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Miranda Kerr is Perth Pretty

Miranda Kerr is Perth Pretty

Miranda Kerr catches a flight back to Los Angeles to see actor boyfriend Orlando Bloom via Perth Airport in Western Australia on Saturday (August 15).

Earlier in the day, the 26-year-old supermodel was seen leaving a David Jones store after making another in-store appearance to host a fashion workshop.

Before heading to the workshop, Miranda was seen leaving a Perth hotel in just her bathrobe!

20+ pictures inside of Perth pretty Miranda Kerr

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miranda kerr perth airport 01
miranda kerr perth airport 02
miranda kerr perth airport 03
miranda kerr perth airport 04
miranda kerr perth airport 05
miranda kerr perth airport 06
miranda kerr perth airport 07
miranda kerr perth airport 08
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miranda kerr perth airport 10
miranda kerr perth airport 11
miranda kerr perth airport 12
miranda kerr perth airport 13
miranda kerr perth airport 14
miranda kerr perth airport 15
miranda kerr perth airport 16
miranda kerr perth airport 17
miranda kerr perth airport 18
miranda kerr perth airport 19
miranda kerr perth airport 20
miranda kerr perth airport 21
miranda kerr perth airport 22
miranda kerr perth airport 23
miranda kerr perth airport 24
miranda kerr perth airport 25

Photos: Flynetonline
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  • sierra

    i don’t see how it’s possible for anyone to be that beautiful. no one should be that gorgeous haha

  • hadis


  • me

    She is just Bloom’s girlfriend. Not even a supermodel… Jared, stop trying to make this girl somebody important, ’cause she is NOT.

  • http://justjared always the truth

    Why is she everywhere all of a sudden now. I mean why is she important? She looks boring. The only thing worth knowing about her is that she is the girlfriend of Orlando’s girlfriend. I mean no one care to know anything else about her. Just saying.

  • ??

    No comments, no threads.

  • blah

    Shes not that pretty, kinda ugly in fact. Im just saying

  • Pining for Chris

    Someone told me she reminds them of a garden gnome…ever since then, that’s all I think when I see her.

    She’s a pretty girl, but very ‘blah’.
    Also I don’t remember this many threads on her pre Bloom.

  • VNY

    Why is there always a post on her? Everyday we have to hear about this Miranda Kerr woman.

  • Tracy

    If you look at other models from VS and other models period, they are far more prettier than MK. She looks greasy and in personality, phony. All she is interested in is looking at the camera and selling herself – out.

    If it werent for the fact that she is dating (is she really????), Orlando Bloom no one would know and no one would care. Hmm….no one cares. When he dumps her, she’ll fade faster than a speeding bullet.

  • elle

    There’s something off about the shape of Kerr’s face! Btw, Sienna Miller is so hot in G.I. Joe! I didn’t know before that she could pull off that role of a baddie sexy villain so well! Oh gosh i have a new girl crush now lol

    I also noticed that Sienna can ACT, quite versatile imo!

  • Ha!

    “is she really????”

    LOL I guess you gals will go on with that impossible crap until they have their first grandchild

  • NativeNYker
  • @3, 4, 6, etc…..

    Stop posting the same nasty comments over and over again as it’s so obvious you’re just jealous of the stunningly beautiful Miranda Kerr…get over it……

  • emil


    Girl i think i will disagree on you, cause Marisa Miller is the fugliest among the current VS models. Miranda i think is the 3rd or 2nd fugliest lol


    Yeah slatte Sienna is so good on G I Joe and i was surprised by her performance on that movie.

  • Fingerhut
  • @ Ha!

    still waiting for the first child my dear.

    can’t have grandchildren without first having children now can they?

    they have had ample time and from the looks of it the desire to do so, yet they never seem to get the job done now do they.

    gee I wonder why.

  • Ha!

    The comment about their first grandchild was what’s known as a hyperbole. You know, to emphasize the ridiculousness of the conspiracy theories, not to be taken literally. I obviously don’t have the slightest idea if they want to have children, when they want them, or if they don’t want them at all.

  • FroFro

    #7 funny you say that about a “garden gnome” resembling MK, my mother has this horrid turtle flower pot, and the face of the turtle resembles MK as well. Maybe she has a future in modeling for yard accessories.
    #13 silly that you think everyone makes nasty comments because they are just jealous. Not possible that its because umm…. people dont like her???? She is an easy mark for not so nice comments because she sets herself up for it. Why do you care so much?

    That said, at least she doesn’t look like a homeless woman while trans-atlantic traveling today. Nice outfit to travel in. I guess she only bothers when she’s doing something for David Jones? She does look nice here, I’ll give her that. See, I can say something nice. Now back to my regular.

