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Robert Pattinson & Kristen Stewart: Concert Couple

Robert Pattinson & Kristen Stewart: Concert Couple

Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart keep close at the at the Kings of Leon concert held at GM Place in Vancouver, Canada on Saturday night (August 15).

Robert, 23, and Kristen, 19, were seen having a great time together, smoking and drinking. Things definitely seemed to heat up for the twosome when KoL played “Sex on Fire.”

Of course The Twilight Saga: Eclipse cast met up with KoL backstage including Taylor Lautner, Ashley Greene, Kellan Lutz, Nikki Reed, Jackson Rathbone, Elizabeth Reaser, and newbies Xavier Samuel and Bryce Dallas Howard.

15+ pictures inside of concert couple Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart

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robert pattinson kristen stewart concert couple 04
robert pattinson kristen stewart concert couple 05
robert pattinson kristen stewart concert couple 06
robert pattinson kristen stewart concert couple 07
robert pattinson kristen stewart concert couple 08
robert pattinson kristen stewart concert couple 09
robert pattinson kristen stewart concert couple 10
robert pattinson kristen stewart concert couple 11
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# 1

hmmmm are they dating

# 2

about time.

# 3


# 4

Ugh, stop making it seem like it’s just them two together on a date with your misleading titles. They are out with the CAST.

# 5

I’m SO happy right now! LOL

# 6

YAY about time! i love how people STILL deny it. Give it up. LOL

# 7


# 8


Yes but in those pictures they’re ALONE and kristen is definetevly dazzled by rob *_*

# 9

totally kissing!!
can’t hide anymore!! lol

people are silly. I dont understand how you can get emotionally involved about two people you dont even know. What’s the difference if the date or not? just let them be. but honestly, if they dated, why would they hide it so long and heat up speculations? they dont seem like people who would do it for promotion.

common, its so clear they are just getting closer to HEAR EACH OTHER cus theyre in A LOUD CONCERT!
and the whole cast is around them, they are not on a date….

they totally kissing on the firs pic!!?

they are cute , but come on leave them allone even if they dating , it’s private
i mean i would freak out if there are pictures of me and my boyfriend kissing


As an EB fan, I’m glad for them.

they hide cuz imagine if they broke up? imagine how bad it will be for summit!!!

well well well i guess its out now! still deny it? well you obviously have some kinda issues!

you can’t even see them kissing. they’re just talking here. sheesh people.

It`s obvious they are madly in love…..

russian girl @ 08/16/2009 at 12:06 pm

I’m so happy right now. I always know that it’s true))))
And @ Sabrina #11
U know I don’t think just about me. I can be glad even about poeple who I don’t know if they are happy. It’s Ok. Don’t be so egoist.=)

Who on earth would sit during a KOL gig?????????? God, stop fannying about and chatting, listen to the bannnnnnddd!!!

Ive thought they were together since the MTV Movie Awards, but these pics cinched it.

Pic 7 looks like a definite kiss. And look at all the pics, yes, the cast is around them, but they are in their own little happy bubble

zANESSA FOREVER AND EVER @ 08/16/2009 at 12:09 pm

Zac, Vanessa, and Dylan [Zac's brother] were there too.

they both look stinky so i guess they would make a good uh “couple”? i don’t know if couple is the right word since Kristen looks nothing like a female..i just puked a bit in my mouth

um yea, even if it was loud and you want to talk to the person you dont lean in like that foreheads touching and mouths almost seem like theryre gona kiss… ..

robsten!!!!! @ 08/16/2009 at 12:16 pm

Love is in the air! lol
woow pic 7 what’s going on there xD

in number 7 i think rob was leaning in to listen to what Kristen was saying as u can see her lips are to his ear…besides that it pretty much confirms the ‘Robsten’ thing….so robsten lover dont bite me…im just pointing out the facts :)

they are both cute. i’m happy for them.

ok!! who in this wolrd woul tell something to someone in the ear that is totally in the oposite side that you are!!
they are totally kissing!!

