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Robert Pattinson & Kristen Stewart: Miku Sushi Date Night!

Robert Pattinson & Kristen Stewart: Miku Sushi Date Night!

The cast of The Twilight Saga: Eclipse grabs food and drinks at Miku Sushi in Vancouver, Canada on Friday night (August 14).

Pictured: Robert Pattinson, Kristen Stewart, Taylor Lautner, Ashley Greene, Kellan Lutz, Nikki Reed, Elizabeth Reaser, and newbies Xavier Samuel and Bryce Dallas Howard.

Catalina Sandino Moreno and Jack Huston recently joined the cast but so far, no sightings. Also pictured below is a solo Xavier strolling along with a coffee in hand.

FYI: Taylor is wearing PF Flyers “Albins” sneakers.
15+ pictures inside of the Eclipse cast’s sushi night…

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robert pattinson kristen stewart miko sushi 01
robert pattinson kristen stewart miko sushi 02
robert pattinson kristen stewart miko sushi 03
robert pattinson kristen stewart miko sushi 04
robert pattinson kristen stewart miko sushi 05
robert pattinson kristen stewart miko sushi 06
robert pattinson kristen stewart miko sushi 07
robert pattinson kristen stewart miko sushi 08
robert pattinson kristen stewart miko sushi 09
robert pattinson kristen stewart miko sushi 10
robert pattinson kristen stewart miko sushi 11
robert pattinson kristen stewart miko sushi 12
robert pattinson kristen stewart miko sushi 13
robert pattinson kristen stewart miko sushi 14
robert pattinson kristen stewart miko sushi 15

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  • janet

    I don’t give a rats behind about “Robsten” I’m sure the conversation is going to go straight to them. I want Rachelle back!!!!!!!! Boo!!

  • Niichole

    niice :)

  • b

    im so excited for eclipse!!! :)

  • Nay

    Nice gum.

  • keren

    Does anyone know where exactly in Vancouver can I find all of those stars+ Vanessa and Zac?

  • ev

    It should have been titled “Eclipse Cast Date Night” or something other than “Robert and Kristen”. It just adds fuel to the ‘Robsten” obsessed fire.

    Other than that, it’s nice to see them all out together.

  • blue

    No offence but Kristen looks like a dude. I think she can be a pretty girl and dressing up laid back is cool, but dressing like a dude isn’t.

  • kitkat

    you’d think the paps’ fancy cameras would get pics w/out the ‘red eyes’.

  • rg

    Xavier Samuel is SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO HOT!

  • Angela

    They’re with the WHOLE CAST. It’s not a Rob/Kristen date night.

  • lala

    u make it seem like its a date with only both of them

  • babe_luv_ya

    I love me some Rob Pattinson :)

  • carol

    where the rest of the pics?

    I want to see one of Kristen and Rob!

    i know you have this!

    please… be nice! and post it!

  • anna

    not the entire cast…where is Jackson?

  • H.

    Yet another misleading title at Just Jared. How shocking.

  • xx

    Yawn… can’t wait for the twilight “saga” to end so these people can go back to being ugly z-listers nobody gives a rats about.

  • http://google eli

    I see all the cast there,but you have as headline that R/K were there,as a date.You’re ridiculous.Drop dead!

  • Kristen

    I don’t know why this says it is a robert and kristen date b/c like half the cast is there with them…this is all so stupid and crazy, I am getting very tired of misleads and lies!

  • Jessica


  • http://google nina

    Just jared you can sell your crappy photos at the tabloids.Both belong to the toilet.Do you think we’re brainless and you put a title like that?Shame!

  • rpatzfan

    Rob is so cute lol

  • http://google gina

    I don’t see a date there.Actually i see the whole cast.Are they all dating each other?They’re not a hippie community.So,go to hell with your rubbish articles.You’re at the level of L&S and OK.Trash.

  • http://google gina

    I see Rpattz with Elisabeth Reaser and Kristen with Nikki Reed.I don’t see a date there.

