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Courteney Cox to Jennifer Aniston: Join Cougar Town!

Courteney Cox to Jennifer Aniston: Join Cougar Town!

David Arquette and daughter Coco, 5, visit her mom Courteney Cox on the Los Angeles set of her upcoming series Cougar Town on Friday (August 13).

Earlier this week, Courteney talked about the possibility that BFF Jennifer Aniston will guest star on Cougar Town. (Aniston has her own romantic comedy coming out called Pumas, the story of two 30-something women on the prowl for younger men, while Courteney‘s new series is about a 40-something woman dating younger men.)

Cox said at the recent TCA press conference, “I did know about her movie. I’m not sure exactly what the storyline is other than it’s probably a woman. And I guess pumas are in their 30s. Isn’t that right? Pumas are in their 30s? Jaguars are in their 50s, and saber-tooths go right into the 60s.”

She added, “You know, she’s a good friend and I know she loves the show. I’m not going to say she is [going to do it] because I don’t know. [But if producer Bill Lawrence] writes her a character, I’m sure she’ll be glad to do it.”

Cougar Town premieres @ 9:30PM ET/PT on Wednesday (September 23) on ABC.

FYI: Courteney is wearing Jennifer Meyer‘s jewelry gold circle necklace.

10+ pictures inside of Cougar Town cutie Courteney Cox

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  • JennyPoo

    CC said anuston is ‘a good friend’. She didnt refer to her her BF. I guess CC has a sensible slot for placing friends………………..they come AFTER family. Unlike the “Lonely ‘Girl” whose sycophants looooooove to say: “jen is this and she is that and she has lots of friends” but never once mentioning her family. I wonder why?????? LOL

  • anon

    Yawn isn’t the term cougar almost passe? It’s like so corny like people who still use the word bling. CC is always a little late with these tv projects

  • G


  • n.o.l.a

    I hope Coco grows into her looks.

  • Julia

    Coco is soooooo beautiful. I love Jen and Courtney!

  • http://deleted JennyPoo

    Little Coco is a darling child. But tell me, can two brunettes give birth to a blond? Or does her father have blondes in his family? I cant remember if his sisters are blondes or if they just colored their hair. Did Courtney have Coco by in vitrio and was it David’s little swimmers or not?

  • anon

    Boy, Jennypoo you sure son’t know ANYHTING about Courtney and David, maybe because of your blind haterd for Jennifer ??? LOL Actually the Arquette sisters (who are, btw, more famous than David)are BLONDS. Coco takes after hers dads family.

  • blondie

    Courteney has it all. Beauty. Talent. Popularity. Great husband.
    Great kid. Health. Wealth. Sensitivity. And more!!!

    I just wonder if she turns to her adorable husband,
    late at night, when it is just the two of them,
    and they each say:

    Gosh, remember when we use to envy and admire
    Jen because we thought that she was the lucky-est girl
    in the world, and had everything a woman could ever want???

    Aren’t we glad that we are not her, now.
    Isn’t it nice that Brad still likes us!!!

    Later we will be able to invite their kids over
    for cake and icecream with our kid.
    I am looking forward to having this house filled
    with the Pitt-Jolie kids and our child.

    It will be historic!!!!

  • wow

    Get a life you idiot.

  • karen

    CoCo looks exactly like Holly Hunter..

    enough said.. I think the worst thing for Courtney to do is to bring Aniston on her show.. look at what happened last time on Dirt. That show was cancelled.

    Let the Friends thing go.. If Aniston comes on it will be about her. I actually like Courtney.. I think she is the better actor, but she seems to make really stupid choices.. the whole “cougar” thing seems a bit last year.. and too Desperate Housewives (another show on its last leg).

  • hag

    this ugly hag is not below using a child in her pathetic PR campaign.

  • JGP

    I don’t get the point of the get the look thingie since none of the clothes are the same. lol

  • blondie is crazy

    never gonna happen

  • so what

    coco is a cutie pie, looks like her daddy!

