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Robert Pattinson & Kristen Stewart: Concert Couple

Robert Pattinson & Kristen Stewart: Concert Couple

Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart keep close at the at the Kings of Leon concert held at GM Place in Vancouver, Canada on Saturday night (August 15).

Robert, 23, and Kristen, 19, were seen having a great time together, smoking and drinking. Things definitely seemed to heat up for the twosome when KoL played “Sex on Fire.”

Of course The Twilight Saga: Eclipse cast met up with KoL backstage including Taylor Lautner, Ashley Greene, Kellan Lutz, Nikki Reed, Jackson Rathbone, Elizabeth Reaser, and newbies Xavier Samuel and Bryce Dallas Howard.

15+ pictures inside of concert couple Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart

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robert pattinson kristen stewart concert couple 01
robert pattinson kristen stewart concert couple 02
robert pattinson kristen stewart concert couple 03
robert pattinson kristen stewart concert couple 04
robert pattinson kristen stewart concert couple 05
robert pattinson kristen stewart concert couple 06
robert pattinson kristen stewart concert couple 07
robert pattinson kristen stewart concert couple 08
robert pattinson kristen stewart concert couple 09
robert pattinson kristen stewart concert couple 10
robert pattinson kristen stewart concert couple 11
robert pattinson kristen stewart concert couple 12
robert pattinson kristen stewart concert couple 13
robert pattinson kristen stewart concert couple 14
robert pattinson kristen stewart concert couple 15

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  • Deeh

    OH LORD ! O_O

    GO ROBSTEN ! \O/

  • TwilightGirl

    Yeah.. it was about time for some kissing pictures.. :)
    I’m so freaking happy for them.. they deserve to be together after Summit’s stupid rules :)

  • pom

    I think they are NOT dating. just good friends. and they’re just talkin. I dont see a kiss.

  • jgirl

    Well if you observe the pictures carefully there is considerable evidence showing the fact that kristen is a CRACK ADDICT!!!!!!! GET A LIFE!!!!


    He’s ugly — I don’t understand the appeal.

  • getreal


  • ariana

    @Sabrina: excuse me but if u have a prob then dnt look at them thankyou

  • getreal


  • -

    OMFG! i’m practically fainting! THIS IS AMAZING! KNEW IT, they’re SO DATING!

  • lexie


    its his own hand in his hair, not hers

  • helz

    OMG i am soo happy for them, I love Rob and Kristen so much, To all you people who comment to say how much you hate them, get a life,if you hate them so much then why are you looking at pictures of them. Go and find something better to do with your time, and to all you Robsten fans,I think its time to celebrate!

  • luckyme

    Well, if you are going to have a romance on a movie set, I can’t think of a more exciting movie to do it around. You have to admit it’s a pretty unique and fun platform to launch a romance off of.

  • girlie

    ever tried to talk at a concert? thats the way you do it… don’t get to excited people lol

  • dee

    gawd…………. i hope theyre together! love robsten!

  • elanya

    OH EM GEE!!

  • True

    You jealous b*tches are soooooo funny. Some nasty ho’s are the same all over the world, hatin’ on the cool girls that get the hot azz’d guys. Well, get a life you fugly beetches. Rob is so in love with this girl he can’t see straight.

  • celia

    Once again…the WHOLE cast is there…it’s NOT a date. And since they’re at a concert…it’s probably loud and that’s why she has to lean in to hear what he’s saying. STOP instigating. So annoying. I thought Just Jared was better than that.


    go go go Robsten ^^

  • Stella

    They are so together! they are in their own little world. The Whole thing is wonderful to watch. I hope it lasts forever.

  • loveisintheair

    ROBSTEN is out loud and proud. Get used to it. They have been banging each other for a long time. By the time they finish BD they will probably be married and have a kid on the way. Do I care? Yes, I wish the next big it boy would hurry up and come along so we dont have to endure these two for the next couple of years, sick of them already and still three more movies on the way. Was sick of HSM when twilight came along, now Im like wishing for the good ol days.

  • Bibi

    i dont really like kristen anymore…she’s so masculine! she’s dressed like a boy everytime…
    i’m not envy …that’s just me!

  • Carina

    Finaly. That was about time.
    I´m really happy for them. But i can´t
    understand why some people
    can´t handle it that they might be
    dating. Comments like
    “OMG! The are just out with the cast!” are really annoying.
    Honestly I don´t care if they are out with the cast
    or just both of them. I´m happy that they are having fun
    and finally realizing that they are made for eachother.

  • imgv

    @sonia: Mmmkay. Who cares if she smokes or not? It’s not your life. Are you jealous because she has Robert Pattinson? Because, he pretty much smokes and drinks as much as her too. So why aren’t you saying anything about him? Anyways, they are really cute together, and I’m glad that they are after so long. Haha. :)

  • ddj

    @suny: Dude. Stop being jealous. If you wanna say stuff about ugly people, why don’t you look at the mirror? If you love Robert Pattinson, let him be happy with the one he adores. End of story. Stop being a little selfish douche.