I would have said c’mon guys, they’re out with all the cast, don’t make a big deal out if it, but then you look at the rest of the cast and no one else has the same body language or interest in each other as these two – the rest of the cast are all about the concert, Kristen and Rob are all about each other.

I would have said c’mon guys, they’re out with all the cast, don’t make a big deal out if it, but then you look at the rest of the cast and no one else has the same body language or interest in each other as these two – the rest of the cast are all about the concert, Kristen and Rob are all about each other.

she has a boyfriend doesn’t she?

i have this feeling that it’s just an early pr move. they have 0 chemistry btw.

Guess the cat is out of the bag for real. Move over Brangelina, Robsten is the new it couple! (lol)

They are obviously just talking, they are at a concert, and its loud. I mean if they did kiss they papz would have got that and it would have been blown up, so they are obviously not kissing or dating. Leave them alone!!

@umm: no she doesnt…they broke up ages ago! that if you mean Michael or something if she has a boyfriend right now i would think its Rob ;)

they could both do better.

kristin stewart look’s like ****.


@VNY: I agree…And yes they had to get close to talk…the music was probably loud..hello it was a concert

Seems like Rob and Kristen are enjoying but the rest of the cast? Kellan looks bored

i couldnt have said it better myself! there at a concert you have to talk in someones ear so they can hear you… there are definatly not together you can tell

OMG! These photos are precious. It seems that they have their own little world. Ain’t it cool that they chose to sit beside each other? I’m smiling from ear to ear now. I love Robsten to bits!

@laura: LOL and how exactly can you tell that they are not together?

So happy for them. They are such a cute couple. Love them.

I was going to make a not so nice comment.. but then I thought hey these two people have a fan base that want to see them together as a couple.. nothing wrong with that. I am a Brad/Angie fan and felt the same when they were first linked together.. so to the fans of Rob and Kristen.. I hope for all of you that the are or will be a couple..

for the people who don’t like it get over it and go post on another fan thread.. I am not a fan of Twilight.. I never read the books and felt that it was more directed to tweens and early 20 year olds.. so not my cup of tea.. but like I said…

More power to you all.. Support you celebs favorites, and don’t let the haters interfer.. most are just jealous anyway..


jkennedy80 @ 08/16/2009 at 12:51 pm

good for them

Lol, so they really are going out.

If I cared enough, I would point out to the doubters some of the especially affectionate shots up there, but I feel as karen does.

This is only my opinion but I think they are together, in one of the pictures it looks like they are kissing and they seem very close :):) if they are, I am happy for them, they have undeniable chemistry.

Xjumsterx @ 08/16/2009 at 1:02 pm

not compatible to me

i took that picture of Rob and kristen when you can only see rob and kristens in the dark and I brightened it on my computer. They aren’t kissing but Kristen is like, really slouching in her seat and Rob is hung over her and her hand is in his hair. So..I’m thinking that they are def. together. I don’t run my hands through my friends hair. LOL. I’m really glad though. They should just come out w/ it.

oh, what a good promotion for the new movie…
sorry, but don’t trust the movie business. it isn´t always that what it looks like.

but: i can’t believe why somebody sits at a KOL concert?
you don’t just go there because it’s ‘in’ now… they all look bored. poor little hollywood-stars… :)



I’m soo happy right nowww…

Jayckson Lucy @ 08/16/2009 at 1:18 pm

Aww. Sweet. They´re so on. This arent just very close friends. not anymore. And the Kings of Leon are GREAT! Lucky guys that they could met KOL.

Ugly bit ch

omg omg omg omg love robsten

Mary jane @ 08/16/2009 at 1:31 pm

Oh God, I just died.


people, you don´t see????? They are getting closer to listen!!!!!!! Is a concert for god sake!!!!!
Is NOT a kissing… It´s just a friendly chat!!!!!!

Please stop to distort everything they do, and transform into a something bigger!!!!!


