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Russell Crowe is a Down Under Dad

Russell Crowe is a Down Under Dad

Russell Crowe takes a stroll with his 3-year-old son Tennyson and wife Danielle Spencer around Darlinghurst, Australia on Friday (August 14).

The 45-year-old New Zealand-born Aussie actor is back home after wrapping up filming for Robin Hood in England.

A few weeks ago, during a break in filming, Russell shocked staff members when he dropped by a local charity shop, Cancer Research shop, and donated over $1,500.

15+ pictures of Russell Crowe spending quality with the family…

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russell crowe down under 01
russell crowe down under 02
russell crowe down under 03
russell crowe down under 04
russell crowe down under 05
russell crowe down under 06
russell crowe down under 07
russell crowe down under 08
russell crowe down under 09
russell crowe down under 10
russell crowe down under 11
russell crowe down under 12
russell crowe down under 13
russell crowe down under 14
russell crowe down under 15

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  • anne

    is she getting thinner or is he just BIGGER? she looked like she had a little more heft before.

  • Mike

    Great photos!!

  • velcrodots

    Win for your diplomacy on that one, Jared “New Zealand born Australian actor”. See guys, we can share!

  • wed mother

    There’s nothing sexier than a manly man being tender with his family.

    Russell, you make me swoon. I can’t wait for Robin Hood next year.

  • Nancy

    I don’t know much about Russell Crowe but hat little kid is the cutest thing in the history of ever!

  • Amy

    Tennyson is a mini Russell. Aww, so cute! :)

  • Natalie

    Russell Crowe’s son is adorable, he’s going to be a heartbreaker.

  • e

    say what you will about him….but he sure makes cute kids!!!

  • Ali

    He does look like the most fun dad – playful yet really a father. And he and his wife look like they are happy. Lovely to see him at peace.

  • Francisca Susi

    Awwww! Such lovely shots of Russ and his family down under. That Tennyson is really something, isn’t he? So cute. Love the naughty smile he showed when he managed to balance his favorite brown-puppy stuffed toy on dad’s head. LOL! :D Danielle, as always, looks petite and lovely. She’s a gorgeous woman, a wonderful singer. Russ is so lucky to have her. No doubt he’s extremely happy to be back home again. Too bad Charlie is not around. Perhaps he was in school when these pics were taken? Both of the children are soooo adorable! :D

  • QueenOftrashin

    My, my, Mrs. Crowe, what a package!

  • LYNN

    I really like him. They have the cutest kid. See he and Brad is about the same age and they both have greying beards and they dont seem to mind. I think these two stars seem to be happy where they are in life right now. Good luck Russell…..

  • pinkydoo

    So adorable. love the photo of the boy putting his toy on Russell’s head. I am sure Russell gets quite a kick out of being a daddy.

  • sienna

    The older son looks like Russel and this one looks just like the mom.. :)
    Such a handsome kid..

  • mrcrowenews

    Russell completed the shooting of Robin Hood! He’s back in australia! Just the best actor ever.

  • Eunice

    An adorable boy, God bless him. His older brother, I heard Russell Crowe at the LettermanĀ“s show, told once his teacher about the beautiful dress she was wearing and asked her if it would be possible for her to wear it tomorrow again. When she told him the dress would be for cleaning, he asked her: “the same color, at least?”


    Russell is a pathetic hack as an actor. Virtually no director of any stature will work with him anymore – that’s why he keeps making movies with another washed up hack, Ridley Scott. Danielle and the kids are “props” that he decided he needed to soften his image, nothing more.

  • Sally

    Oh my God! Tennyson is so gorgeous. So cute! A lovely kid. I have never saw a picture of him before. Adorable boy. I’m in love with him. :)

  • bonzo

    that kid is adorable!

  • Severly disturbed

    “Charity” begins at home. Mr. Crowe needs to invest his money in feeding his wife. Danielle seems to be the incredible shrinking woman while Mr. Crowe appears to be ever widening. Symobic is it not. The bigger he becomes the more she shrinks. It is beyond my comprehensive to see why culturally we think appearing as a 12 year old boy is healthy and beautiful. Woman in love become more round, and fuller in their bodies when filled within themselves and the love of themselves. I see they are smiling, however, it appears to me there is no touching no real connection between them. Tennyson is fuller than she. Perhaps the only way Danielle attracts any kind of attention is by becoming thinner and thinner. Women die of eating disorders and what I see in these pictures is severly disturbing.

  • Liz

    What is amazing is when someone feels free to diagnose a marriage from 15 pictures shot over about 10 minutes in a crowded and artificial scenario.
    Of course it’s absolutely unforgiveable to some people that Danielle Spencer Crowe is small, petite and fit after having two children. She looks absolutely fine to me, as she also did in an evening gown a week earlier in Sydney.
    What IS severely disturbing is the likes of Victoria Beckham and Misha Barton.
    And of course it’s absolutely necessary for a married couple to drool over each other in public in front of paparazzi in order to convince US of their “connection.”

    “Symobic “??

  • Annie

    Severely disturbed:
    “Perhaps the only way Danielle attracts any kind of attention is by becoming thinner and thinner. Women die of eating disorders and what I see in these pictures is severly disturbing.”

    Are her cheeks sunken ? No.
    Can you see her breastbone ? No.
    I saw a pic of her last week in a long formal gown. Her arms didn’t look stringy, as a lot of diet-crazed women’s are.
    Frankly I can’t see what you are seeing. What I do see is a very small-boned and fit looking woman who keeps her shoulders back (I understand Dani has trained as a dancer) who has had two children, hasn’t put on a lot of weight as a result and doesn’t dress flashily.
    Perhaps that’s the REAL problem here…

    Meanwhile…back to the chief subject of the photos. Tennyson is truly adorable and has very fine, elfin features.

  • suppress your appetite


  • Daisy Bluestocking

    It’s so sad, seeing this (clearly anorexic woman) in the public eye- emaciated arms legs, face….just so sad. I’m sorry, but natural, healthy adut women do not look this way. A n obvious boob job does not make up for an odd, contrived marriage and a conspicuously unhealthy state….

  • Francisca Susi

    @KEITH RODGER: A poster like Keith Rodger is most definitely a TROLL! Ignore him, big time!

  • Francisca Susi

    @Daisy Bluestocking: Danielle is not anorexic. Long before she married Crowe, she already has had that small posture. She’s indeed a petite lady, but not anorexic.