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Sophia Bush & Austin Nichols: On-Again Couple?

Sophia Bush & Austin Nichols: On-Again Couple?

On-again, off-again couple Sophia Bush and Austin Nichols seem to be on-again as they arrive together at LaGuardia Airport in New York City on Sunday (August 17).

Sophia was seen lugging around a black Titan rolling suitcase, a Max Azria shopping bag and a gray quilted Chanel handbag.

The One Tree Hill costars have been busy in North Carolina shooting their upcoming CW series. Sophia, 27, and Austin, 29, reportedly started dating in early 2006.

10+ pictures inside possibly-on-again couple Sophia Bush and Austin Nichols

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225 Responses to “Sophia Bush & Austin Nichols: On-Again Couple?”

  1. 1
    Shannon Says:

    i sure hope so! they are so cute together

    i am so mad i didn’t see them in new york >:[

    whatevs, much love for oth crew:)


  2. 2
    hadis Says:

    ok,you first :-(

  3. 3
    C. Says:

    They aren’t dating, they were in NYC for a photoshoot, for OTH. Actually, Bethany Joy, James Lafferty, and a few others were in town too. Please stop spreading rumors like these, it’s totally false!

  4. 4
    Nicole Says:


    I’m sorry why isn’t the rest of the cast traveling with them. This is the third time they have been traveling together. so i think you need to wake up its obvious they are dating. they are so cute together btw

  5. 5
    immature Says:

    Isn’t she dating Jon Foster?

  6. 6
    WOW Says:

    I would love seeing them as a couple! They look hot together.

  7. 7
    Love Sophia Bush Says:

    No, she hasn’t been dating Jon Foster in a long time!
    She’s gorgeous, I love her!

  8. 8
    T Says:

    They’re cute together, but isn’t he gay? Or is that just a rumor?

  9. 9
    Mia Says:

    Jana Kramer (the actress playing Alex the model) is in the picture with them.

  10. 10
    ncgirl Says:

    Jana is with them but yeah they are together

  11. 11
    newsflash Says:

    He’s dating Jake Gyllenhaal, kiddies. Google it.

  12. 12


  13. 13
    Saudia Says:

    started dating in 2006.. uh wasn’t Sophia dating Lafferty around that time?? I love Sophia and Austin together!! They’re great on screen and off :)

  14. 14
    dubinsky Says:

    They were both in NYC for a network event, brainiacs. Stop making assumptions that she’s back with Austin JUST because they’re at the airport together.

  15. 15
    laura Says:

    oh boy and she strikes again…lol

  16. 16
    alison Says:

    she looks so beautiful and austin is hott i love their friendship and who ever thinks austin is gay is a dumb ass

  17. 17
    Allie Says:

    ah! that would be so cute of they were together. love it.

  18. 18
    ncgirl Says:

    They first date in 2006 and then Sophia dated Jon Foster for a little more that a year and a half then she went again with Austin, then dated James and now Austin again

  19. 19
    sam Says:

    seriously another co-star??????????????????????????? ohhhhh jezzzzz

  20. 20
    Terri Says:

    I can’t wait to see the promo pics. Gorgeous cast for sure! Season 7 is going to be so good. Aww Sophia looks so pretty. Her skin is flawless. Austin is looking sexy as usual.

  21. 21
    Anna Says:

    yeah James is hookig up with Shantel.

  22. 22
    Colleen Says:

    I know right. Shantel is so sexy. James and her make a hot, hot couple.

  23. 23
    wowowow Says:

    james lafferty is way way way hotter!

  24. 24
    bryanna Says:

    @17 that’s gross why would you put that there and as far as this post i think it’s cool and i wonder were they are going

  25. 25
    Jenn Says:

    Wilmy is so steamy. I guess most shows are. haha

  26. 26
    jessica Says:

    she looks naturally beautiful as she always does

  27. 27
    lakers fan in boston Says:

    she’s so cute =]
    cute lil outfit altho im not liking those shoes, 2 gladiator
    i dont no if i heard wrong, but didnt they break up not 2 long ago?

  28. 28
    kim Says:

    one tree hill has more drama off the set all the cast rumors the only one married is bethany joy galeotti but i still love all of them one tree hill rocks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  29. 29
    Tessa Says:

    James is hot. I can’t wait for someone to snap a pic of him and Shantel. They are so hiding! I adore Sophia and Austin. I love that they were friends, casual dating before Mark even thought of Julian. Lol and then he goes and hires Austin to play. I was told the cast all gets along and Shantel and Sophia are friends and James is totally cool.

  30. 30
    candy Says:

    i have a pair of “gladiator” shoes that look like that lol i think they are too cute like sophia is, she looks much younger than she really is if i didn’t know her i would guess she is about 20

  31. 31
    wowowow Says:

    is james really dating shantel? have people seen them together around wilminton or something?

  32. 32
    ana Says:

    OMG !! James are not dating with Shantel, it’s IMBD who say that and it’s false !!
    Nobody believes it because IMDB reported James had died in a car accident outside of his old house in Cali? LOL. A lot of people believed it too.
    It’s ridiculous !
    Sophia and Austin are so hot together !!

  33. 33
    Tammy Says:

    yes they are dating. James and Shantel that is or FWB whatever you want to call it. Ask around, haha mark took them to dinner in NY, James and Shantel.

  34. 34
    kayleen Says:

    why do you stupid people care who they date go get a life and stay out of theres

  35. 35
    charlene Says:

    Yay i hope that they are together again, i like them together, so cute. hehehe cant wait for the new season :)

  36. 36
    nobody Says:

    true and during that time Sophia and Austin were having a romantic diner in NY but Shantel and James are more FWB than a couple actually

  37. 37
    Tammy Says:

    Austin and Sophia are dating and SO are James and Shantel. What is the problem with that? I think they’ll be so hot together.

  38. 38
    ana Says:

    And “wowowow ” no, nobody seen James and Shantel together around Wilmington or something, two weeks ago, on the set, they walked together for turn, but it’s nothing, James walked with other girls on the set LOL.
    So not, it’s not fan who threw the rumor, nobody seen James and Shantel like a couple !
    it’s IMBD who is the king of the rumors ridiculous !!!!

  39. 39
    courtney Says:

    sophia is really really pretty and i like austin but come on james lafferty is so sexy!!!!!!!!!!

