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Britney Spears: Hot Pink Bikini Time!

Britney Spears: Hot Pink Bikini Time!

Britney Spears spends the day laying out poolside with a gal pal at the Ritz Carlton Hotel on Saturday (August 15) in Marina Del Rey, Calif.

The 27-year-old pop princess enjoyed the pool and them moved to the jacuzzi to warm herself up.

Yesterday, it was announced that American Idol champ Jordin Sparks will be begin touring with Britney as a special guest on her “Circus” North American Tour.

Britney‘s show is incredible and for me to be a part of it is a great opportunity,” said Jordin.

10+ pictures inside of Britney Spears‘ hot pink bikini time…

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britney spears hot pink bikini 01
britney spears hot pink bikini 02
britney spears hot pink bikini 03
britney spears hot pink bikini 04
britney spears hot pink bikini 05
britney spears hot pink bikini 06
britney spears hot pink bikini 07
britney spears hot pink bikini 08
britney spears hot pink bikini 09
britney spears hot pink bikini 10
britney spears hot pink bikini 11
britney spears hot pink bikini 12

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  • julia.


    im soo jealous!

  • http://justjared always the truth

    1st she looks good and healthy.

  • http://justjared always the truth

    Sorry I am not 1st after all. Julia beat me to it.

  • nb

    lookin hot

  • Jen

    She looks fit and healthy. I think she’s finally gotten over her meltdown of the past and is moving forward in a healthy direction.

  • Emily

    yay for britney being healthy and well!!!!! LOVE HER!!!!!

  • catsup

    Good for you Brit! It was a long road back but you did it and we as your fans are so very proud of you.

    Keep on Rocking Sweety!.

    ps..Loved “Womanizer” It was so you, nobody could of did that tune
    like you..Yeah it was a good year 4 sure honey.

    Bravo to our own Brit Spears!

  • 23

    HOT! HOT! HOT!

  • Tom

    Wow. She looks really good. Keep it up Brit!

  • wow

    love brit.

  • michelle depp

    While I am not a fan of hers, I have to say that it is so refreshing to see a person have a “normal” looking body; she doesn’t look perfect like on the magazines covers, but she looks great. (And I might add that she looks like someone at the beach, not covered in jewelry, makeup and perfect hair!!)

  • mimi

    her body is looking great…good for you girl!!

  • naty

    she looks amazing! great body!!!

  • t

    lookin good

  • Heresy

    YUCK! She looks like a nasty hag. She looks like a Brooke Hogan’s twin.
    She has the body of a linebacker.

  • Thomas

    Britney Spears , no es como las tipicas celebridades, a ella le vale , ir a un hotel donde habra gente extraña.
    Ella va y se relaja como si ella fuera una persona mas de los que estan hospedados en el Hotel,
    se nota que es una chica sensilla y sin poces de Diva .
    No cualquier artista va y se mete a una picina llena de gente cumun y corriente.

    Por eso la amo , por bella , sexy y umilde.

  • anon

    Britney should very proud of herself. She has worked hard coming back and she has succeeded. Good for her, I hope life rewards Brit and her boys for her efforts.

  • Lyla

    I love her she looks amazing!!

  • Carly

    she´s soo cute

  • andy

    Her body is smokin’ hot. to the person who calls her body “Normal” I think you need to look at the other people around that pool. Britney’s body is way more slender and toned than the average 27 year old NORMAL female.

  • Peaches

    STFU about ‘normal” (meaning average ) body. Pics 4 and 5 are NOT an average body and it’s pretty damn perfect to me. Magazine covers airbrush models that are on the cover in bikinis, you can’t compare to these. These are untouched paparazzi candids with every unflattering angle yet she still looks thin and toned.

  • Will

    She looks stunning. And from a guys point of view- a beautiful, hot body.

