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Katie Holmes: Holmes & Yang To Be Sold At Maxfield

Katie Holmes: Holmes & Yang To Be Sold At Maxfield

Katie Holmes gets a visit from her husband Tom Cruise and daughter, Suri, while shooting her new movie Don’t Be Afraid Of The Dark on Friday (August 14) in Melbourne, Australia.

WWD reports the 30-year-old actress will be selling her “premium designer” line Holmes & Yang exclusively at Maxfield in Los Angeles this fall. Katie and her stylist Jeanne Yang designed the collection, which includes women’s and children’s wear. (The fashion line was inspired by Suri and Jeanne‘s two girls Zoey and Sydney.)

10+ pictures inside of Holmes & Yang designer Katie Holmes

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109 Responses to “Katie Holmes: Holmes & Yang To Be Sold At Maxfield”

  1. 1
    nice heels, Tommy! Says:

    What flattering platforms.

  2. 2
    Susie q Says:

    And is that what Suri is wearing? The new line? Eeeks! They sure exude happiness, don’t they?!?!

  3. 3
    dani Says:

    I cannot believe anyone would want to associate with Katie Holmes as a fashion designer. Her dress/fashion sense is truly awful.
    Oh well, it is going to fail big time if the polls out there that rate her fashion choices are any indicator. Less than 20 percent of the population thinks the clothes she has designed are a good look.

  4. 4
    Susie q Says:

    #3…well, there is a reason she is only selling it at one store!!! I guess she figures if she fails, no one will notice!

  5. 5
    it's robo bride Says:

    Wow don’t they look amazingly happy. Wonderfully in love. Magickally interacting?

    What is Suri wearing? A pajama top? I’m almost sure I’ve seen very similar tops in the pajama section. And as usual no coat and Tom and Katie are dressed for winter.

  6. 6
    Tiara Says:

    Wow, I didn’t even recognize Suri !!!!! Her hair grew a lot! Cute. She’s less cute than she was as a baby but she’s still kinda cute. I always preferred her over Shiloh(since the latter was not that cute as baby, just a lily blondie not cute at all) but now, Shiloh is becoming very pretty and adorable. I’m hesitating!

  7. 7
    hadis Says:


  8. 8
    Mwahahahaha!!!! Says:

    I think the lifting shoes would have been more discreet in black.

  9. 9
    Gary Says:

    Can that kid not walk for herself????? They carry that child 24/7 she is going to grow up being a dependent, and clingy. Are they going to carry around everywhere when she is 20??

  10. 10
    jen Says:

    @dani: who on earth conceived of, designed and exectuted a poll to determine what the “population thinks the clothes she has designed are a good look”?

  11. 11
    Gary Says:

    That child is going to grow up being very WEIRD. In every picture of them she is hiding her face and is very introverted……These two dont seem like a pair that go together.

  12. 12
    zzzz Says:

    A fashion line from Katie Holmes?! Are you kidding? Have you guys seen her personally designed dresses? They are hideous and poorly sewn.

  13. 13
    123 Says:

    Not a Suri fan, but she looks really adorably here, minus the clothes. Wow… they’re actually dressing her in “normal” clothes. Although it doesn’t match, she looks like a regular kid, not all dolled up like before.

  14. 14
    123 Says:

    Has anyone seen Harper’s Island? Suri kind of looks like the little girl in the show.

  15. 15
    regina Says:

    Katie, don´t forget, Suri is not he only “woman ” in Tom´s life…there is still Bella!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  16. 16
    Rachel Says:

    Love the combination of her scarf and shirt — love those two patterns together!

  17. 17
    regina Says:

    This Suri kid is strange……

  18. 18
    Dani Says:


    People, InStyle and sometimes other magazines feature stars and what they are wearing in a fashion poll.
    “For instance that dreadaful white and lace jumpsuit that she designed and wore for I think AMS opening got 8 percent like, 92 percent dislike on the People Style Poll. Same type of results with InStyle. Almost everything she has designed has bombed in these polls.
    And to be honest, based on her clothing sense, I’d be hard pressed to buy anything from her line. She looks like cr*ap so much of the time that as a woman who buys fashion I personally feel if she can’t take pride in how she looks, than I certainly don’t want to fund her aspirations so women everywhere can look as bad as she does!