  40. 40
    ana Says:

    A romantic dinner ? OMG it’s ridiculous, how you know that for austin and sophia ??
    And Shantel and James it’s NOT a couple, they’re not photos and nobody fan seen them together !!!
    so stop with them, why to want has any price to accommodate James with a girl of the cast ?
    It’s totally false for shantel et james, trust me !
    But, Sophia and Austin are so cuuuute !!! And we talk about Sophia and Austin, not James or Shantel because it’s totally false!!

  41. 41
    lily Says:

    Sophia and Austin dated after she split from CMM, then she got with Jon. After her and Jon broke up, her and Austin were spotted together. Then she got with James. Then Austin got cast on the show. Then her and James broke up. Now her and Austin are back on.

    They always end up back together<33

  42. 42
    laura Says:

    james and shantel are not dating, some ilusional jerk started that rumor.. As for austin and sophia come on james is wayyyyyyy hotter than austin and sophia looks kind of dirty in these pics

  43. 43
    C. Says:


    They’re traveling together because they work together, and since Brooke and Julian are dating, they certainly were filming together. If they finished filming together on friday they simply catched the same fly, that’s it. And they werent only the 2 of them since some new girl was traveling with them ! I totally agree they look cute together but they arent dating.
    Oh and btw she wasnt “just fuc*ing” James, they actually dated for 1 year and 1/2 !

  44. 44
    HAlli Says:

    Jake + Austin = True love

  45. 45
    daisy Says:

    @43 sophia dosen’t look dirty she looks beautiful

  46. 46
    coco Says:

    I totally agree with you Ana for, stop with rumors about James, it’s borring and not true, but Sophia and Austin i believe it, a romantic dinner, oh my god if it’s true it’s great !! I LOVE THEM

  47. 47
    kt Says:

    he is SO hot and shes gorjuzz

  48. 48
    Ana Says:

    hey, James and Sophia were never together and that it’s TRUE, they were good friends, not more !!

  49. 49
    ncgirl Says:

    James and Shantel are so not dating trust me i’ve to filming a lot of time and they barely talk and James is seing a local girl (don’t think it’s serious) and as for Austin and Sophia they are always together in Wilmington and when Sophia goes back to LA trust me Austin is always with her they are totally together trust me. Just come in Wilmington and you’ll understand what I’M talking about lol.

  50. 50
    Mariana Says:

    I just love them!!! and he’s hot

  51. 51
    laura Says:

    seriously how can people be soooo naive and still dont believe that there is nothing going on between austin and sophia, lt is soooooo obvious that they are hooking up.. girl has a killer track record hahaha her 4 co-start

  52. 52
    Nan Says:

    I love Sophia and Austin. Also I believe James and Shantel are together. James is sneaky and very private. We never got confirmation about James and Sophia either except for the douche CM.

  53. 53
    Ellie Says:

    Sophia was so in love with her husband. I wish things could have been different between them. I think it will always hurt them both.

  54. 54
    daisy Says:

    @54 chad michael murray is not a douche and i wish him and sophia would of stayed married so none of this stupid drama would of ever started

  55. 55
    NC Says:

    What is all the denial about? James is doing Shantel.

  56. 56
    Nicole Says:


    ok I could believe that. But what about the other 2 times they were spotted together.

  57. 57
    Jenn Says:

    Bring on season 7!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  58. 58
    Celebritywatcher Says:

    Poor girl this is not the man for her!

    Check out my celebrity psychic predictions @

  59. 59
    Onetwothree Says:

    I’m having doubts about this girl. There are plenty of guys out there that would die to date her. Why does she keep hooking up with co-stars? I was okay with the fact that she was dating James since they have known each other for over six years but now Austin. Is she really as smart as everybody claim she is!

  60. 60
    Onetwothree Says:

    I’m having doubts about this girl. There are plenty of guys out there that would die to date her. Why does she keep hooking up with co-stars? I was okay with the fact that she was dating James since they have known each other for over six years but now Austin. Is she really as smart as everybody claim she is!

  61. 61
    WNC Says:

    Shantel was after James big time and she got him. No surprise there. I mean the girl is beautiful and James well he’s James.

  62. 62
    Crystal Says:

    Ha I know. Shantel wanted James and she got him, big time,. lmao

  63. 63
    Alex Says:

    Sophia and Austin know each other since a long time ago they knew each other before Sophia even knew who Chad or James were.

  64. 64
    Monica Says:

    Austin and Sophia went to USC together and have the same manager. They have dated before and know each other for many years. And they are both gorgeous.

  65. 65
    Heather Says:

    Who knows and who cares? If all of them are dating or none of them are dating?

  66. 66
    laura Says:

    DUDE GIRL stop talking about shantel and james, this thread has nothing to do with them, if they are ******** each other than good for them….
    I swear sophia keeps going back and forth, first chad screwed her than she started dating austin that didnt work out then came jon foster, that also didnt work out and back she was with austin, again it didnt work lets go to james, that also didnt work out and now she is back with austin, like seriously WHAT THE HELL is wrong with this girl????

  67. 67
    dee dee Says:

    So Jared, are you making this up, or did Jake and Reese’s pr and management pay you to push the Sophia and Austin are dating story???

    Sophia is not dating Austin. In the last month or so Sophia gave an interview in which she said she and Austin went on “like, three dates” years ago after breaking up with CMM, and decided to just be friends. And back when she supposedly had those dates, Lainey in her gossip column warned Sophia and she was going to get her heart broken because her current boyfriend was “gay as a goose”.

    Unlike a lot of other women in HW, seems that Sophia does not want to date a gay man. Why should she, when she’s gorgeous enough to get a real date, unlike Jared’s favorite, Reese.

  68. 68
    Lol Says:

    You haters are pathetic. James is on co star #2 and that pisses you off. CM screwed the underage high schooler from the show and anything that moved. Sophia had one husband and three other guys in six years. I ADORE her. Hil screwed Ian and his best friend Eric. Joy was a party girl before becoming born again, ********, doing drugs but no one likes to talk about them. Please everyone is human. let’s air your lives here. I have nothing against this cast or any celebs dating. I’ve screwed more people in a year. Yea sooooo.

  69. 69
    Jane Says:

    I mean in Hollywood, it’s an unofficial rule to date co-stars and to break up.
    These actors are working forever long days while their show is filming, they don’t have time to really go out and date, so they date the people that are around them.

    All of these actors and actresses have dated, yeah some of them have broken up, but that happens. As long as it does not interrupt their work, it shouldn’t be a problem.