  • Mary

    Love her face. She´s sooo cute. And those dimples are to die for…

  • http://justjared always the truth

    The dimples are the only thing she got working for her. Because there are much hotter and prettyer VSM than her.

  • mailey

    her face is huge.

  • francesca

    does anyone know what kind of Prada bag she has?

  • @Frofro……18

    It’s so hilarious all the petty comments from the same very very jealous women, you poor sad things, keep denying the truth but we all know you have a very bad case of Miranda envy!!!!

    No matter how many nasty things you say, NOTHING will change the fact she is one of the highest paid models in the world, is stunningly beautiful, sweet, smart, funny and as Orlando Bloom has stated twice……..Miranda holds his heart in her hands…….LOL.

  • baby Gone


    she is one of the highest paid models in the world, is stunningly beautiful, sweet, smart, funny

    …so I guess you personally know her or do you just imagine those things seeing her pictures?

  • Can’t wait

    I can’t wait to see Miranda and Orlando again. I love them together.
    I hope they get to spend some quality time together at Christmas. It appears they that work at trying to make time for each other, which is so importand, good for them. I wish them both the best.

  • @ Can’t wait

    well, I guess we will just have to wait and see. Most recent pics of Orlando in case anyone is interested. Love the white shirt on him. Not too thrilled about the sun glasses. Prefer the aviaters myself…

  • FroFro

    24 – #23 has this problem with believing everything she reads. And 23, I dont care if Orlando thinks she is all those things you think she is. You think I want Orlando? LOL! Sorry, he’s handsome and I like him as an actor, but even if I had the opportunity, I wouldn’t touch his junk now that he’s been with her. OMG are you kidding? His girlfriend or not, she is an easy target fameho. She couldn’t outwit a tomato, and at the end of the day, his ex Kate STILL is, and will always be far more beautiful, STUNNING, and a way better model than panty girl. Oh yes….so jealous. LOL!

  • Envy

    What a cutie. I still think it’s mainly the overweights of the world who can’t stand this girl because she’s got the kind of figure that looks fabulous in clothes – or even when she’s ‘a la natural.’. She also looks amazing in those ‘skinny jeans’ all the fatties are trying desperately to squeeze themselves into nowadays. Difference is she can actually WEAR them and not look like an over-inflated balloon! And before anyone accuses me of picking on overweight people – please note the huge volume of derogatory posts that accuse her of being ‘anorexic’ (which of course she isn’t) and having a head/face ‘like a cabbage’ (among other things). BTW, have any of you actually SEEN someone who suffers from true anorexia? Those who do look NOTHING like this girl who radiates good health as evidenced by her healthy lifestyle.

  • Sally

    Beautiful and elegant, as always. She looks so kind too.

  • @26

    Thanks, I just saw those pictures, I love the white shirt too, and the tennis shoes, and the curls, and the smile…. :-)
    It looks like his friend, Kris, is there with him.

  • tamara

    I love Miranda’s leather jacket and dress, does anyone know the brand or where i may purchase.

  • Orlando Caught kissing another

    well maybe? scroll down to post number 15. Convenient that his friend Kris is blocking the view, don’t you think. We can clearly see what the girl is doing. Not sure how Orlando is responding.

  • lakers fan in boston

    she looks so cute once again =]
    her outfit is alright, im getting a little tired of her just wearing those long dresses tho
    she’s super cute =p

  • more on the story….

    here we go again….this is what happens I’m afraid…not sure if it is a crazed fan or someone who was thinking they could fill Miranda’s shoes while she was away. since Orlando did not go to Australia.

    so sad that she will be coming back here, and he should be flying there soon. and according to her she says she will be working non stop until December 17. wonder if they will have any time to see each other at all before he leaves for Australia.

    just seems strange that he didn’t just go there for a while, since he was going to have to be there soon anyway. wonder what sort of business kept him in los angeles.

    just wondering.

  • @23

    He did not say his heart was in her hands. If you go back and watch the video, he actually said, “my heart is in Australia as it with with the young lady sitting next to you…” That’s something you say to express your condolences. Then again, her career will be dead in the water when they split, so it’s a fitting statement. My condolences, CPK.

  • np in oz

    @tamara #31 I would think you’d be able to purchase these items from the department store David Jones in Australia as Miranda Kerr is the “Face & Model of DJs”. Check out their website for further details,

  • @35

    No, he actually said, on live TV, and I quote “my heart is in the hands of and Australian”. So try again.
    And I see that all of the usual haters made it here in better time than you did on the last thread. Did you guys re-do your roster so that you have a watch on the web 24/7 as you search for news on Miranda? You slackers fell down on the job last time, so I see that you have it better covered now. Wouldn’t want to waste an opportunity to spew your venom now, would you?
    What lives you sad folks must lead.

