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Courteney Cox to Jennifer Aniston: Join Cougar Town!

Courteney Cox to Jennifer Aniston: Join Cougar Town!

David Arquette and daughter Coco, 5, visit her mom Courteney Cox on the Los Angeles set of her upcoming series Cougar Town on Friday (August 13).

Earlier this week, Courteney talked about the possibility that BFF Jennifer Aniston will guest star on Cougar Town. (Aniston has her own romantic comedy coming out called Pumas, the story of two 30-something women on the prowl for younger men, while Courteney‘s new series is about a 40-something woman dating younger men.)

Cox said at the recent TCA press conference, “I did know about her movie. I’m not sure exactly what the storyline is other than it’s probably a woman. And I guess pumas are in their 30s. Isn’t that right? Pumas are in their 30s? Jaguars are in their 50s, and saber-tooths go right into the 60s.”

She added, “You know, she’s a good friend and I know she loves the show. I’m not going to say she is [going to do it] because I don’t know. [But if producer Bill Lawrence] writes her a character, I’m sure she’ll be glad to do it.”

Cougar Town premieres @ 9:30PM ET/PT on Wednesday (September 23) on ABC.

FYI: Courteney is wearing Jennifer Meyer‘s jewelry gold circle necklace.

10+ pictures inside of Cougar Town cutie Courteney Cox

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# 1

CC said anuston is ‘a good friend’. She didnt refer to her her BF. I guess CC has a sensible slot for placing friends………………..they come AFTER family. Unlike the “Lonely ‘Girl” whose sycophants looooooove to say: “jen is this and she is that and she has lots of friends” but never once mentioning her family. I wonder why?????? LOL

# 2

Yawn isn’t the term cougar almost passe? It’s like so corny like people who still use the word bling. CC is always a little late with these tv projects

# 3


# 4

I hope Coco grows into her looks.

# 5

Coco is soooooo beautiful. I love Jen and Courtney!

# 6

Little Coco is a darling child. But tell me, can two brunettes give birth to a blond? Or does her father have blondes in his family? I cant remember if his sisters are blondes or if they just colored their hair. Did Courtney have Coco by in vitrio and was it David’s little swimmers or not?

# 7

Boy, Jennypoo you sure son’t know ANYHTING about Courtney and David, maybe because of your blind haterd for Jennifer ??? LOL Actually the Arquette sisters (who are, btw, more famous than David)are BLONDS. Coco takes after hers dads family.

# 8

Courteney has it all. Beauty. Talent. Popularity. Great husband.
Great kid. Health. Wealth. Sensitivity. And more!!!

I just wonder if she turns to her adorable husband,
late at night, when it is just the two of them,
and they each say:

Gosh, remember when we use to envy and admire
Jen because we thought that she was the lucky-est girl
in the world, and had everything a woman could ever want???

Aren’t we glad that we are not her, now.
Isn’t it nice that Brad still likes us!!!

Later we will be able to invite their kids over
for cake and icecream with our kid.
I am looking forward to having this house filled
with the Pitt-Jolie kids and our child.

It will be historic!!!!

# 9

Get a life you idiot.

CoCo looks exactly like Holly Hunter..

enough said.. I think the worst thing for Courtney to do is to bring Aniston on her show.. look at what happened last time on Dirt. That show was cancelled.

Let the Friends thing go.. If Aniston comes on it will be about her. I actually like Courtney.. I think she is the better actor, but she seems to make really stupid choices.. the whole “cougar” thing seems a bit last year.. and too Desperate Housewives (another show on its last leg).

this ugly hag is not below using a child in her pathetic PR campaign.

I don’t get the point of the get the look thingie since none of the clothes are the same. lol

blondie is crazy @ 08/15/2009 at 1:10 pm

never gonna happen

coco is a cutie pie, looks like her daddy!

LOL @ #8. What an imagination you have.



Brad is nothing! he said the same ‘soulmate, my world -nonsenese ” about Jen when they were together. It becomes meaningless. HE is so fake, and lost all his sexiness when he and Angie used money pay off’s to sell themselves to people like you… He is nonsense..I would not want his children to play with mine!

Jen is amazing! She gets alot of points for dealing with ugly attituted like yours and people like you…

who cares about jen and that whole triangle mess, geeez this is about courtney, who is such a classy beautiful lady btw. i love her and her family!! more pix of her on set please.

STFU leila.
First of all this thread is about Courtney and her show. Its not about that tired, worthless, no-talent, user of people, self-styled ‘emblem’ of lonely cougars everywhere. Brad and his huge loving family (both nuclear family and extended family) are happy and loving life and because of all their good deeds in the past, they are reaping good karma in the present. Thats how life works.
Your dumb b!tch, on the other hand, is reaping bad karma right now (no family, no love, no man, no kids, pathetic movie roles, constant ridicule by everybody with commonsense, inability to achieve her goal of an Oscar, etc., etc., etc) because of her cruel, selfish deeds in the past.
How do we know her deeds were bad in the past? Because we SEE that she is grossly UNHAPPY in the present.
And because youre too STOOOOPID to understand how life works, you and all the dumbazzes whose job in life is to prop up jen by trying to dis others, will help to keep her down and she will never rise.
So congratulations. You are jen’s worst enemies.

Pumaschmuma @ 08/15/2009 at 1:42 pm

If pumas refer to women in their 30s, then Aniston is definitely in the wrong project.

HAHAHA I TOTALLY AGREE WITH YOU LEILA!!! Brad said the exact same thing about Jen when they were together and I guess, it will end the same with Angie. You know what they say, once a cheater, always a cheater =p And yeah right, he’s not hot anymore, he was sexy when he was with Jen but he lost me and all his sexiness when he cheated on his “wife” with that HOmewrecker Angie (even though she’s gorgeous, I didn’t appreciate that. Those who accept it, imagine if you were Jen, would you like it? I don’t think so!). Anyway, I don’t care if it happens, I’m not a fan of Jen but I liked Jen and Brad together, they were like the most gorgeous couple in Hollywood. I think Coco is very, very cute but what a name!!!!!

JENNYPOO IS CRAZY TOO @ 08/15/2009 at 2:13 pm

As Jen said, she is very fortunate. I suspect that there are many actors who would love to have her bad luck.

Cute little girl.

anonymous @ 08/15/2009 at 2:21 pm


anonymous @ 08/15/2009 at 2:26 pm

Aww Courvid! best couple EVER

I don´t like David and Courtney… They are little famous, because they are friends with Aniston, Cohen, Maguire…

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