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Tom Cruise: The Home Stretch

Tom Cruise: The Home Stretch

Tom Cruise spreads his legs wide open as he stretches out by the lake at Government House in the Botanical Gardens on Saturday morning (August 15) in Melbourne, Australia.

The 47-year-old sprawled out in the grass while relaxing with his wife Katie Holmes and daughter Suri, 3.

Yesterday, it was announced that Katie‘s fashion line Holmes & Yang will be sold exclusively at Maxfield in Los Angeles this fall.

10+ pictures inside of Tom Cruise‘s leg stretch…

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tom cruise leg stretch 01
tom cruise leg stretch 02
tom cruise leg stretch 03
tom cruise leg stretch 04
tom cruise leg stretch 05
tom cruise leg stretch 06
tom cruise leg stretch 07
tom cruise leg stretch 08
tom cruise leg stretch 09
tom cruise leg stretch 10

Credit: Photonews; Photos: SplashNewsOnline
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  • Victoria

    They seem like a truly happy loving family :-)

  • kate

    what what what.. katie fashion line?? R U SERIOUS!

  • AC

    Platform sneakers- never a good look!

  • Loves it…

    @AC: TOTALLY AGREE!! i DONT loves it…

  • hengameh

    i like suri

  • Crazy oldie

    looks like he likes getting his salad tossed!

  • Heather

    This family so bored… At first I love them but now I’m tired of seeing them on web, mag all the time…

  • tvmacmomma

    Look at the lifts in his sneakers. His foot looks deformed.

  • Wendy

    Such beautiful candids, they are cute.

  • Pattycake

    @AC: My thought exactly. When he holds his foot up like that he looks like he has on the shoes worn on the old TV show “The Munsters.”

  • Anna

    cute family!!

  • bam!

    Just accept your shortness Tom or stop marrying taller women!

  • irene

    LOL at his shoes!!!
    if he is a sucah confident man and already has married taller women, I do not see the point in wearing these awful shoes.
    He seems a phony to me, I have stopped liking him and going to see his movies (after seeing him in the promo videos where he projects himself as a bit of a fanatic)

  • erin

    Katie looks miserable. They do not look happy at all. Katie looks like she has been crying. This is one phony family.

  • God bless the J.P FANS

    strange she not look to him in none of the photos

  • hadis


  • Dance Teacher

    They do not look happy at all. There’s not even one pic with Katie even looking at Tom.. Something’s not right here.

  • truth

    Photo op since there’s been talk of fighting. Soooo fake.

  • pat


  • pr person

    Ewwwwww…. Crazy is creepy!!

  • Karena

    That is so cute. They really do seem a loving, happy family. Sweet.

  • no set cast or crew for kate

    Trouble in paradise…seems he is more interested in Suri than he is
    in Kate who doesn’t give him the time of day..All his attention is on
    Suri..Kate seems to be upset in most of the photos taken lately of
    the three of them…Well he will be in USA soon to get ready for Conners
    movie from Tom’s USA films..called The Red DAWN..It is also interesting how there is no crew or cast or sets when she is suppose
    to be on the set..>>>weird or what

  • Lena

    Oh look! Another arranged photo shoot!! Just what we all need….more pics of these two famewh*res.

    Hey Tom: Can those lifts in your shoes get any higher? A truly confident man wouldn’t care how tall or short he is. You’re obviously insecure which is even more unattractive than your short stature.

  • saka

    I don’t see how people can think that they look happy… she doesn’t look at the… see doesn’t smile in any picture… and all she does is keeping as near as possible to herself

    marrying tom was definitely not the best choice for her… i feel sorry for her

  • bruno



  • bruno



  • solid

    Suri looks sick actually. maybe she got cold

  • ivanka

    @Karena: ditto

  • dabu

    Definitely an arranged photo op.
    Cruise looks unhappy or bored until someone evidently recognizes him and he lights up. Katie looks beyond bored.
    Yep trouble in paradise.
    OR maybe they are just trying to drum up publicitiy for themselves. Look at what happens if Brad or Angie look crosseyed at each other-Tabs and blogs start reporting BREAK UP. Maybe Tommy girl wants some of that coverage and fame for himself. But Tommy Girl and Katie don’t sell magazine covers. So unless they decide to get in a brawl, I think they will continue to be boring and lucky if they are mentioned at all.

  • How happy

    Nice photo-op Crazy, mugin for the paps while your family is completely unhappy. Your daughter looks exhausted and sick, no 3 year old would be in a beautiful park and not run around. And Cankle looks pissed! And so does he, because he didnt get the good press he wanted. Look how tight his face and arms are. And what about the platform shoes??? What a joke!! CRAZY!!!!!!!