  19. 19
    nikomilinko Says:


    yes she´s strange…

  20. 20
    Spoiled little princess Says:

    She’s adorable – and I’m sure she gets told that constantly by her doting parents – and everyone else. She’s probably ‘spoiled rotten.’ It’ll be interesting to see how she actually turns out.

  21. 21
    denise Says:

    Katie still dresses that child like a grown woman. Never any socks.

  22. 22
    tidbit Says:

    WHY? WHY? WHY? Would anyone buy anything this woman designed. Just look at what she is wearing. Horizontal stripes that emphasize her large hips and thighs. Leggings that emphasize her legs which are not her best feature. A suede jacket that doesn’t go with the rest of her look. A scarf that looks dreadful against the stripes.
    Whoa. It’s Walmart meets Kmart all on Katie’s body.

  23. 23
    Judy Says:

    Considering what katie and suri are wearing, I don’t think so.

    Nice lifts and botox crazy gay man.

  24. 24
    Tina Says:

    So far, from watching Katie’s horrible movies, we know she can’t act to save her life and she just proved on SYTYCD that she can’t sing or dance either.

    Can’t blame her for wanting a new career or trying fashion. LOL!

    If what I have seen her wear is any indication of what her clothing line is like, she’s setting herself up for failure with that too.

    My advice would be to hire herself out as a beard wife and a womb for hire. Oh wait. She’s already done that. My bad.

  25. 25
    JOHN BOY Says:

    Wow…Suri is looking more and more like Chris Klein every day!!! Amazing that Katie and Tom think they can hide her bio dad’s identity when she looks so much like him.

  26. 26
    You got it # 25 Says:

    Totally agree #25. When the contract with Cruise is over maybe she can be a salesgirl at Macy’s.

  27. 27
    Annie Says:

    Obvioulsy Jeanne Yang will be doing the designing, lord knows Katie doesnt have any fashion sense. Cruise camp is just trying to find something for her to do to keep busy while he comes and goes with his gay buddies. In other words, something to do so she keeps her mouth shut.

    And wasnt Tom about 4 inches shorter than Katie just yesterday??? And she had on flats then too. What a crazy d*ck.

  28. 28
    Annie Says:

    Yep, your right John Boy, Cruises eyes are VERY close together. Suri has the slanted wide spread look , just like Chris Klein. And the eyebrows are tell tale Klein.

    But that kid does not look right either way. Sad and pale, notice how they keeps things in her hands now so as not to show the claw hands? That poor kid. Maybe she’s on Gay Blades detox diet.

  29. 29
    camillus Says:

    Why can’t this child walk. What is wrong with the couple who never lets her walk. They are sick.

  30. 30
    Not Says:

    Maybe they can make the kid a coat in her new line of clothes lol. This brat is going to be hell when she is older. Tommyboy and Katieass are useless as parents and should just send the kid away now and get fixed for life now and not do this to another kid. Just saying!

  31. 31
    zk Says:

    It’s freakin WINTER in Australia………and that kid has a TANK TOP on!!!!!!!!!

    ugh…’s worst fame-whoring parents!

  32. 32
    lol Says:

    wow. it’s winter there and suri has no cardigan or jacket but her parents are in sweater / jacket.

    good parents aren’t they?

  33. 33
    Mary Says:

    what a beautiful family!

  34. 34
    Sharon Says:

    Did you ever notice that when Tom’s on the opposite side of the globe from Katie & Suri, the child is dressed like a kid? She wears long pants, hats and even jackets. He shows up and she’s back in sleeveless dresses while Mom & Dad are all bundled up. Makes me think that the dresses are not Suri’s choice, as Tom is trying to make us believe.

  35. 35
    Mousse Says:

    I am shocked they only think of their own and still don’t dress their kid normally for the weather. It’s winter there.

  36. 36
    Hum Says:

    I think Tom likes it when he carts Suri around see where the kid has her feet all the time. He gets his rocks off on this kid!

