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Victoria Beckham is an American Idol

Victoria Beckham is an American Idol

Victoria Beckham strikes a pose before she heads into a building for the 2nd day of American Idol judging on Friday (August 14) in Boston, Mass.

The 35-year-old is temporarily replacing Paula Abdul on the American Idol judging panel. Posh‘s rep commented, “There are no talks of her being a permanent judge. They felt she was natural in Denver. [But] she has Fashion Week coming up, and she is focusing on that.”

Mary J. Blige will be joining the AI judging panel when they swing through Atlanta.

15+ pictures inside of Victoria Beckham, an American Idol

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victoria beckham american idol 01
victoria beckham american idol 02
victoria beckham american idol 03
victoria beckham american idol 04
victoria beckham american idol 05
victoria beckham american idol 06
victoria beckham american idol 07
victoria beckham american idol 08
victoria beckham american idol 09
victoria beckham american idol 10
victoria beckham american idol 11
victoria beckham american idol 12
victoria beckham american idol 13
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  • copy

    Hey dumb f**k, why don’t you go ahead and copy the Reese Witherspoon article now.

  • http://justjared always the truth

    Vicky is only pretty when she covers her face with her hair and glasses. Go out and do something good. Just a thought.

  • liz k

    Gawd, her hand-behind-her-ear-pose is really getting annoying!

    Love the dress and the shoes, though.

  • tia

    she looks skinnier than usual

  • wutthefug

    Always liked her style but geez, any skinnier and she will disappear.

  • brangelina fan 4 life

    can’t sing but judging idol? oooooookay! whatever. then again paula couldn’t sing either. the girl knows how to pose though. gotta give wooden chick that much.. and nice blouse.

  • UGLY

    dam what;s up with that hair…shes a freakin mess the ugliest beotch i;ve ever seen, look at her pig nose those nostrals are making me vomit

  • Not impressed by JA

    That woman is weird, really weird…

  • marisa

    her bangs are so fab!

  • Kitty Kat

    This blue dress is an improvement over that red get-up from yesterday.

    The dresses Victoria has been wearing lately make her look like she weighs 72 pounds.

    If the camera is “adding” 10 pounds, WHAT must she look like in person?


  • rara

    she’s gorgeous. :) love her hair.

  • natasha

    she is so skinny and ugly!

  • Jen

    I think she actually looks great here. That outfit is killer, very elegant!!

  • coolio

    i think she looks really nice. i love the dres!!!

  • jj

    how bland and boring. bring paula back!

  • Hannah

    I love her style.

  • No Wonder

    No wonder David cheats! Who wants to cuddle up to a bag of bones? Look at her foot bones in the 2nd to last pic. Gross. She is a pretty girl, but she was much better when she had a little weight on her and had that long dark bob haircut, like when she 1st met David. I realize that her goal is to create this “character”, and it has made her famous…but what does it do for her marriage?

  • tanya

    did she get skinner?

  • anonmus

    @brangelina fan 4 life:

    ehm i guess you were too young to remember paula singing the hits “forever your girl” and “straight up” in the 80′s/90′s then?

  • Mousse

    Very sick puppy, that woman, to abuse her body like this, and needing all the attention. And she doesn’t even notice she’s very passé.
    #2 is right.
    She’d better do something good for others, instead of spending all her money on her weird appearances.

  • kaos

    all she knows and does is pose! That seems to be the extent of her so-called talent. No one is by her handlers and publicist and agents’ intent to brand her a style/fashion icon (is that even a job???) or her supposed sense of humor (which seems to be a quality only she and her agents are aware about and keen to push. No one else in the UK press which has covered her for years is even aware of) it Her quest for fame is pathetic and borders on pathological! She needs help. Maybe this stick figure is a cry for help.

  • Whattagal

    OMG, she’s gonna die at this weight. She’s even thinner than Karen Carpenter was. It’s not pretty, and it’s not normal, and it’s very scary.
    How could she possibly pose and think she’s looks good?
    Models have 20 pounds on her.
    Eat woman eat, or you’ll be dead by 40.

  • wth

    is it a alive person? a madam tussauds wax creation would look more lively, have more personality, vitality & sex appeal… with all the money to look this dead… what an accomplishment!

  • brangelina fan 4 life

    ^^^anonmus: that is exactly why i said paula can’t sing ..”forever your girl” ..seriously, that is not singing , that is screeching with enhanced shennanigans in the studio. paula can’t sing but she does have nice meds. i’ll give her that much. i think paula should come back though, her insanity is entertaining.

  • brenda

    She is going to be a bore on AI . Even the picture she looks suck like fake poser

  • Dieter

    Her tiny crotch pushed out three big healthy boys. And she looks hjer hotter than any woman I saw in my entire life !!!!!

  • Delia

    I think that she is absolutely DISGUSTING- inside as well as out.

    All that $$$ and not a shred of human decency or humility on her part.

  • Polly

    Look at her with her so-called “fans”… what a stuck up, uppity B****!

    Her problem is that she lives her “image” instead of living her life.

    Her and her douche husband believe that they are the be all and end all and totally above the masses… what they do not realize is that no one is looking up to/admiring them but in fact despise and laughing hysterically at them.

    Wish they would just dissapear…

  • Dieter

    I just had a wank on the ass of hers. Totally came !!!!!!!!

