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Britney Spears: Purplicious Bikini Babe!

Britney Spears: Purplicious Bikini Babe!

Britney Spears continues to be in a bikini mood and spends time with her two sons, Sean, 3, and Jayden, 2, at the Ritz-Carlton pool on Monday (August 17) in Marina Del Rey, Calif.

That’s three days in a row in a bikini for the 27-year former Mickey Mouse Club singer! On Saturday, she sported a hot pink bikini, Sunday, a light blue one and now a purple one!

DO YOU THINK Britney’s hot bikini bod is back – YAY or NAY?

15+ pictures inside of Britney Spears, the purple bikini babe…

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britney spears purple bikini 01
britney spears purple bikini 02
britney spears purple bikini 03
britney spears purple bikini 04
britney spears purple bikini 05
britney spears purple bikini 06
britney spears purple bikini 07
britney spears purple bikini 08
britney spears purple bikini 09
britney spears purple bikini 10
britney spears purple bikini 11
britney spears purple bikini 12
britney spears purple bikini 13
britney spears purple bikini 14
britney spears purple bikini 15
britney spears purple bikini 16
britney spears purple bikini 17

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  • Fergie Fan !

    OMG ! I’m sick of Britney’s pics JJ, we’ve seen like 5 posts this days of her in bikini, that’s enough !

  • ihavenolife

    very curvy, in a good way. not too skinny and not too plump. i think she looks sexy like this.

  • t

    she has a great body

  • jess

    She is only four wheels shy of a trailer. That trashtastic weave. Redneck body and attitude. Yep, trailer for rent.

  • Only


    Any other news please?….she’s no more relevant


  • dundies

    She is only four wheels shy of a trailer.

  • yobi

    Lookin good.

  • mika

    she looks awesome. i love that bikini.

  • kristine

    i love her but her outfit is always hideous!!
    she shoul wear a bikini like those of katie holmes! something classier!
    hope to see her more stylish in the future!

  • k.c.

    i used to work with a plastic surgeon and you can clearly see she’s had a tummy tuck.

    I guess if I had the money right now I’d do it too!

  • LOVE

    Oh-Oh. I like these people who complain that they are tired of Brit’s pics. It’s pathetic. I have a helpful piece of advice – don’t look at her, that’s simple. Oh, and better look at yourself in the mirror first and ask yourself what did you achieve in this life. I bet Britney is far away from you in many, many ways such as money, kindness, success, and I bet she looks hotter than you in 10 000 000 times – LOL!

  • http://justjared jello

    She looks fantastic and anyone that doesn’t think so is soooooooooooooo jealous!!!

  • Que


  • nyc1

    I just LOVE how ppl are claiming to be sick of seeing Britney pics, especially ones in her bikini, yet they always “click” to continue and see more.. If she were fat you wouldn’t care though right? It kills you seeing how she’s got her hot body back and how amazing she looks. LOL

  • Hopkinsjones

    She looks hot. Best soles on the planet.

  • jdjd

    If u dont enjoy these photos, then dont look at it, if u wanna blame, then blame on those who keep tracking Britney’s everyday life, even just a little activity like enjoy the pool with her kids

  • **Jamie**

    she is so unrelatable now

    she used to be the cute girl next door type with a great personality.

    Now she seems to have this red neck trailer trash thing going

    Her body looks great, but she doesn’t appeal to me anymore

  • pinkrose

    What a society we live in? When did it become okay to stalk a young mother and print naked pix of her all day long. Leave those two little boys to have a private life! It’s not their fault their mother is notorious and it is enough to unhinge someone if they are mentaly fragile.

    Plus Britney is just plain trashy. Where is the attraction?!

  • pinkrose

    What a society we live in? When did it become okay to stalk a young mother and print naked pix of her all day long. Leave those two little boys to have a private life! It’s not their fault their mother is notorious and it is enough to unhinge someone if they are mentaly fragile.

    Plus Britney is just plain trashy. Where is the attraction?!

  • jdjd

    I know she’s not as great as before, but she’s tryin’ hard to make a comeback. Wow its like pain for me to watch those old music video of her, and those funny interviews, she wuz so cute, funny, pure, and all that, but then she made mistakes, wrong choices, and now she seem so lonely…I love her, I wish she could be like how she wuz and happy again

  • lILA


  • sam


  • Chau

    Why is her son still using a pacifier! She’s a bit strange…

  • Rose

    The boys’ new hair do’s are really cute on them. They remind me of the Sprouse brothers when they were young.