Like we needed any more proof than the Charlie’s Bungalow and last week on LA. This is beyond out now. Whoever is still on denial, needs to get an exorcism because it is obvious there is a green monster inside of their heart. It is call envy. The rest of the cast let them be on their own world because they are so in love is intrusive to watch. This relationship is far from prooven. Robert spends all his time with this woman. Does anyone really believes is because they are friends? Do you really think he would spend every single minute with her if they weren’t together. Putting her between his parents and best friends. It is obvious Kristen is the most important thing on Rob’s mind right now. Enough for him t not care what you obsessed fans think of him because he will still have her next to him everywhere he goes. Be happy for this guys because this is more than just a hook up. They are in love and it is easy to see.

i’m a huge fan of rob, kristen not so much. but you can clearly see they’re happy together. good for them. hope rob is so happy, because he deserves it.

I’m laughing at all the haters and SABRINA WHAT’S IT TOO YOU THAT PEOPLE CARE that their happy ?


ohhh, i’m just soooo happy for them!!!!

they dont have chemistry onscreen, so why would they be dating in real life?

Kristen Stewart is the only woman that we have seen in Robert’s hotel day and night since all the rumors came out about who he was dating. it is obvious he leaves every single event with her and not anyone else in the cast. He left the MTV Awards, Comic Con and Teen Choice with her. Guess to be where ? Shaggin up in his hotel room. These are two adults and they are in an adult relationship. He went right away after he finished Remember Me to LA, clearly to be with Kstew. They caught him all week long with her. They leave always together and it has been going for a long time now. Accept it and support them. this is only gonna make their chemistry onscreen better than before. If that is even possible. Their kiss on the New Moon trailer was out of this world, so you go Robsten.

@misha: Are you for real? Millions and millions of people voted for them at the mTV Awards and Teen Choice Awards. They won best kiss twice so suck it!!!

C’mon! with this pics they can’t deny that they’re dating!!
they look soo nice!

ok i’m starting to believe thoose dating rumors now

AAAHHHHRobsten!!! @ 08/16/2009 at 2:05 pm

Holy **** OMG they are so totally kissing.. Vancouver must have some power over them for real!

I’m so glad . They deserve each other. May it lasts for a long, long time. Be blessed ROBSTEN.

YEA THEY ARE KISSING..DUH..hes kissing her..u can see bit part of her hair and forehead., cute

ROBSTENNNN!!!!!!! <3 so perfect *-*

eeerikaaa @ 08/16/2009 at 2:26 pm



OMG!!! I loved, It’s more than perfect…

TEAM ROBSTEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i love!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

love them, hope they are on off screen couple as well!

This is the best celebrity couple out there. Better than Brangelina. theya re a power house. Robsten !!!!!!

lmao. seriously?

who knows it was just you voting 24/7 for them to win.

i dont really like kristen anymore…she seems more n more like a social-smoking,superficial idiot who doesn’t have a mind of her own n who’s not strong enough to NOT give in to peer pressure

it´s stupid deny they are together…it´s not a friends talk….i always thought robert liked kristen from the first time

So what if they are together? People need to stop making big deal about this. If they are happy so be it. END OF.

calm down guys . every normal human needs weeks or month to feel secured in his new relationship why should celebs go out and tell everybody who they are dating when it could be over in a month . you only go public with it when you are sure it will last . kris just broke up with her bf few months ago why should she go out and tell everybody that she cheated on him


F, stop your jeaulosy, and take it: ¡Rob is taken, they adore each other! The new aussie boy is still available, maybe, so switch your expectations. The aussie boy has hearthrob material, but we need to watch him functioning in Eclipse. We like about Rob, not only his beauty, but his functioning: the way he smiles, the way he walks, the way he glances, the way he holds Bella, kisses Bella, protects Bella, his voice, how he sings lullabys, wow, I´m hyperventilating, then I´ll swoon, and finally definitely faint, always happens to me when I deconstruct Rob……..

robert is very sexy, but I do not like to kristen, she is very ugly. robert dating to another actriz but not Kristen.

I don’t think they’re kissing in the first pic. Looks to me like Rob is leaning in to hear what Kstew has to say. Look closely, you’ll see it LOLz. Anyway, I’m loving the pics. cute.


you got that right. she looks like amy winehouse when shes on crack

The “Rob engaged” thing just went waaaay out the window. He and Kristen so sooo on it’s making me giggle like a little girl. =D Oh, and that is a kiss if I ever saw one.