  • All Women Stalker

    LOL @ #8. What an imagination you have.


  • leila


    Brad is nothing! he said the same ‘soulmate, my world -nonsenese ” about Jen when they were together. It becomes meaningless. HE is so fake, and lost all his sexiness when he and Angie used money pay off’s to sell themselves to people like you… He is nonsense..I would not want his children to play with mine!

    Jen is amazing! She gets alot of points for dealing with ugly attituted like yours and people like you…

  • missy

    who cares about jen and that whole triangle mess, geeez this is about courtney, who is such a classy beautiful lady btw. i love her and her family!! more pix of her on set please.

  • JennyPoo

    STFU leila.
    First of all this thread is about Courtney and her show. Its not about that tired, worthless, no-talent, user of people, self-styled ‘emblem’ of lonely cougars everywhere. Brad and his huge loving family (both nuclear family and extended family) are happy and loving life and because of all their good deeds in the past, they are reaping good karma in the present. Thats how life works.
    Your dumb b!tch, on the other hand, is reaping bad karma right now (no family, no love, no man, no kids, pathetic movie roles, constant ridicule by everybody with commonsense, inability to achieve her goal of an Oscar, etc., etc., etc) because of her cruel, selfish deeds in the past.
    How do we know her deeds were bad in the past? Because we SEE that she is grossly UNHAPPY in the present.
    And because youre too STOOOOPID to understand how life works, you and all the dumbazzes whose job in life is to prop up jen by trying to dis others, will help to keep her down and she will never rise.
    So congratulations. You are jen’s worst enemies.

  • Pumaschmuma

    If pumas refer to women in their 30s, then Aniston is definitely in the wrong project.

  • Tiara

    HAHAHA I TOTALLY AGREE WITH YOU LEILA!!! Brad said the exact same thing about Jen when they were together and I guess, it will end the same with Angie. You know what they say, once a cheater, always a cheater =p And yeah right, he’s not hot anymore, he was sexy when he was with Jen but he lost me and all his sexiness when he cheated on his “wife” with that HOmewrecker Angie (even though she’s gorgeous, I didn’t appreciate that. Those who accept it, imagine if you were Jen, would you like it? I don’t think so!). Anyway, I don’t care if it happens, I’m not a fan of Jen but I liked Jen and Brad together, they were like the most gorgeous couple in Hollywood. I think Coco is very, very cute but what a name!!!!!


    As Jen said, she is very fortunate. I suspect that there are many actors who would love to have her bad luck.

  • Jill

    Cute little girl.

  • anonymous


  • anonymous

    Aww Courvid! best couple EVER

  • Ugh

    I don´t like David and Courtney… They are little famous, because they are friends with Aniston, Cohen, Maguire…

  • brangelina fan 4 life

    bwahahahahaha. all i’ll say. hey if movies don’t work, head to tv show about older women who are desperate for younger men. makes some sense.

  • brangelina fan 4 life

    they are so original: one with a movie about pumas and another one tv doozer about cougars. yawn. yawn. yawn. the woes of not being a certified movie a-lister after your lame tv show ended. yawwwwwn.

  • anonymous

    You haters don’t tire…………..pic of Courtney & you have to bring up Jennifer. Even words affect………….they are good friends, BFF, or whatever you call it. Even media tried to break it just to have a story on Jennifer………cause there’s nothing new except she’s making Bounty. After this, I am assuming she will be in hiding, rest and prepare for Goree Girls………….so everyone gets a break from posting. I found Courtney pretty during her younger years but in Friends, she got lost because there are 6 of them getting famous and Jen was taking over, w/o even trying to outdo anybody. Both became friends in an instant so it didn’t matter who is prettier or who is more talented. Jen being more famous didn’t bother their relationship so why is everyone trying to break it, insinuate, etc……….? Leave it be please.