    Ed Westwick and Jessica Szohr
    Leighton Meester and Sebastian Stan
    Blake Lively and Penn Badgely
    Jensen Ackles and Danneel Harris (I’m not sure if they started dating pre-Ten Inch Hero or not)
    Jessica Alba and Michael Weatherly
    Freddy Prinze Jr. and Sarah Michelle Gellar (co-stars before they got together and after)
    Rachel Bilson and Adam Brody
    Kristen Bell and Dax Shepard (they are in When in Rome together)
    Courtney Cox and David Arquette
    Rachel McAdams and Ryan Gosling
    Milo Ventimiglia and Alexis Bledel
    Milo Ventimiglia and Hayden Panettiere
    Jared Padlecki and Sandra McCoy
    Rachel Bilson and Hayden Christensen
    Hugh Jackman and Deborra-Lee Furness (they were in an Australian tv show together)
    Anna Paquin and Stephen Moyer
    Alyson Hannigan and Alexis Denisof (they dated after they were co-stars, but at some point they were co-stars and met on set)

  70. 70
    Lee Says:

    Austin is not gay.

  71. 71
    Onetwothree Says:

    @Jane: yes but 3 co-stars on the same show. That is a problem just like dating 3 different co-workers in the same company

  72. 72
    sam Says:

    austin is definitely not gay… she should have stayed with jon foster…

  73. 73
    Claire Says:

    There are way more co star relationships then that list. What about Jensen and Danneel. So many i cant even think.

  74. 74
    Anne Says:

    I have dated more than three guys from my town. It was over the course of a few years and we all are still friends. All of us have married other people and we socialize together. I don’t see the big deal. I think some of you want to bash Sophia that is all. I mean every time I have started a relationship I always thought he was the one for all time. Life doesn’t work that way. Look at Sienna Miller if you want to bash she goes for married men.

  75. 75
    Heather Says:

    Too funny. Guys get a pass. James is DOING Shantel and she went after him. Shantel was ******** Michael Brittany’s ex and he just dumped her.

  76. 76
    mythical creature Says:

    They’re young and that is what ya do…no problems…

  77. 77
    Angie Says:

    #77 One husband you are forgetting. James was three YEARS later. Then shame on James for betraying his friendship with Chad. Now he has moved onto Shantel literally.

  78. 78
    Randy Says:

    Hilarie was banging Ian’s best friend right after their break up. Nice. He is a school teacher in Wilmy.

  79. 79
    Jen Says:

    Austin is cute and so is Sophia, she looks great with longer hair as well.

  80. 80
    Maria Says:

    Hehe now it is getting juicy. Everyone has dirty laundry to air, even posters if you are honest.

  81. 81
    ali Says:

    all you people are so retarded stay the fck out of sophia’s life and go get one of your own please!!!!!!

  82. 82
    dee dee Says:

    Pictures of Sophia and Austin on the beach February 12, 2006:


    Lainey story less than 2 weeks later:


    *** are for usual, including com, since this didn’t go through the first time.

  83. 83
    dee dee Says:

    Since Jared won’t allow links, you can find photos of Sophia and Austin on the beach in February 2006 by using Sophia Bush, Austin Nichols gossip rocks and 2006.

    You can find the Lainey gossip about the gay boyfriend from a week later by searching on Lainey’s site and using the words Sophia Bush and glitter.

  84. 84
    jen Says:

    I asked this on the last post about Sophia but it was really late..
    i was just wondering for anyone who might know..How are things between James and Sophia now? They had such a close relationship and i was actually a big fan of them. It really disappoints me that Sophia has seemed to move on to another costar so fast. That has to make things really awkward on set for James.

    I’m actually not a fan of Sophia and Austin. He seems sleezy to me and I think she could do better. But if she’s happy then good for her.

  85. 85
    dee dee Says:

    Sorry, didn’t think my first post went through.

  86. 86
    ncgirl Says:

    James and Sophia get along very well I think that they both realized they were better off as friends and James doesn’t care about Austin and Sophia, he is actually happy for her, and like I said he is seeing a local girl right now so he don’t care about it.

  87. 87
    Sara Says:

    Sophia and James are still friends. And although they remain friends, they’ve both moved on like people do when they break up. But like you said, as long as Sophia is happy, thats all that matters.

  88. 88
    alison Says:

    chad and james hott and both good for sophia austin not so much

  89. 89
    brulian fan Says:

    I love Sophia and Austin both, but I don’t think they’re dating. Unless you have something to back it up NC girl, I don’t see why any of us should believe you.

  90. 90
    april Says:

    i love sophia!!!!!!!!!!!!more posts jj

  91. 91
    NY Says:

    There are pictures of Austin filming OTH today. Just another “fact” that Jared got wrong. These pictures were clearly taken when they arrived late last week for a photo shoot.

  92. 92
    Angela Says:

    I REALLY love how Jana is also in a couple of the arrive at the airport pictures and NO ONE has mentioned her………. regardless if she’s well known or not she is still part of the cast. Think about that too guys and get on the ball.

  93. 93
    ncgirl Says:

    Those pics are from ysterday when they were flying back to Wilmington, and I don’t care if you don’t believe me, I told you what I know and if you don’t believe it that’s fine,I will not fight with you to make you believe me.

  94. 94
    Jayla Says:

    Jared is the KING of getting his facts wrong.
    He says that Sophia and Austin arrived in New York yesterday when thats clearly a lie because they arrived a few days ago.
    They were filming today so why would the three castmembers arrive in New York yesterday and then be in Wilmy today filming??
    Jared-For future reference—Make sure that what you post is ACCURATE because you’ve been getting a lot of things wrong lately with many of your posts.

  95. 95
    sam Says:

    sophia is beautiful:)

  96. 96
    Nancy Says:

    She’s such an attention *****.

  97. 97
    sammy Says:

    @102 go fck yourself you must be on crack if you think sophia bush is an attention ***** cause shes just at an airport

  98. 98
    Tina Says:

    Then Jana and Austin are attention w****s too. You are such a fool.

  99. 99
    haley Says:

    I LOVE HER SOOOO MUCH….So glad you keep up with her and the rest of the OTH gang!!!!!!

  100. 100
    haley Says:

    Oh and I love them together!!!!!!!

  101. 101
    dee dee Says:

    Jared doesn’t care about the facts, clearly. All he cares about is making pr happy–in this case, Jake and Reese’s pr. They are so desperate to make Jake appear straight that they are making up stories about Jake’s bff Austin and Sophia Bush. They should just all leave them alone, Austin and Sophia seem like nice people, not like that famewh*** Reese W. and her wimpy gay boyfriend.

