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Jennifer Garner Seeks Reese Witherspoon Advice

Jennifer Garner Seeks Reese Witherspoon Advice

Jennifer Garner takes her daughter Violet to pick up breakfast at their local Starbucks on Sunday morning (August 16) in Brentwood, Calif.

Looks like Jen pulled Violet right out of bed–she was still in her pajamas!

In the September 2009 issue of C magazine, Jen spills that she turns to fellow actress Reese Witherspoon for advice and how to balance being a mother and work.

Jen also said she wishes she were more vain. She said, “I’ve never been one to paint myself up Hollywood style—I’m just not good at that. I don’t have a healthy dose of that kind of vanity although I wish I did because then you know how to be cute when you need to be cute.”

15+ pictures inside of Reese Witherspoon advice seeker Jennifer Garner..

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Credit: Butterworth/Thompsett/Barnsley; Photos: Pacificcoastnewsonline, Flynetonline
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  • stefano


  • stefano

    I love her

  • naty

    I love Jen! she is like a regular person, except with a lot more money.

  • Blanca


  • Judy

    That is one happy kid! Katie Holmes, take note!!!!! I think it’s cute she took her out in her pj’s. My dad used to do that when he woke me up to take me out for doughnuts in the morning. Good memories, just being a kid. Wish I could still do that!

  • selam

    poor ben he probably getting any let give them another month cant they anit going make it!

  • lauren

    violet is sososososooo cute.

  • !

    Aww… Vi look so adorable in her pj’s and her smile. :)

    I wish she would not follow other celebrities who makes the street their runway and dresses for photo-op.

  • Alyx

    I love Violet, she’s too adorable, always smiling.. looks like she’s a happy kid <3

  • mailey

    violet’s going to need braces.
    j-gar is very boring, not pretty at all so there wouldnt be any justification for her to even try and be vain. i dunno what she was thinking with that comment.

  • rainbow

    #5, I agree that Jen seems like a good mom, but why do have to attack Katie? I’ve seen plenty of photos of Suri smiling or cuddling with her mom.

    Anyway, these pics are so cute. VIolet sure is a happy kid.

  • Jen

    I love Jen! I don’t want her to change and get painted up like those Hollywood hussies. Jen is real and she’s a great Mom and many Hollywood parents should take note!

  • Joe

    I hate to say this but Violet has rat’s teeth & no, Jen is not pretyy. She lets herself go & VERY unkempt.

  • sarah

    so cute!

  • feels

    Violet looks just like Anna Paquin, she’s cute, but Jennifer Garner isn’t pretty anymore.

  • me

    Okay who’s the idiot who doesnt know you don’t need braces on baby teeth? In fact, you cant tell who will need braces and who won’t until the permanent teeth come in at 6-8 years of age.

  • PR wh*res

    Jennifer Garner asking phony b!tch Reese Witherspoon for PR advice ?!
    Makes sense, Reese is cheap publicity wh*re just like Jennifer.

  • me

    Violet doesnt look like Anna Paquin she looks like Jennifer Garner. She is Jen’s clone, except with Blonde hair.

  • me

    Violet doesnt look like Anna Paquin she looks like Jennifer Garner. She is Jen’s clone, except with Blonde hair.

  • to cute!

    Violet is too cute!always smiling. But i feel sorry for jennifer and the girl, they are ALWAYS alone. Is there a husband, a father or something similar?

  • anonymous

    Jennifer: Even if you do know how to paint yourself, people still won’t be flocking around you. It is nice to be low key and look natural, I like that about you but what is the reason for this statement? Is it because you are intimated by others who are so glamed up and still become famous? Don’t be. To each his/her own, Jennifer. Stay as you are and don’t make statements like that. It sure turned me off…….to think that I prefer you and Ben compared to Brangelina.

  • hi

    I think Jennifer is good mother for Violett, but she isn´t good actress. I don´t know, why I see everywhere her photos… I must say, she is known thanks C-list actor Ben Affleck…She is here almost every day.
    Nobody knows her without Ben… good mother… but selfish… I think Ben cheated on her…

  • U

    she’s just a toddler for crying outloud. she can have braces or invisalign when she’s old enough and what’s the big deal if she’ll have one? it’s not like it’s a disease or something. the most important thing is how her parents are raising her and you can see that her parents are doing a good job because she is one kid with a happy disposition in life. and about jen’s look, she looks beautiful when she’s all dressed up for a movie or an rc appearance. there are more celebrity mothers out there who looks worse when not glammed up so i don’t get the hate.

  • x

    jen looks angry and violett looks happy

  • sunday drive

    So what Violet will need braces. Most children do. Except you don’t put braces on a 3 year old. WHY because their teeth are growing, just coming in etc.

