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Katie Holmes: Holmes & Yang To Be Sold At Maxfield

Katie Holmes: Holmes & Yang To Be Sold At Maxfield

Katie Holmes gets a visit from her husband Tom Cruise and daughter, Suri, while shooting her new movie Don’t Be Afraid Of The Dark on Friday (August 14) in Melbourne, Australia.

WWD reports the 30-year-old actress will be selling her “premium designer” line Holmes & Yang exclusively at Maxfield in Los Angeles this fall. Katie and her stylist Jeanne Yang designed the collection, which includes women’s and children’s wear. (The fashion line was inspired by Suri and Jeanne‘s two girls Zoey and Sydney.)

10+ pictures inside of Holmes & Yang designer Katie Holmes

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Credit: Photonews; Photos: SplashNewsOnline
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  • nice heels, Tommy!

    What flattering platforms.

  • Susie q

    And is that what Suri is wearing? The new line? Eeeks! They sure exude happiness, don’t they?!?!

  • dani

    I cannot believe anyone would want to associate with Katie Holmes as a fashion designer. Her dress/fashion sense is truly awful.
    Oh well, it is going to fail big time if the polls out there that rate her fashion choices are any indicator. Less than 20 percent of the population thinks the clothes she has designed are a good look.

  • Susie q

    #3…well, there is a reason she is only selling it at one store!!! I guess she figures if she fails, no one will notice!

  • it’s robo bride

    Wow don’t they look amazingly happy. Wonderfully in love. Magickally interacting?

    What is Suri wearing? A pajama top? I’m almost sure I’ve seen very similar tops in the pajama section. And as usual no coat and Tom and Katie are dressed for winter.

  • Tiara

    Wow, I didn’t even recognize Suri !!!!! Her hair grew a lot! Cute. She’s less cute than she was as a baby but she’s still kinda cute. I always preferred her over Shiloh(since the latter was not that cute as baby, just a lily blondie not cute at all) but now, Shiloh is becoming very pretty and adorable. I’m hesitating!

  • hadis


  • Mwahahahaha!!!!

    I think the lifting shoes would have been more discreet in black.

  • Gary

    Can that kid not walk for herself????? They carry that child 24/7 she is going to grow up being a dependent, and clingy. Are they going to carry around everywhere when she is 20??

  • jen

    @dani: who on earth conceived of, designed and exectuted a poll to determine what the “population thinks the clothes she has designed are a good look”?

  • Gary

    That child is going to grow up being very WEIRD. In every picture of them she is hiding her face and is very introverted……These two dont seem like a pair that go together.

  • zzzz

    A fashion line from Katie Holmes?! Are you kidding? Have you guys seen her personally designed dresses? They are hideous and poorly sewn.

  • 123

    Not a Suri fan, but she looks really adorably here, minus the clothes. Wow… they’re actually dressing her in “normal” clothes. Although it doesn’t match, she looks like a regular kid, not all dolled up like before.

  • 123

    Has anyone seen Harper’s Island? Suri kind of looks like the little girl in the show.

  • regina

    Katie, don´t forget, Suri is not he only “woman ” in Tom´s life…there is still Bella!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Rachel

    Love the combination of her scarf and shirt — love those two patterns together!

  • regina

    This Suri kid is strange……

  • Dani


    People, InStyle and sometimes other magazines feature stars and what they are wearing in a fashion poll.
    “For instance that dreadaful white and lace jumpsuit that she designed and wore for I think AMS opening got 8 percent like, 92 percent dislike on the People Style Poll. Same type of results with InStyle. Almost everything she has designed has bombed in these polls.
    And to be honest, based on her clothing sense, I’d be hard pressed to buy anything from her line. She looks like cr*ap so much of the time that as a woman who buys fashion I personally feel if she can’t take pride in how she looks, than I certainly don’t want to fund her aspirations so women everywhere can look as bad as she does!

  • nikomilinko


    yes she´s strange…

  • Spoiled little princess

    She’s adorable – and I’m sure she gets told that constantly by her doting parents – and everyone else. She’s probably ‘spoiled rotten.’ It’ll be interesting to see how she actually turns out.

  • denise

    Katie still dresses that child like a grown woman. Never any socks.

  • tidbit

    WHY? WHY? WHY? Would anyone buy anything this woman designed. Just look at what she is wearing. Horizontal stripes that emphasize her large hips and thighs. Leggings that emphasize her legs which are not her best feature. A suede jacket that doesn’t go with the rest of her look. A scarf that looks dreadful against the stripes.
    Whoa. It’s Walmart meets Kmart all on Katie’s body.

  • Judy

    Considering what katie and suri are wearing, I don’t think so.

    Nice lifts and botox crazy gay man.

  • Tina

    So far, from watching Katie’s horrible movies, we know she can’t act to save her life and she just proved on SYTYCD that she can’t sing or dance either.