Watch you mouth before you speak. Who the HELL cares??? Loads of people care about Zanessa, much more than the people who care about Robsten (sp??). Zanessa is on the right path, Robsten, not so much. They’re only famous for their messy love life. It’s disturbing, really.

I just hafta say… poor Michael. OUCH!! Must hurt to be dumped only to see your gurl quickly get over u. That sucks.
That’s Hollywood for yahh…

Ohh they’re incredible…wish them to be together…but…think…if they’d break up, twilight saga won’t be so nice and interesting…if they’re nice actors i hope they won’t change that all…
and love them

PerfectingMisery @ 08/16/2009 at 3:14 pm

umm dont judge her like that you dont know the real kristen unless you have met and her and talked to her and had a chance to get to know her better you really cant say he could do better! she might not look like you want her to but that doesnt mean theres anything wrong with her! shes obviously got some kinda insecurities which would i guess explain why shes always soo nervous when she does her interviews and stuff but if you listen to her and get past her awkwardness you can tell that what shes saying actually makes sense! who knows maybe Rob might be just a pretty face with an ugly personality! dont judge her!

I n F a m o u s l y C o o l @ 08/16/2009 at 3:16 pm

the dirtiest couple in tween-hollywood.

Wow! Seems like they’re kissing in 1st and 7th!! (;

Oh how sweet, the ‘Mr & Mrs’ are enjoying each other at the KOL concert. Hot. ;)

What bothers me is not because they might be datting, but because people cheers for Bella and Edward in real life…
THAT is kinda seek.

They’re supposed to be engaged. It’s a fact Rob asked Kristen to marry him throughout all of Twilight, he said it took two months for him to stop introducing her as his fiance. LOLOL The boy is GONE for Kristen. I am happy for them. They are geunine, real people without a shred of pretense and incredible talent. I’ve heard people talking awards for Kristen’s performance in NM, they say she’s phenomenal. Both well respected in the industry, particularly Kris. Love them both. I hope they can have a grand romance like Brad & Angie, and just ignore the haters and rags, and live amazing beautiful lives wrapped in each others love. Translation: SUCK IT HATERS.


See, Rob stayed with her even though she has that awful, awful mullet. He must really like her, and found something special within her. Cute.

Perhaps they are just dating. There is nothing wrong with that. They don’t have to be exclusive with each other. Getting to know one another first is the normal thing to do…

i hope see together in te real life not always like edward and bella i mean the´re just good friend but i think they have something i hope soo!

at first i thought, yeah yeah…they’re leaning over close to talk during a concert. but if that’s the case, then they must have talked throughout the concert bc the other cast around them are moving and stuff and it doesn’t look like a ton of shots taken close together. they look pret-ty cozy to me. and kellan looks hot. as usual.

@PerfectingMisery: I thought when she dropped her trophy at the MTV awards and made a joke out of it, it was very humbling. In that moment she made sense as a person and everything she had done up to that point in interviews finally made sense. I also think she is one of those people that can look very different depending on her clothing and hair. She has a chameleon quality to her.

RobstenfAN @ 08/16/2009 at 4:22 pm

Omg tehy are finally out !I am so happy for them now :D finally an end to all they stupid rumours that get made up about them and other people :) Go twilight !!



TwilightGirl @ 08/16/2009 at 4:51 pm

Yeah.. it was about time for some kissing pictures.. :)
I’m so freaking happy for them.. they deserve to be together after Summit’s stupid rules :)

I think they are NOT dating. just good friends. and they’re just talkin. I dont see a kiss.

Well if you observe the pictures carefully there is considerable evidence showing the fact that kristen is a CRACK ADDICT!!!!!!! GET A LIFE!!!!

He’s ugly — I don’t understand the appeal.


