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Sophia Bush & Austin Nichols: On-Again Couple?

Sophia Bush & Austin Nichols: On-Again Couple?

On-again, off-again couple Sophia Bush and Austin Nichols seem to be on-again as they arrive together at LaGuardia Airport in New York City on Sunday (August 17).

Sophia was seen lugging around a black Titan rolling suitcase, a Max Azria shopping bag and a gray quilted Chanel handbag.

The One Tree Hill costars have been busy in North Carolina shooting their upcoming CW series. Sophia, 27, and Austin, 29, reportedly started dating in early 2006.

10+ pictures inside possibly-on-again couple Sophia Bush and Austin Nichols

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Credit: Jackson Lee ; Photos: SplashNewsOnline
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  • dee dee

    Jared doesn’t care about the facts, clearly. All he cares about is making pr happy–in this case, Jake and Reese’s pr. They are so desperate to make Jake appear straight that they are making up stories about Jake’s bff Austin and Sophia Bush. They should just all leave them alone, Austin and Sophia seem like nice people, not like that famewh*** Reese W. and her wimpy gay boyfriend.

    By the way Jared, still waiting for you to change your name to Just Reese.

  • vmars111

    It’s not really a couple if one of them is in a secret gay relationship with Jake Gyllenhaal. ALLEGEDLY.

  • coverb

    I am so sick of people coming in here and trashing Sophia on her love life. Sophia was only 22 when she married Chad, she was so young and in love and didn’t think Chad would turn out to be a cheater, she thought she would be with him forever, how can people criticize her dating life when she’s the one that got screwed over in the first place? Now she’s living her young life and trying to find the right one, what’s so wrong with that? She’s only 27 and beautiful and only been in 3 relationships since her divorce while Chad’s been cheating on his child fiancee for years! I hate the double standard girls get.
    And so what if they happen to be her co-stars? She works really long days and spends a lot of her time with James and Austin, it’s not surprising she would fall for them. And as for Austin, it shouldn’t be an issue at all that she’s dating him now because they dated way before he ever came on OTH, it’s not her fault he was cast on the same show as her. Does that mean she’s supposed to ignore her feelings?
    Sophia is a very kind and smart person, anyone whose ever had a conversation with her will tell you that. It’s really sad the things that are written about her here by people who don’t know her at all. And seriously, if you don’t like Sophia, why would you waste your time reading her posts and bashing her on her life, is it really affecting you that much who she dates? I can’t believe girls today bash other girls on who they fall in love with! She’s human like all of us and it’s none of our business who she dates! I admire Sophia and always will!

  • taylor

    i love sophia so much she could hook up with danneel harris and i still wouldn’t care lol i bet guys would love that

  • anni

    i totally agree with you converb.
    i think she is one of the most talented actress in our time, i love her work and admire her so much.
    just think about what she was going through (thze whole divorce thing, seeing kenzie around the set) .
    if she is with austin fine, i think they have after chad and sophia so much chemistry, if she is with james fine , as long as she is happy thats all what matters to me.

  • Liv

    She’s not dating Austin. They have known each other since college. If they wanted to hook up, it would have happened already. They’re just friends. I find it sad that men and women can’t be friends without being bombarded with dating rumours.

  • laura

    dude of course they are dating, just back in april when i was in wilmi they barely talked to each other cuz she was with james and now they are together 24/7, like seriously who are we trying to kid they are definitely an item…

  • jamie

    it is sad if sophia was traveling with joy no one would care but since she hangs out with austin it is this big deal rumor starters need to get out of here and leave sophia alone p.s. jana is there too jj don’t forget sophia and jana are beautiful

  • april

    guyz!!! who’s shantel?

  • effy

    @april: shantel vanstanen is haley’s older sister in season 7 of OTH and Shantell also stars in the T.A..T.U. film with Mischa Barton

  • justme24

    UGH!!! He is soo ugly; I have no idea what Jake Gyllehhaal sees in him. Poor kid that has him and Jake as a father, and poor Reece that has to deal with all of this, too.

  • anni


    what are doing then here?
    i think austin is bvery handsome guy .. looks very cute ..


    You guys they may of went out. But they also remained exetremly awesome friends. Also all the other OTH co-stars happen to be in New York so they may have been on the same flight. But i dont reckon so.

    But if she is gonna live hapilly ever after

    Robert Buckley and Sophia Bush HOT!

  • linda


    lol…lili…that’s so true…guess they are meant tobe…

  • joey

    if you arrive at an airport, you can arrive there and fly somewhere (like apparantly they did) or you can land there. so i don’t think JJ messed up the facts. people should think more before they start writing dumb comments.

    and for all those jake/austin rumors, they’re hilarious. just because he played a part as a gay guy in a movie that doesn’t mean that he is in fact gay. or is there somewhere evidence of the two of them together, i mean really together? then i must have missed something…

    and for sophia, i don’t really care who she dates as long as she is happy. i don’t know her personally, but from what i’ve seen i feel like she is an incredible woman that deserves everything she wants. and if that is austin, fine… if it’s james or rob… just be happy, girl!

    that’s my opinion :)

  • onetreehill fan

    He’s dating Jake Gyllenhaal

  • onetreehill fan

    James Lafferty is much hotter

  • laura

    she was totally using james, the fact is that these actors get bored in wilmi, they dont have any free time to meet anyone else so its pretty normal for them to fall for each other, i wouldnt take all this austin sophia thing too seriously, i bet once the have a longer break the will break up, it was the same with james.

