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Gerard Butler: Bicycle Built For A Law Abiding Citizen

Gerard Butler: Bicycle Built For A Law Abiding Citizen

Gerard Butler kneels down buck naked and surrenders to police in this new movie still from his upcoming movie, Law Abiding Citizen. Movie posters here!

L.A.C. is thriller about a brilliant sociopath (Butler) who orchestrates a series of high-profile murders that grip the city of Philadelphia – all from inside his jail cell – and the prosecutor (Jamie Foxx) assigned to his case who realizes he is the only one who can end the reign of terror.

Watch the trailer below. So looking forward to seeing this movie and watching Gerry play the villain!

“Law Abiding Citizen” Trailer

Other pictures below include Gerry and a mystery male biking around Lower Manhattan on Sunday afternoon (August 16).

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gerard butler bicycle 01
gerard butler bicycle 02
gerard butler bicycle 03
gerard butler bicycle 04
gerard butler bicycle 05
gerard butler bicycle 06
gerard butler bicycle 07

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  • nick

    really looking forward to it too!!

  • H.

    Awww, yes, he’s the bad guy but only after he was driven to madness by the unjust legal system! lmao.

    Love Gerry. I’ll probably see this one.

  • GB is the Man

    I. AM. SPEECHLESS. Damnnnn.
    I went to see TUT for the 2nd time but sadly it has been taken off my local theater. Now I have to drive 40 miles to see it again. That’s the downside of living in a rural area.
    I am really looking forward to LAC. It’s gonna be Dynamite.
    What’s with the Jen and Gerard going to Crete rumor? I hope not true but then again they both deserve having some fun. Gerard gonna break many a fan’s heart.

  • Brooke

    It looks so good. I love Gerry he’s soo hot and such a great actor.

  • jb

    hot hot hot… thanks jj :)

  • gillianfey

    Superb trailer cast, director, script. Can’t wait but must. Please keep the info coming on this movie, JJ. And, of course, on Gerard Butler.

  • vanessa

    cannot wait to see this! ugh looks sooo amazing!

  • Stacy from iowa

    FINALLY! A Gerry movie that doesn’t look like major suckage! (I’m a total Gerry fan.. but enough with the rom comedies! He’s a better actor than that.)

  • Lynne

    That trailer is stunning. Butler’s lookin’ good.too. I love thrillers, I’m so looking forward to seeing this film.

  • moobies

    Nice t/its, Gerry.
    Keep pedaling…..

  • JDS

    Go on a diet ya chubby bastarrd

  • LAC

    LAC looks like Jason Bourne meets Jigzaw.
    Not sure if that’s good or bad, but the “revenge for my dead family” has been done to death. t definitely isn’t a new concept, so I hope that it’s well written and not just explosions and gore. I also hope that Gerry doesn’t look like a Hannibal Lector wanna be, either. I’ve been looking forward to this movie, but the trailer makes me wonder if it will meet my expectations. I guess we shall soon see. This is by far the best chance he has for a good film since 300, in my opinion.

  • Swansong

    Why is it whenever a new film is announced, whether it be a vehicle for Gerry or other actors, people comment that it’s “not a new concept”, or that it’s “already been done.” You can follow any film name on Twitter, and that’s what you will hear.

    I’m looking forward to seeing him in a dramatic role.


  • Oh My!

    Man, this guy can’t do anything right for some of you people. Why both posting if all you have to add is negative. Constructive opinions not withstanding of course.

  • weetiger

    Can’t wait for LAC! The trailer looks AMAZING!
    So does G on his bike. G** he has great hair!
    Thanks for the pics Jared!

  • yuvv

    I think he’s a good actor.

  • Liz

    Jared, you are a god!!!!! Thank you for finding Gerry wherever he is!!!!! I cannot wait for Gamer..and when i saw the LAC trailer, it blew me away!!!!

    Gorgeous Gerry just gets better and better. I loved TUT, too! He can do all genres… and I love rom-coms as much as thrilllers. So change it up!!!!

    Let’s all think kind thoughts of our guy as tomorrow approaches in LA…catch my proverbial drift?

    He’s amazing, and so are you, Jared!

  • Sally

    He’s so charming in this pics! Very sexy.

  • hair thinggie

    When I looked at Gerry in the bike picture the first thing came to mind was “Why the heck don’t they let him keep this hairstyle for The Bounty?” In between movies his hairstyle for the most part looked very natural and complementary to his good looks. But I can’t say the same for his hairstyle in most of his movies. That’s me.

  • tia

    Don’t people realize this guy will be fat and unattractive in a few years just like Russell Crowe

  • maria

    The eyes have it. Wow, that picture is great. The lighting certainly shows off his baby greens to the max – even though they look blue here. The bare back picture is just stunning.

  • nikomilinko
  • Swansong

    He has a 34 inch waist and he’s almost 40. That’s hardly close to being fat. People who’ve recently seen him in person report that he is very slender, much more so than he appears in pics or on film. But I guess to this youth and beauty obsessed culture, 40 is old and anyone who is not stick-thin is fat.

    He has a manly physique.