    Can’t blame her for wanting a new career or trying fashion. LOL!

    If what I have seen her wear is any indication of what her clothing line is like, she’s setting herself up for failure with that too.

    My advice would be to hire herself out as a beard wife and a womb for hire. Oh wait. She’s already done that. My bad.


    Wow…Suri is looking more and more like Chris Klein every day!!! Amazing that Katie and Tom think they can hide her bio dad’s identity when she looks so much like him.

  • You got it # 25

    Totally agree #25. When the contract with Cruise is over maybe she can be a salesgirl at Macy’s.

  • Annie

    Obvioulsy Jeanne Yang will be doing the designing, lord knows Katie doesnt have any fashion sense. Cruise camp is just trying to find something for her to do to keep busy while he comes and goes with his gay buddies. In other words, something to do so she keeps her mouth shut.

    And wasnt Tom about 4 inches shorter than Katie just yesterday??? And she had on flats then too. What a crazy d*ck.

  • Annie

    Yep, your right John Boy, Cruises eyes are VERY close together. Suri has the slanted wide spread look , just like Chris Klein. And the eyebrows are tell tale Klein.

    But that kid does not look right either way. Sad and pale, notice how they keeps things in her hands now so as not to show the claw hands? That poor kid. Maybe she’s on Gay Blades detox diet.

  • camillus

    Why can’t this child walk. What is wrong with the couple who never lets her walk. They are sick.

  • Not

    Maybe they can make the kid a coat in her new line of clothes lol. This brat is going to be hell when she is older. Tommyboy and Katieass are useless as parents and should just send the kid away now and get fixed for life now and not do this to another kid. Just saying!

  • zk

    It’s freakin WINTER in Australia………and that kid has a TANK TOP on!!!!!!!!!

    ugh…’s worst fame-whoring parents!

  • lol

    wow. it’s winter there and suri has no cardigan or jacket but her parents are in sweater / jacket.

    good parents aren’t they?

  • Mary

    what a beautiful family!

  • Sharon

    Did you ever notice that when Tom’s on the opposite side of the globe from Katie & Suri, the child is dressed like a kid? She wears long pants, hats and even jackets. He shows up and she’s back in sleeveless dresses while Mom & Dad are all bundled up. Makes me think that the dresses are not Suri’s choice, as Tom is trying to make us believe.

  • Mousse

    I am shocked they only think of their own and still don’t dress their kid normally for the weather. It’s winter there.

  • Hum

    I think Tom likes it when he carts Suri around see where the kid has her feet all the time. He gets his rocks off on this kid!

  • torpedo

    Strange indeed. For all I know the kid wears hair extensions. Just like they put a wig on her for the Vanity Fair cover pic. Look at the hairline. You’re right #26.

  • lakers fan in boston

    i hope she doesnt have any influence in that designer line other than she’s invested in it
    she has the style of an old lady with her berets and grey sweaters

  • Can someone give that poor child a cover up that can be worn and not to display with? It’s winter there for xenu’s sake and it’s evening. That little girl could catch a cold or pneumonia for crying out loud. Tom and Katie are the worst celebrity parents so far.

  • Geez louise

    Put some clothes on that kid! What are they thinking??? Bare arms, when they are wearing sweaters and jackets? HORRIBLE PARENTS!

  • Scott Summers

    She walks plenty of times, #9. You just conveniently miss those pictures. She’s even seen walking in THESE sets of pics!

    She’s nothing like that in these pics, #11.

    I doubt being carried around a lot harms you psychologically or at all.

    What else was panned besides that horrible jumpsuit, #18?

    How on Earth re those two gold diggers, #21?

    You don’t actually believe that, #26.

    You’re a moron, #29.

    Read my comment to #9, #30.

    You’re crazy, #38.

  • jdj

    #37- You are disgusting to suggest a kid getting her father off. What a vile being.

  • y

    get a life trolls

  • medic

    Gorgeous family and they look so happy!

  • dolphins

    I’d check out Holmes and Yang…..

    cannot wait for Katie’s film

  • observer

    Katie has a happy,promising life,career also family life
    most of all a productive and fruitful one.
    You haters are nothing spending time in cyberspace all hateful cowardly talk a pathway to hell.

  • HA-HA!!!

    Just look how short ,crazy, gay man was just yesterday……It was on JJ, just LOOK…What a ridiculous little crazy man! XENU must have said it was okay. Just check him out a day or two ago. What a frickin midget with no self esteem. CRAZY CRAZY CRAZY!!! Run Suri Run!

  • HA-HA!!!

    Oh, here they comet he scientologist to defend their “god”. Will the space ship come soon after? Away we go!!!!!

  • neil


  • sandra

    This family makes me smile. Sounds pricey
    but Im nosy enough to see it for myself.