  • Lucy

    Peeps you know nothing. Stop with all the drama. Making up different scenarios every day.Leave them all alone. Now you are involving Reese and Jake too. Endless vicious gossip, I guess it makes you feel better about who you really are.
    Sophia is a good person. She works all the time, isn’t a leech or user Kind hearted, donates to charity, has life long girlfriends. All of us have relationships that don’t last forever. We still care about those people because we had strong feelings for them at one time. Her biggest mistake was marrying so young to guy who couldn’t keep it in his pants and still can’t. All the drama is from fans taking sides. Wow think of how ridiculous that is. They aren’t your friends or your parents. Yet you have such strong feelings of anger and resentment. Need therapy much?

  • Katie

    Exactly. I completely agree. You summed it up PERFECTLY.

  • madmax

    I love coming here for the entertainment. Maybe Austin will sneak away to Philly to go hook up with his boyfriend Jake. He’s with his beard Reeke. They’ve been able to dodge the paps so maybe it’s safe for Austin to go join the love of his life

  • carla

    He looks so much like CMM, so I think its kind of creepy if she is hooking up with him.

  • mary

    He doesn’t look like CMM at all, much hotter and he’s actually smart unlike that douchebag.

  • crazy

    she needs to find a guy that can get her up to an A-list status not these losers who can’t get her anywhere. I just wish she focus on her career instead of co-stars because once OTH is over I want to see her in the big screen. Chick flick/Action movies. She has the potential to make it big if she put aside all these men that are using her to get into the spotlight.

  • Jenn

    Shantel was doing John Robinson during the filming of their movie and whining about how Michael kept breaking up with James thinks she is awesome. Poor Guy.

  • Jenn

    Whining about breaking with Shantel. Shantel and Michael, Brittany’s ex.
    James has no idea what he is involved with. Good casting Markie.

  • wain

    three co-stars sophia? wow…and he shirt is very similar to the ones that Kenzie Dalton has worn in the past on here. Austin in such a player and everyone in Wilmington knows it, but yeah he and her are dating and have dated in the past. 22 north, a bar in Wrightsville Beach, was really awkward the other night when both James and Sophia were there. It’s so weird that James, Sophia and Austin all live within a block of each other.

  • JennNC

    Yeah awkward that James is doing Shantel and Shantel is a skank.

  • Abby

    I have heard such crap about Shantel. Wait till it all gets out.

  • Wesley

    I hope not. I want her and Chad to be back together or her and James.

  • ncgirl

    Sorry but that will not happen anytime soon

  • Mickey

    @wain: You need to inform Sophia, because Sophia said she did NOT date Austin in the past and they are just friends now.

  • Nicki

    Haha Shantel has been doing her co stars before OTH.

  • Ali

    Shantel rotf
    sleeps around

  • anonymous

    @wain: Maybe they are still together but don’t want people to start talking about it.

  • Annette

    The truth about Shantel is leaking out. The girl is a player and a user. Wonder how long she’s gonna last.

  • anonymous

    What happened to Sophia and James? I thought they where good for each other besides the age difference he’s just what she needs. Very private and not a media ****.

  • Terri

    The Christian OTH fans are cringing, their supposed little darling is a tramp, Shantel Skanky.

  • sandy

    sophia bush is very cute in these pictures it’s weird all you insane people think you know or have seen the people of one tree hill you don’t know them or there life so just stop sophia is private and i’m glad she is you people have no life so you come on here and try to start a rumor it’s so innoying this post is not about chad michael murray james lafferty shantel or jake gyllenghaal it is about sophia austin and jana at an airport so if you don’t want to talk about that don’t comment. jj just wants to start drama saying they are a couple

  • léa

    Omg !
    I’m so happy ^^

  • Just Jared


    Please stop spamming the flagged comments. We know you’re flagging comments multiple times with fake email addresses. You only have to flag once and need to add a valid email. We can not process them otherwise as they are marked as spam.

  • lol

    Bad Katie! LOL

  • Anna

    Awww. I LOVE Sophia. Both Sophia and Austin are gorgeous and if they’re together, then great.

  • summer

    i really want sophia to settle down and be happy she deserves it!

  • Stacy

    There is way too much spamming going on Just Jared lately.
    Too many people are using the site as a medium to promote their websites and blogs and stuff. Its getting ridiculous. No matter which post you go to, you see the same thing.
    And whats funny is, when those people make a comment about the celebrity who the post is about as if they actually care, and then post a link to their own website two seconds later.Lol

  • Duh

    He is GAY

    He is Grey Goose and Gyllenhaal is Toothy Tile.

  • Ali

    What is flagging?

  • Kate

    Shantel is bad news.

  • ncgirl

    Stop talking about Shantel this post is about Sophia and Austin. And Austin is not gay at all. So just stop.

  • mfarris70

    I think this is the couple that was blind item’d a few weeks ago– the closeted actor who wants to be seen as straight and the TV actress who is desperately trying to have a movie career and is willing to have a fake relationship to boost her popularity. But then again, who wouldn’t in Hollywood?