  • Victoria

    Victoria looks absolutely fabulous. I wish I had her figure :-)

  • Wendy


    No one as put together, and willing to try new things as her!! She is the ultimate modern day style icon to me!And this hairstyle works perfectly for her.Can not wait to see her on AI, hopefully she takes the job for good!

  • Ugh!ugh!ugh!

    Really, really wish that this parasite of a woman would just DROP DEAD already! Can’t take her conceited rat/ferret inspired fug face & self obsessed personality one day longer! UGH! Enough!

  • Just a ?

    Question: When is this vile, pathetic excuse for a human being leaving my city???? get out you Vile, Over-rated, Talentless, Useless, extremely ugly thing

  • diana

    why does she always pose like that? it’s annoying

  • kimmy

    All the time and effort it takes VB to get the perfect polished look is taking its toll. Her wire frame and poor skin tell the real story. The clothes are worth looking at but not on her fake a$$. Her poses make me cringe.

  • kimmy

    All the time and effort it takes VB to get the perfect polished look is taking its toll. Her wire frame and poor skin tell the real story. The clothes are worth looking at but not on her fake a$$. Her poses make me cringe.

  • x

    wow some people are seriously fustrated

    no offence but slamming some one you don;t even know is kinda lame. you like her or you don’t that’s oke but all the harsh comments are really uncalled for!

    besides both david and victoria have done ALOT for charity they just don;t brag about it.

    What kind of good do you people do besides criticizing others??

    I think it’s great that eventhough she gets criticized so much she still stands strong. And she is still out there doing her thing. Whether you like it or not!

  • smart

    To all the idiots and haters:
    Eat your heart out. You are very unhappy because she has a loving husband and lovely family. You are jealous of her.

    To No Wonder:
    You’re very foolish, you’re a fool. A loser that believes everything the tabloids say , someone who doesn’t use her brain.

    May all of you who live your lives spreading lies and bashing people without telling the truth, making accusations without checking the facts. You’ll have your consequences at the end. It may not happen now or in the near future. But the truth is you’ll get what you sow. It’s just a matter of time. You’re not in control of your lives.

  • tim

    I really dislike her.
    I will NOT watch Idol when she is on.

    Go back to the Brits, woman.

  • lakers fan in boston

    i went there yesterday to check it out, but it was pretty crowded, didnt get 2 see any1 =[
    victoria does look nice, i dont like her, but she dresses really well

  • laughing

    IGNORANT, IGNORANT, IGNORANT!!!!!!!! Lies are truth to those no brainers. How sad that there are so many brainless, heartless, mindless, thougtless people … whose purpose in life is to bash and harshly criticize someone who they don’t know (and they said) they don’t care. Actually they care about her, they are losers envying people who are successful.
    brangelina fan 4 life : You can’t sing, it doesn’t mean that Victoria can’t sing . It’s just YOU that CAN’T SING! You’re a liar, wash your mouth with soap, it’s full of dirt.

  • http://no. kara

    How sad. Not a poor woman when it comes to money, but all I can think is: poor woman !

  • No Wonder

    @smart: You’re the fool sweetheart, your husband is probably out cheating on you right now (that’s if you even have one). Ask 100 men whether they’d like to sleep with Victoria now or back when she was a normal size? Nobody wants a skeleton, David doesn’t either. Sorry. I think she is beautiful, but it’s a shame what she’s doing to herself just for fame.

  • Are U Kidding?

    All of you Victoria lovers seriously need to go and take your meds! For you not to see that this woman is beyond fake, beyond anorexic, beyond self-obsessed, absorbed, beyond being a mum to her children, beyond being a wife to her husband (he cheats, remember?), beyond the ugliest thing to ever have graced this earth and beyond any discernable talent! If she was such a “great singer”, “dancer”, “performer”- why did her solo effort after the manufactured Spice Girl’s days fail? Why did her denim range fail? Why did her book endeavours fail? Why is she somewhat getting through in the fashion industry? It’s NOT because of who she is but rather the name “beckham” that keeps the $$$ and attention on her pathetic a**! Without hooking up with her hubby, she would just be that washed up member of that girlie band and do not fool yourselves that this gig with AI just magically fell into her lap, don’t forget AI wqas created by Simon Fuller, who “discovered” and managed the Spioce Girls’ and who is also VB & DB’s manager… everything this parasite of a woman does is for her own personal gain and image enhancing PR. I had to laugh out loud at some of the ingnorant comments about those who have negative feelings towards her are jealous… Please! Jealous of this stuck up, conceited, vile, $$$/fame-hungry, anorexic, pathetic excuse of a woman? You can’t be serious? Obviously it is all the Beckham worshippers who are the ones who are secretly jealous and who obviously have nothing substantial going on in their lives that they have to look up to such a VILE woman.

  • Lucy

    EAT Vicky, eat

  • Michelle

    I don’t know how she can even mentally function. I’ve tried going all day without eating very little and after 2 days of it, I am so lethargic and out of it that I can’t even think straight.

    So not only does she clearly have an eating disorder (she has said the only thing that goes into her mouth is large amounts of water flavoured with cucumber slices) she must also ingest copious amounts of drugs to keep her going. Otherwise, she would not even be able to get out of bed.

  • too bad so sad

    @Are U Kidding?: YOU ARE MY HERO! Bravo!! Sing it Baby!!

  • suppress your appetite

    love her so much