  • missy

    the only one who is a little bit famous because of other celebs is jen buahahah please, like she was someone before she met Brad, not! he made her famous, and after the divorce everyone just feels pity for her, not because she is that great an actress, with her constant boring rachel green roles. who cares about aniston anymore, i read more negative comments about her than positive these days. courtney might be less famous in your (obviously blind) eyes, but she definitely has more respect from people and a family next to her career, it’s more than aniston will ever have.

  • Shemp lugosi

    here’s difference between Courtney & Aniston. Courtney is realistically playing a 40-something woman, which fits her age, while Aniston is desperately trying to hold on to her youth by trying to play a 30-something woman. Get real Aniston, your Reese Witherspoon cheek & chin implants made you ugly and you did used to be kinda pretty. Take a cue from Courtney and try and age gracefully.

  • http://deleted JennyPoo

    Some people believe that if they tell a lie often enough, others will start to believe it. Thank god this is the age of the internet where almost everything can be verified.
    Leila is jen’s b!tch here spreading lies about what brad said. Anyone who wants to know what Brad has said in public, can go to Brad’s fansites where they keep EVERY SINGLE ONE of his interviews, whether in print or electronic.
    Brad has never refered to anuston as ‘soulmate.” Never.
    He has said she is a ‘sweetheart’. But make sure you read contextually to get his meaning. He was dismissing her ability to be discerning and to know when someone was using her. Brad knows that jen is completely incapable of handling her own public image and she is under the thumb of her pr machiavelli. So he said, she’s a sweeheart (meaning she’s a doofus) and that she got dragged into the comment she made about angie.
    In all the loves Brad has had in his life, he has never referred to anyone but Angie as his soulmate. Suck on it, dumbazz.

  • missy


    thats why courtney has my respect, aniston is such a fake in every way, looks, personality. she says one thing and does another, courtney is much more real and honest. and don’t start with the botox crap anyone because they both had it, and courtney looks still hot, jen does not.

  • anonymous

    To Brangelina Forever fans: now you know why she went to Iraq earlier, now you know why there are pics of kids again, now you know why Pit is back in New Orleans abt his project (heard there were people disappointed per post of people from there, not my words or makings) , now you know why there are rumors, rumors, rumors…………..Brad’s movie is coming out soon.

    Good luck to Courtney on this new TV show. Tired of all the stupid TV reality shows………can we bring back Friends to the screen please? Nothing really worth watching on TV anymore. Even 30 Rock is lame, imo only, well a few are good…………..funny has taken a different route, that’s what it is I guess.

  • Jen is a star


    Go to school dumba $$ learn a little science. Both my parents are brunettes and half my family was blond as children. Your little inuendo just shows your ignorance.

  • life

    I can’t wait! I like both.

  • Jen is a star

    Thats so hilarious Jen can hardly be blame for Corney’s show going belly up. She rocketed the rating for 3D Rock. You fools are grasping at straws trying to come up with something negative to say about Jen. Go draw you hexagrams on the ground, draw some blood , light a candle and chant for your satanic idol AJ that the Hepititis C don’t kill her.

  • JennyPoo

    anonyMOUSE: youre as stooopid as anuston. No, i take that back. cos anuston is rich and knows how to throw a 5-year long pity party. youre just stooopid. Full stop.
    so i guess Angie has been doing her humanitatian work for OVER 10 YEARS because Brad has a movie coming out. Right. Got you. Youre sooooooo smart we’re the ones wearing dunce caps, not you, right? LMFAO
    Here’s the thing, anyone who wants ‘friends’ back on prime time tv is a fcuking m.o.r.o.n. So i guess we know what you are. BTW, any idjit who wants to see friends now,know that its in reruns. i guess you dont get cable out in the hicks where you live in your nasty smelly trailer, huh? LOL

  • AJ and BBT

    Billy Bob ‘Cheated On Angelina With Sex Therapist’