  37. 37
    torpedo Says:

    Strange indeed. For all I know the kid wears hair extensions. Just like they put a wig on her for the Vanity Fair cover pic. Look at the hairline. You’re right #26.

  38. 38
    lakers fan in boston Says:

    i hope she doesnt have any influence in that designer line other than she’s invested in it
    she has the style of an old lady with her berets and grey sweaters

  39. 39
    ... Says:

    Can someone give that poor child a cover up that can be worn and not to display with? It’s winter there for xenu’s sake and it’s evening. That little girl could catch a cold or pneumonia for crying out loud. Tom and Katie are the worst celebrity parents so far.

  40. 40
    Geez louise Says:

    Put some clothes on that kid! What are they thinking??? Bare arms, when they are wearing sweaters and jackets? HORRIBLE PARENTS!

  41. 41
    Scott Summers Says:

    She walks plenty of times, #9. You just conveniently miss those pictures. She’s even seen walking in THESE sets of pics!

    She’s nothing like that in these pics, #11.

    I doubt being carried around a lot harms you psychologically or at all.

    What else was panned besides that horrible jumpsuit, #18?

    How on Earth re those two gold diggers, #21?

    You don’t actually believe that, #26.

    You’re a moron, #29.

    Read my comment to #9, #30.

    You’re crazy, #38.

  42. 42
    jdj Says:

    #37- You are disgusting to suggest a kid getting her father off. What a vile being.

  43. 43
    y Says:

    get a life trolls

  44. 44
    medic Says:

    Gorgeous family and they look so happy!

  45. 45
    dolphins Says:

    I’d check out Holmes and Yang…..

    cannot wait for Katie’s film

  46. 46
    observer Says:

    Katie has a happy,promising life,career also family life
    most of all a productive and fruitful one.
    You haters are nothing spending time in cyberspace all hateful cowardly talk a pathway to hell.

  47. 47
    HA-HA!!! Says:

    Just look how short ,crazy, gay man was just yesterday……It was on JJ, just LOOK…What a ridiculous little crazy man! XENU must have said it was okay. Just check him out a day or two ago. What a frickin midget with no self esteem. CRAZY CRAZY CRAZY!!! Run Suri Run!

  48. 48
    HA-HA!!! Says:

    Oh, here they comet he scientologist to defend their “god”. Will the space ship come soon after? Away we go!!!!!

  49. 49
    neil Says:


  50. 50
    sandra Says:

    This family makes me smile. Sounds pricey
    but Im nosy enough to see it for myself.

  51. 51
    911 Says:

    Tom needs to do more movies. I miss him and Im glad Katie is back to work too. Katie was terrific dancing for Dizzy Feet.

  52. 52
    brat Says:

    Not a fan of this family but I respect them. The haters sound like the same person and they are in need of help and lots and lots of happy meds.

  53. 53
    The Obsessed Fan Is Back Says:

    #’s 43 thru 47 and numbers 51 and 52 were ALL written by the same person. It’s the one obsessed fan Katie and Tom have left. Notice that every post before that sounds different while these 7 are identical in tone and grammar. It’s that crazy Simy something or another who got herself thrown off every Cruise and Holmes forum out there for using multiple names to agree with herself. I think she even got thrown off Batman forums too! She posts regularly at IMDB and was outed by the owner of and one of Batman board. THE OWNERS actually came online to out her!!

    She’s one scary little Tomkat stalker!! Cruise and Holmes need to be afraid of this nutjob, not the critics who give their opinions and move on!

  54. 54
    torpedo Says:

    You’re a Loser #42. Could be your name is chrisklein…

  55. 55
    Pippi Says:

    Katie and Suri (hate that name btw) are cute enough but Tom, well that is another story.

  56. 56
    REEVEN Says:

    could be something about his religion?, i mean, something like, if the kids get used to coold a very yung age, they never gonna have problem with get sick.

    ¡Frigging religion!.

