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Leighton Meester: West Side Story VMA Promo!

Leighton Meester: West Side Story VMA Promo!

Check out the new MTV VMAs 2009 promo video featuring Gossip Girl hottie Leighton Meester and Cobra Starship tackling the Broadway musical West Side Story‘s song “Tonight”.

The vid was taped at the Transit Museum in Brooklyn and made use of a vintage New York City subway car. The dance moves were choreographed by the spectacular Wade Robson.

Cobra is nominated for 2 VMAs including Best Pop Video (alongside Britney Spears, Lady Gaga Beyonce.)

Leighton Meester: West Side Story VMA Promo!
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  • Alejandra

    i love it!

  • me

    That was LAME! The VMAs better not suck this year…they’ve sucked every since 2004.

  • Garbage

    I’m 20 and I can honestly say Cobra Starship is one of the worst bands I’ve ever heard. Their live performance on the Tonight Show anyone? HORRIBLE, and embarrassing. I like her as Blair, but Leighton cannot sing. Period. And she looks like she’s trying too hard to be sexycool in this promo. If you want to hear actual singing, go listen to STARSHIP (circa the eighties). At least they can hit notes.

  • dundies

    lol im 19 and i think there weird

  • Courtney

    I have to say, I’m not a fan of this idea. They really need to leave West Side Story alone. None of these singers can compare to the original, and it kind of comes off as lame.

  • kenza

    Umm, that was really dumb! lol

  • urm

    leighton is a great singer – can’t wait to see her on the VMAs!

  • Carly

    Leighton is so cool

  • Nasty

    Wade Robson is an awesome choreagrapher. Have you guys seen his work on SYTYCD? Pure genious…however, as for Leighton Meester. Love her on GG but as a singer…it’s almost embarrassing to watch. Especially the music video…now that was extremely painful to watch. Anyone can sing and dance that. Even tone deaf people can sing like that. My oh my…Leighton please stick to acting.

  • Joanna

    While I admit that Cobra Starship is not a “vocally strong” band, I think their music is great. It’s modern, catchy and entertaining. Of course them performing a song live isn’t going to be like the studio version, most of the artists out there nowadays don’t sound great live. At least they have tons of energy and know how to hype up a crowd. I agree that Leighton cannot sing, but yes I love her as Blair as well. I don’t listen to Cobra Starship because Gabe Saporta’s voice is like that of an angel, I listen to them because the beats to their songs are catchy and they are just a fun band overall.

  • I n F a m o u s l y C o o l

    womp womp.. major fail.
    wade robson’s horrible. he might of been decent years ago but damn.. all his shiit’s been trash.

  • tizz

    wow… they needed a choreographer for that? Seriously that was awful and nothing like west side story.. But I have to say I laughed right at the end ahah

  • Bad2theBONE

    I love West Side Story but why must it be ruined that way. That was just plain awful. Leighton was in the scene for like 5 seconds. Shows how much singing talent she’s got. hahaha!!

  • steph

    that was weird, but i love it xD
    leighton is so beautiful, she rocks!

  • kate

    one word LAME!

  • xx

    That video = fail. Yawn.

  • ivanka

    leighton rocks and so cobra

  • Sarah

    Idkk, the vid was okayy I guess.

    I mean it wasn’t “horrible” but not the best.

    Anyways, I just watched it cause Gabe was in it, and the dudes hot. lol

  • Masha

    the best promo for VMA!
    love cobras and leighton!
    They great!
    and Hot Mess is a hit!

  • nani

    leighton is an amzing singer really can’t wait to see her on the VMAs!!!! Go leighton ! why you pple can’t say positive things!! I am sure she will do good in her singing career !!

  • anonymous

    Sorry, still not good……………………..maybe, they need to bring in that young girl from the Philippines………..Charice. She got the voice and the range and the soul of real music. Too bad, she is not tall or glamorous and has problem with interviews. But she is good! If you want a singer, she’s the one. And what about Jessica Biel? She was good in that video of her stage musical play, better than Katie Holmes.

  • mary

    she has a good voice

  • mailey

    yah they were really bad on the tonight show.
    wonder why mtv chose west side story. im 19 and i know it, but most people watching the show wont know west side story references..

  • megz

    why does MTV choose to ruin West Side Story?
    but at least this wasn’t as bad as Taylor Swift’s rendition of “Tonight.”

  • Bella

    AMAZING! Go Leighton and Cobra!!

  • All Women Stalker

    Hmmm MTV is getting a bit creative with the concepts. This might make me watch the VMAs again. After 5 years of deliberately ignoring the show.


  • Brooke


  • Who Cares


  • Mariana

    I like that! Leighton has an amazing voice and Cobra is not so bad

  • ggholic

    that promo was… erm…. stupid.

    i love leighton and although i think actors should stick to acting, i’ll wait until the album comes out before judging. as for cobra starship, they suck ass. i’d never heard of them before they collaborated with leighton.

  • lakers fan in boston

    who the f r they, the only reason i even recognize them is because they were in the good girls gone bad video with leighton
    it’s supposedly a whole group but everything i hear them it’s just that guy

    there should have been more leighton instead of those losers

  • ssss

    love her

  • blair


  • serena

    i loooooove Leighton

  • penn

    needs more leighton ………………


    Hottie? Okay, How much is Leighton paying you JustJared???

  • nani

    @HUNNY: yeah she is a hottie .. do you have any problems in that ???!!!!!! you can’t deny she is beatiful and hooooooooooot !!!

  • roxy

    loved it, been a big cobra fan from the start.

  • 00


  • suppress your appetite

    that song gets stuck in my head alot!

  • ffxiv gil

    googd thanks a lot,this is very useful!!