scumbag.. He only came back for the episodes before that he was not even around those kids.. Whatever Kate is doing in her private time, she is at least not doing it publicly. Have some decency, Jon!! Grow up!!!!!!

  • sienna

    @Lisa too:
    “I do think that Kate is the better parent. Jon is the “fun” parent, but Kate is the one that takes care of all the important issues when raising their children.”

    I completely agree with you..

  • jk8rfake

    This whole situation is fake and has been scripted by TLC and the Greedlins to generate buzz and save their ratings from plummeting any further. Wait till the end of September when they both reconcile and live together happily ever after. In the mean time there will be more drama and histroinics being perpetrated by both these two wanna be celebrity fame whores , who will not quit till those innocent kids lives are ruined. TLC should be ashamed of themselves for continuing this fraudulent show and those two grifters 15 minutes will soon be up.

  • scisan

    Errrrrrrr…no come on how many of you did not see this coming? I was surprised they lasted this long.
    A) both too young to get married
    B) mismatch of personalities
    C) too damn many kids
    D) Reality show whores
    E) infatuated with the limelight ( especially Kate)

    Two of the above would do in any mere mortal.

  • realityfan

    If Kate is smart she’ll let him have enough rope to hang himself and let her lawyers clean up in court. He’s made enough bad decisions, including putting his bed bunny bartender one-night-stand on the payroll to take care of his kids. That was calculated to drive his wife, the mother of his children, crazy – and it worked. He must be thrilled.

    Kate will get everything she wants in the divorce and he’ll get smacked down if the judge takes a good look at the decisions he’s made since she isn’t making them for him.

    I used to feel sorry for Jon because she practically wiped his nose for him, but it’s pretty clear he’s not able to run his life intelligently.

  • suzie

    You people are insane. She didn’t have a right to go to her own house?????? That is HER house as well. I’m gonna bet her name is on the deed and mortgage. Jon moved out. Jon has a whole new place where his clothes are, where he sleeps, etc. He lives there. He does not go to a hotel. This is her house people. Who cares what the circumstances where. She should have been allowed on her own property anytime she pleases. I bet that gets changed real quick. I swear if I were her, the locks would be changed immediately. He wouldn’t come back there. Then I’d fight to get the house in the divorce and he could make his own arrangements to visit.

  • suzie

    @victoria #1:

    Give me a break. I’ve cried many times and minutes later no redness or puffiness. Depends on how hard you cry. And what woman doesn’t try to touch up her makeup after crying.

  • Shurly

    Well I thought they had an agreement. It’s the kids house. When it’s Jon’s turn to stay with them (for a whole week), Kate CANNOT come. When it’s her turn to stay with them, then HE cannot come. What don’t you guys understand ? That’s what they decided, it’s not Kate’s house anymore even if she didn’t actually move out like Jon did.

    This agreement was decided by them together WITH their lawyers. If she doesn’t agree anymore with that, then she has to go see a judge. Not change the rules by herself. That’s why the cops didn’t help her in. And he had every right to let her at the door. And now again he’s the bad guy just because she couldn’t keep her word.

  • suzie


    Love it. SO true. I’ve been saying/thinking all along that people think Kate is this bad, horrible person who is a control freak. But look at the woman. She’s got 8 kids and an idiot, loser husband. Someone has got to be in control. She is the way she is towards him because of how he is. There is a lot we don’t see and don’t know. Jon has proven that he is immature and irresponsible. How frustrating is it if you just have one or two kids and a spouse who never helps and is lazy and irresponsible? Imagine having 8. She is better off anyway. She lost nothing because this guy is just dead weight.

  • suzie


    It is just as much her house as it is his as long as her name is on the deed and the mortgage. That’s the way I see it. I don’t see their agreement lasting. There is no way in hell I’d let that douchbag idiot keep me off of my property. PLUS it’s not like it’s this house she visits. All of her belongings are there. Jon’s aren’t. He has completely moved out. She didn’t.

  • Shurly

    Suzie I think you don’t know what you’re talking about. Read everywhere, they said how it would be after the separation. She has no right to change the locks. And she cannot come on the property anytime she wants to, that’s what they agreed, now she has to keep her word. Do you read some of her interviews ? Do you watch the show ? She explained how things would work.