  57. 57
    mi Says:

    Some of you people are really pathetic. You get your kicks running down a family whom you do not even know. Most of you can’t even spell, which results in my thinking that you really are as stupid as you seem. Tom and Katie seem to be wonderful parents to me. If you observe, Suri isn’t wearing mathing clothing which probably means she chose the outfit herself. If you observe further, you will notice that Tom and Katie usually always have a blanket or sweater for their child even if she is choosing not to wear it. And they’re probably not outside for an extended period of time.
    The only reason for your hating the Cruises is because they are Scientologists. Personally, it shouldn’t really matter what religion an individual chooses to follow since their choice doesn’t affect you one way or other. Tom Cruise certainly does more good for the world than any of you pathetic losers hiding behind your computer screens writing your comments which reveal jealousy. What’s the matter, do you somehow feel threatened of Tom and his family? Afraid that they’ll garner more attention from the media than your favorite celeb family? That’s just really, really sad….

  58. 58
    HA-HA!!! Says:

    #58, Your so funny!!!!! HA-HA!!!! You are great for a laugh. Keep it up, I want to hear more! But right now I want to go outside and enjoy life, so see you on Monday!

  59. 59
    REEVEN Says:

    @mi: Had you ever hear about “freedom of speech”?
    Well, they are “public celebritys” and for that they are expose to criticism, and gossips, is a fair price for all the money they make.
    And C´mon, be a little more open mind here, it´s an “entertainment” foro
    yes, we read the news, but also we laugh a little with the post.

    So, take it easy.

  60. 60
    cosi Says:

    suri is gorgeous
    re the clothes line – H&Y? no thanks, H&M works fine, mostly

  61. 61
    anonymous Says:

    I enjoy the Cruise family updates. So gorg. All of them.

  62. 62
    iconic Says:

    Im curious what Katie has in store with her fashion line.

  63. 63
    emma#2 Says:

    suri is the spitting image of tom , look at those blue eyes!

  64. 64
    To # 58 Says:

    Is that you Simonette?

    Please tell us what good Tom Cruise does for the world. Has he started a charitable foundation? Given alot of money to a cause? No. He hasn’t. He gives all his money to a cult. Scientology very much does affect people, myself included. I was raised in the cult and had to fight to get out so before you say it’s no one’s business, THINK. It;s very much my business and should be of concern to everyone. They are a harmful, evil, cruel organization that breaks up families, terrorizes children and is responsible for many deaths.

    Also, no one is jealous of Tomkat. Not me and not the others commenting here. We just don’t like them for being the PR wh*ores they are.

    Oh, and before you run down other posters for incorrect spelling, maybe you should take a look at your own post! It’s full of spelling errors you fool. LOL!

  65. 65
    to Mi Says:

    So what you are saying then – it was okay to follow Hitler who wanted to exterminate the Jews, the disabled, the Gypsies and others with handicaps.
    Scientology is not a religion, it is a cult. It also is a very hurtful, bordering on illegal cult. Google it. Do your research.
    The fact that the Tom Cruise follows it and is in the upper echelon makes him liable.

  66. 66
    vannie Says:

    starting to warm up to the Cruise clan

  67. 67
    frenchy Says:

    Katie can do it all eh?

    no wonder the trolls are crying.

  68. 68
    west Says:

    cant wait

  69. 69
    joley Says:

    WOW!!! Katie Holmely has grown some hugeass legs!!! OMG, they are like tree trunks!!!! As far as her clothes go, I say NO. Katie dresses like sh_t 99.9% of the time and she looks worse in every picture. Not a great role model for her “fashion empire”. LOL

  70. 70
    antonia Says:

    Yeah I REALLY want to dress like Katie, the billionaire bum.
    HaHaHa!! NOT!!

  71. 71
    dontgetit Says:

    Tommy looks like he just went through a wind tunnel. Katie..poor dear Katie´s look resembles a drugged animal who just realized she´s imprisoned for life.

  72. 72
    just me Says:

    So Katie must be extremely bored. First the hilarious run on broadway. Then her amazing routine on SYTYCD. LOL. And now a high end fashion line. She has it all. EXCEPT AN OUNCE OF TALENT in anything she does. Good thing Katie has Midget-Tom’s deep pockets.

