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Sophia Bush Pops into Pop Yogurt

Sophia Bush Pops into Pop Yogurt

One Tree Hill star Sophia Bush waves to photographers as she smiles at the newly-opened Pop Yogurt, opened by Hell’s Kitchen chef Seth Levine, in New York City on Friday (August 14).

Pop Yogurt is located at West Broadway and Spring Street and has elaborate topping including Pop Rocks, honey powder and hot Nutella. Yum!

Earlier this month, the 27-year-old Pasadena-born hottie stopped by the CW/CBS party at the Huntington Library.

10+ pictures inside of Sophia Bush popping into Pop Yogurt…

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sophia bush pop yogurt 01
sophia bush pop yogurt 02
sophia bush pop yogurt 03
sophia bush pop yogurt 04
sophia bush pop yogurt 05
sophia bush pop yogurt 06
sophia bush pop yogurt 07
sophia bush pop yogurt 08
sophia bush pop yogurt 09
sophia bush pop yogurt 10

Credit: Ignat, Jackson Lee; Photos: BauerGriffinOnline, SplashNewsOnline
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  • Hannah:-)

    she’s pretty :-)

  • Sophia’s Bush

    She’s gorgeous.

  • ML

    She reminds me of Monica Lewinski. Chunky but pretty. Maybe a stylist could help her in selecting outfits that flatter her full figure.

  • http://bush kim

    love you sophia bushhh^^

  • Sara

    I love Sophia SOOOOOOOO much!!!!
    She looks so gorgeous and absolutely flawless!!!!

  • Jackie

    Sophia Bush is SO BUEATIFUL, and looks So Good in these pictures, I Love her and think she is Amazing, I Love One Tree Hill the Best show on the WB

  • stacey

    I love her she always looks so great…Thats her best friend alicia levine the designer looks pregnant but stylish too. nice job ladies

  • anonymous

    Sophia is so beautiful inside and out. I’ve met her many times and she’s always been so down-to-earth and kind. She’s also very smart. Great role model!

  • Allie

    love sophia bush! she’s amazing. there should be more about her on this site.

  • Noticias de famosos

    The truth that Sophia is very pretty and beautiful.

  • nmd

    I’m so happy that she is dating Austin, they are so cute together.

  • alex

    NMD You are right they are so hot and cute together and I wish them the best in the world.

  • Tina

    Where is Austin?

  • imissmyflipflops

    Gorgeous! I liked when she wore the heels better though, they elongate her legs. I hope she keeps growing her hair out. Austin’s going to NYC tonight too, maybe they’re doing something together?!!?!?!?!?!?

  • Jess

    She looks lovely and stunning.

  • alex

    I think they will promote the show or something like that since Jana Kramer who play Alex will also be in NY tommorow

  • jill

    Sophia looks beautiful and younger with long hair.

    How can anyone think Austin and Sophia are dating is beyond me. Few airport pics only prove they are great friends and people already know Austin status but I have respect for him so I’m choosing not to say anything.

  • katie

    love her, so pretty!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • andreanne

    sophia is the best simply. She is stunning and a good actress !! I LOVE oth. I’m a big fan of hers!!

  • anonymous

    Sophia looks amazing! How anyone can think she is chunky is beyond me…the girl is TINY in person!

  • anonymous


    Chunky but pretty? Chunky? Are you kidding me? Wow there is something wrong with you. Look at her legs. She is not “chunky” by ANY standard.

  • alex

    Well people in Wilmington have already comfirmed they were dating ( and the thing that Austin already has a gf is not true , he hang out all the time with Sophia and if he had a gf i dont think he would.)

  • Leslie

    I’ve met her in person and she is tiny like others have mentioned. Definitely not chunky at all! Or anorexic looking, but healthy and naturally small.

  • Tricia

    Most of the OTH cast is in New York so I think there’s going to be a photoshoot for the upcoming season.
    And Sophia looks beautiful in those pictures. I love her dimples!

  • morganth

    she is great. the one celebritey that is truly beatuiful and seems so sweet. her friend to looks nice

  • Bella

    She’s just stunning as usual

  • jill


    I’m not talking about his imaginary girlfriend and people in wilmington love to gossip about oth cast, so whatever they say doesn’t mean it’s true.