    By the way Jared, still waiting for you to change your name to Just Reese.

  102. 102
    vmars111 Says:

    It’s not really a couple if one of them is in a secret gay relationship with Jake Gyllenhaal. ALLEGEDLY.

  103. 103
    coverb Says:

    I am so sick of people coming in here and trashing Sophia on her love life. Sophia was only 22 when she married Chad, she was so young and in love and didn’t think Chad would turn out to be a cheater, she thought she would be with him forever, how can people criticize her dating life when she’s the one that got screwed over in the first place? Now she’s living her young life and trying to find the right one, what’s so wrong with that? She’s only 27 and beautiful and only been in 3 relationships since her divorce while Chad’s been cheating on his child fiancee for years! I hate the double standard girls get.
    And so what if they happen to be her co-stars? She works really long days and spends a lot of her time with James and Austin, it’s not surprising she would fall for them. And as for Austin, it shouldn’t be an issue at all that she’s dating him now because they dated way before he ever came on OTH, it’s not her fault he was cast on the same show as her. Does that mean she’s supposed to ignore her feelings?
    Sophia is a very kind and smart person, anyone whose ever had a conversation with her will tell you that. It’s really sad the things that are written about her here by people who don’t know her at all. And seriously, if you don’t like Sophia, why would you waste your time reading her posts and bashing her on her life, is it really affecting you that much who she dates? I can’t believe girls today bash other girls on who they fall in love with! She’s human like all of us and it’s none of our business who she dates! I admire Sophia and always will!

  104. 104
    taylor Says:

    i love sophia so much she could hook up with danneel harris and i still wouldn’t care lol i bet guys would love that

  105. 105
    anni Says:

    i totally agree with you converb.
    i think she is one of the most talented actress in our time, i love her work and admire her so much.
    just think about what she was going through (thze whole divorce thing, seeing kenzie around the set) .
    if she is with austin fine, i think they have after chad and sophia so much chemistry, if she is with james fine , as long as she is happy thats all what matters to me.

  106. 106
    Liv Says:

    She’s not dating Austin. They have known each other since college. If they wanted to hook up, it would have happened already. They’re just friends. I find it sad that men and women can’t be friends without being bombarded with dating rumours.

  107. 107
    laura Says:

    dude of course they are dating, just back in april when i was in wilmi they barely talked to each other cuz she was with james and now they are together 24/7, like seriously who are we trying to kid they are definitely an item…

  108. 108
    jamie Says:

    it is sad if sophia was traveling with joy no one would care but since she hangs out with austin it is this big deal rumor starters need to get out of here and leave sophia alone p.s. jana is there too jj don’t forget sophia and jana are beautiful

  109. 109
    april Says:

    guyz!!! who’s shantel?

  110. 110
    effy Says:

    @april: shantel vanstanen is haley’s older sister in season 7 of OTH and Shantell also stars in the T.A..T.U. film with Mischa Barton

  111. 111
    justme24 Says:

    UGH!!! He is soo ugly; I have no idea what Jake Gyllehhaal sees in him. Poor kid that has him and Jake as a father, and poor Reece that has to deal with all of this, too.

  112. 112
    anni Says:


    what are doing then here?
    i think austin is bvery handsome guy .. looks very cute ..

  113. 113
    AMELIA Says:

    You guys they may of went out. But they also remained exetremly awesome friends. Also all the other OTH co-stars happen to be in New York so they may have been on the same flight. But i dont reckon so.

    But if she is gonna live hapilly ever after

    Robert Buckley and Sophia Bush HOT!

  114. 114
    linda Says:


    lol…lili…that’s so true…guess they are meant tobe…

  115. 115
    joey Says:

    if you arrive at an airport, you can arrive there and fly somewhere (like apparantly they did) or you can land there. so i don’t think JJ messed up the facts. people should think more before they start writing dumb comments.

    and for all those jake/austin rumors, they’re hilarious. just because he played a part as a gay guy in a movie that doesn’t mean that he is in fact gay. or is there somewhere evidence of the two of them together, i mean really together? then i must have missed something…

    and for sophia, i don’t really care who she dates as long as she is happy. i don’t know her personally, but from what i’ve seen i feel like she is an incredible woman that deserves everything she wants. and if that is austin, fine… if it’s james or rob… just be happy, girl!

    that’s my opinion :)

  116. 116
    onetreehill fan Says:

    He’s dating Jake Gyllenhaal

  117. 117
    onetreehill fan Says:

    James Lafferty is much hotter

  118. 118
    laura Says:

    she was totally using james, the fact is that these actors get bored in wilmi, they dont have any free time to meet anyone else so its pretty normal for them to fall for each other, i wouldnt take all this austin sophia thing too seriously, i bet once the have a longer break the will break up, it was the same with james.

  119. 119
    Lucy Says:

    Peeps you know nothing. Stop with all the drama. Making up different scenarios every day.Leave them all alone. Now you are involving Reese and Jake too. Endless vicious gossip, I guess it makes you feel better about who you really are.
    Sophia is a good person. She works all the time, isn’t a leech or user Kind hearted, donates to charity, has life long girlfriends. All of us have relationships that don’t last forever. We still care about those people because we had strong feelings for them at one time. Her biggest mistake was marrying so young to guy who couldn’t keep it in his pants and still can’t. All the drama is from fans taking sides. Wow think of how ridiculous that is. They aren’t your friends or your parents. Yet you have such strong feelings of anger and resentment. Need therapy much?

  120. 120
    Katie Says:

    Exactly. I completely agree. You summed it up PERFECTLY.

  121. 121
    madmax Says:

    I love coming here for the entertainment. Maybe Austin will sneak away to Philly to go hook up with his boyfriend Jake. He’s with his beard Reeke. They’ve been able to dodge the paps so maybe it’s safe for Austin to go join the love of his life

  122. 122
    carla Says:

    He looks so much like CMM, so I think its kind of creepy if she is hooking up with him.

  123. 123
    mary Says:

    He doesn’t look like CMM at all, much hotter and he’s actually smart unlike that douchebag.

  124. 124
    crazy Says:

    she needs to find a guy that can get her up to an A-list status not these losers who can’t get her anywhere. I just wish she focus on her career instead of co-stars because once OTH is over I want to see her in the big screen. Chick flick/Action movies. She has the potential to make it big if she put aside all these men that are using her to get into the spotlight.

