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Madonna & Jesus Luz: Kissing Couple

Madonna & Jesus Luz: Kissing Couple

Madonna leans in for a passionate kiss from her boyfriend, Brazilian model Jesus Luz, aboard a yacht in Portofino, Italy on Monday (August 17).

Madonna, 51, and Jesus, 23, took turns jumping off the giant yacht. Madge also was seen blocking the sun by holding up a parasol — even in the water!

Yesterday, the Material Mom celebrated her 51st birthday at desingers Domenico Dolce and Stefano Gabbana‘s private villa.

20+ pictures inside of kissing couple Madonna and Jesus Luz

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madonna jesus luz kissing couple 01
madonna jesus luz kissing couple 02
madonna jesus luz kissing couple 03
madonna jesus luz kissing couple 04
madonna jesus luz kissing couple 05
madonna jesus luz kissing couple 06
madonna jesus luz kissing couple 07
madonna jesus luz kissing couple 08
madonna jesus luz kissing couple 09
madonna jesus luz kissing couple 10
madonna jesus luz kissing couple 11
madonna jesus luz kissing couple 12
madonna jesus luz kissing couple 13
madonna jesus luz kissing couple 14
madonna jesus luz kissing couple 15
madonna jesus luz kissing couple 16
madonna jesus luz kissing couple 17
madonna jesus luz kissing couple 18
madonna jesus luz kissing couple 19
madonna jesus luz kissing couple 20
madonna jesus luz kissing couple 21
madonna jesus luz kissing couple 22

Photos: Fame Pictures, INFdaily
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  • dundies

    technically jesus is leaning lol

  • TR

    Sorry, this is just GROSS. She is TWICE his age. Grandma sex is not cute!

  • Whattagal

    Can you imagine the ego one would have to have in order to wear a top that had your name on it with a number #!. Crazy!
    Madonna sickens me. The dude is less than half her age. She needs to grow up and start becoming a better role model to all her kids. You know, the ones she pawns off on nannies while she parades her butt on stage in leotards.

  • Hoooooot


  • Maddyctm

    SO CUUUUTE <3 !!!!

  • Janet

    I cannot believe that Madonna is dating a 23 year old guy.
    She could be his mother!

  • bella

    @Janet: agree . . .its just weird . . .but at the same time, why is it not frowned upon when a man dates a woman much younger than him. Look at George Clooney. I am the same age as his new girlfriend and I would never date someone that old . . .even if it is George Clooney.

  • rpatzfan

    Granny is having fun lol

  • s

    ewwwwwwwwwwwwww…. yuck!

  • liz k

    Are the women wearing Kabbalah-approved swimwear or what?

    Why no bikini, Madonna?

  • joe

    Amazing couple, they’re beautiful. I love you Madonna

  • brangelina fan 4 life

    HUDOS Madonna! Do what men have been doing for years and years and years! I love it! If men can do it, so can we. I love it!

  • brangelina fan 4 life

    i luv that mercy is in one of the pics. and who is the chubby kid in the pink?

  • annie

    Madonna looks ridiculous….no visible wrinkles but so puffed up she’s not herself anymore.

    And, there’s no double standard….when men date women half their age everyone assumes she’s in it for the money and he’s having a mid-life crisis….same when a woman dates a man half her age.

  • Lisa

    wow.So HOT…
    Love her.

  • Lisa

    So cute. Madonna and Jesus hot couple.

  • Malinka

    All right, this may look weird, but also remember not to take her as a normal 50 year old woman. She works out a lot to look younger..two decades younger so she deserves a privilege of enjoying a young hot boyfriend..

    Besides this, no harm to anyone! I’m sure her children are her priority and as long as they see their mum happy they are happy themselves..Go Madonna!

  • martha.newyork

    She’s the best. i love it!

  • pousada morro de sao paulo

    It seems they are happy together.

  • alice

    madonna is amazing, love her!!! and they look great together, nice couple!!!

  • lakers fan in boston

    it’s grandma and grandkid
    she’s about as disgusting as they r in hollywood
    not only that but she thinks that if she’s ripped she’s gonna look hot
    sorry grandma, u looking like ur pumped on steriods doesnt make you look a bit better

  • SAN

    Madonna is great and Jesus is a nice hot guy, so be happy!!!



  • Parkan

    Age is just a number, people. Jeez. As long as no-one’s being exploited and they’re happy, it’s really not for you to judge them.

