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Anna Paquin Bikes With Fiance's Ex

Anna Paquin Bikes With Fiance's Ex

True Blood star Anna Paquin hops on her pink Hello Kitty bicycle and takes a spin around Santa Monica on Saturday (August 15) in California.

The 27-year-old actress was accompanied by the ex-girlfriend of her British costar (and fiance) Stephen Moyer, British journalist Lorien Haynes, and Stephen and Lorien‘s daughter, Lilac Moyer.

Is this family going to be the new “Ashton Kutcher Demi Moore Bruce Willis” family?

A new episode of True Blood airs TONIGHT (August 16) @ 9PM ET/PT on HBO.

10+ pictures inside of Anna Paquin bicycling with fiance Stephen Moyer‘s ex-girlfriend…

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  • Twifanatic Amanda

    Well that’s good that they’re trying to get along.

  • nita

    Is this family going to be the new “Ashton Kutcher Demi Moore Bruce Willis” family?

    stupid comment jared!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    thats his daughter so of course he has have some formal, mutual relatioship with his ex
    and she is going to be the little kid stepmom so duh !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • lila

    I hope this puts an end to the crummy rumors that Stephen left Lorien for Anna.

  • http://n/a m&ms

    this is so weird especially for the kid!!

  • sweetie

    That is lovely that they all get along. :-)

  • shara

    Actually, I think this is pretty cool. It is good for the little girl that everybody is friendly with each other. I can hardly be alone in the same room with my ex-husband and if I went on a bike ride with his new wife I’d probably shove her into incoming traffic!

  • Just Jared

    @nita: You’re a stupid comment.

  • Kay

    I like that they get along so well. :)

  • TwilightRULES!!

    that must be really awkward

  • luckyme

    Awkward, but if the adults love the children enough and want them to be emotionally healthy they will be mature and do what is in the best interest of the child. It’s a lot easier and cheaper to go out on a few walks together or bike ride or what have you than to be paying therapy bills out the ying yang for a child who is upset his parents hate each other. Someone must be leading this situation in a good direction. Someone who is smart, mature, and has good people and communication skills. Someone who is compassionate and self-less. It’s easy to do the petty thing. It’s harder to be the bigger person.

  • Grace

    This is how it should be done — unless there’s some sort of HUGE issue that truly makes it impossible for the parents to be near each other, then it’s best for the kids if everyone can get along and spend time together without making the kids feel like they’re forced to choose.

    Being able to go biking with your mom and your soon-to-be stepmom? That’s a pretty big vote in the “your parents are ALL behind you 100%” column.

  • sienna

    Look at this and Gosselin couple.. Such two extremes different from each other..
    You do not have to bike with your ex or his new girl friend but just be civil with each other for the sake of kids..

  • Twifanatic Amanda

    @Just Jared:

    that makes me like you so much more XD

  • Michelle

    Anna and Lorien look like twins.

  • rebekah

    in a way i feel sorry for anna theres alot of baggage in that relationship she must love him alot

  • S

    @shara: LoL. :-D I am the same with my ex and his new woman… So, cudos…

  • Mae

    They all look terrific. It’s great for the kid. Stephen Moyer is a lucky man!

  • liz86000

    Stephen Moyer is definitely lucky to have his fiancee and ex trying to get along for his little girl. I think he has another child (a boy?) with another woman. I wonder if they’re all getting along with his mother?
    Anyway, I love Anna & Stephen. They’re both smart and ok, they’re really hot together too! :)

  • Evil Witches

    @S: Actually “S” and “Shara”, why don’t you read the “luckyme” post and learn a thing or two. I’m so happy for you that you are nasty selfish mothers and you’re patting yourselves on the back for that and giving each other Kudos. I am in the stepmom situation now for 7 years. My husband is so nice to his ex-wife, and I never interfere. Yet because of her own jealousies, insecurities, and basically what I call a personality disorder…she has caused every problem in the world that she can for us. She starts arguments, she lies, she manipulates the children. I have had to be the bigger person, and it IS the harder thing to do. For the sake of my stepkids, I ignore her, bite my tongue, don’t retaliate. We never talk bad to the kids about their mom either even though she tells them all kinds of horse$hit about us. Seems like most ex-wives want to convince the kids that they are the victim and the only parent that loves them, and that the Dad & Stepmom are horrible people. Nice way to mess up your kids for life! You’re mostly hurting them, why don’t you get that, evil witches? Stop being so SELFISH!!