  125. 125
    Jenn Says:

    Shantel was doing John Robinson during the filming of their movie and whining about how Michael kept breaking up with James thinks she is awesome. Poor Guy.

  126. 126
    Jenn Says:

    Whining about breaking with Shantel. Shantel and Michael, Brittany’s ex.
    James has no idea what he is involved with. Good casting Markie.

  127. 127
    wain Says:

    three co-stars sophia? wow…and he shirt is very similar to the ones that Kenzie Dalton has worn in the past on here. Austin in such a player and everyone in Wilmington knows it, but yeah he and her are dating and have dated in the past. 22 north, a bar in Wrightsville Beach, was really awkward the other night when both James and Sophia were there. It’s so weird that James, Sophia and Austin all live within a block of each other.

  128. 128
    JennNC Says:

    Yeah awkward that James is doing Shantel and Shantel is a *****.

  129. 129
    Abby Says:

    I have heard such crap about Shantel. Wait till it all gets out.

  130. 130
    Wesley Says:

    I hope not. I want her and Chad to be back together or her and James.

  131. 131
    ncgirl Says:

    Sorry but that will not happen anytime soon

  132. 132
    Mickey Says:

    @wain: You need to inform Sophia, because Sophia said she did NOT date Austin in the past and they are just friends now.

  133. 133
    Nicki Says:

    Haha Shantel has been doing her co stars before OTH.

  134. 134
    Ali Says:

    Shantel rotf
    sleeps around

  135. 135
    anonymous Says:

    @wain: Maybe they are still together but don’t want people to start talking about it.

  136. 136
    Annette Says:

    The truth about Shantel is leaking out. The girl is a player and a user. Wonder how long she’s gonna last.

  137. 137
    anonymous Says:

    What happened to Sophia and James? I thought they where good for each other besides the age difference he’s just what she needs. Very private and not a media ****.

  138. 138
    Terri Says:

    The Christian OTH fans are cringing, their supposed little darling is a tramp, Shantel ******.

  139. 139
    sandy Says:

    sophia bush is very cute in these pictures it’s weird all you insane people think you know or have seen the people of one tree hill you don’t know them or there life so just stop sophia is private and i’m glad she is you people have no life so you come on here and try to start a rumor it’s so innoying this post is not about chad michael murray james lafferty shantel or jake gyllenghaal it is about sophia austin and jana at an airport so if you don’t want to talk about that don’t comment. jj just wants to start drama saying they are a couple

  140. 140
    léa Says:

    Omg !
    I’m so happy ^^

  141. 141
    Just Jared Says:


    Please stop spamming the flagged comments. We know you’re flagging comments multiple times with fake email addresses. You only have to flag once and need to add a valid email. We can not process them otherwise as they are marked as spam.

  142. 142
    lol Says:

    Bad Katie! LOL

  143. 143
    Anna Says:

    Awww. I LOVE Sophia. Both Sophia and Austin are gorgeous and if they’re together, then great.

  144. 144
    summer Says:

    i really want sophia to settle down and be happy she deserves it!

  145. 145
    Stacy Says:

    There is way too much spamming going on Just Jared lately.
    Too many people are using the site as a medium to promote their websites and blogs and stuff. Its getting ridiculous. No matter which post you go to, you see the same thing.
    And whats funny is, when those people make a comment about the celebrity who the post is about as if they actually care, and then post a link to their own website two seconds later.Lol

  146. 146
    Duh Says:

    He is GAY

    He is Grey Goose and Gyllenhaal is Toothy Tile.

  147. 147
    Ali Says:

    What is flagging?

  148. 148
    Kate Says:

    Shantel is bad news.

  149. 149
    ncgirl Says:

    Stop talking about Shantel this post is about Sophia and Austin. And Austin is not gay at all. So just stop.

  150. 150
    mfarris70 Says:

    I think this is the couple that was blind item’d a few weeks ago– the closeted actor who wants to be seen as straight and the TV actress who is desperately trying to have a movie career and is willing to have a fake relationship to boost her popularity. But then again, who wouldn’t in Hollywood?

  151. 151
    Tina Says:

    Why stop talking about Shantel? She is trashy and part of the show. I don’t think that blind item is about them. Both are tied to the show for two more seasons. I wonder who it is though.

  152. 152
    rachel Says:

    @157 austin is straight that’s not funny and it is a stupid rumor sophia is NOT desperately trying to have a movie career you know nothing sophia is the kind of actress who dosen’t care about being popular her and austin hang out cause they want to not because they want to be popular that is the stupidest thing i’ve ever heard

  153. 153
    rachel Says:

    @158 how do you know shantel is trashy have you ever met her have you seen pictures of her with trashy clothes or at clubs no, if you want trashy go gossip about lindsay lohan and paris hilton not shantel and this post is not about her so that is why you should stop talking about her

  154. 154
    Kristi Says:

    Shantel sleeps around and with James and other co stars as well. I can talk about the trash bag.

  155. 155
    nooonnno Says:

    well I heard she is also sleeping with rob and tried with Austin but it didnt work since he wants to stay faithful to Sophia

  156. 156
    ncgirl Says:

    Stop talking about Shantel… so off topic guys this is about Sophia and Austin, Shantel isn’t even in those pics come on

  157. 157
    lorna Says:

    oth hasn’t been good since s5. i hated s6 and now without peyton, no more oth for me. love brulian though. so i may pop in occasionally.

  158. 158
    alison Says:

    come on season 6 was the best season there was and 7 will be better i’m gonna watch every single episode @161 and 162 you two are idiots who don’t know anything about shantel or anyone else in the cast so shut up no one cares what you “heard” sophia looks beautiful here

  159. 159
    bea Says:

    they are not together! this season brook and julian go on the red carpet for clothes over bros as well as for a movie premiere thats why they are traveling together! they are the only ones in those scenes in nyc!

  160. 160
    hayden Says:

    sophia and austin are together cause they work together they are only a couple on the fictional show one tree hill they have to shoot scenes for one tree hill in new york so i’m guesses they r flying back to north carolina and that is also y jana is with them so people who think they r a couple or she fcks her costars keep dreaming. you freaks need to stop starting rumors and lies i feel so bad for sophia because from what i know of her she seems like a sweet person and she is extremely smart to keep her personal life private. and you idiots on here think you know who the oth cast members date you don’t so go get a life and stay out of theres

  161. 161
    coverb Says:

    actually the entire cast was in nyc for a few days for a season 7 photoshoot, that’s why jana kramer is traveling back to nc with them. James, Joy and Rob were all there as well. Joy posted about it on her official site and blog. They all just probably left nyc on different days.
    i don’t understand why people keep bringing up shantel and james here, this post has nothing to do with them. I also don’t get how people claim they know all this stuff about her and who she dates? Does she tell you herself?