@Sabrina: excuse me but if u have a prob then dnt look at them thankyou


OMFG! i’m practically fainting! THIS IS AMAZING! KNEW IT, they’re SO DATING!


its his own hand in his hair, not hers

OMG i am soo happy for them, I love Rob and Kristen so much, To all you people who comment to say how much you hate them, get a life,if you hate them so much then why are you looking at pictures of them. Go and find something better to do with your time, and to all you Robsten fans,I think its time to celebrate!

Well, if you are going to have a romance on a movie set, I can’t think of a more exciting movie to do it around. You have to admit it’s a pretty unique and fun platform to launch a romance off of.

ever tried to talk at a concert? thats the way you do it… don’t get to excited people lol

gawd…………. i hope theyre together! love robsten!


You jealous b*tches are soooooo funny. Some nasty ho’s are the same all over the world, hatin’ on the cool girls that get the hot azz’d guys. Well, get a life you fugly beetches. Rob is so in love with this girl he can’t see straight.

Once again…the WHOLE cast is there…it’s NOT a date. And since they’re at a concert…it’s probably loud and that’s why she has to lean in to hear what he’s saying. STOP instigating. So annoying. I thought Just Jared was better than that.

go go go Robsten ^^

They are so together! they are in their own little world. The Whole thing is wonderful to watch. I hope it lasts forever.

loveisintheair @ 08/16/2009 at 7:17 pm

ROBSTEN is out loud and proud. Get used to it. They have been banging each other for a long time. By the time they finish BD they will probably be married and have a kid on the way. Do I care? Yes, I wish the next big it boy would hurry up and come along so we dont have to endure these two for the next couple of years, sick of them already and still three more movies on the way. Was sick of HSM when twilight came along, now Im like wishing for the good ol days.

i dont really like kristen anymore…she’s so masculine! she’s dressed like a boy everytime…
i’m not envy …that’s just me!

Finaly. That was about time.
I´m really happy for them. But i can´t
understand why some people
can´t handle it that they might be
dating. Comments like
“OMG! The are just out with the cast!” are really annoying.
Honestly I don´t care if they are out with the cast
or just both of them. I´m happy that they are having fun
and finally realizing that they are made for eachother.

@sonia: Mmmkay. Who cares if she smokes or not? It’s not your life. Are you jealous because she has Robert Pattinson? Because, he pretty much smokes and drinks as much as her too. So why aren’t you saying anything about him? Anyways, they are really cute together, and I’m glad that they are after so long. Haha. :)

@suny: Dude. Stop being jealous. If you wanna say stuff about ugly people, why don’t you look at the mirror? If you love Robert Pattinson, let him be happy with the one he adores. End of story. Stop being a little selfish douche.

@bop: Okay so, this is all about Robert Pattinson and Kristen. What the eff are you implying? I KNOW Zac and Vanessa are together, but do you not see what the effing topic is about? Jeezus.

@Bibi: i know it’s not envy. but it’s being judgmental. you don’t even know kristen stewart and you dont like her for her “tomboyish” style? it’s how she does and get used to it. at least she doesnt dress like everybody else in hollywood. it’s very unique of her. this goes for everyone. stop hating on her because she does drugs. because, just cuz the cameras on her doesnt mean she has to be the picture perfect role model. i mean, there’s tons of kids out on the streets doing drugs, heck, i bet some of your friends are gonna do drugs in the future. so what makes a difference if kristen did it? so shut up and just go on with your life.

@RK: I don’t HATE her, I just don’t LIKE her style… it’s different!!!!!

OH…COME ON! Do we really need more confirmation from these two???! its soooo OBVIOUS! I think they are really cuteeeee! :)

Maybe the reason why the’re leaning into each other so much is because it’s a concert and the music is really loud and they can’t her each other?!?!?

@Bibi: I agree with you, this girl has absolutely no class …

Hey if Robsten is confirmed due to this photos the same happens to some potencial relationship between Nikki and Taylor.

I still don’t think they’re really dating. All the paps want is to get shots of them being real close together but that doesn’t necessarily mean that they’re kissing, etc. As much as I want them to be together in real life, I don’t think that’ll ever happen, for right now at least. They’re just really good friends and are closer to each other than the other castmates.

geez, they both look gross. just dirty like they havent showered.i mean, cool if they’re together and all, but who really cares? they are NOT bella and edward. they are actors. people get so obsessed with that.