  • doozie

    I don’t mind the age difference…if it was reverse, old guy young gal, people wouldn’t be so critical. And sure she needs to chill on the couch more instead of creating such gnarly looking guns….but people!!!!

    Madonna. Is F-ing. Jesus.

    I was raised Catholic and this just does weird, icky things to my brain.

  • abby

    Great example for her children…especially to a hormonal teenage girl.

  • Double Standards

    It never ceases to amaze me the double standards people have! It is perfectly okay for a much older man to marry a much younger woman or date younger woman. When a woman does it she is all the sudden a disgusting pig? I guess we still live in a very chauvinistic biased world still.

    I know he is 28 years younger. I was thinking, “holy cr*p that woman is balsy but their is something that Jesus is attracted or needs. Probably the sex is great.” I mean. This is something I would not practice or plan on doing in the future. But, geez people. Your so judgemental or sound it. It is Maddona’s life not yours and she looks better then a lot of woman that are half her age. She looks great.

  • anon

    I lay odds he’d rather be kissing her one of her MALE body gaurds but Im sure this pays well and it’s good exposure for his career and good for her ego.

  • anon

    I lay odds he’d rather be kissing one of her MALE body gaurds but Im sure this pays well and it’s good exposure for his career and good for her ego.

  • Siriana

    She’s an adult, he’s an adult and they both look happy, so get over it people.

    Go jump all over George Clooney, Michael Douglas, Paul McCartney, and all the many men who date much younger women if you are going to bash Madonna. While you’re at it, go bash on Guy Ritchie for dating a girl Jesus’ age.

  • me!

    When he’s with Madonna, he closes his eyes and fantasizes about Lourdes!

  • sorry but true

    gross madonna u pig he’s barely legal..

  • mama

    Madonna is a DIVA *-*

  • anne

    erm…wonder how much is jesus’ allowance every month?

  • bae

    She looks really pretty here.. who cares how old he is. Its not like he is underage.. and if they are happy then who are you to judge?

  • anna

    happy bday madge!!

  • Mousse


  • anna

    men have been doing this for years, hello hugh hefner, so why can’t we? go madge u rule!

  • pearl

    Gross gross….ewwwwwwwwwwwwwww yuck!
    Madonna with a 23 year old guy its just digusting!
    She looks like his mom! Guy ritchie was so much better for her than jesus luz. I mean come on he’s probably with her just because its the famous diva madonna and of course cause she has got plenty of money. I feel sorry for madonna that boy is just using her for his own benefit. Madonna can do so much better! Even though she is 51 she still looks good but not to be with a guy who is 28 years younger than her.

  • http://www. janaina

    madonna you must be very happy, depending on who is, if you are happy with this boy, be happy I love you my queen pop.

  • eww

    madonna is so used up that poor boy hope he had all his shots.

  • Tiara

    You guys act like “he’s not in it for the money”!! HA!!!! You must be kiddin’ my ass right!

  • Tiara

    There’s only one thing I can say to sum up what I think about this : GROSS !!!!! She could be his grandma. GROS GROSS GROSS. As for the double standards……I hate it too when an old man dates a young hot woman. It’s so disgusting for a woman and the other way around. Why not try your age or maximum 10 years older?!

  • jake

    I guess all rumours become true in Hollywood. Deny first and they we learn the truth.

    Second Madonna is not a GRANNY. Get your facts correct people, a person becomes a grandparent when there kids have kids. Madonna’s kids are very YOUNG. Its just unfortunate that Madonna despite her efforts still looks old. Her arms esp. Women put much effort on face and not enough effort on hands/arms.

    As you guys get older, you will all realize why it sucks to be white. Black people age much better and there skin doesn’t look gross like white people.

  • ANA

    Parem de julgar e deixem que eles sejam felizes!!
    A vida é muito boa para as pessoas se prenderem em questões tolas como a idade…

  • Shemp lugosi

    The dude may be a hag-bagger but he’s got cute feet! I have no problem with the age difference, my problem is with Madonna, who refuses to age gracefully. Cling on to that youth with all the artificial processes you can afford, Mud, I guarantee you it’ll age you faster than if you did nothing at all.

  • hopeso


  • jendivorcebrad

    I’m so glad MaDonna has found Jesus but who is that child she is kissing???

  • Cindy

    look like fun hahhahahhahah

  • Lisa

    eww is all I can say!