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Madonna's 51st Birthday Bash With Jesus Luz

Madonna's 51st Birthday Bash With Jesus Luz

Jesus Luz wraps his arm around Madonna and two of her kids — David and Mercy – aboard a boat in Portofino, Italy on Monday (August 17). Her daughter Lourdes, 12, was also present.

Yesterday, the 51-year-old Material Mom celebrated her 51st birthday at the Splendido Hotel as she shared breakfast and alone time with Jesus, 23.

At her concert in Warsaw, Madonna‘s fans sang her a traditional Polish birthday song, titled “May You Live A Hundred Years.”

“Every time I do a show, and every time I look into your eyes and every time I see your smiles, you changed my life,” she said after her fans sang. “It’s amazing that I’ve been able to do what I do for so many years, thank God, I love my job, I love being able to be here with you tonight. This is the best birthday present ever, so thank you.”

QUESTION: What’s Madonna grabbing?

20+ pictures inside of Madonna celebrating her birthday on a boat…

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  • Wendy

    Cute, happy birthday to The Queen!!! Keep rocking girl, no one comes close!

  • LU

    Happy birthday Queen!!!!! We Love you!!!! Seems you are very happy, whit you boy toy Jesus!!!!!!!!!

  • thisisbbqgirl

    happy b-day madge!

  • Shana

    Shes disgusting and manly! What kinf of woman dates a guy who could be her son!??

  • lordes

    i can’t wait for lordes to start doing jesus behind madonnas back

    come on its bound to happen

  • lol

    grandma is corrupting minor

  • Camila B.

    Jesus lights my fire !!! lol

  • Maddyct

    So cute !!
    HAppy Birthday QUeen !!
    You GO Gir l!!!! <3

  • $$$

    Is she happy knowing that Jesus Luz is with her just for her money and connections?

  • Ilia

    She is awesome. I will let her ride me any time.

  • dundies

    51 and 23 HAHAHAHAHA

  • Ola
  • Ola
  • bree

    Lourdes is going to be a beauty. Her mother looks like crap with all those surgeries

  • Sassy

    Who is that GUY? HER NEW ADOPTED SON?????? kkkkk

  • damn

    did she get more work done? She looks HORRIBLE
    put her out to pasture, please

  • anon

    The queen of manipulating the media and publicity strikes again…PHOTO OP. I hope Jesus is getting paid for this gig to sell this family image. I still believe in the end it will come out that he’s gay. Happy Birthday Ms. M.

  • adrianna

    23 years old ? wtf !!!! hmm i hope she knows he’s just a famewhore

  • anaïs

    Her children are the cutest thing ever, Mercy and David are toooooo cute.

  • lix

    Awwww look at the old hag with her little brazalian b******* and her store bought kids.They look like the perfect family. Wtf is she doing in that 1st pic grabbing onto his c***k while she has the girl in her arms

  • LuckyL

    Love the kids, wow, look at Madonna pulling ‘em, and Lourdes is coming into her own.

  • anaïs

    And for her relation with Jesus, if she was a man people wouldn’t find it wrong , so give her a break. At 51 she can have fun if she want.

  • suck it


    oh, just drop dead already, you stupid judgmental cunt.

  • Zoz

    That’s beautiful madge.

  • sillyme

    I’m just glad that she’s keeping Mercy’s hair neat. Unlike some other mother of an adopted child from Africa…

  • Jo

    Lourdes doesn’t look bad for once in those pix :)

  • Dance Teacher

    She thinks she’s in La Dolce Vita!! Old skank..

  • Janet

    How long is she dating a 23 year old guy? I have never heard of it before. Where does it come from?

    Besides: She could be his mom!

    I think she lost her mind!!!!!!

  • dundies

    I’m just glad that she’s keeping Mercy’s hair neat. Unlike some other mother of an adopted child from Africa…


  • Christy

    She looks more and more like Joan Crawford.

  • kim

    @sillyme: Leave Mary Louise Parker alone

  • nancy

    The kids are so adorable

  • nancy

    The kids are so adorable

  • Noticias de famosos

    Lourdes Congratulations! Enjoy it a lot with your family

  • faith

    Madonna is starting to look alot like that actress from mommy dearest

  • Catalina

    sillyme @ 08/17/2009 at 11:46 am I’m just glad that she’s keeping Mercy’s hair neat. Unlike some other mother of an adopted child from Africa…

    What an ignorant comment. Hopefully school will start soon and you’ll be off the internet for awhile.

  • kim

    Angie Jole come get some pointers on how to do black hair so your kid won’t look like buck wheat anymore..

  • Tim

    She looks like Joan Crawford with a boy toy. come on madonna quit acting like an idiot..

  • Lourdes


  • mickey

    Madonna seems very Norma Desmond in that picture.

  • Suzana

    I´m also a braziliam like Jesus… I know we are special peope heheh..
    Congragulations madonna…u are continues been my idol…
    Don´t care the envy people says….!!!
    And Jesus is so handsome…

  • miapocca

    cure kids…she really wanted mercy and persisted through the appeals…
    David is a mama’s boy..he is always attached to madonna…

  • seaofsorrow

    Go go and enjoy yourself dear Madonna!
    Life is so short!
    Definitely not at all granny!!!

  • lakers fan in boston

    f madonna
    old ass grandma who thinks she hot, she reminds me of that this old lady i use 2 see on a bus who always wore red lipstick and ponytails, i use 2 die of laughter =]
    gotta say im surprised that they’re still together

  • alice


  • Siriana

    David is momma’s boy. He always has to hold her hand, sit on her lap, or get carried by her wherever they go. I think it’s really cute.

    Madonna, you go girl! You deserve to be happy and her kids look great.

    There were tons of people there, no matter where she goes, she gets swarmed by people.

    I hate how people are foul with her because she does what she wants and she’s happy. Jesus is an adult and so is Madonna, so what’s the problem? Men date younger women all the time and hardly anyone makes a fuss.

  • Siriana

    All four kids were there, not just Mercy, David, and Lola.

  • Marieme

    @lordes: Lol! Shame on you.

    I am annoyed at her attempt to be Joan Crawford here. Oh brother! And that huge entourage..? Gimme a break! Looks more sufforcating than relaxing – and why can’t the security enjoy a good swim anyhow? What a lousy boss.

  • elaine

    i’m sorry, but at least MJ was acquitted of child molestation charges.

    it’s gross that this bette davis over-the-hill hook-nosed look-alike is playing tonsil hockey with her grandson in front of her newly-adopted children!

    call me judgemental — i don’t care.
    she travels the world to find some poor kid from the ghetto she can corrupt. it’s disgusting.

    bet the malawian people are none-too-happy they let her adopt little kids while she’s bedding their older brother…..yuk!!

  • Siriana

    @elaine: He’s an adult, not a minor, get it through your pea brain.