  • God like Gerry

    He is only human just like you and me except he is an actor which means he has to work extra extra hard on his looks and weight. Nobody can stop the aging process which is built in our DNA and so far Gerard has done a pretty good job in maintaining a Hollywood prescribed body. Actually I like the look of the body he has now better than the one in 300. It looks slender, supple and yet very masculine. Mmmmm… What a specimen of a manly man.

  • PAT

    I can’t wait for LAC…..another chance to prove what a wonderful dramatic actor he is in this one. As for his body….wow! Nothing wrong with it at all. How unrealistic to expect him to continue to have his 300 body….6 hours of exercise a day, continually lifting weights between takes and eating next to nothing! He has the body of a normal almost 40 year old and take a look at the LAC arrest picture….yum, how much better can the man get?

  • eyewitness snooze

    ****drool**** That head-on shot in the Library is killing me KILLING me I tell you! Gerry ya Bastard!

  • ness

    he is ridiculously hot.

  • cough

    it should be illegal for a man to be this HOT. he should carry a health warning with him anywhere he goes. Katherine Heigl was right when she said Gerry caused devastation everywhere he went because women passed out around him. she may be joking but I think I might pass out if I see him in person.

  • Jen

    I saw him on the Regis and Kelly show and he looked so tall and lean. Different than on screen and photos. I think he is hot and a great actor

  • manLESSton, I likely

    Here is the shooting schedule reported for The Bounty recently.
    Filming Locations for August 17, 2009
    The Bounty, starring Jennifer Aniston, is filming at the Sleepy Hollow Country Club again.
    August 14, 2009
    The Bounty is filming on N Midland Rd in Upper Nyack, NY.
    No time for any escape to Crete. Once again, remember the dude has denied any interest in dating or anything with Mugly.

  • seriously?


    Uh, Swansong, because the “revenge for the death of my family” HAS been done to death. That is why someone made the comment. They also qualified it by saying that therefore they hope this one had some good writing and wasn’t just blood, gore and explosions (or whatever they said). I personally thought it was a valid point. I could probably name 10 movies that have similar concepts in the past 10 years. So, I hope this one is different and a good one. Maybe if you would get off of GALS, Twittering about Gerry nonstop and all your other Gerry worship, you wouldn’t feel the need to criticize someone making a valid point just because it’s a “Gerry movie”. And who cares if people say “it’s been done to death” a lot or that it isn’t an original concept a lot? In this instance it seems valid. I am so sick of fangurls bashing people for stating an objective observation or opinion.

  • death sentence

    Sounds a lot like that Kevin Bacon movie last year (or the year before?) called Death Sentence.

    I agree that so far it looks good. Hopefully it won’t be the same old same old revenge movie.

  • Swansong

    #32 You may be sick of it, but the “fangirls” are welcome to post on this site. And btw, I was referring to ALL new films mentioned to on Twitter. No matter what the film is or who is in it, someone always comments that it’s been done before. Just the standard comment.


  • Swansong

    For got to mention. Whether or not this particular plot has been done before, the film has tested way above average in test screenings.


  • opinion counts

    I think this one will be different from the others because of the planning and execution of the complex and unpredictable scheme Clyde designed. Based on the trailer it depends more on twists and turns to grab the audience rather than just explosion and gore.

  • maria

    Practically every movie and TV show made today has some elements that have been done before. Certainly doesn’t make ALL the new ones bad, especially if there are interesting stories and twists ahead. So why beat the thought to death just to seem relevant?

    And, fans have just as much right to comment on this board as anyone else. Swannie often has interesting information to offer. Why bash fans for sharing just because they are fans? WE can be just as objective as anyone else. For instance, if a movie seems something like another and someone notes that, there is nothing wrong. It might lead to an intelligent discussion. But to pre-judge a movie or TV show negatively just because it reminds us of something else, is a bit over the top. IMO.

    Talk among yourselves.

  • Swansong

    Geez, I’ve been ediing this chapter for way too long tonight, need to take a break. Made some typos in those above posts. If any of you are Phantom of the Opera fans, check out my site:

    I agree #36, I’m interested to see the plot twists and turns in this film


  • Swansong

    hahahahah, I just saw ANOTHER typo on my post #38. WOW. Hey if I don’t like one of Gerry’s films, I say so. I can’t stand TIMELINE or Dracula 2000. I didn’t think much of Miracle Match, and I thought he overacted in BOAW, although I did like some of his performance in that film. Not a great movie.


  • Pafan

    OK, Maria. I’ll bite. I’ll ask what you might consider an intelligent question! LOL. Maybe you or Swannie can answer. This is a question for peeps who have seen the trailer for LAC. What does the guy mean when he says that Clyde is a ‘brain’? (‘And, if Clyde wants you dead, you’re dead.’ ) I think that’s the word he uses (? ) or did I hear wrong? Is that something in military or intelligence speak?

  • becca

    He’s got A LOT of movies coming out! He JUST did Ugly Truth, now Gamer and this?
    Wow, Gerry. Keeping busy I see.

  • Pafan

    Oh, Swannie. How could you not like Timeline? That was one of my first GB films (after Atilla). I love it. He stole the whole movie from Paul (I date teenagers) Walker. (Sorry, non-fans, but if I were on Gals, I would talk about his hair and eyes in that movie. LOL!)