  • Sanna

    They’re not just TRYING to get along, they ARE getting along. Anna and Lorien are close friends, Stephen has said that. No one left anyone for anyone. Stephen and Lorien broke up in 2006 and he and Anna met 2007. It’s just gossip magazines that tries to make it seem like there’s drama there when in fact there’s none.

  • yuck

    i think Stephen Moyer should stick to women his own age. few women in their late 30′s early 40′s would want to be part of this situation. anna is too young to realize how difficult it will be. leave young anna to be with men of her generation so she can grow with her partner and not have to be the nanny/big sister/stepmom/wife & take on his burdens. you get the feeling he’s trying to trap her before she starts having love scenes with eric… i mean that’s how they got involved, isn’t it?

  • Stepmom

    @yuck: It is true that it’s difficult to be a stepmom…it’s also a thankless job because the kids usually don’t realize all that you do & sacrifice for them, and most will never love you like they love their biological parents….even though you love them as if they were your own kids. However, I wouldn’t call it a “burden”. It’s a choice. You either love your husband enough to go through it with him & help him with his life….or you don’t. If you don’t, then don’t marry someone with kids. It’s a choice that the woman has to make. And if you do choose to marry, then accept it and have the right attitude…don’t complain…it was your choice.

  • Cherie

    In response to #23:

    WTF? Anna is too young to realize what she’s getting into? She’s 27 yrs. old. Are you saying people her age don’t know about relationships and such? Cos’ if you are, that’s crazy.

    As for Stephen trying to “trap” her before the Sookie/Eric thing plays out? Seriously? That’s so ignorant. Stephen and Anna are professionals. Alex too. Everybody on that set has said that Anna and Stephen are professional when they at work. They are there to do their jobs. Not make shows decisions based on their personal life. Hell, Stephen has said that he doesn’t want to see Sookie and Bill all happy all the time.

    I think it’s quite refreshing that they all seem to get along. Too bad you don’t have the same level of maturity.

  • yuck


    i think at 27 you really don’t know what it all means. this man seems to knock them up then leave. 2 kids with 2 different women shows vamp bill is either irresponsible, indecisive or selfish. i wish her luck because she will need it. two baby mama’s verses the new fiance will be trying.

  • yuck


    men/woman that much older than their partners always have an agenda. bruce willis, demi moore, madonna, mariah & tom cruise all have the same insecure/desperate quality about them so they prey on younger people. 27 is young and stephan knows it. a 32 year old woman would walk away, 27 yr old would give it a chance.

    as for them being professionals: they met at work. maybe when she starts work with alex they’ll be “professional” together too.

    and please spare me the lecture on maturity. you’re on this thread name calling and commenting on other people’s lives just like the rest of us so shut it.

  • mks

    Jared, he was married to this womaman and they had two kids. this is not his ex- girlfriend, this is hisex wife.

  • Stepmom

    @yuck: I understand your point, but every situation is different & it’s up to the people involved. My husband has 2 kids from 2 different women too, but he’s not an immature jerk. His college girlfriend got pregnant, he married her, and she left him for some guy that was a few years older & had more money. Then he remarried @ 26 and had another child, and these two women hated eachother! So the 2nd wife never accepted the 1st child and had no compassion for my husband…so inevitably, they got divorced. He is a good person that had 2 selfish women…his mistake…but he deserves the love of a good woman, does he not? I agree with you, it’s very trying dealing with 2 baby mamas…trust me, I know. But I wouldn’t trade my husband or stepkids for anything in the world….and I knew exactly what I was getting into. Don’t generalize because you don’t know what really goes on in people’s lives, heads, and hearts.

  • cubanita

    Who wears a tiny jean skirt to ride their bike? I see London, I see France, Lorian!

  • Fingerhut
  • Wendy

    Sorry i felt that comment made my JJ was a bit …… as well, its super cool that they all get along.Not all divorces and exes rage war battles.I am still friends with my ex bf, and consider him and his new gf a friend.Shame that is such a foreign concept to some!

  • bella

    um . . .awkward

  • not me

    Evilwitches @ 19

    oh, lighten up you goody two shoes!! S and Shara were just being funny.
    I am not in any of these situations but I like people who are honest about their difficulties. Most everybody try in their own way to do the right thing by the children.