  • Peaches


    Eff off loser. All you haters know how to say is “Britney looks like Brooke Hogan” , when in reality she’s ten times smaller than Brokke, and has a nice feminine face UNLIKE poor Brooke. Britney looks nothing like her.

    You think Britney is a linebacker? Look at her compared to the girl in the pool with her:

    She’s way smaller, d-bag.

  • andy


    i agree

    i’d do her in a second

  • sasha

    White trash with $…

  • LuckyL

    Haha, because it’s Britney, the usual trolls won’t call this one fat

  • LuckyL

    It’s good to see a greater diversity in women’s body types; young girls need to see this.

  • Gabi

    she looks great, i’m so glad to see her that way again!

  • http://no. kara

    I love the way Britney has taken control over her life again. Good for her and her kids. She really is a winner!
    Healthy mind -healthy body. Go girl, you own the place!!!


    very good.

  • Dany

    She looks so hot!… on the other way Kevin is getting sooo fat! KARMA?

  • Thay


  • Melanie

    skinny minny!
    lookin sexy as hell brit! you rock

  • kl

    She has extremly good looking body. I just get hard looking at it. The best body ever.

  • Johnny

    She looks amazing! Anyone who doesn’t think so is out of their mind…or just jealous. She looks healthy, fit, and happy. If you can’t be happy for someone who has drastically improved their life, you have no heart, and I feel sorry for you. Britney, at 27, has a better body then my 22 year old girlfriend, and 99 percent of the population. Get over yourselves, and your ridiculous standards. I’d like to see what you guys look like behind your computer screens.

    Your negativity won’t change the fact that she has made millions, and millions of dollars even this year alone, and the fact that she had the highest grossing tour of the year. It also won’t change the fact that she looks damn sexy in that bikini!

  • aTHONY.

    Damn! Pink is her color man. She looks beautiful. Love me some of that. ;) Glad to shes going well.

  • serena


  • Nabuc

    She looks happy, but she needs lose a couple pounds though.

  • Andy

    Whoa, very hot!!

  • blah

    she still looks like tralier trash

  • Jazmin

    Wrestler body lol

  • Amanda

    @blah: Insults mean less when you can’t spell them correctly.
    @Nabuc: Go to any water park and you will see some grossly fat people, even little kids that at the age of six jiggle when they walk. Compared to them, Britney needs to lose nothing. She went from being out of shape to this and I think that is pretty impressive, especially since she is at a time in her life where a lot is starting to work against her, such as her age and stress levels. It took a lot of work and I think she should be complimented, not told she needs to lose more weight. Shame on you for even feeling that you have the right to negatively judge her weight. If everyone made an effort to look like her– which they probably don’t because colleges are giving away fat people scholorships and ultimately encouraging them to stay fat–then our country would be a lot healthier. I have no tolerance for people that are overweight and sit around with a bag of cookies, but I also appreciate someone that has worked hard to get healthy, even if they don’t look like perfection, so I see it as a good balance.

  • Amanda


  • Johnny

    People are fuc*ing crazy. That’s all I can say.
    You honestly think she should lose a few pounds? Why don’t you lose a few pounds, and stop worrying about hers.

  • Johnny

    Right on, Amanda! You have a heart, but more importantly you have a brain. A lot of people on here…I can’t help but wonder.

  • toni

    She looks beautiful and that includes a healthy look. There’s no way she needs to lose weight.

  • me

    She looks good, and I’m glad she is healthy again. However, why do these stars lounge/swim at hotels when they most likely have their own pools? It must be for the attention and paparazzi/

  • Jen

    looks better

  • Debby

    be honest and take a good look at yourselfs, this is normal now a day’s. Britney has the body that most of us like to have but just don’t want to do the work for!

  • Victoria

    Britney looks fabulous. Her body is perfect, nice and toned and healthy defined muscles. I hope she’s truly happy. I am looking forward to the end of the conservatorship then Brit can get out more and enjoy life with her real friends instead of her assistant Brett who comes across as very rude and disrespectful!