    Sorry, I didn’t like Phantom as a whole. Gerry was the ONLY thing good about that turkey. I always just ff to his parts. The rest of that movie was so boring and awful, no one could like it, could they? Except for the sets. They were brilliant. The cemetery was the best. And, the beginning where the opera house goes from b/w to color. Combined with the music that was great. But GB and the sets were all that were good about Phantom.

    OK, I won’t bore you nonnies anymore.

  • Goodness

    This man is gorgeously hot.

  • lilac

    OMG. He is way too beautiful to be real. That picture of his back. Erotic. And, he’s doing nothing but just standing there. Is that a little reminder of 300? Gerry, Gerry, Gerry.

  • anon

    The bicycle pic makes him look pregnant. Not a good angle.

  • my 2 cents


    I don’t think anyone said that fans weren’t welcome on this site. The comment was regarding fans who bash others for having a differing opinions. I am a fan, and I didn’t read it that way. But I think that I am the one who was supposedly “bashed” on this board.

    I think poster 32 was referencing my post. I posted comment #12 in which I basically stated that I hoped this movie was smart and a well written adaptation of an old concept. I didn’t see anything offensive about that statement. Your comment that followed seemed to indicate that you found my comment tedious or ridiculous because others have said the same regarding other movies etc. Perhaps that wasn’t your intent, but I understandable how poster 32 could read it as dismissive or “bashing” – because I was kind of surprised at it myself….
    Just my 2 cents.

  • what’s up with butler’s chest?

    How can Butler go from looking good shirtless in this film to having noticeable moobs 4-5 months after wrapping shooting that film? Is his chest fine when he stands up straight but when he slumps or leans forward his chest gets “flabby”? It’s not just these bicycle pics in which he has moobs recently. There have been several lately, including the nose picking pic where it looked like a woman’s breast was showing through his shirt! He is not overweight, so I don’t get it. I am completely baffled by it all.

  • what’s up with butler’s chest?

    How can Butler go from looking good shirtless in this film to having noticeable moobs 4-5 months after wrapping shooting that film? Is his chest fine when he stands up straight but when he slumps or leans forward his chest gets “flabby”? It’s not just these bicycle pics in which he has moobs recently. There have been several lately, including the nose picking pic where it looked like a woman’s breast was showing through his shirt! He is not overweight, so I don’t get it. I am completely baffled by it all.

  • reading comprehension


    “Practically every movie and TV show made today has some elements that have been done before. Certainly doesn’t make ALL the new ones bad, especially if there are interesting stories and twists ahead. So why beat the thought to death just to seem relevant?”
    Isn’t that the point that those posters were making??? That the plot isn’t a new one, therefore, they hope this one/version is different, interesting, well written etc?

  • could be?

    Handsome enough, Fruzzy Tuna-Stench has never really had much of a problem with the ladies—that’s because they usually don’t tip each other off! Take a recent conquest of Fruzzy’s, a babe who was so delighted to have found herself in Mr. Tuna-Stench’s Hollywood Hills home, she wanted to squeal! Oh, my! And they’d only been dating for a bit, she thought, and he’s already taken her into his private and storied man-quarters, such an achievement!

    So there they are, the gorgeous brown-locked luscious one and her very, very famous bed partner, writhing away on the famous actor’s oversize mattress. Tops off? Check. Jewelry off? Check. Then off fly the undies, too, so hot!

    And there before our lucky gal lies the utterly n*de, quasi-sculpted bod of Mr. Fruzzy…

    Whose endowment our darling s*x-horned babe cannot wait to devour and jump on—and dine away she does, impressive, h*rny girl! Only problem is…Mr. Fruzzy’s private parts aren’t exactly responding in kind. Something’s wrong. Our s*xed-out source wonders, Is it me? As she’s a knockout above all knockouts, highly unlikely.

    Disappointed with the fun foreplay stuff, Fruzzy’s bed partner decides to just jump ahead to the main course, and go ahead and let daddy have his entrée right away, maybe he’s just not a nooky appetizer kinda guy? Just strictly a meat and potatoes dude maybe? So they assume the position. And, well, nothin’s happenin’ in that department, either.

    Alas, Fruzzy just can’t get it up, and the amorous evening of promising love bites is a bust. Utterly depressed, our disappointed babe watches as Fruzzy, still n*ked, gets up and walk into his den, where he stays for some time. So she decides to follow him, wondering what’s up.

    And guess who’s sitting at a computer Googling himself without a stitch on? Best part of all? Finally something had arisen—and it wasn’t just the poor girl’s irritation.

    And It Ain’t: Bradley Cooper, Stephen Moyer, John Mayer

  • could be?

    Gerry Butler.
    Everything points to him except the fact he was in LA for only a few days in the past couple of months. So the part about the girl “dating him for a bit” is off.
    How could they be dating if he wasn’t in LA for most of this year. Tho dating GB could just involve a few text messages. If she was so eager to shag him I think he wouldn’t have “dated” her, he would have just had her the first night they met and then kept her on his go to list.
    Any thoughts?