    So cute <3

    Britney looks good too, cant wait till she comes to Australia in 3 months :D

  • chelsey

    I think her body is perfect. I would kill for that stomache. And her boys do look a million times cuter with short hair. They were startin to look like little girls.

  • Camille


    Hideous looking woman.

  • jessica

    u guys are sick i’m sorry but how the hell can you judge a person without even knowing them maybe you think of her that way but imagine what people could be thinking of you and obviously you guys are jealous of that amazing body instead of sitting at home on the computer and criticizing it go to the gym and work out.

  • WIll go


  • sweet babe

    Wow! There are so many people who enjoy trashing this young woman. It would be much better if you read real books and not trashy tabloids. Maybe you would be smarter than now and stop finally to trash Britney or other people, but I think it would never happen because of inferiority complexes and fit of jealousy. Sad.

  • Trixy

    wow she’s hot!

  • not me

    It is good she is not fat anymore and seems to have her life back together. But she does not look good. Trashy is a good word. I think it is the orange coloring and the broad build of her body. Of course she looks better than 70% of the American women but it is not a hot body.

  • lovely

    She is a multi-millionaire, she’s lovely and sexy woman, she can travel around the WORLD, she can buy anything she wants, she has fans everywhere and she has jealous haters everywhere. It’s funny how NOBODY tries trashing her. It’s really amazing. I hope you feel better after all. LOL.

  • Julie

    Her body is definitely back, really hot!

  • deraj tsuj

    fat ugly gross

  • britney fan

    @Fergie Fan !: well at least we are not seeing you in it. cox if we do that would be the end of the world. nothing personal hunz.

  • jessealexanderh


    its called she has had 2 sea sections

  • eva

    @jessealexanderh: you probably mean “c-section”. The LETTER “C” coming from Caesarean or Cesar fr. short.

    And Women who give birth via c-section doesn’t mean they’ll be skinny/fit like Britney. hahah nooo nooo nooo A C-section is just another way of getting the baby out. There’s the old fashioned one (vaginal) or a C-section, which is an incision made in the woman’s abdomen. From that, you get a scar. I agree w. KC – Britney could have had a tummy tuck and worked out the rest of the baby fat or just worked out w. exercise and diet and had her scar laser or all of the above.

    Sorry to be an English teacher but just thought you should know.

  • blah

    Oh look its the daily dose of the trailer trash

  • omg

    A SOOTHER!!!! really, sorry to say this but that kid must whine a lot, and she must give to him as a plug. She should weaned him off that long ago! Kids and parents come so dependent on them, and plus it ruins the kids teeth. Come on Brit, your a great mom, but a soother at that age!

  • Jen

    she has a great body. hair looks bad but by no means is she even close to being fat

  • kathybxoxo

    she looks super sure some of u guys haven’t had ONE kid and dont even look this great! y’all a buch a haters up in this byatch!

  • annie

    She looks amazing like always..I mean she’s gonna rule the world forever and ever!!!
    and her boys look so cute with that cut!!!
    you go QUEEN B!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Jess

    What a shame that she dyed BOTH boys hair white blonde. And what a terrible job! Over on Britneys Babies site, there are over 130 pictures. You can see the mess she made of their hair. White blonde with brown patches of chopped hair all over their heads ! What is WRONG with her ? Jayden had lighter hair than Preston, but never white blonde. After shaving it, it would be even darker, not white ! And even though she had been dyeing Prestons for the past month, making it orange, she has now shaved that off and dyed it white too. Also brown patches all over his head too. Check out the photos on Bitneys Babies. Awful. Those poor, poor kids. Mom’s a looney! Of course Britney lovers will argue she does not dye their hair, any sane person knows she did ! What a MESS ! And now their big ears stick out even more. Why would a parent do this to their kids ? Wh ? Because she is Britney Spears. Nut case.

  • the_boyfriend

    She looks amazing! but even I, a somewhat Britfanatic have had enough of these pool shots, She’s going to be on Letterman tonight so I’m looking forward to some NYC candids.

  • sir gaga


    AGREED! amen someone with a brain in this site! and for those hatin’ GET A LIFE

  • sir gaga


    SHUT the fck up and get a life! crazy ppl

  • bread


  • lakers fan in boston

    she’s just tainted goods imo
    she does look good but ill never really like her
    she may not act crazy but the crazy never fully goes away
    she needs to work on those thighs tho

  • WHAT!

    OMG she has her private parts tattooed it would seem if u look closely at the photo. How utterly tasteless , what a horrible thought

  • annonymous

    her bikini is from target!