  73. 73
    rachel Says:

    I heart this family. Sure they are loaded with looks,money and talent but they stand out because of their family values,togetherness and qualities in and out and towards others.

  74. 74
    sciento logy f r e a k s Says:

    Since the response of katie’s paid ridiculous dance performance were negative, i wonder how much did tom pay to that designer to work with his wife. you know tom, he always wants her wife to be known in hw. Too bad her wife has no talent beside digging his gold and dressing her human barbie doll. Btw, they’re both too busy making sure they look good for the photo op they forgot their human doll’s coat.

  75. 75
    coffeeholic Says:

    I have nothing against Ms. H and her family- but I really don’t think H is keen on fashion. Let me put it this way- even LL dresses better (well, sort of. sometimes.).

  76. 76
    ng Says:

    I think some of you are not gonna like my comment but I don’t think
    these two are gonna make it. I don’t think they will stay together
    a long time. Whenever Katie is away from Tom for a period of time
    like she was this time (one month), she seems to get strong to voice
    her opinion. This is not my opinion. This was reported in
    RadarOnline that Katie became irritated because Tom kept her
    waiting, standing around while he spoke with fans and signed

    Clearly the day Cruise arrived to Australia and they headed for the
    park for a photo opportunity, that is exactly what it was a photo opportunity. But what else do they have to promote?

    In the year 2009:
    Katie Holmes appeared in So You Think You Can Dance and by
    most accounts she did NOT excite a lot of people. Most media outlets
    Daily Mail (London), New York Post, and several celebrity blogs
    critized her singing and dancing. Aside from this clothing line I don’t
    think she has anything else to promote this year.

    I don’t think he is working on ANYTHING. One keeps hearing that
    he is ABOUT to sign on for this or that and then it falls through and
    then you hear that Tom didn’t like the script, etc.

    So basically these two don’t seem to have many projects lined up
    for the rest of the year. They are going to have to rely on the park
    photo opportunities with Suri (of the perfect and happy family) to
    stay in the news and that’s IF the celebrity blogs pick up the photos.
    Suri is getting bigger and is still a cute little girl but she’s not so
    accomodating to the paparazzi because she hides her face from
    the cameras. And by seeing Suri go out without a coat or sweater
    reveals that SOMETIMES not even her own parents can make her
    wear something warm to cover herself.

    In 2010:
    Katie has a CAMEO role in the movie The Extra Man. I seriously doubt
    that movie alone will keep her in the news.

    Tom Cruise doesn’t seem to have anything in the works for next year
    because he would already be filming in 2009 to get the movie ready
    for 2010.

    In 2011:
    Katie’s movie, the one she’s filming now in Australia will be released
    and that’s IF it doesn’t go straight to DVD.

    Tom Cruise is expected to appear or be attached to Mission Impossible 4. This is 2 YEARS away. He will be 49 YEARS OLD,
    almost 50 years old. Nothing against 50 years olds at all BUT he’s
    not getting any younger and in Hollywood there are new actors coming
    up everyday. Yes, one can still work in their 50′s and 60′s but NOT
    everyone. I think guys like Johnny Depp, Mark Walberg, Christian Bale, Leo De Caprio will dominate the movies.

    I think Tom Cruise had his day in the sun and if he doesn’t find a
    good movie to appear in, he’s gonna slowly fade away. I mean
    Bruce Willis is still in the game and he’s in his 50s but there are not
    a lot of actors making movies in that age range. Especially right now
    in this economy. Studios do not want the financial risk with controversial actors. Tom Cruise IS controversial and he did this to

  77. 77
    ng Says:

    And Katie Holmes fashion line is just one more attempt to
    succeed in something. I don’t want to sound hard but I don’t
    think she has the fashion sense to carry a successful line.
    The fashion industry is a cutthroat business and very competive
    just like the movie business.

    Katie is a jeans girl. Whenever she has looked nice in couture
    is when she had a stylist dress her up. Left to her own devices
    I don’t think she has what it takes to make it in the fashion world.
    This will be ONE MORE thing she tried that didn’t work.

