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Jay-Z - 'Run This Town' Music Video Preview

Jay-Z - 'Run This Town' Music Video Preview

Check our this new trailer for Rihanna, Kanye West and Jay-Z‘s new song “Run This Town.”

“The song is about evolution and the progress,” Jay says. “You start out as a new artist and you make your way into the game. You climb that mountain and you get to the top and you put your flag down. This is us putting our flag down. This is Roc Nation. Pledge your allegiance. You’ve got to put your flag at the top of the mountain and say we run this town.”

The trio will perform this song on NBC’s The Jay Leno Show on September 14. They are also rumored to perform a day before at the 2009 MTV Video Music Awards also in New York City.

Check out the video preview below!

Jay-Z – ‘Run This Town’ Music Video Preview
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  • T

    Look forward to seeing them perform this live.

  • utz

    Pretty lame. I expected better from Jay-Z.

  • twisted

    I LOVE Jay!

  • mike

    not much to see in 40 seconds.

  • I n F a m o u s l y C o o l

    …did i read the headline correctly?!? did jared actually call it jay-z video preview.. and not rihanna’s video previews?!? LOL.. nah.. i must still be sleeping. LOL..

  • Pining for Chris

    The fact that Rihanna is involved, takes it’s appeal away IMO.

  • bubbles

    Why did they make Rihanna look like a tranny?

  • truly

    @I n F a m o u s l y C o o l: lol, i was wondering the same thing. i’m shocked JJ actually called Jay-Z’s vid by his name and not Rihanna’s.

  • Liz

    It’s ok I guess but there really isn’t enough to see yet.

  • Smith

    I don’t see the appeal of making a 21 year old look like she’s 45, but I guess that’s just me.

  • gemini

    Go JayZ!!!!

  • harper

    Hopefully Rihanna and Kanye won’t ruin this.

  • jj fan

    show the full video!

  • tt

    omg…my poor ears…riri ruined the song with that voice of hers

  • Jamie

    Love Rihanna, I know she rocks this video!!

  • no wonder you’re single

    can’t wait to see more!

  • dancer

    Agree, we need to see more.

  • wexx

    RiRi looks like a drag queen.

  • AOZ

    Not bad but what’s with the middle-aged hooker?
    Why was she in the video?

  • Stevie Wonder

    It’s nice that younger artists are still working with Ms. Warwick.

  • yep

    why do these chicks always have to dress like sluts?

  • dragon

    Hope the full video is better than that clip.

  • QT

    More Jay-z. Less Rihanna.

  • rap it up

    Sorry, Rihanna ruins it for me.
    I know Jay-Z’s trying to resurrect her career but she can’t sing.

  • imho

    Jayzz needs to collaborate with Lady Gaga. Now hat would be off the hook!

  • HEY..

    Isn’t this is where the fight was in the car about JayZ giving Rihanna
    STD..>>Now just shove it in Chris Brown’s face.. Rihanna is a lesbian
    and everyone knows it..she does not have a career unless some big
    superstar like Kanye or JayZ…


  • Diane

    sucks. didnt he fund his music career by selling crack?

  • ThickChocolate

    Seems like this might suck. I guess I am just not crazy for these three anymore.

  • Anonymous
  • Noticias de famosos

    Rihanna is different, do not have to be like the other singers that are all the same ..

  • Izzy

    Jay will recruit anyone who takes this Free mason & Illuminati shit seriously and Rihanna is the perfect student – Illuminati Slave actually!! A sad tale!!


    How dare you! would you like someone to call you a looser. I bet you never met the girl before and you are calling her all kinds of names .If Chris didn’t like her he would not have dated her. There must be good to her as a person because she’s still making it rain on some of you aritst haters so leave her alone.


    @Noticias de famosos:
    I agree with you 100% , she is different , that’s what make her so fresh and stands out from the other Artist . Most of them sound the same , if you look at it that’s what Lady gaga has going for her as well she dresses weird , but when you break it down she just another Christina but in drag. Rihanna is no Whitney , however she’s something fresh she sounds diffrent.American singers need to wake up and notice that the are being taken over by the foreign singers, Anouk, Shakira,Rihanna , Mr. Hudson, Coldplay , U2 and the list goes on.They all sound like Beyonce, have you ever listen to her music most of her songs sound the same and have the same concept. Her last album she tried something diffrent but it didn’t quite sell to her advantage, even most of her videos are the same. Most of the ladies are trying to beat beyonce at her own game, that why the are saying she need to give it a rest and go have some kids for Jayz. Pay close attention people and you woud understand where i’m coming from.

  • lakers fan in boston

    like some1 said
    im surprised jared said it’s his video, he seems to adore riri 2 much imo
    video looks great, he’s one of the few rappers who are consistent these days
    i still listen to rap occasionally but it’s just not what it use 2 be imo, love the song btw

  • jenny

    love all three of them, rihanna is beautiful, can’t wait for this video, jay,Kanya, and riri, all are hot. some people are so hateful and jealous.

  • enoughalready

    @justice I disagree 1000% on this one, the difference is the producer and the quality of the song not the singer. She cant sing, what they did was make her apperance different and it was no stand out because what she is not wearing has been done by so many that you cant count. If she would have came out with the talent to back up these songs we would not always have such division when it comes to her. Yeah! nice song, nice beat, yes! she looks cute made up but the talent is just not there and that’s the catch 22 with her. The only thing you can still say about this girl is she is cute and nothing more after learning of her lack of talent and I really dont see that it has gotten better. They brought out all the so called heavy hitters with this one and still Little Miley kicked but and now they are showing snippets of the vidoe. I believe they thought this was going to come out the park going plat, but they got a does of reality….

  • enoughalready

    I also forgot this, with this 2009 version of California!


    Clearly you do not understand what I’m saying. It’s not about this video or who can sing better , if the music industry was about that there would be no Madonna or Cher . Rihanna can sing I’ve been to her concerts, she needs to improve yes, however what she’s lacking is voice control and that feirce stage performance.For Example lets go back to the Anita Baker days , if you are a true music fan and know your history when she started out she couldn’t carry a note to save her life . She was boo off stage so many times and this was back in the days when Whitney was in her prime , could you imagine if she had given up and forgot about a being the arist she so badly wanted to be .We true music fans would of missed out on some great soul music.All i’m saying is this, Rihanna is not at her best potential and time will only tell if she has the determination to make it and find her true self . So far I’m routing for her , especially with all that she’s been true in the last couple of months. To take a public beating , being called some the worst names a woman can be called and then show her face in public .I would give her 3 stars, we all know what it did to Michael Jackson.What ever he did was never good enough,even now he’s dead it’s still isn’t enough. We need to try and take a step back
    give people chance, if you do not like her fine but don’t knock her down when there is worst out there .


    On another note can you Imagine if all these artist sound the same , what type of music industry would we have .Music is not only about the Producer and the quality of the song. If that was true I can get the same producer and the same song and I would be a star .Please give these artist the credit they deserve . Artist have alot to do with it , you can have to best written song and the greatest producer, that does not make it an instant hit , how the artist sings and perfoms the song have alot to do with . That’s what put the finishing touches to the song it completes it . The looks, the style makes it ever better.

  • supporter

    @ Justice, I agree with you 110%

  • killuminati

    the song and video is pure E-V-I-L..”feel it comin in the air” ,”screams frm everywhere” jayz; “return of the god,PEACE GOD!” this song talks about the end of the world,WAKE UP PEOPLE!!!!!!!!

    WAKE UP!!!!!!!

  • Ginesio

    The Best of the Year, go head J, West the Rhianna. One Love!

  • suppress your appetite

    Best Song Ever