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Britney Spears' Sons Get New Buzz Cuts

Britney Spears' Sons Get New Buzz Cuts

Britney Spears spends the day laying out poolside at the Ritz Carlton with her two sons — Sean, who turns 4 next month and Jayden, who turns 3 next month — on Sunday (August 16) in in Marina del Rey, Calif.

Both boys showed off new summer buzz cuts, wore water wings and played with play sail boats.

Yesterday, Brit showed off her bikini body in a hot pink swimsuit.

10+ pictures inside Britney Spears and her sons soaking in the sun…

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britney spears sons buzz hair cuts 01
britney spears sons buzz hair cuts 02
britney spears sons buzz hair cuts 03
britney spears sons buzz hair cuts 04
britney spears sons buzz hair cuts 05
britney spears sons buzz hair cuts 06
britney spears sons buzz hair cuts 07
britney spears sons buzz hair cuts 08
britney spears sons buzz hair cuts 09
britney spears sons buzz hair cuts 10
britney spears sons buzz hair cuts 11
britney spears sons buzz hair cuts 12

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  • annie

    Princess Britney KEEPS GETTING GORGEOUS!!!

    and her sons are adorable :)

  • asha

    Awww they both look so much cuter with the short hair.

  • Jon

    Omg much MUCH better!

  • rpatzfan

    omg ,so cute ,i luv them

  • me

    I love Britney’s music, I’m a huge FAN o f her. Her sons are adorable. And message to Britney: Honey, its time to get a new hair dresser and let the natural hair breath (so it could grow healthy)!!!!

  • Sally

    Lovely boys. I’m happy to see Britney getting better. She had a really hard time and now she deserves some peaceful moments with her kids.

  • Nyc1

    Damn, her body is HOT!!!

  • ME3

    yay…can.t she just go out with her own hair by now?? she must have some of her own hair….just let it be….shed probly look cute with her own short hair….better than the fake stuff……..

  • kate bosselin

    nice p^ssy tat lol

  • http://Herbreastlookbiggerthanusual.Maybeshegotimplants! pretty young girl

    Sean looks just like his daddy and Jayden looks fruity.

  • Phoenixbai

    Sean and Jayden are cute!

  • linda

    He looks like Cruz Beckam. I like their long hair.

  • Hal

    She is looking hot. Glad to see her with her boys. They belong with her. Hopefully one day she can get rid of that loser that leaching off her.

  • Trixy

    love her

  • I n F a m o u s l y C o o l

    they look slightly less special-ed. but damn, those kids are fcuked in the head.
    don’t they look douchey?!? hahahahahaha..

  • Ivermom

    They are much cuter with the short hair!!

  • Michelle

    Wow they actually look cuter with the shorter haircut. Glad they got more of Brit’s genes than her stupid ex husband.

  • EvilLynn

    @Michelle– I thought the same thing! Cuter with the little summer buzz cuts, and I think they’re also getting much cuter as they grow. “Growing into” their looks, maybe?

  • figuora

    Does Britney hate Sean….maybe because he looks like Kevin? I always see her with Jayden, but never Sean. Someone said Jayden has problems and needs more care, which is why Britney focuses more on Jayden than Sean. But what’s up with that?

  • t

    huge improvement

  • Dance Teacher

    Do these stars EVER stay at their own homes?? Doesn’t she have a pool at her house?? Why buy a house if you’re gonna live at a hotel all the time? Lohan does the same thing?? And they want their privacy??! PLEASE gimme a break!

  • Staci

    The older kid is ugly the younger one kid looks gay LMAO

  • Katie

    are those brown spots on their heads?

  • Milla

    There’s a difference between Britney be with Sean as she always is with Jayden and gossip sites published the photos. Sometime they prefer to keep it hide to create some kind of bad image to Britney

  • Milla

    Oh.. and YES!! Britney’s boys are so beautiful! Sean is just a perfect one.. Hot when grow up, for sure..

  • Pam

    Jayden is most likey gay.

  • Sam


    I’ve noticed the same thing – not sure what it is about her favoring Jayden over Sean, they are only 1 year apart. It’s shameful. Shame on Britney, who looks like she’s doing really well for herself and her boys, other then this favoritsm.

  • ladysdsandiego

    wow they look so different now!! they look even cuter if thats even possible.

    and britney looks great too! can’t wait to see her next month!

  • e

    they probably had lice.

  • figuora


    A Britney shot is a Britney shot and agencies will post or sell as many of their shots as possible. They wouldn’t exclude shots, like you are mentioning them doing, excluding Brit and Sean shots..because it would cost them potential money. They also wouldn’t let the viewer just come to that assumption without the agency or gossip site specifically addressing it. If they were not publishing shots of Brit and Sean to make a story about it, then the stories would be published. Maybe the sites to see the need to do so right now….but in all the shots you don’t really see Brit and Sean together. Always, Brit and Jayden

  • figuora

    ^^^ I meant to say…..

    Maybe the sites dont see the need to do so right now….but in all the shots you don’t really see Brit and Sean together. Always, Brit and Jayden

  • Jane

    Everyone is commenting about how cute they are, which they absolutely are! Nonetheless they look like little hell raisers to be honest! Watch out world! lol! :) ATTITUDE at that age only spells disaster when they get older, especially when they are in the spotlight of paps and hollywood in general.

  • hillary

    Wow.. they look a lot different with shaved heads! I didn’t even recognize them! Still such little cuties tho :-)

  • hillary
  • TR

    That kid with the brown hat is workin’ it like RuPaul!!! Future man lover for sure.

  • lILA


    Sean and Jayden are so cute!!!

  • baby baby baby!!!!

    What! I always thought Sean Preston was the one with all the sassy poses and Jayden was gonna be the bully.

    Check out that furious POSE!!! You go Girl!

  • anon

    @Rhonda: tinfoil hats are on sale this week.

  • Shamalama

    They got HAIRCUTS?????? Who the f**k cares???? Britneys tats are so trashy. Are we supposed to be impressed that we can only NEARLY see her burning bush? I notice she had to get her “drink on,” too. Every time I THINK this chick might be getting it together, she acts stupid all over again.

  • ****

    They probably had head lice…

  • leslie

    Yeah, Preston looks a lot like Cruz now, but he’s much cuter I think. Those big eyes, aww :)

  • lisa

    Britney knows about shaved heads! crazy b_tch!

  • leslie


    Not true. There is a lot of Britney’s pics interracting with Preston.
    Look here:
    He picks a flower for her, and she rewards him with a kiss :)

  • sarz

    omg she has peroxided their hair too!

  • leslie


    So what? MJ his son’s hair and Kingston Rossdale has dyed hair. As long as they use safe vegetable hair -dye it’s fine.

  • lolipop

    I thought the same thing about brit always beeing with jayden and to me it was so a shame! so I wanted to be sure about that and I made some researches, and look, pictures about the same day, she’s with sean too:

  • Eva

    Gotta stop whatever it is you’re smoking girl!! LOL

  • Shanny

    they look 1000 times better, thank you thank you thank you Brity for changing the dorky hair on the kids, They look normal now instead of “special”. Really thank you Brit.

  • brangelina fan 4 life

    wow her sons are cute. she is trailer trash but does make cute babies.

  • Raichill

    They look like boys now. I wish some other celebrities would get their kids’ hair cuts like Cindy Crawford’s son, Presley. The boy is girlier looking than his sister. And Kate Hudson
    s son needs a decent haircut ,too.