  • imgv

    @bop: Okay so, this is all about Robert Pattinson and Kristen. What the eff are you implying? I KNOW Zac and Vanessa are together, but do you not see what the effing topic is about? Jeezus.

  • RK

    @Bibi: i know it’s not envy. but it’s being judgmental. you don’t even know kristen stewart and you dont like her for her “tomboyish” style? it’s how she does and get used to it. at least she doesnt dress like everybody else in hollywood. it’s very unique of her. this goes for everyone. stop hating on her because she does drugs. because, just cuz the cameras on her doesnt mean she has to be the picture perfect role model. i mean, there’s tons of kids out on the streets doing drugs, heck, i bet some of your friends are gonna do drugs in the future. so what makes a difference if kristen did it? so shut up and just go on with your life.

  • Bibi

    @RK: I don’t HATE her, I just don’t LIKE her style… it’s different!!!!!

  • andy

    OH…COME ON! Do we really need more confirmation from these two???! its soooo OBVIOUS! I think they are really cuteeeee! :)

  • DATD

    Maybe the reason why the’re leaning into each other so much is because it’s a concert and the music is really loud and they can’t her each other?!?!?

  • Madison

    @Bibi: I agree with you, this girl has absolutely no class …

  • marcia

    Hey if Robsten is confirmed due to this photos the same happens to some potencial relationship between Nikki and Taylor.

  • Michelle

    I still don’t think they’re really dating. All the paps want is to get shots of them being real close together but that doesn’t necessarily mean that they’re kissing, etc. As much as I want them to be together in real life, I don’t think that’ll ever happen, for right now at least. They’re just really good friends and are closer to each other than the other castmates.

  • jasmine

    geez, they both look gross. just dirty like they havent showered.i mean, cool if they’re together and all, but who really cares? they are NOT bella and edward. they are actors. people get so obsessed with that.

    & another thing,

    she shouldn’t be drinking.

  • Who cares

    Kristen is so incredibly disgusting, she makes me nauseous. It wouldn’t hurt to take a shower and wash that stinky nicotine mouth. The same goes to Robert. yuck.

  • to Jasmine

    The legal drinking age in Canada is 19, so Kristen is old enough to drink there.

  • aureab

    It seems like they rather talk than watch the concert. Come on its Kings of leon!! I can’t believe I missed it =( Would love to hear “Manhattan” live.

  • maria

    kissing or not kissing they look so happy with each othet.they are in their own yhem to all of the twilight cast they are obviously into each other.that s the proof and not the kissing.I put it into consederation that the concert is loud but they are the only twwo people leaning that slose with one another .all of them are fixed at the concert.robert and kristen are up in another thing.

  • Mys


  • Red


    I absolutely agree, I mean they were close to each other like how Rob and Kristen were. So if people call getting closer cause you can’t hear dating, then I guess Taylor and Nikki are dating too.

  • rsd

    Get real, nay sayers! Yes, it’s the whole cast, but K&R are ALWAYS sitting, and hanging out together, aren’t they?!! Kirsten is even emulating Rob’s hair caressing habit, every time she is photographed…which is what happen when you spend a lot of time with someone.

  • cyn

    loveee them both!

  • Bee

    If theyre together Im very happy for them! If not… doesnt matter, but they should be :D I hope they are happy, thats what matters… you can see both of them are tired from this whole superfame thing which came with twilight… I would love to see them as a couple but if they dont feel that way… anyway, it looks a bit like they were kissing :P well… not a bit :D PLEASE, PLEASE GOD, LET THEM BE TOGETHER! :P :D

  • ah!

    kinda feel for Kristen, Rob’s career is taking off and not so sure about hers…. AND come on, even if they are “together” can’t see it lasting. every female between the ages of 12-35 is hot for Pattinson.

    this whole thing reminds me of the Notebook and Ryan Gosling/Rachel McAdams…

  • Alison

    Oh *yawn*. Another onset hookup…… KS leaves her longtime boyfriend for her co-star. Nice person……Not!

  • spewp

    Does anyone know what section their skybox was in?

  • DESI

    I`m SO HAPPY for them. We love you RobSten!! <33



    Who cares if vanessa and zac were there too?
    Soo happy for Rob and Kristen! :D

  • babe_luv_ya

    C’mon people, they’re playing with the papz…
    Oh and what an amazing promotion for New Moon…I’m not buying it btw

  • Joml

    For heavens sake the whole cast went
    Clearly she’s just trying to say something to him.
    You have been to a concert before right? loud, noisy places? can’t hear yourself think let alone what someone else is trying to say

  • Sassy

    But they sitting next to each other