  78. 78
    ng Says:

    But you gotta give her credit, she has tried several forums but has not
    really been successful since Dawson’s Creek:

    - Mad Money (bombed at the box office)
    -Eli Stone (television appearance not well received, show cancelled)
    -All My Sons (lukewarm reviews)
    -PBS Special (I didn’t see it but I think she received so so reviews)
    -So You Think You Can Dance (she was highly critized)
    -Miu Miu clothing line (it was not a good fashion layout)

    -Homes and Yang fashion line at MaxFields (only)
    -The Extra Man (cameo role and will be released in 2010)
    -Who’s Afraid of the Dark? (schedule to release in 2011).

  79. 79
    Scott Summers Says:

    You people don’t just give your opinion and move on, #54.

    Right, #58.

    He does give his money to charity sometimes, #65.

    He’s not in the upper …whatever-it-is so he’s not liable and especially by simply following it, #66.

    It IS okay to be anti-semetic or racist or whatever. Free country. You have the right believe in stupid things.

  80. 80
    To Scott summers Says:

    What do you mean Tom Cruise isn’t in the upper levels of Scientology. Are you blind and dumb? Look at the YouTube videos of former scientologists from LA and they state he is the number 2 person. He gives several million a year to Scientology. He is best friends with the physically abusive leader David Miscovage (sp?). Other scientologists have stated Tom skipped or skimmed thru levels due to his fame and money.
    If you didn’t have your head stuck so far up TC’s butt, you’d be able to have a more impartial view of his association with Scientology. Either Tom Cruise is stupid and doesn’t realize what a harmful cult it is or he is involved in it at a high level.
    So which is it ?
    Stupidity or knowing what goes on at the highest levels.
    If you have viewed the YouTube videos of Tom at the Scientology center–then you must have noticed the man is beyond enthusiastic–he is obessed. And not in a good way.

  81. 81
    anniefannie Says:

    Check out Tom’s crazy eyes. He has the eyes of a serial killer.

  82. 82
    Jokergurl Says:

    Pick on Tom and Katie fine, but don’t pick on Suri, she didn’t ask for super rich parents or to be followed around by photographers in a constant game of hide and seek. Leave the kid alone. As for Katie designing her own line, I thought she had cute style BEFORE she met Tom. In case you’re wondering about who Suri looks like (all you Chris Klein morons) she has Katie’s OLD nose, just look at pics from Dawsons Creek, Suri looks like Katie, but she has Tom’s face shape.

  83. 83
    emma#2 Says:

    ng, you know what i don’t get with people is this, why the need to pick in Katie holmes.
    why don’t you write that ……around that time all the movies by these various actresses flopped
    Reese Witherspoon
    Nicole Kidman
    Michelle W illiams / Charleze Theron
    Eva Longoria
    Halle Berry
    Penelope Cruz
    Demi Moore
    these actresses movies did worse than Katies, over and over, no matter how many movies they did , they all flopped, with the exception of R Witherspoon. why is it all about Katie, she doesn’t ask the photogs to follow her, she doesn’t wave , smile or chatty towards them like other actresses are, so why then do they hound her and her daughter. I don’t see her get dressed up for the papparazzi, or pile make up on, she goes out with wet hair and trackie bottoms, she doesn’t take her daughter out every day to the park, or whispers in Suris ear to smile like some other actresses i can name.
    Her Broadway show was one the most successful even though it went on and on that nobody was buying tickets, just to be nasty to her, when in reality it did very well indeed
    In the Miu Miu adds she dared to be a bit different, something you never see in Hollywood
    as for SYTYCD, she did it for fun and to introduce the Dizzy Feet charity,again she showed guts to get up there and sing and dance, and you know what I read lots of good things about her performance on SYTYCD. Everyone has a right to an opinion , but its nice to have an element of truth in the opinion sometimes.