  • sonia

    wow…unbelievable!…i’m amazed…they not only get along but also hang out…that’s just WOW!!…i’d imagine that’d be hard for any woman to accomplish..

  • shara

    Yeah, I was joking in comment #6 above. Emotions run high in these situations. I am respectful to my husband’s second wife eventhough I dislike her. I am a step-mom now as well, and I have a good relationship with my husband’s children. His ex-wife and I are cordial (but we wouldn’t share a bike ride, either!) LOL . So yay for Anna and Lorien that they are friendly! That adorable little girl has it good.

  • Evil Witches

    @not me: If you’ve never been in the situation, then why don’t you just keep quiet. You have no idea what it’s like to watch the damage it does to the children. I’m not saying all stepparents are good either…but when they are…then the biological parents should put the pettiness aside. Good for you Shara that you choose to love your children & stepchildren more than you dislike the other women.

  • yeahbut42

    I am also in a relationship where my ex and his new wife and my new husband and I all get along and have raised a terrific, well adjusted 22 year-old. This situation is not as difficult as you are all making it out to be. The key is that the adults act like adults and not idiots. Part of being a good parent/partner is to put the needs of the child before your own problems and keep your mouth shut about the other parent. Kids are not dumb, they don’t need you to constantly point out your former partner’s flaws.

  • bumblebeej

    @yuck: When I heard they were engaged, that’s what I thought too! I’ve only just started watching the series, but have read the books and there, Bill’s outta the picture mostly.

  • sookie fan

    She is so talented, finally she is up there; I have always wonder what a perfect relationship is made of …
    She is intelligent, good actor, great career also running a production company with a brother and why not mature enought to choose a partner who she wish to share a life with.

  • Tammy

    I do not see where the age difference is such a big deal. If she was 20, I would have a problem with it, but she has been on her own for a long time and she seems to be very mature, and apparently she knows what she wants. They seem to be happy together. The idea that he is staking his claim before Sookie gets together with Eric is ridiculous, that is a television show and Anna and Stephen are real people who have lives outside of television! I have never read where he was married before, so at least he is willing to marry her. The best thing for the children is for all of them to get along and I think it is great that they can spend a few hours together for the little girl.

  • georgia

    Is it just me, or do these two look ALOT alike? Weird….

  • Kelly Wagner

    I would love to know why, when a couple keeps their connection after their romantic relationship is over, is that considered “awkward”, “weird”, unnatural, etc.? What is awkward is when people assume that just because one aspect of your relationship did not work, you have to throw out everything good. When you have children together, you are bound for life. Why not let the good remain? There is nothing awkward about knowing there was a relationship before yours that produced children. Only insecure people try to pretend that noone came before you. My husband’s new wife was psychotic but for the sake of my children, I did the right thing and kept the peace. Luckily it looks like Lorien doesn’t have issues. Note to stepmom posters bashing Mom: it is often the second wife who can’t handle being the “second” wife.

    As for Stephen preying on Anna, come on. She has been in the business since she was a kid. She has enough common sense to know the real thing when she experiences it. Anna Paquin has a great head on her shoulders; she has nothing to prove to anyone.

  • Kyee

    Happy family and all….how about wearing some helmets as a good example for the little girl?

  • ldb

    @YUCK -

    It depends on your life experiences how “mature” you are at 27. In New Zealand where Ms Paquin is from, she has been out of the public education system since she was 16. She probably has been working etc since then. I would venture to guess that she has her head on straight and knows what she wants out of life. At 27 I had lived away from home for a number of years made my own decisions and thankfully was brought up with parents that taught me to make good soild decisions. Still in a very solid marriage to my best friend because I waited until I knew who I was before jumping in feet first.

  • Sarah

    It’s nice that Paquin and Moyer’s ex are on good terms.

  • Sandra

    That’s really cool! good for them. They do get along, they’re not trying, lol.

  • lbg921

    @yuck: Maybe you should do a little more research on the people in question here before you lump them with all those others. There was no “preying” on anyone. Although it’s true that Stephen Moyer brings some baggage to his relationship with Anna. She seems very mature and confident and he is obviously nuts about her, enough to put a ring on her finger! He is a great father to those kids and she obviously has made the commitment to him and his kids. It’s all good and real. They are not your typical Hollywood couple, by far.

  • suppress your appetite

    @Michelle: +1

  • christine


    He was never married to the mother of either of his children.