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LeAnn Rimes Furthers Her Friendships

LeAnn Rimes Furthers Her Friendships

LeAnn Rimes puts her arm around a friend who was walking her to her car after leaving his house in Los Angeles on Sunday (August 16).

The 26-year-old country star was spotted walking her Pomeranian pooch last week, before she had a fun time over sushi with a girlfriend at Takao, a small restaurant in Brentwood, Calif. She was casually dressed in a long sweater, jeans and flip-flops.

LeAnn ordered sake and chatted with her friend and ordered a bunch of food for the table and opted for rolls, “light on the sauce,” an onlooker told People.

10+ pictures inside of LeAnn Rimes furthering her friendships…

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  • NativeNYker

    I know she is missing that pretty thing that was her husband just about now.

    Rants, Thoughts & Merde

  • question

    i wonder if she realizes how ugly she is – or does she think she’s hot…i bet she thinks she’s just waaaayyy hot…..too funny. there are few people around who are more unattractive than her

  • denise

    I think her behavior is PSYCHO!!!!! She needs to be institutionalized before she has her NERVOUS BREAKDOWN BRITNEY STYLE.

  • julie

    She has friends, she walks her dog, she wears jeans and flip flops, she eats, she walks, she talks, she drives a car and this is a story because??? Oh yes, because nobody else in the whole world does this.

  • Jade

    So does this guy have a wife too?

  • crazy train

    all aboard

  • hiding

    wish she wouldn’t go out in public she needs to keep her ugly scary a ss in doors out of the way of the camera lins….tooo scary for words

  • bella

    @julie: LOL . . .I know but you have to remember she is also a cheater, so I guess that makes her special and deserves a post ?

  • jj

    Look the guy has a wedding ring on, so she is like turning into a country music Sienna Miller? Look at all the paps pics since the affair became public, can anyone deny she is in her glory? Can anyone deny she has orchestrated this to get herself some publicity? Can anyone deny what a big idiot Eddie Cibrian is for throwing away his family for her? Does it look like she even cares about the pain she caused? Yeah, Cibrian is a jerk who sells his soul for sex, but Ms. Smirk is just as big a fool. And what’s with the pregnant dress? Hey girl, you didn’t win him, stop with the smirk.

  • lydia

    LeAnn has a great talent and many friends.

    So you people are mad at LeAnn but okay with Eddie cheating on his wife.

    Eddie is a known serial cheater and was in an extramarital affair with Scheana Marie Jancan for 3 years while he was married to Brandi. But that seems just fine with some of you bashing LeAnn.

    Maybe LeAnn and her gay hubbie had an open relationship agreement.

  • lydia

    LeAnn is probably starved for some masculine attention.

    She was too young and naive when she married at 19. I did the same thing and still regret it cuz I had kids with the guy who turned into druggies just like the dad. He actually did drugs with them all throughout and still does. No fun!

  • lydia

    She looks much happier and brighter than she has in a long time.

    Hope she brings out some great music soon.

  • tHE BULL

    LeAnn sinks her claws deeper into her gigolo every weekend by taking Eddie on lavish getaways and buys him expensive gifts to remind him of the good life. It’s interesting how private she can be when she wants to. She is the queen of manipulation who dug up the dirt on Eddie’s mistress to push Brandi into divorce. A week later Eddie’s role on CSI is announced after Rimes’ used her influence with the producer whom she has known since Coyote Ugly to buy her boy-toy the role. Perhaps she’s even paying his salary. A two bit actor sold-out his children to a two bit manipulative heartless wretch for a two bit TV part. He sexually owns her and she financially owns him, a perfect pair.

  • tOMMY388

    This guy is one of Rimes’ “fixers”. A fixer is a guy who sets up the sucker punch. He shows LeAnn where to stand under the restaurant video camera, he makes sure the photogs are in place at the hotels and basketball games, and he is the one that digs up dirt on spouces who won’t leave their wives, so the wife will leave him. LeAnn just followed the instructions of Reba McEntire’s: Handbook for Homewreckers. Chapter 5 is titled: If he has children, TUFF let them eat cake.