  84. 84
    emma#2 Says:

    and by the way Diane Wiest is right , there is something courageous about Katie, because she doesn’t need to do anything really, she has all the money in world to play with, all the luxury imaginable, all she has to do is stay home and enjoy, but she goes a out there and does something, has a go at everything. I for one wish her success and enjoyment in everything she does,and hope she keeps trying different things forever.

  85. 85
    john Says:

    never saw suri with other small kids, only with mum ..spoiled …maybe she must joins brand-angie kinds to play

  86. 86
    To EMMA #2 Says:

    Because we LIKE those women!

  87. 87
    emma#2 Says:

    #87………..its not about liking them , the fact is their movies were flops one after the other, made less money than Mad Money, and the fact that they are oscar winning actresses mean absolutely nothing in the scheme of things at the box office, so next time someone comes out with the continual Mad Money flopped just rememeber those above actresses whose movies did worse , and they were the main stars, so maybe if Katie was the main star, guess what, the movie may have made more money. you lot can go on forever bagging her to death , but the truth is there , no matter how painful it is for some of you. so continue on with your bagging , it obviously makes you feel superior.

  88. 88
    BEBE Says:


  89. 89
    freddie Says:

    tom has the eyes of a serial killahhhh! he is a serial killlah!!!!!

  90. 90
    Mimi Says:

    such an adorable child but the oddest parents ever. that religion will be this kid’s downfall.

  91. 91
    to emma#2 @ 08 Says:

    Which Kidman movie are you talking about? The only movie she has made that has been a flop in recent years is Margot and no one expected that to do well. Every other movie she has made has earned far more than it took to produce the movie. Look it up on Boxoffice Mojo.
    Same goes for Reese – the only other A lister you have on your list. The rest are B listers and below–even Halle although she is marginal. Katie is only an A lister by marriage. But even that doesn’t give her talent, skill or charisma.
    The only reason she was in AMS was due to her marriage. The single Katie Holmes would never have made it past the audition.
    The only reason she is getting a Holmes and Yang label is due to her marriage. The fashions are truly dreadful. She would never have gotten that on her own.
    The only reason she was on Dance was due to her marriage. She certainly would never have been considered a draw as plain ol’ single Katie Holmes.
    Almost everythng she has done has been because of her marriage. Not a bad deal is it?

  92. 92
    black beauty Says:

    suri is so adorable

  93. 93
    josh Says:

    i think this girl is going to be one troubled girl when she gets old

  94. 94
    sibi Says:

    excited for Holmes and Yang

  95. 95
    Scott Summers Says:

    He doesn’t run the Church of Scientology or any part of it, large or small, #81. He’s arguably the most visible member and is one of their biggest patrons and spokespeople but he doesn’t run it. He’s probably heard by now after all these years about the horrors of Scientology but probably knows that the acts of extremists is not a fair representation of his entire religion.

    You’re ridiculous, #82.

    She does play with other kids and she’s obviously spoiled, #86.

    Kidman has way more flops than that, #92.

    How can you know for certain that Holmes got all that because of her marriage?

  96. 96
    amway Says:

    Katie,Suri and Tom – patriots
    few usual trolls – pinheads

  97. 97
    .... Says:


  98. 98
    vi Says:

    Suri is all big. Wow and she’s really a beautiful blend of her parents. Maxfield is a bit pricey. Its too bad her clothes cant be sold at K-Mart,Macys or Target. I hope people can buy online?

  99. 99
    anon Says:

    Im curious on this fashion line of her. And though Im not a big fan I bought the TDK dvd and her replacement on the role of Rachel Dawes was so poor. She cant act,she looks old and had no chemistry the way Katie had with Bale,Caine etc..

  100. 100
    emma Says:

    Tom looks like Anselm Aeuerbach

  101. 101
    emma Says:

    sorry, Anselm Feuerbach

  102. 102
    POOTER Says:

    You mean….

    “Holmes & Yuck” ?

    What a joke.

    She can’t act, sign, dance…and now she is trying a fashion line.


    TaCkY !