  162. 162
    ali Says:

    that is cool i wonder when season 7 pro pics will come out i can’t wait for season 7!!

  163. 163
    karmababykarma Says:

    Sophia & Austin = NOT dating. Take my word, I know they are only friends. He isnt the one for her and she knows it.

    Shantel & James = NOT dating, could be in the future but for now they are only friends.

    However, I have been hearing a lot of about Robert & Sophia hooking up…but I cant confirm it…

  164. 164
    casey Says:

    I thought she was with James Lafferty around the 2006 area?

  165. 165
    sophialoveyou Says:

    Why I love Sophia:
    She is always friendly and even more gorgeous in person. Always takes time with her fans, and is never nasty. She is graceful, elegant, and has the kind of mystery I wish I have. She never bashes anyone, not even the guy who broke her heart. She appreciate what life has given her and doesnt take anything for granted.

  166. 166
    sophialoveyou Says:

    Sophia and Robert Buckley are dating. They are just keeping it very private and want to fool the fans by letting Sophia be seen with Austin as much as possible….

  167. 167
    sophie Says:

    I don’t believe Sophia and Robert are dating, she is seen way too much with Austin that they really don’t leave time for anyone else, and anyone who lives in wilmington will say that. I really don’t think they care that much about what fans think that they wouldn’t hang out together outside of work just to keep private. Sophia and Austin hang out a lot around town exactly the same amount her and James did when they were dating. Her and Austin are either dating or they’re very very close friends, but from what I’ve seen there, there’s nothing going on with her and Rob. I’ve seen them both in the same place and they act like simple friends and co-stars, and I would believe there’s something between her and Austin long before I would believe her and Rob together. There’s just not even the slightest evidence of that, opposite to her and austin.
    karmababykarma, how do you know what you know? do you know sophia or the cast personally? you seem awfully sure about your claims, just wondering.
    anyway, whoever sophia is with, she just deserves to be happy and i hope she is. She is a very very sweet person.

  168. 168
    hehe Says:

    i will tell you why they are such close friends: they have friends for a looong time, knew eachother before he joined oth, have mutual friends, went to the same university etc

    + austin is gay, sophia is just his cover-up sorry to say.

    Sophia would never be this obvious with her relationships, when she was with James there were barely any sightings.
    And that is how she is trying to keep it with Robert…

  169. 169
    karmababykarma Says:

    @sophie: A close friend of mine is dating a guy who has in very close connection to the actors&actresses of oth

  170. 170
    mary Says:

    Yeah, Austin is gay, such a shame though.

  171. 171
    crazy Says:

    yeah austin is gay, and in a “relationship”

    robert told a friend of his (when they spent a couple of days in NY that he and sophia bush are hooking up)

  172. 172
    ana Says:

    i hope so!!this couple is amazing

  173. 173
    Shaun McGowan Says:

    She is cute as!!!

  174. 174
    Tara Says:

    This needs to STOP.
    First you have half of the people saying she is with this guy and then you have the other half saying, no, she is with that guy. I mean, do people really have nothing BETTER to do with their lives instead of sitting there and debating who an actress is or isn’t dating???
    Not to mention, you have people saying this person hooking up that person and that person wants to with this person. Its getting ridiculous.
    Just let it STOP.

  175. 175
    Vivian Says:

    SHANTEL is doing James no doubt about it. After her last co star John Robinson.

  176. 176
    Tina Says:

    Sophia, Austin and Jake are long-time friends.

  177. 177
    sophie Says:

    @hehe, sorry but do you live in Wilmington? Because if you did or spent time there, you would know sophia was very obvious with her relationship with james around town. There were many many sightings, just like her and austin now.
    and karmababykarma, I believe you about your friend but I don’t believe the cast would talk about who they’re ‘hooking up’ with on set to someone who works on the set. Tara is right the ‘hooking up’ talk should stop, it’s immature, the cast are in their late’s 20s, this isn’t high school.
    if sophia and rob really had something going on, wouldn’t they be hanging out on weekends at bars/restaurants/beach or something? She’s doing all that with austin!
    whatever as long as she’s happy. she deserves the best.

  178. 178
    karmababykarma Says:

    sophia and robert are trying to be really low-profile…they dont want anybody to know about them yet because its so new. austin is only a good friend of hers, she spends a lot of time with him and trusts him a lot but they are NOT together. there is a reason as to why they are not together but i shouldnt say it here.

  179. 179
    wallee Says:

    What is that reason? And I also find it weird that Sophia and Rob are not even hanging out and that they are suposely hooking out…

  180. 180
    Michelle Says:

    I thought she was dating James Lafferty?
    Anyways – hm, I miss chad & her together.. LOL.

  181. 181
    .... Says:


    Agree! They were adorable together..

  182. 182
    mary Says:

    what karmababykarma doesn’t want to say I’ll say, Austin is gay, sorry for all Sophia/Austin fans.
    Even back in 06 when those Sophia/Austin pics on beach showed up, Jake was with them but he was cut out. There is enough proof for that, not only blind items.

  183. 183
    crazy Says:

    Totally Agree with you about Austin been Gay. Nothing against it thou he’s still a human being. Love Sophia for being private about her love life. Maybe she is still with James and just don’t want any grief about it. Why would she risk all the publicity last year because of Chad and then break up w/James. Make no sense and its not like she just decided to date James they have known each other for over 6 years people.

  184. 184
    ali Says:

    all of you are stupid people who know nothing GO GET A LIFE

  185. 185

    They would make a cute couple

  186. 186
    ncgirl Says:

    Stop saying crap, Austin is NOT gay. Some of you need to stop spreading lies its ridiculous. Sophia and Austin are dating so stop making crap… saying that hes gay, Sophia hooking up with Rob…stupid lie.

  187. 187
    Haya Says:

    I love her! I hope they get back together they look so cute together

  188. 188
    Candy Says:

    Shantel is doing James and did her other co star John Robinson. Austin is so NOT gay.