  • robin3

    I agree… is really nice to see Le Ann happy again

    I hope someone tells her(and she listens) that Eddie has a serious cheating problem and he’ll do it to her too.

    I’m certain Eddie’s wife has known that her man slept around but she could overlook it as long as it wasn’t public. But when it became public she was too humiliated.

    Brandi will take him back and live with his philandering as long as he keeps it discreet.

  • robin3

    to The Bull…….

    I gather that you think Eddie is squeaky clean and blameless while LeAnn is all to blame.

    You must be condone Eddie’s behavior for yourself or you would share the blame between them.

    LOL… just revealed your lowly character. God help the person you marry!

  • robin3

    tommy 388……

    your take on things is lopsided. It takes 2 to tango and Eddie is notorious in Hollywood for being a die-hard skirt chaser.

    His wife knows it and will take him back but will warn him to be more discreet in the future.

    You got a problem man!

  • tOMMY388

    What does it say about LeAnn who is obsessed with stalking a well known sexual predator who abondoned his wife and two small children? She didn’t humiliate herself because of Eddie’s family values, loyalty, and trustworthiness. She wants him to satisfy her lust and her vanity. You are correct that it takes two to tango and Eddie is the lowest form of male on earth. Go for him LeAnn, you both deserve each other.

  • robin3

    I don’t think Le Ann will go for Eddie..but I do believe she will divorce her frilly mate and find a red-blooded male.

    Teen-age marriages rarely work out and Dean was less than upfront about his sexual preferences though it was already known in high school that he was gay. He may have married her for her fame and fortune. Yeah there are lots of unscrupulous motives behind our decisions sometimes.

  • lydia


    Not too many women will be able to resist Eddie’s advances. The man was born TOO hot and gorgeous. Lots of mistakes are made in the passion of the moment.

    Remember Charlie Sheen said he’d slept with 5000 women. Maybe Eddie wants to break that record. And Le Ann fell for it when he probably wasn’t at all serious about her. Just another notch on Eddie’s belt!

  • Marieme

    I am seriously over this sloppy, baggy, PLAYED OUT look! How stupid does that look? These dudes need to get over the incorrect belief this makes them cool, hip or attractive. Friggin embarrassment. All he needs is an Ed Hardy shirt and he will officially lose membership to planet Earth.

    Oh and LeAnn is still a skaanker.

  • jessie

    i dont like her ever since she said rude biiter words about carrie underwood back when the whole faith hill scandal came out…saying she was undeserving for female vocalist of the year because she hadnt paid her dues….that year she did she had many number ones and an awesome album it wasnt female vocalist of the decade leann turned me off shes a bitter wrench and disrespectful and fugly

  • Holly

    When did it become a bad thing to have friends of the opposite sex?

    God bless you and LeAnn always!!!

    Holly in East Tennessee (a day one fan of her)

  • bramonaj

    @tHE BULL:

    Is this true? Is Leann still dating Eddie? Why don’t they just come out in public like they did before?

  • Deb

    They just did. Golfing today in Cali. What a do*chebag couple.
    No remorse for the spouses or the 2 very young children of Eddie.
    Once a cheater always a cheater

  • michaela

    This goes a long way back. Wow! And the interest has just grown! Interesting reading from only a couple of months ago.

  • gwen

    mihceala (aka cbme, lydia, validate)

    The interest isn’t growing. It’s just YOU posting under different names to make it look like Leann has supporters. If Leann and Eddie had to support you are claiming, neither of them would have to keep going on those “Save our *****” tour, where EC pretends to be devoted father and LR pretends to either be the victim or care about other people.

    So let me guess, you are trying to convince yourself that LR and EC are popular because the number of hits in the threads are high? Well it is no surprise, that happens on EVERY site or thread YOU visit. When you see that LR and EC are not receiving the support you think that they deserve you pull stunts like this-revisit old threads and write things like “Leann threads have a zillion posts” or you post under several different names.

    Why is it an interesting reading? Because you find cheating, lying and humilating innocent people beautiful?

  • suppress your appetite

    She is pretty