  • anonymous

    @JILL, true people in wilmington do gossip a lot and I never listen to it, but what makes me believe is when I actually see them together around town a lot. Then I can’t really say it’s just gossip can I!
    But whatever as long as they’re both happy, it doesn’t matter. They’re both very nice people so I’m happy for them.

  • Bree

    omg i love sophia!
    she’s so gorgeous.

  • Shannon

    Hey, does anyone know if she is going to be doing anything in New York, and what other cast members are in New York- pleaseee let me know! Cause I would love to see any of them in person! Please & Thankk you!!!! :))))

  • anonymous

    Yeah Austin is flying to NY tonight, as in Friday night. And I believe Joy will be there as well, I think they’re doing something promotional for OTH S7. Good luck, I hope you get a chance to meet them! Sophia and Austin are the best with their fans!

  • Shannon


    Omg, thank you so much Joy as in Haley from the show?!!!! i love her! Do you know like where there doing promotional stuff? Cause that’d be ABSOLUTELY AMAZING if i met/saw any of themm<3

  • anonymous

    I actually have no idea where they’ll be sorry. I think they’re doing a promotional photoshoot for S7, because I didn’t hear about any event in NYC this weekend that would involve them. But maybe you’ll run into them around the city!
    Yes it’s Joy as in Haley. You should come down to Wilmington for a visit, that’s where it’s the easiest to meet/see them!

  • Shannon

    Okay well thank you!
    I want to come to Wilmington so bad cause I love love love the show and cast. But my Mom’ said no so yeah, haha. But if you find out about if they’re going to be doing any appearances in New York- pleaseeee let me knoww!! :)

  • anonymous

    Ok, I’ll post it here if I hear of anything!

  • karmababykarma

    The cast of OTH is in NY for a promo-photoshoot…

    And for those who are interested:

    Sophia and Austin are NOT together

    ps. she looks absolutely stunning

  • linda

    If Austin and Sophia are not together…than I hope Robert Buckley hook up with her…hahaha…lol…

  • ….

    Sophia and Austin are not dating! They’re just very close friends.
    She’s beautiful as always <3

  • wilmington girl

    I live in Wilmington and there is something between Austin and Sophia for sure, just as last week end I spotted them in a restaurant where they were sitting next to each other ( very close) and after work they both left together in the same car to go to Austin’s appartment where she was seen most of the week.

  • nyftw

    I saw her yesterday, she was with the whole cast, she was walking next to Robert Buckley (thats the new guys name right?), kinda looked like they were holding hands…

  • Willy

    @wilmington girl: You were following them by car? LOL

  • wilmington-la

    haha@wilmington girl:

    please stop lying, she was spotted there one time and people are not even sure if that was Austins place or not…people are just assuming that with no backup!

    I can assure you that Sophia & Austin are friends only, nothing less nothing more.

  • ohemgee


    wowsa!! holding hands???

    ^I agree, I dont think sophia and austin are dating..

  • ana

    is beautiful!!!

  • Sarah

    You’re an asshole…she is not chunky. God, does everyone have to be under a size 4 to be normal today?

    Screw you.

  • alex

    nyftw: you said that you saw her yesterday that means the 14 but she was in NY and the rest of the cast wasn’t there yet. But HOLDING HANDS are you sure? They would make a cute couple otherwise and Wilmington girl: like really were you following them creepy!!!

  • nyftw

    I’m not sure whether they were actually holding hands or not but it looked like it , they were walking really close and had their arms really close. Anyways, they were superhot. To me, they looked like very coupl-ey…

  • jill


    Sure they were holding hands while walking around with whole cast,lmao. Some people want Rob/Sophia hook up so bad so they can add another co-star on her list.

  • nyftw

    @jill: I didnt even know who this Rob guy was before my friend told me what he had been in..

    For your information, I love Sophia, Im not a stalker-fan (as some of you seem to be), and frankly I dont give a shit who Sophia dates as long as she is happy so why I would making this shit up is ridic.

  • alex

    nyftw: did you saw them in NY or Wilmington and who was there? Was it on the 14 or 13 cause i know that yesterday the cast was not all there bc Austin was filming so..
    And did you saw something else? Thanks a lot