    Billy Bob Thornton cheated on estranged wife Angelina Jolie with his sex therapist, according to reports. British tabloid the Daily Star, claims Tomb Raider actress Angelina ordered Thornton to attend sessions at a clinic in a bid to save their two year marriage – after discovering he had cheated on her with a string of groupies and members of their household staff. But rather than use the counseling to cure his sex addiction, the newspaper claims Billy Bob seduced the therapist. Now Jolie has reportedly given up hope for their marriage and is seeking a divorce. A friend of the actress told the Star, “That was the point she realized her marriage was truly finished. She felt humiliated and destroyed.” The pal claims Jolie confronted Thornton – with whom she recently adopted Cambodian baby orphan Maddox – and told him, “You aren’t a fit husband for me or father for our child.” According to the newspaper, Angelina first discovered her husband’s infidelity when one of their maids claimed the Monster’s Ball star had made her pregnant. The pal adds, “She was devastated. Billy Bob’s a horn dog. He would screw anything that moves – and does. Angie knew how he was from the start, but had no idea of the extent of his problem. She agreed to kinky bedroom games, but it was never enough. Angie warned him their marriage was over unless he sought help and he swore on everything holy that he’d get treatment. But then we hear he’s screwed the therapist.” The split marks the end of an intensely passionate two-year union. To the outside world the pair appeared to have one of the most solid relationships in Tinseltown. They frequently expressed their devotion to each other and even exchanged vials of each others blood.

  • http://deleted JennyPoo

    Jen is a star @ 08/15/2009 at 3:31 pm
    This is the difference between Angie & Brad fans and jennyp!ss cuntlickers: first of all we dont have to disparage anyone when we highlight Angie’s greatness.
    Secondly, no one has to grasp at straws to come up with anytjhing negative against jen. She opens her stooopid mouth and the gems of hilarity fall out. LOL For example: she she wants to be the “emblem” of sad lonely women (and men) everywhere.
    Now i ask you, could a script writer write make that sh!t up? Naaaaaaaaaaaw! Jen provides us with all the ammunition we need to ridicule her. And then sycophants like you (and lets not forget ‘bet’ bwwwwwwaaaaaaaaaahahahahahaha) provide the icing on the sh!tcake.
    Suck it up, azzhole!

  • fans

    Jennifer Aniston Doesn’t Help 30 Rock’s Ratings
    November 14th, 2008 by Evil Beet

    Jennifer Aniston’s appearance on 30 Rock last night garnered the show a season-low rating of 7.5M viewers. Hm. I thought Jen was still America’s golden girl?

    In general, though, 30 Rock’s numbers have been up this season, ostensibly fueled by Tina Fey’s impeccable Sarah Palin impressions on SNL.

    In contrast, Anthony Edwards’ return to ER boosted the show 1.2M viewers over the previous week, to 9.8M viewers.

    Jen is a star, do some homework before writing stuff and leave Angelina alone. You guys are the meanest on the internet, writing stuff that Renee is ugly does not help either. More so this is CC’s thread.

  • AJ and BBT

    I think the ____ licker reference you made should go to the “Lesbian of the year” not Jennifer

    ANGELINA JOLIE’S lesbian lover has given this warning to the star’s boyfriend Brad Pitt: “There has never been an ending to her and I. I think there never will be.”
    Supermodel Jenny Shimizu adds: “I think we will continue to have a deep relationship. It really does go beyond just the sex.”
    Jenny has spoken for the first time about her steamy ten-year relationship with bisexual Angelina and her belief that Brad’s relationship may be short-lived.
    Tattooed Jenny says: “She’s always had lovers that she relies on. If she can ring you and you can meet up then she can take care of her sexual needs.
    “Whenever she calls me up I visit her. It’s not always the case that we have sex. Sometimes we go to her property in Cambodia and explore the jungle.
    “It’s definitely more of a deeper friendship. She’s the person I’ll always care about and always help and always be there for.”