  • Why?

    Katie alwasy looks unhappy, unhealthy. Is it because of paps taking her pics? or what. Tom on the other hand looks fab these days. He needs to rub some of his glow to her. LOL

  • June

    What is he doing to that child? She looks afraid of him..could it be an all night vibrating chair or dark closet? I hope Katie is finally getting a back bone and taking care of her and telling Crazy gay man to p*ss off.

  • Jen

    Beautiful family!!!

  • Annie

    #27, Suri DOES look sick. And Katie is trying to obviously protect her from Tom. What daughter wouldnt want to run and play with her dad? It’s day time, kids should be animated and want to do things. Something is very, very wrong here.
    Tom needs to leave them alone, they seemed much happier and healthier without him around. I will NEVER watch another movie with him in it. He’s a NUT!

  • James

    Wow, thats really sad. Poor kid.

  • sarah


    how can u even say that looking at these pictures…

    something is very wrong!!! kate really seams to protect her daughter from tom…

  • tidbit

    You know it is truly amazing that this publicity hungry couple couldn’t find a private yard with no paps. Tom was married to Kidman and he knows and has friends in Australia–they wouldn’t let Tom and Katie borrow their backyard to play with Suri? And I bet if he asked really nicely Kidman would allow him to use her yacht, her ranch or her beach house–where there is a lot of privacy. And doesn’t he still own some property there?
    BUT NOOOOOOOOOOOOO Tom and Katie have to parade their publicity pet out for the paps. all three look unhappy. If you look at the rest of the set of pictures from this photo op-Katie has a slight smile in one of them, but looks doom and gloom in the rest.

  • eliza

    Photo op for sure. Lie down in as public a place as possible, make sure the paps are around (Tom is even smiling at the camera in one of the pictures like OK, guys, there you are) and get yourself some more publicity. Using his family this way is a real turn-off.

  • twpumpkin


  • maryf

    Katie is a great mom, and Suri is a cute baby girl she looks like mommy ! But what happened to miss Joey Potter ?
    It’s just that she is so different now from the beautiful and vibrant woman she was…She always looks unhappy, depressed. I hate her relationship with Tom Cruise, i wish she would see the light and leave him ! Just like Nicole did ! Look how she is happy now !
    I hope that she is doing more to be with Isabella and Connor…

  • Mousse

    Very fake couple.

  • blah blah blah

    What is up them?
    Freaky shoes………
    Freaky facial expressions…………..
    Strange as ever.
    They look very uncomfortable and unhappy.

  • Megan fox rocks

    cute familey , tom is a good man

  • Toni

    What a cute family.

  • Marilyn

    I like never seem to see him with his other two adopted kids. Only suri.

  • Karma


  • Sarah

    Is that kid drugged, starved or both? She looked like she was doing fine before nut job got there.

  • Disgusting

    These photos of Suri are very disturbing. And Tom seems to care more about the cameras than anything else. Since it was stagged, why would they bring out a sick or tired child? Just disgusting. And very disturbing. She’ s too tired or sick to even walk or hold her head up. CALL CPS!!!

  • Just my opinion

    In my opinion it is VERY EARLY in the morning and since Tom is
    leaving Australia and returning to the United States tomorrow he
    definitely wanted to get one more photo opportunity with the three
    of them. The best and most accessible place would be a park
    setting. These pictures look like they were taken VERY EARLY in
    the morning, so early that Suri looks sleepy and Katie looks like
    she just woke up, got dressed, no makeup and off they went to

    But can you blame him? I think its wrong BUT he has NO MOVIES
    coming out this year NOR next year 2010. Not until 2011 will
    Mission Impossible 4 come out in theaters IF it is even made.
    So Cruise NEEDS and WANTS the publicity and bringing out
    Suri guarantees the paparrazi will come out of the wood work.
    Cruise has a lot of pressure on him because he bought United
    Artists studio AND that Beverly Hills mansion in 2008. He probably
    THOUGHT he was gonna be raking in the dollars but he doesn’t
    seem to be working a lot these days.

    Katie’s working but all her acting jobs have acting cost her more
    than she has made. She appeared in a supporting role in New York
    for 4-5 months last year but she had to MOVE to New York to
    appear in that play. She’s in this movie in Australia and she’s staying
    at the Crown Towers probably as a guest of James Packard and
    not paying the bill or maybe getting a big discount. Bottomline,
    she hasn’t really made it to A list status and Tom Cruise is LOSING
    his A list status because he hasn’t really made a hit in a while.

  • Geez

    If you look at picture 4, Katie has those blank, scary, robot eyes again. Please take care of youself and that beautiful angle! In other words, RUN!