  103. 103
    Scott Summers Says:

    For mi # 58
    You must be new here. We’ve got another scientologist screaming hate speech about anyone who hasn’t completely killed off their ability to think critically. Mi sounds jealous. You know you could get that back mi, your ability to look and judge something. It isn’t a crime, its actually a useful tool. Btw, you sure make people on this board wrong for their spelling. But I didn’t know that “Suri wears mathing clothes” as you pointed out (not including all your other spelling errors). Hmmmm, maybe you should actually check yourself before you attempt to smear someone online. It kinda makes you look like a horses a*s. You know, the part where all the sh*t comes out? And one last thing, I see your hate speech on other news website comment boards written under your same handle. (Everyone go to google news, type in “scientology” and the name “mi” and look at the trail of hate this person is carving) I can’t believe you made your way to a gossip site. You have said some disgusting things all over the internet in the dark annonimity behind your computer screen. Your just another internet tough guy, who would never say this hate out loud to an actual person. Your kind of like the guy who road rages but you do it on comment boards. Most people come to this board to leave valid opinions, not to start flame wars with professional scientologists. The reality is, the COS is nothing more than a cult, albeit a cult who truely from the bottom of their souls don’t believe it’s a cult. And honestly believe its the best thing thats ever happened to them. But its still a cult. And no one here will be bullied by your crude language or half wit put downs. Your making yourself look ignorant. And you make it look like your church is filled with the village idiots that society didn’t want anymore, and now you’ve banded together to form the church of scientology. Well, I’m happy you found some friends. But you can go now. Because we know who you are and where you came from. Your old news. Now scat, before someone drops Hubbard’s secret copywritten OT 3 Xenu post here for you.

  104. 104
    victoria #1 Says:

    @AGREE, EMMA #2

    @ TO DANI—What kind of children’s line is Katie supposed to have?
    I have been trying to find pieces of it, and can’t, or is it not out yet?
    Have you lined up outside the store for the one and only fabulous jumpsuit??? JUST KIDDING !!!!!!!!!!!!

    Maybe the children’s wear will be a little more wearable or at least our eye’s will be able to bear it and we can stomach it. How many tops, pants and dresse’s do you think Katie will actually let Suri wear? LOL

  105. 105
    Divorcee Says:

    Scientology wants all your money and your soul. I’m glad former scientologist are speaking out because I SAY A GUY THAT GAVE ME THE CREEPS THAT LOOKED LIKE THE SCIENTOLOGY LEADER David Miswhatever but I thought it couldn’t be him because I thought his hair color was red come to find out they had the same hair color

  106. 106
    Divorcee Says:

    David’s hair not red anymore. Well, anyways this nutcase had a condom in his pocket and said it was his friend’s and I’m thinking no guy keeps another guys condom in his pocket. Anyways this creepy guy finally left after he knew he wasn’t going to get no where. As he left I was thinking I wouldn’t F him if he was the last man on earth hell I wouldn’t sleep with him if God even told me to, to save humanity. Anyways on the train a Scientologist just happen to sit next to me didn’t know it was a Sciwacko until I had to get of the train I said excuse me as he was reading he had attitude when I ask to get up and as I look at the book’s cover it was a Scientology book and know I feel as though I’m being stalked because I saw another scientologist on a train with a different book on a different day and it happened to be a female. Give up Scientologist I’m not going to join your cult, give you my money, I’m not going to give you my soul or have your kids. I’m never going to get married so you SciNUTCASES CAN GO TO HELL!

  107. 107
    voe Says:

    Just read on Vogue Sept 2009 that a jacket from this line goes as high as $2650 (a clearly not very well made motorcycle jacket) and a silk jumpsuit for $975. The girls’ dresses are sold at $575 a piece.

    Couldn’t believe my eyes then ROTFLMAO. The two women are, quite possibly imo, the most arrogant wenches. Holmes thinks she is so famous she can sell craps for gold and Yang thinks her poor copy-cat skill can pass for designing high end (read creative and outstanding tailoring) fashion? Most likely hence they put out their craps–which aren’t even equal Ann Taylor’s “design” and quality at those absurd prices. Comical!

  108. 108
    Isabella Says:

    she hasn’t a sense of fashion

  109. 109
    suppress your appetite Says:

    she’s cute!

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