  • Sally

    Coco is so pretty! And Courteney and David are a great couple. They are so good friends and respectful with each other. He is a wonderful guy.


    David and Courteney both considered Jen a part of their family. They spent the christmas together. Jen is very supportive with them and they, with her. No wonder she was choosen as the godmother of Coco and they have a strong connection. It’s an amazing friendship.


    A friendship like this is more than family, because you really choose it. It’s not the blood that connect them, it is the love. And love is the most powerful feeling. They really care so much with each other. They travel together, go to dinner and parties, go to concerts… not just Jen and Courteney, but also David and Jen: they’re great, great friends.


    It’s so rare to see somenthing so warm and genuine in a world like Hollywood where the most relationships are disposable, ephemeral. They’re so different. They have a deep and true relationship. This is a beautiful friendship – and it’s something marvelous to see!

  • http://deleted JennyPoo

    AJ and BBT @ 08/15/2009 at 3:40 pm
    The daily star? You mean the same sh*trag that said jen has had a 20 -year long affair with marky mark’s girl cousin. And a fling with chastity bono? And that she’s a closet lesbian and thats why she couldnt breed?
    Okay, thanks for the info. i never would have believed it otherwise.

  • Sally
  • Sally

    On their last christmas:


    “Once again, like every year for the past zillion years, Jennifer Aniston had dinner on Christmas eve with best friend Courtney Cox-Arquette, her husband David and their 4 year old daughter Coco.

    All four of them were enjoying their meal at Mastro’s Steakhouse in Beverly Hills, while some people around were eavesdropping:

    “Jen and Courteney chatted non-stop Jen was also very sweet to Coco and the two giggled together… Jen usually gets steak, but she asked for fish instead and she ended up getting the sole and vegetables. Jen also had some white wine with her fish, while the rest of the table enjoyed steak. Courtney and David were also in a great mood and they acted very sweet to each other… Coco was walking around the restaurant without any shoes and when Courteney asked her where her shoes were, Coco said they were too tight and that she had to take them off. Both Jen and Courteney were smiling at her. Jen and Coco seem to have a very special bond and it was cute to watch Jen dote on Coco.”

    Coco calls Aniston nouna, which means “godmother” in greek. How cute!

  • http://deleted Sally-the-Sycophant

    Sally you absolute doormat. Jennifer Aniston has a mother, a father, 2 stepbrothers and, i think a step sister. She has aunts she has uncles, she has grandparents who i believe are still alive.
    I wonder what could have gone so horribly wrong that NONE OF THESE FAMILY MEMBERS are close to her, hmmmm? Could they ALL be monsters and only jen is the sweet one, hmmmmm?
    Except her father, of course, who has been successful in showbiz. Even though he ABANDONED his family, including jen and her mother, who struggled as a single parent with her. But when the daddy decided to look up his abandoned family ONE YEAR after kicking them to the curb, jen decided that he’s the better parent and latched herself on to him so he could help her with some connections in HW.
    And every now and then when she needs an image-polishing, she drags him out and poses with him, now that she is more infamous than he is.
    This b!tch has been a user for her entire worthless life and if you cant be of use to her, she drops you like a hot potato – never mind if youre blood or not.
    Every single star in HW has family that we, the viewing public, see them with from time to time. Except jennifer anuston, the expert pity-party thrower.

  • just curious

    Out of curiousity, Sally what do you do? Just wondering why you live on the thread and have time to cut and paste all day long. I will appreciate your reply.

  • Sally
  • Sally

    @just curious:
    I’m a writer. My hours are not conventional. But today, especially, is saturday. So, anyway, I’d have time. And you? What did you do? You are always here, with different names, trying to attack me just because I like Jen and I have a lot of good things to say about her.

  • me

    Her daughter is so cute, but it’s hard to tell which parent she resembles – maybe both?