  • @34

    He greats a friend on a public street, so he must be cheating on Miranda!!!!!!
    So stupid.
    And Orlando goes with her when he can, but that isn’t always possible. He has two movies that need distribution deals, and he is prepping to begin another. The Cross isn’t going to start shooting for over a month, so why waste that time away from LA. You know, Hollywood? The place where deals are made? Yeah. That’s the one.

  • @34

    He greats a friend on a public street, so he must be cheating on Miranda!!!!!!
    So stupid.
    And Orlando goes with her when he can, but that isn’t always possible. He has two movies that need distribution deals, and he is prepping to begin another. The Cross isn’t going to start shooting for over a month, so why waste that time away from LA. You know, Hollywood? The place where deals are made? Yeah. That’s the one.

  • @frofro

    I find it ironic that you think Kate is such a winner.
    Wasn’t Kate the genious behind such brilliant comments like ‘Great Danes are like, great’, and ‘hot tea makes me, phew, hot’? And wasn’t it Kate that called the paps every time she and Orlando went out? And he even called her on it, twice? And wasn’t it Kate that clung to him like a leech and pathetically waited outside his door after they broke up? And wasn’t it Kate who was spotted smoking at a cancer event? And wasn’t it Kate who ticked off Orlando by dropping her ciggie butts on the ground at an environmental event? And wasn’t it Kate who showed up at the Vanity Fair post-Oscar party with her breasts on display because she didn’t wear the under slip to her gown? That classy and intelligent Kate? Oh, OK. Nuff said. I see where you are coming from, now.

  • @37

    I suggest you go back and watch that video again. What he actually said and what you wanted to hear were two totally different things. Go on, I’ll hold down the fort here at JJ while you go take a gander. Besides fashion designers don’t read here, so no matter how many times you call her stunning and claim to have met her in the loo, they still won’t hire her. I regret to inform you that your ass kissing has been in vain. My condolences to you as well.

  • for posterity

    It’s @ the 1:33 mark. I just want to hear the excuses you shippers have as to why he didn’t just come out and say that he loved her. Again, my condolences.

  • @42

    Maybe English isn’t your first language?
    Here’s the link.
    If the link doesn’t work, simply search YouTube under ‘Orlando bloom Australia’. It was the first video that popped up under relevance, for me. I’ll be waiting. I have a nice slice of humble pie right here for you.
    “having my heart in the hands of an Australian….nice country girl”

  • @42/43

    That’s funny, I thought that saying your heart is in the hands of another, WHICH HE DID SAY!, was just another way of saying that you loved them. What else would that possibly mean to any RATIONAL person? But I guess that leaves you out, hmmm?

  • @42

    Oh don’t you hate it when condescension comes back to bite you in the @ss??
    Shame on you. I thought that you haters were up on your research. You got owned!

  • @42-43

    Where did you go?
    What’s the matter?
    Embarassed because you were so WRONG!!!!
    At least be big enough to admit that you were mistaken. Oh, who am I kidding. Expecting a hater to have some dignity? Silly me.

  • Ummm

    While Miranda’s little helpers are here arguing over something nobody but them cares about, Orlando’s got his arms around some blond. Nothing says ‘you have my heart’ like macking on a random blond while your not so stunning panty model’s on her mall tour.

  • @47

    You wanna talk dignity — the object of your obsession is walking around Perth in a hotel bathrobe. Dignity and Miranda Kerr have never met. Yes,, silly you.

  • @48/49

    Such a loser.
    Only the most pathetic of haters would try to make something as innocent as two friends greeting each other IN PUBLIC into something so salacious.
    What’s the matter? Are you so put out by being shown up by “shipper” that you are grasping at straws? And if it didn’t care about the video, or his comments, why did you bring them up in the first place? Oh, that’s right…you’re a hypocrite. Trying to stir up trouble, then playing it off when you are proven WRONG (once again).
    And dignity? What does dignity have to do with wearing a bathrobe while being taken to a photoshoot? Would you rather that she be seen in only a bikini between shoots? Or that she change into her bikini in front of the guys on the beach? Again, grasping at straws.
    So transparent, and so pathetic.

  • @49…..

    Wow, you really have a very very bad case of Miranda Kerr envy.

    I know it’s hard to look at her and not be so envious and jealous of her highly successful career, her jet setting lifestyle, how stunningly beautiful she is or her killer body, shiny hair, blue blue eyes, gorgeous dimples……..oh dear, I guess I’m not helping……..ummm did I mention that Orlando Bloom loves as well…….lol.