& another thing,

she shouldn’t be drinking.

Kristen is so incredibly disgusting, she makes me nauseous. It wouldn’t hurt to take a shower and wash that stinky nicotine mouth. The same goes to Robert. yuck.

to Jasmine @ 08/16/2009 at 11:10 pm

The legal drinking age in Canada is 19, so Kristen is old enough to drink there.

It seems like they rather talk than watch the concert. Come on its Kings of leon!! I can’t believe I missed it =( Would love to hear “Manhattan” live.

kissing or not kissing they look so happy with each othet.they are in their own yhem to all of the twilight cast they are obviously into each other.that s the proof and not the kissing.I put it into consederation that the concert is loud but they are the only twwo people leaning that slose with one another .all of them are fixed at the concert.robert and kristen are up in another thing.



I absolutely agree, I mean they were close to each other like how Rob and Kristen were. So if people call getting closer cause you can’t hear dating, then I guess Taylor and Nikki are dating too.

Get real, nay sayers! Yes, it’s the whole cast, but K&R are ALWAYS sitting, and hanging out together, aren’t they?!! Kirsten is even emulating Rob’s hair caressing habit, every time she is photographed…which is what happen when you spend a lot of time with someone.

loveee them both!

If theyre together Im very happy for them! If not… doesnt matter, but they should be :D I hope they are happy, thats what matters… you can see both of them are tired from this whole superfame thing which came with twilight… I would love to see them as a couple but if they dont feel that way… anyway, it looks a bit like they were kissing :P well… not a bit :D PLEASE, PLEASE GOD, LET THEM BE TOGETHER! :P :D

kinda feel for Kristen, Rob’s career is taking off and not so sure about hers…. AND come on, even if they are “together” can’t see it lasting. every female between the ages of 12-35 is hot for Pattinson.

this whole thing reminds me of the Notebook and Ryan Gosling/Rachel McAdams…

Oh *yawn*. Another onset hookup…… KS leaves her longtime boyfriend for her co-star. Nice person……Not!

Does anyone know what section their skybox was in?

I`m SO HAPPY for them. We love you RobSten!! <33


Who cares if vanessa and zac were there too?
Soo happy for Rob and Kristen! :D

babe_luv_ya @ 08/17/2009 at 6:10 am

C’mon people, they’re playing with the papz…
Oh and what an amazing promotion for New Moon…I’m not buying it btw

For heavens sake the whole cast went
Clearly she’s just trying to say something to him.
You have been to a concert before right? loud, noisy places? can’t hear yourself think let alone what someone else is trying to say

But they sitting next to each other

in the last photo, rob is holding kristen’s hand???/////

OMG! They’re so together did you see it? They completely ignored all of they’re cast members for the whole night! They’re SOO together! People really need 2 figure out that if they r together leave them alone about it.

Go robsten!!!!! I’m super happy right now!!!! Even tho theyr surrounded by theyr cast and thouzands of peoole they were in they own little bubble!!!! Even tho summit said they can’t date or be 2gether they are plus wats gud bout theyr romance iz that it’ll keep the romance up for the rest of the movies

OMG , Robert kissing Kristen !!!????? I am crazyyyy :D
They are not just friend !!

Ja era!! Agora naum adianta tentar esconder!
Certo q na primeira foto ele beijou ela, eles naum resistiram haha! Robsten!

It’s about time. Took long enough.

Well… I’m in my late 30′s and seeing this 2 gives me that giddy feeling. They have undeniable chemistry..,, and for those that doesnt see it… well maybe just not your cup of tea. I always look forward to news about Brad and Angelina (hahaha more my age group) but also ROb & Kristen because whether young or old knda love.. love is love… you enjoy it. If its gone tomorrow so what.. just enjoy the moment.

it looks like K and R are kissing?! are they????!!!! they look com4table with each other!! ROBSTEN!!!

m o o o n n z z @ 08/17/2009 at 5:43 pm

but they do look AMAAAZINGG together !!