    Comments about “Ben cheated on Jen” where does that come from? Just people saying stuff to say stuff.

    They are not “always alone”. Ben is working right now. Was flying back and forth from Boston to LA. Let me see I must have taken my children on 10-12 outings last week w/o my husband. WHY? he was at WORK.

  • WOW!

    What a happy kid and great mother! Refreshing for Lollywood. Don’t think her acting is that great, but who cares. Seems like her first priority is her kids, which it should be. Way to go Jen! And I also just LOVE Reese and they way she takes care of her kids.

  • HEY..


  • Judy

    Dear Rainbow…
    Have you checked out the last photos of Suri on this site? It makes me want to cry. Then check out the other ones after that….something is WRONG with that kid and they are not giving her the help that she needs.
    Of course, my opinion.

  • Tina

    I agree with those who think this kid has a resemblance with Anna Paquin. And I hate to say this but is the kid even Ben Affleck’s daughter?

  • Annie

    LOVE Violet!!!! Jen is a great mom. But where is Ben?

  • stefano

    Violet is Anna Paquin/Jen mix HAHA

    Jen can act, but her movie roles are not good.
    I miss Alias.

  • Boston

    Ben is in Boston working on his new movie. Pictures of him scouting locations yesterday.

  • Sue

    It’s a sad world when a mom can’t take her child out to breakfast without someone having to comment that the child has rat’s teeth and the mom isn’t pretty anymore. For those of you who posted that comment why don’t you post a picture of yourself and let us comment on it.

  • pajam party

    Violet is too cute in her little PJ’s.

    Wish JJ would have posted the pics of Jen dressed up having dinner with her Mom and a friend. She looked very nice.

    Fans can check the pics out at jen-garner net.

  • Tata

    Jen, you dont need more vain!! please, keep being a real human being as you are now!!!!!! we love you the way you are!!!

  • lany

    Perhaps i´m wrong, but i don´t see her happy except when she is with her daughter.Her face looks a little sad, and is a bad sign when a woman doesn´t take care of herself. When i was not happy i always went with my hair dirty, old clothes because i didn´t feel ok with myself. I´m not sayin´she needs to go with make up and heels, but she doesn´t look clean

  • Ellie

    #34 thanks for the post.

    Jennifer rocking it in her black skirt and shoes.

  • too cute!

    i don´t know if ben is now filming…but Is he always filming?Because I´ve seen tons of pictures of jennifer and her daughter always alone. It´s a little sad

  • Ellie

    #36 Jen was out just the day before dressed up, smiling, having dinner,

    Ben was pictured with Jennifer just last weekend when he flew home to LA (like he had done 3 weekends in a row).

  • sam

    Ben is working right now not always they´re alone…i think bena and jen have wonderful family and looks like regular family and don´t looks amazing like others artists jen is simply lady and is so nice like ben i love this family

  • Gorgeous

    Gorgeous and Genuine!!! Love them!!! How much more cute can that kid be??

  • lol

    judy grow up!!! Katie and Suri are happy. Are you god to know their lives? if you are so insecure to compare Suri to Violet then you feel so jealous and threatened of the Cruises.


    Ew. She and her daughter look like poor, wyte trash. I cringe when I see them. Ben should have stayed with J. Lo.

  • sweet

    i luv how she’a good mom and doesn’t dress up for the paps….she ‘s a regular person……others so called stars strut around all dressed up for photo-ops….out spending lots of $$$$$$…….and looking all phony…fake hair and boobs…jen is real….a good wife and mom…she’s great!!!!

  • kelly

    HUNNY @ 08/16/2009 at 3:25 pm

    Jen looks like a normal Mom on a Sunday morning coffee run.
    What is she suppose to wear to Starbucks? Gucci?

  • luckyme

    She is really self assured and she is teaching her daughters to be self assured. People who feel they must put on a dog and pony show with ribbons and bows everytime they step out the door aren’t leading a healthy normal life. Good for her. They both seem very happy :)

  • Amy

    Katie Holmes is a good mother. Do not bash her.

  • stefano

    i cant wait for valentines day

  • madmax

    I always liked Jen G. I didn’t know she needed advice from Reeke. so Reeke is now the Dr Spock of celeb moms? she doesn’t have a halo over her head.

    Whatever happened to turning to your mom for advice?

  • Scott Summers

    Right, #11 and #23.

    Pretty crazy to judge a child’s mental stability after looking at a set of paparazzi photos that you don’t know what context it’s in, #28.

    Of course she is, #29. Why would you say otherwise?

    Correct, #33 and #42 and #47.