  189. 189
    alison Says:

    her husband chad cheated on her and shes been in a few realationships since then so what chad didn’t leave because of sophia so shut up

  190. 190
    sophie Says:

    These lies about austin and jake have got to stop because they are beyond immature! So are you saying that Reese is a cover up for Jake and has been all these years? That’s ridiculous! I will never believe is Austin is gay just like I will never believe Rob and Sophia have something going on. I’m sorry but I saw quite a few things in Wilmington that prove to me that austin and sophia are indeed dating and that there is NOTHING going on with rob and sophia.
    I don’t care if anyone believes me because it doesn’t change the truth, wilmington is a small town and if her and rob were really dating, it doesn’t matter how private they try to be, someone would have seen them together by now. But no, we’re always seeing her with Austin. They spend so much time together they don’t leave time for anyone else. Do you really think they wouldn’t even travel together if they were dating? Even when the cast was in LA for the TCA event, sophia and rob didn’t travel back to NC together. I can see ncgirl has been saying the same thing I have, and anyone else from the area will and has as well. Take a trip if you don’t believe us. One weekend will be enough for proof.
    Unless you don’t trust your eyes!

  191. 191
    hollywood PR Says:

    @sophie: Jake Gyllenhaal is gay.
    Reese Witherspoon is using Jake to get publicity (make more money) after Ryan dumped her for Abbie.
    “Jake and Reese” is just one of Hollywood fauxmances, nothing special about it.

  192. 192
    sophie Says:

    I’m sorry but Reese Witherspoon doesn’t need more publicity and never did, she was always more famous than her husband, do you really think an Oscar winner would need to have a ‘fake’ boyfriend for more fame? I’m sorry but I’ll never believe it, especially from Reese. Why can’t people just let them be? Jake is not gay, some people need to realize the difference between movies and real life.
    Sophia and Austin are very nice people and I wish them the best as a couple and as friends, whatever suits them. But people really shouldn’t be making up stories about other people’s sexuality and who they’re ‘hooking up’ with w/o any proof. They don’t deserve that!

  193. 193
    Dani Says:

    Shantel spreads her legs so fast. She started banging James right away. All you fans can try and cover it up but it is TRUE. John Robinson got in her pants while she was still seeing Michael. And then James got into Shantel’s pants as soon s she go to Wilmy. She is fast and ******.
    Reese doesn’t need anyone to help her career. Reese rocks and has her own company and makes her movies and stars in them.

  194. 194
    onetwothree Says:

    @Dani: Good thing Sophia got rid of James…. He’s nothing better than Chad just trying to hide his true colors.

  195. 195
    Ana Says:

    James and CM. I think those two guys were never friends and it was an act for the camera and fans. James and Sophia had a relationship that developed over the years. it didn’t work out but they tried and remain friends. Shantel is a star F***er. haha I bet all the crew and everytone are taking bets on how long this trampazoid will last. Shantel jumps into the sack VERY quickly.

  196. 196
    uuummmmm Says:

    if they were a couple dont you think they would be walking side by side?

  197. 197
    lol Says:

    they are not a couple.

    shantel and james are fwb

  198. 198
    sophie Says:

    I guess i just don’t understand how people can be so sure about james and shantel being fwb? do they tell you that themselves? it’s such a big assumption to make on people you don’t know at all. i’ve met them many times and i would never even assume something like that between them or anybody unless they told me themselves! And i’m not defending shantel because I don’t really care about her at all-not a fan, but that doesn’t mean i have to believe all rumors about her.
    and don’t tell me the crew knows, if james and shantel were really hooking up, i highly doubt they would share it with the crew! and if they are hooking up, it’s none of our business, they’re young, let them be. people put celebs on these perfect platforms, they’re human just like us.

  199. 199
    alison Says:

    people are stupid that’s why they make up stuff about the cast they think it’s funny to make up rumors so fck u haters

  200. 200
    Ellie Says:

    It is true about James and Shantel. You DON”T want to believe it. Also Shantel hooks up with guys so fast. The girl is hot and takes full advantage of that.FWB I hate that term. peeps use it all the time like with Sophia and James and it wasn’t true. SJ were dating and so are Shantel and James. Yea Baby James has grown up.

  201. 201
    sophie Says:

    well then congrats to them if they’re dating. It’s not that I don’t want to believe it, it’s that I have no proof to believe it. But I could care less if they’re together. It’s not like I’m after James! the only thing i’ll say is, if james is really dating shantel then how come everytime i’ve seen him out this summer he’s not with her? guess she stays home and knits while he goes out to bars and stuff on weekends.
    at least with sophia and austin, they’re always seen out together. and same when she was with james, that’s why i believed they were together.
    all i’m saying is wilmington is small and if james and shantel were dating, we would have seen them out together by now. but maybe they’re only dating on the set!lol

  202. 202
    Nan Says:

    James is keeping it quiet because of the backlash from the peeps. His parents aren’t crazy about the idea either. They are together regardless.

  203. 203
    OTHfan Says:

    Why has this post all of a sudden turned into a discussin about James and Shantel? They’re not even in the pictures. If they are dating and trying to keep it quiet, I guess they aren’t doing such a good job with it considering so many people seem to be so sure about them being together, which I don’t understand how.
    To get back on topic, regardless of whether they’re dating or not, Sophia and Austin are the best part of One Tree Hill right now and they have amazing chemistry on-screen, so them spending time together is working really well for the show! It’s a good thing Sophia was the not one who left OTH because I swear it wouldn’t last a full season without her. She’s the most talented on that show, brings in the most viewers,(I heard this on the set) and has got a very bright future ahead of her after OTH. And if she is dating Austin, then I say good for her, just another great thing in her life, that boy is intelligent like her and very HOT!!!!

  204. 204
    Linny Says:

    So did Sophia broke up with James or it was a mutual thing? Just curious since everybody in here seems to know so much about these cast!

  205. 205
    Lucy Says:

    James is definitely making sure it doesn’t get out there in the press. He and Shantel hook up very privately. James won’t risk being seen in public together. Sophia and Austin aren’t hiding but they also aren’t flaunting it. Come on James be proud of your new arm piece.
    Sophia and James decided to be friends.

  206. 206
    sophie Says:

    Sophia and Austin were seen partying together tonight in NYC, JJ’s sidekick tweeted it. I’m sure they’ll post pics tomorrow!

    And yeah from what I’ve seen, Sophia and James have remained good friends.