OMG This news really makes my day LOVE THEM LOTS GO ROBSTEN !!!

if they are great! if they aren’t well they are good friends just leave them alone

I swore I would never again comment on this, but here goes: Rachel #50, thanks for clearing up that dark photo and Michelle #132, smart comment. IMHO, they are two young people who know each other pretty darn well at this point, are very comfortable with each other’s company, share their humor and find a refuge with one another from the craziness of what their lives have become, which has certainly bonded them. Is it a romantic love relationship which the fan girls and Twihards desperately wish for? Sorry, don’t think so. Don’t think they are even capable of such a relationship at this point in their lives and career. There are MANY types of relationships between a man and woman. “Dating” is an absurd term applied to R&K. You don’t want to hear that they are just close friends (perhaps with benefits!), why don’t you just celebrate them for having formed their personal bond and the chemistry they have on screen, then leave them alone to be themselves and enjoy each other (yuh, like that’s gonna happen!). Unfortunately, IMO, one thing they have in common is drinking and smoking too much. Also, I’m thinking that their “dirty” look is an unconscious effort to deflect attention away from them. That ain’t working. My interest is just to hear Robert’s beautiful voice again, being his witty, intelligent self in an interview, like the many he gave during the original Twilight promotion. He’s so special and I fear we’ll never get that again with all this BS surrounding his private life. He will be much more self-conscious of what he says and how he says it. I’m done now. Feel free to comment.

aiya ! how come u made such statement oooo ….. their just concentrate on and whispering each other because of the noisy laaaa ….. open minded la mannnn ! ha ha ha ………

Kristen is beautiful ,it just that she does wears ton of make up and dressed up like all the teen actress in Hollywood. I like her for being comfortable in her own skin!

So obvious now!


lovers in japan @ 08/18/2009 at 1:13 am

Why do I root to them soo much…if you own a twilight dvd copy, turn on the commentary and listen to what CH said about how they looks like they’re belong together. That’s what I feel when the first time I’d saw them doing the mtv interview, not bc of E/B(I hate that series)…and 1 more thing about this couple, they don’t need a bus of glam squad to make them look perfect to walk across the street. They are perfect just the way they are…and mirrored each other behavior, to some point it’s not even funny anymore.

Cute!! And also kind of hot! They have great chemistry.


kathybxoxo @ 08/18/2009 at 1:02 pm

i dont see the prob ppl hav with those 2 being together…hey! if i had to basically hump a guy through and entire book/movie series…i guess ill date him while im at it too!…its human nature! bleh! get over it!

Que fofos!
They are perfect together!!! Love them both!

Check out this cool story on Much Music regarding local Vancouver Artist Adaline and Robert Pattinson This girl is SOOO amazing!!!!

Yes, they are a match made in vampire heaven!

Yes they are dating.
Finally, I knew it was going to happen since they met
I am so effing happy for them.

they are very very very close friends. t
hey always have to touch another, because they are such close friends ;-)))

I hope you fall in love robert. Your so afraid of comitment. When your with her … you know your in love!!!

I hope you fall in love robert. Your so afraid of comitment. When your with her … you know your in love!!!


You should look at the first picture from those 15. It looks like he’s bending over to her, with his face suspiciously clouse. Can’t say anything about that, right?

esperanza @ 12/05/2009 at 8:38 pm

esta chidoq ya casi anden

it is obvious that the paparazzi are trying to make it look like they are dating but clearly they aren’t. If you look on the 1st picture where they are supposedly ‘kissing’ you can see that kristen’s head is on her right arm away from robert. Also, the pictures where their faces are close to each other is just the skill of the photographer. They are obviously leaning in to talk to each other, otherwise why didn’t they just get a clear shot of them kissing after? I can understand why fans want them to be together, but they just seem to be two good friends who enjoy each others company.

You are my inhalation, I own few web logs and infrequently run out from brand :). “The soul that is within me no man can degrade.” by Frederick Douglas.

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