    I just think she’s too much of a control freak. Jon is not perfect, but he would never harme his kids intentionaly. So their lives are not in danger when they’re with him. Even if you don’t believe that, she seems to think that way, otherwise she would have fought to keep them with her all the time and never allow him time alone with them. Of course she would have had to prove that he is dangerous for them. And she didn’t. So I guess it means she doesn’t think he is.

    She may not approve his choice of nannies, but that’s not a reason to take the kids away from him.

  • Shurly

    “PLUS it’s not like it’s this house she visits. All of her belongings are there. Jon’s aren’t. He has completely moved out. She didn’t.”

    So ? It doesn’t change a thing in their agreement. She has to follow what she (and her lawyer) agreed on.

    As to whether this agreement will last, only time will say. Probably not you’re right, but until then, she doesn’t have a choice.

  • anon

    There is a reason Kate was made to leave by the police or not granted access to the house. She set up the rules to the divorce, she cannot change it in the middle of the night just because she has control issues. Where is the proof that something is going on with this nanny and Jon? Or is something Kate’s PR team put out there to Kate friendly pap websites like Jareds and such?

  • http://yahoo jenny

    @betsy: several nannies are working for them – nannies that they both have agreed upon. but this time he just decided to call in one on his own – we all know which one- honestly, any mother would not be able to rest if she knew that her husband has called in a nanny that he is sleeping with. let us be honest and not just so jealous of another woman that we hate her so much and are happy to see jon being so cruel. jon was always difficult that is why kate had to always be yelling at him. time will tell as the world sees his relationship with other women. i wonder how the other women in his life and feeling about the fact that he has hired a nanny – unknown to his wife – and the nanny sleeps with him. hailey is very stupid to be believing all his lies.

  • http://yahoo jenny

    @lola: kate had to be that way with jon because he was so irresponsible. there is a lot that we did not see – things that happened off camera – everyone – even me – used to feel sorry for jon – but now he is showing his true colors. that is why when regis said to her that he thinks jon will come back toher – kate just said that she would rather keep things private – there is a very dark side of jon – i am not saying this to be mean – i wish they can be back together – but the reality is that jon is very mean and he is feeding off all the negative things people are saying about kate – he has a lot to learn…

  • http://yahoo jenny

    @jk8rfake: you fool

  • http://yahoo maris

    @Shurly: did you not see the earlier episodes. They have several nannies, that is why kate was so upset. She realized that he hired a nanny unknown to her – jon deliberately does things to frustrate kate. I do not know what kind of a lawyer jon has – maybe a low down person just like jon – because he is advicing jon. Jon knows his rights and he is abusing it. He knows that kate cannot come there – but yet he knows that kate is a good mother (it has nothing to do with control) and that it would worry her if he hires a nanny on his own and have her come over there – that is why kate went to let him know that she did not know about the nanny. They are supposed to make joint decisions on things like that – so jon knew that he would be annoying kate. We see how nasty jon really is when he is bragging about what he did to kate in the video with tmz.. Jon is filthy – he belongs with hailey and her mother

  • http://yahoo jack

    @Shurly: What don’t you understand. They agreed that they would make joint decisions on issues concerning the kids. They decided on rotating nannies – even jon mentions this in his bragging about the incident. Jon broke that agreement when he decided to hire a nanny on his own – and the nanny turns out to be someone he is sleeping with. He first broke the agreement – that is why she had to go there. It would torture any mother to have the father of her children doing that. It is not right for the children or for kate. Do you realize jon is using the children to hurt kate? He was always mean and playful – that is why she had to be speaking to him like that.

  • Shanny

    Could Jon becaome anymore of a douche.
    I am really sick of this man/boy.

  • http://yahoo icare

    i just hope that none of the children grow up to be like jon. Those three boys are so cute – I hope with all my heart that jon will not influence them. It is obvious that jon tries to get the children to like him and dislike their mother. He gives them a lot of freedom when she is not there. They can eat whatever they want etc. Hailey what is your opinion on all of this? You encouraged this man to cheat on his wife and then one month afterwards kate had to file for divorce.. Hailey are you seeing him for who he really is?? Kate major you got out in the nick of time.