  207. 207
    laura Says:


    Woman would you stop making up stories??????? you know very well that austin and sophia are dating and that there is nothing going on between robert and her, i live here and trust me sophia and austin are attached to each other 24/7 and by the way i am sooooo glad that JJ caught them together yesterday night at the party since your stories are starting to piss me off, you talk like you know everything that its going on with the cast when you really dont know anything, pretty pathetic that you have to come in here everytime jj posts stuff about sophia and chad and talk all the crap you do—

  208. 208
    karmababykarma Says:


    Just wait and see. Im not gonna say it again, this will be the last time – Sophia and Austin are not dating.

    Hopefully Jared will confirm that.

  209. 209
    laura Says:


    you do realize that just jared spotted them together yesterday night and he wrote on his twitter “how cute” and that they were partying together?????????? dude its unbeliavable that you still keep saying that they are not dating, maybe they are not dating but they are obviously at least hooking up and you know it too….

  210. 210
    sam Says:


    could you tell us if you know that if austin is gay or not???? that would be really nice, i totally believe you when you say that they are not dating…

  211. 211
    Baci Says:

    You people are nuts! Leave poor James out of this. No wonder why the poor guy felt he had to cancel the Charity Basketball Game. They are always rumors about the poor guy and there has been no proof in photos or anything to prove it true. Anyone can come on here and claim they know the truth. But I don’t believe it about Shantel, she seems to professional to do something like that so soon and I do believe James has learned his lesson from his fiasco with Sophia, never eat where you crap!

  212. 212
    NC Says:

    James is a sweetheart. Shantel is nice but… she was doing John Robinson while they made there movie (sleeps with co stars).. Now she has moved onto James, that is TRUE. She is NO innocent little girl. Ask Brittany Snow about Shantel and Michael. Austin and Sophia are dating, he is not gay. Chad and Sophia got bashed for years because of fans. So nasty. No one is bashing James or Sophia but they BOTH are dating co stars. Shantel is 23 and hot and sleeps around, no big deal.

  213. 213
    Terri Says:

    Haley fans want to protect Shantel, that is so typical. She is no saint. Either was Joy. Ask around before Joy became religious/born again. She was partying up a storm, drugs, guys, wild times. You want the fantasy of two little goody, goodies. They are human and do things that can’t please everyone like everybody else. It doesn’t imply that they are bad people. Shantel has a list of guys going that she has *cough* been with.
    James, Sophia, Austin, Shantel, Paul, Lisa, Joy. They are all warm and loving, complex and complicated. Look at yourselves and your own problems or decisions. Life happens.

  214. 214
    Cali Says:

    James and Shantel are both sexy beasts! What is it so difficult to understand? James is keeping it very low down, haha that sounds funny. He is no shy boy and he has screwed alot of Wilmy chicks. And who really cares co stars date each other especially the sexy ones. I sure would.

  215. 215
    alison Says:

    wow if anybody from the oth cast was to read this they would be cracking up laughing at you stupid idiots i won’t belive any of your made up stories until i hear it come from there mouths or have good evidence you people are innoying as fck and Terri that has to be the stupidest comment ever about joy you most of thought really hard cause that was funny

  216. 216
    Kay Says:

    Actually, what Terri said was right on the money. I’m not trying to bash Joy or anything but anyone who isn’t delusional knows that Joy was anything but “good” before became “born again.” People shouldn’t try and cover for her…..especially when she herself has said that she used to party and do drugs like crazy. Just saying.
    But I do thinks that people should just let this whole dating subject go. Its already 9 pages long and it hasn’t really accomplished anything.

  217. 217
    Katie Says:

    Jake Gyllenhaal is getting married to reese witherspoon if you check that on google. And no austin nichols is not gay he is at the moment dating sophia and he dated other girls before her so i don think he is gay.

  218. 218
    Jamie Ann Says:

    haha James and Shantel- now that is the most hilarious bullshit I’ve ever heard, considering I personally know for a fact that it’s not true. As well as a bunch of other bullshit that’s not true, that goes around about James, Joy, and the cast in general. Shantel is hooking up with someone, but it’s not James. LOL And, pretty much everyone in Wilmington knows that. Nice try.

  219. 219
    Jamie Ann Says:

    laura, you are so right. Most people in Wilmington know that, just like they know Shantel is ALWAYS with Robert.

    James and Shantel- that is the most hilarious bullshit I’ve ever heard, considering I personally know it’s not true for several reasons.

    And, the Joy ****. I’m curious as to when and where the hell Joy supposedly said that she used to party and do drugs like crazy. Show me the proof, because that’s another thing I personally know is a crock of ****. Nice try, though.

  220. 220
    Sophia Says:

    I find her having worked her way through every male lead on ‘One Tree Hill’ absolutely ridiculous. Poor Joy and Hil, having to put up with her whoriness and the awkwardness that follows…

  221. 221
    suppress your appetite Says:

    she is cute

  222. 222
    Colleen Says:

    If they are dating I think it’s great cause they make a cute couple but all this time I thought she was with James since last season. Then another poster said James is with Shantel but I thought she was with Rob. I am so confused. I absolutely love Sophia she is so beautiful and I love her husky voice but I would have thought after her brief marriage to Chad Michael Murray she would have learned her lesson and not date her co-stars.

  223. 223
    April Says:

    James has been with Shantel for a long time now. That’s not even news anymore. People have known about it for a while. I don’t even know why people are still in denial about that.

  224. 224
    April Says:

    As for how many girls James has screwed in Wilmington, who the hell cares? He’s 24, and it’s not like he’s married. He can do whoever the hell he wants whenever he wants. He’s hot, why not? You’re only young once. No, Shantel isn’t a saint but neither is any of that cast and Sophia is so much worse. The stuff about Joy – complete bs and I know that for a FACT. So, nice try.

  225. 225
    Jamie Says:

    Haha I love how everyone is talking about how quickly Shantel sleeps around with guys and how she screws stars and was after James and all that. I guess the Sophia fans are back out in full-force, worshiping their heroine. *rolleyes* It has nothing to do with protecting Shantel because people are Haley fans. It has to do with the fact that Sophia’s no better. She does the exact same thing, so it’s a moot point. Who cares that Shantel went after James? Who cares that they’re dating and sleeping together? Who cares how many people she’s slept with or how many girls he’s slept with? Sophia’s slept with just as many, if not more. She’s the farthest thing from innocent, sorry to say. Celebrities sleep around. So what? Who the hell cares? Were you expecting them not to? Because, THAT’S unrealistic, especially when they’re young, hot, rich, and famous. You only live once, might as well take advantage of it.

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