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Taylor Swift - 'Tonight' West Side Story VMA Promo

Taylor Swift - 'Tonight' West Side Story VMA Promo

Taylor Swift sings the classic song “Tonight” in a West Side Story inspired promo for the 2009 MTV VMAs.

“My version of ‘Tonight’ was pretty theatrical, because I listened to the song and I heard the song and I’m just like, ‘There’s no way to do this and not play it up,’ ” the 19-year-old country cutie said. “When we were in the studio recording, it I just kind of went all out – all show tunes. I am obsessed with Broadway, so I was pretty excited about getting to sing this song.”

True story: I clutched my chest towards the beginning of the video because I was so touched. A few seconds later, Taylor also clutched her chest. OMG.


Taylor Swift – “Tonight” VMA Promo
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  • anonmus


  • anonmus

    her voice doesn’t fit the song. =/

  • Alice

    I don’t think her singing was that great in this, it needs a more powerful voice than Taylor’s.

  • Sarah May

    It’s not really her thing though. Weird. Doesn’t she and the girl from Paramore have the same voice coach? I think the other girl has a little more power in her voice. Hmm.

  • mface

    I love Taylor, but her voice just isn’t for the musical theatre genre at all… especially West Side Story.

  • sara

    pretty girl…horrible voice.

    she’ll never make it anywhere near broadway.

  • Maura

    She sounds really flat and horrible.

  • Jessica Cook

    her voice is amazing is there anything taylor cant sing well

  • …….

    What a way to ruin West Side Story. Her voice is dreadful. Just no range at all. Taylor Swift should just stick to writing her teenage girl lyrics that everyone so loves.

    @Jessica Cook:

    …yeah, this song.

  • heather

    i don’t think she has a good voice at all……..and especially in this.

  • nelson

    She sounds really bad.

  • ameliedj

    wow, this hurt my ears! so off key

  • anna

    urgh. off key much? sounds not so good

  • pixy


  • melissa asherman

    I thought she sounded pretty good! Hard song to sing either way

  • Lvnyo

    she sounds painful !!!!

  • SF

    Did she just butcher the song?? She should just sing it her way.

  • allison

    that was better than i expected…but still pretty bad. her talent lies in writing songs, but she really lacks range and depth in her voice. she is an extremely mediocre singer and should leave the classics alone. she’s beautiful though and seems very genuine. just a very average singer…

  • nani

    horrible !!

  • Anna

    That was awful, why butcher such a great song?

  • zoey

    Not a fan. Heard her voice wasn’t all that and this proved it. Dreadful, really.

  • jeff Muisal

    considering that “Tonight” was a MALE vocal, and not female. can she compare to Natalie Wood, who did the original?

  • KateWalshRocks

    I’ve new love for Taylor since she tweeted about Kate Walsh sending her a journal and how she loved her. They must be friends which is awesome.

  • No sweetie

    Taylor is adorable and I love her – but a voice for Broadway musicals? Uh, no – just no.

  • anonymous

    So what the…………………..sorry still not feeling the Tonight song……………..who does she think she is? She is getting to be like that one male arrogant musician who thinks he is up there making his opinions known in his twitters like he is the best. She maybe having a sellout concert but her songs are for the high school people just like that male musician, even her lyrics are the same way. Love Story was ok (even heard a better version of it, sang by a foreigner, real cute) but so far, not seeing what everyone is raving about. Somehow, I think it is because she is tall and a blondie, a prerequisite in Hollywood to be embraced. Sorry, no one among the young “musicians” have the qualities of the greats as Barbra Streisand, Celine Dion, Whitney Houston, Roberta Flack…… one. Not to put them down but we have to be realistic. Maybe, critics should be realistic and it would be an incentive for them to kick it up a notch.

  • katt

    she is someone who doesn’t look her age, she looks in her 20s, i guess, most in the showbiz doesn’t stay their age..

  • mailey

    i think she actually sounds ok here, but the thing is, is that she doesnt sing well live at all.

  • megz

    wow that was more horrible than i expected.
    she just ruined West Side Story for me.

  • dorie

    There are very few singers out there who can compare with the really great vocalists. Unfortunately, this is at least partially due to the lack of musical education typical of the pop music audience. They have been listening to formulated corporate crap since they were babies and they think this is what music is supposed to sound like. Taylor Swift is a cute girl who can write good songs, but she has a very weak voice with very poor tone quality. She looks good, though, and thats all that matters.