  • kelly

    Okay, 1st of all: you twilight FREAKS need to back off with the hate comments about Jared. The whole reason why he even put such a headline is to get your attention. Apparently, it worked! Don’t get all worked up over nothing! 2nd, who gives a crap whether you like Rob & Kristen together. It’s all publicity. Y’all need to get a reality check because THERE IS NO BELLA & EDWARD! So stop imagining Rob & Kristen together! Sick of you TWI-FREAKS!!!

  • Red

    I’m soooo tired of hearing about Robsten! It was a cast dinner and not a freaken date. N E who, is it me or is Kristen dressing like Rob now? Eww

  • b

    i was there at the same day!!LOL

  • miserymee

    maybe rob dating elizabeth reaser… hihi…he likes older women.. doncha think so

  • Mythical Creature

    Well, I still like the whole thing. I liked it before it ever got popular and anyone heard about it and I will probably like it long after everyone forgets about it. When you like something you like it. As for the actors and actresses, I just hope they keep true to the book. True to the original. I won’t like it if it starts buying into the hype and changes from what it originally was. There is a reason it was so delicious to start with, and they need to stick to the time honored original…

  • C-Unit

    Robsten a “im too cool for school attitude” total turnoff….besides he is not good looking….barf!

  • Alison

    I think all this “Robsten” stuff everywhere is going to make me sick of New Moon before it comes out, let alone Eclipse.

    Yep, Kristen seems to be dressing like Rob.. pretty soon they will morph into one person. ;) Hopefully they will change KS hair when they start filming.

  • lucy

    robert pattinson is chewing 5 gum. haha, i adore that stuff (:

  • k_k

    OMGGGGGGG!!!!!!!! finally! i have been waiting forevr to hear some news about the cast up in VC!!!!! ugh! ugh! i want more pix esp of R & K!!!!!!!!! ah!!!!!!!! anyone wanna take a roadtrip to VC with me???

  • blueasis

    i like seeing all the Cast together as it makes it closer to Filming My Fave book and I love Edward and bella

  • Isbaeli

    kristen is gorgeous but dressing like Rob is no,no,no

    hate what BDH is wearing

  • nita

    have u guys notices that rob is wearing th same shirt he was wearing when he was licking Ana kendric cheecks its funny luv rob

  • tawi-tawi

    come on! this is ridiculous to call every lunch or dinner cast members have – a date!!! disgusting!
    JJ is turning into a shameless gossip site, like National Inquirer or perez.

  • Lea

    Hardly a Rob and Kristen date night. They are with tons of people.

  • kate

    love all the cast especially Rob and Kristen…they’re both great actors and amazing people!!!! like Kristen’s hat and Rob’s red t-shirt!! XD

  • Shygirl

    ‘rob and kristen were not even in one photo together, how can this be a date? :P

  • http://google cat

    @kelly: You’re a freak,dude!Now,stfu and go to hell!

  • http://google kiki

    That Javier guy looks delicious! And i think Nikkie wears Kristen’s shoes.

  • http://google vicky

    @Alison: If this robsten stuff is making you sick.why are you commenting at this thread?Just ignore it.

  • Misery

    Kristen is dressing like Rob! LMAO!! they are soo dating ;) next thing Rob will be wearing his t-shirt knoted like Kristen xD but anyway umm yeh i think they might have a giant orgy or something if its a date! stop misleading the Robsten Fans Jared….they might kill you xD

  • Carmen

    I am sure that Kristen and Rob are tired of Robsten also! Why is Kristen wearing a hat that I have seen on Rob. She is so beautiful! Why does she try to hide it!

  • Kat

    I don’t know why this says it is a robert and kristen date b/c like half the cast is there with them…this is all so stupid and crazy, I am getting very tired of misleads and lies!

    I —- 2nd that!!!

  • lizzie

    What they look like in their free time doesn’t matter to them, and how normal is that people?

  • louisa

    JJ has really gone down hill. He started to blatenly lie and mislead in the headlines. How can he say Rob and Kristen are on a date when the entire cast is with them? His disgusting that Jared has stooped this low for hits.

  • katt

    i want nikki reed off the set!!!!!!!!!!

  • Vickie

    What a stupid headline. It’s hardly date night. It’s the whole cast.

  • bella

    Is it me or withe her new haircut and what she is wearing . . .do they look like they be related?

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