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Taylor Swift - 'The Best Day' Music Video

Taylor Swift - 'The Best Day' Music Video

Taylor Swift just re-released this touching self-made and self-directed music video for “The Best Day”, off her triple-platinum album Fearless.

The vid features childhood (and some recent) footage of the 19-year-old country cutie, her mom Andrea and younger brother Austin. Check out the tribute to Taylor‘s mom below!

You might want to grab a tissue box before watching, it might bring on the waterworks!

Taylor Swift – ‘The Best Day’ Music Video
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  • Amanda

    This came out a long time ago. Around the same time as her “You Belong With Me” video.

  • Taylor rocks

    A cutie when she was small and still a cutie today!.

  • Claire Rickard

    Yeah, hate to break it to you, but this was released AGES ago.
    But its sill an adorable video and amazing song :D

  • Aline

    yees, but this was released when she kick off her tour, and then with You Belong With Me this was on :D

  • jtredway

    Way cute. Love it!

  • abbie

    welll… that’s why it says RE-RELEASED. cause it was already released once, dur.

  • abbie

    welll… that’s why it says RE-RELEASED. cause it was already released once, dur.

  • céline

    It was very beautiful Taylor! Your an amazing artist :)

  • AMY

    This is so cute ! Love it :]

  • hmmm

    @abbie: Seriously! People need to reeeead before commenting.

  • Jess

    I love this video and this song soo much!

  • Jess

    I love this video and this song soo much!

  • emily

    no “i love you dad”? :[

  • ********

    awww…so sweet . Beautiful song and video

  • Amanda

    @hmmm: It said released when I commented. It was edited.

  • Chanel

    I cried. It reminded me of my mommy.

  • leila

    wow this really make me creid. is so beautiful!!

  • Ruth

    I’m just goingto pretend that song is from one of my kids

  • Ugly Baby

    She was an ugly little Girl..LOL
    Most babies are cute but she looked fair to partly cloudy!!!!
    Im afraid to hear this song LIVE, cause she can’t sing well LIVE at all…
    her mom is cute though!

  • Shantea

    @Ugly Baby: She looks like a marshmellow face. What is up with that?

  • Dani

    @Amanda: Duh!! Thats why it says: Taylor Swift just RE-RELEASED this touching self-made……blah, blah, READ it next time!!! FOOL

  • lollipop

    Absolutely adorable. Very sweet. :0)

  • whatever, yo

    @emily: did you watch the video?

  • lola

    I saw this quite a few months ago..Not new, and yes…very cute. A wonderful tribute to her mom..

  • Lillian

    She sure knows how to express her feelings in a song. A very talented young lady. I know she is not a great singer like Carrie Underwood, but this girl is sure making a splash. She is a poet

  • Frank

    She is a very very talented young lady with such a personality and she doesn’t need to do all the other things that some of her peers are doing for attention.. The attention she draws is only go

  • chelsey


    Waterworks? How would this make people cry?

  • cute vid

  • emily

    i was surprised at the emotion this brought me! i was expecting a cute video that would make me smile but it brought many tears and recollections of my young childhood. taylor yet again has not failed to please me. she is amazing :)

  • mertz

    chelsey @ 08/14/2009 at 9:15 pm OMG ALL HER SONGS SOUND THE SAME!! wow.

    Waterworks? How would this make people cry?

    Read more:

    because it’s a specific video about family, individuals, relationships, time, love, life. it’s one of my favourite videos. this girl has been a big star since she was little and it’s good that she’s sharing her talents with lots of others. but also that people are allowing her to express herself and support her.

  • vannie

    She’s so talented…love her!

  • blah

    Please… Taylor Swift is way better than Carrie Underwood. She did not have to go on American Idol to make it big. She did it on her own. Plus she writes her own music. I am not a country fan. Do not like that kind of music, but i respect Taylor Swift becsaue she is such a talented artist. Dont even put her in teh same category with Carrie underwood… Or myley Cyrus for that matter. She is way better than the both of them

  • ahdy

    excellent storyteller.

  • whitney

    shut up 4 some of you that are hating!

    this is like one of the sweetest music videos, esp nowadays w/ all the trashy songs and noncreative music videos.. .really made me wish i was closer with my mom=[

  • anonmus

    love taylor swift! and i love her songs bec. they all have a story and a story that is told well.

  • francesca

    she just realized this on her official youtune account though.
    but my god this is such a beautiful song! she is so incredibly talented im at a loss for words!

  • good job tay

    so cutee…very touching :))

  • dkaslda

    what an ugly baby she was. she looked like a disfigured rat as a baby, and she looks the same now. damn.

  • mitie

    she’s so cute

  • hydenckl6

    so cute!

  • ELLE

    Awww. It’s so cute. I love it! ^^

  • sara

    One of the few stars who actually appears to be a genuinely sweet person. We need more role models like her.

  • Lauren

    Aww, this was so touching! I love this song, and also it says RE-RELEASED people lol, duh! Anyway, love her, this video was awesome!

  • Tata

    this is such a sweet vedio!!! i love the song and Taylor!!!

  • diana

    i laughed when i read some comments saying that they criend while watching/listening. then i watched.

    this song.. is my life. especially the ‘now i’m 13′ part. it’s me…
    i cried.

  • Amanda

    @Dani: It did not say re-released when I commented on it. It said released, plain and simple. It was edited after I made the comment about it being wrong. Stop being such an ignorant jerk. I had to reply to you saying exactly what I had just said in another post because YOU did not read.

  • perv-mo

    Too Hot! Have to turn the sexy down!

  • xsleekx

    goodness, that is the loveliest thing i’ve seen all day, what a fab family.

  • Amanda

    @blah: Vocally, Taylor is nowhere near as good as Carrie Underwood. Carrie has a natural born talent for singing and no one can deny that. She has range and power, which are two things that Taylor is sorely lacking. Taylor didn’t go on American Idol to get where she is because she wouldn’t have made it past the first round. She can’t stay on key to save her life singing live. .
    American Idol isn’t a piece of cake to get through, let alone win. They are learning at least 3 new songs a week that they have to perform live on a stage in front of millions of people and they have to be criticized by the judges in front of all of those people. They have to be able to keep themselves together through four months of this. On top of learning the music, they have various other things that they have to do during that week for the show, such as filming music videos. They run on very little sleep and are away from their family for that entire four months. It’s a tough process and it takes a lot of work. Also, the ultimate test is whether these people can hold on to a career after they win, or if they will fade into obscurity like Ruben Studdard. Carrie has done that.
    I have a lot of respect for Taylor for the same reasons you do. She got where she is on her own and she has some great songwriting and guitar playing skills. But in my opinion all of those things pale in comparison to Carrie Underwood’s vocal talent and the fact that you are putting Miley Cyrus and Carrie into the same group is disgusting. I respect that you like Taylor, but I can’t respect the fact that you think she is better than Carrie as far as talent goes. I think your entire post just shows how immature you are that you can’t simply state your respect for one artist while being polite about not liking another. Grow up.

  • chan

    I love that song! it seems like taylor had a wonderfull childhood.
    I think her mom is really beautiful!

    taylor remind me of violet affleck :-).