    And for those who would point out that she’s country, not pop, I would recommend listening to Miranda Lambert. Now SHE’S country.

  • Carly

    i love taylor but she really should just stick to songwriting. or singing her own songs, considering they don’t have much range. gosh, it kills me to say this………….THAT WAS HORRIBLE!

  • Carly

    i love taylor but she really should just stick to songwriting. or singing her own songs, considering they don’t have much range. gosh, it kills me to say this………….THAT WAS HORRIBLE!

  • francesca

    she is adorable! and she sounds amazing in this!

  • whoa

    you guys…at least she did better than Leighton Meester!!

  • coco

    um jeffmusical natalie wood stared in the orginal, but it wasnt her singing. she wasnt good enough, so the producers dubed her.

    west side story songs are some of the hardest ones to sing.

  • susan

    She was great. haters stop hating!


  • eliza

    Taylor’s voice isn’t the best, but she’s adorable, and she did a good job with this promo. She’s more talented than a lot of the teen queens out there right now and a lot better role model than most.

  • chloe

    VMAs are a joke, it’s sad she signed on for it.

  • Amanda

    @anonymous: I will be the first to agree that Taylor has a mediocre voice. She has very little range and control for her voice. However, her songs make her relateable. There are so many really talented singers out there that seem very distant with the music they write because it isn’t relateable for the audience. You say ‘high school people’ like it is such a horrible thing or it is responsible for our “bad” musical taste. Guess what, the reason high schoolers don’t like Barbra Steisand or any of the other singers you named is because they are all a lot older than us, which makes them old fashioned and less relateable to us, which doesn’t sell. It makes a lot of sense if you look at it that way.
    I think that your “she’s tall and blonde and that makes her popular” bit is a little old fashioned as well. Just because people that listen to Taylor are young doesn’t mean they choose their musical interest by looks. Yes, it helps that she is cute, but she doesn’t have the best selling album in the country because she is cute. Let’s be a little realistic here, why don’t we.
    I am not sure which arrogant male singer you are talking about, although it sounds very much like John Mayer, but I don’t think Taylor is anywhere near arrogant. I’m sure she didn’t walk in there and say “I want to sing ‘Tonight’ because I have more than enough talent to do so.” No, the people in charge of getting people to perform for the VMA suggested it, something that Taylor herself has confirmed in an interview. Someone who is that young in such a big business is going to take any opportunity given to her to sing songs she loves and have it be broadcasted to millions of people.
    In conclusion, maybe YOU are the one that needs to be realistic. Times have changed. Those musicians that you so admire are no less talented than they used to be, they are just outdated. Your opinion is that new musicians don’t have the same greatness as the people you listed off, but it is just that–your opinion. The newer generation has a new take on what greatness is and greatness no longer revolves around the voice, but other things as well.

  • ellie

    I’m sure Taylor’s a nice person, and she definitely has songwriting talent, but her voice really needs work. Some of her older material showcases her soft voice, and she really shouldn’t try something like this that is way out of her range.

  • jen

    This is another studio recording with voice magic and she still doesn’t sing it right. Let’s hear her try it live. Simon, Randy and Paula on Idol would say “I’m sorry honey that song is way too big for you.” Remember I’m Sorry on the Grammys? She can’t sing the classics. She doesn’t have the power, range, or control for it. Her tween fans won’t notice or care and their parents will stick up for her just because their kids like her.

  • jen

    Amanda @ 08/15/2009 at 5:47 pm The newer generation has a new take on what greatness is and greatness no longer revolves around the voice, but other things as well.

    It’s nothing new. Britney did it with average vocals and great dancing years ago.

  • Trixy

    love her songs… but brodway songs are deff not 4 her.. btw she looks like a tranny lol

  • ambs

    god she’s terrible…ruined that song for sure….she’s pretty tho…kinda

  • Amanda

    @jen: Yes, and Britney appealed to the newer generation as well.

  • Larry

    Two words….auto tune. Who the heck produced this? Deaf!

  • josephine

    I like Taylor but this song requires a wider vocal range.

  • suppress your appetite

    great song!