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Sophia Bush & Austin Nichols: On-Again Couple?

Sophia Bush & Austin Nichols: On-Again Couple?

On-again, off-again couple Sophia Bush and Austin Nichols seem to be on-again as they arrive together at LaGuardia Airport in New York City on Sunday (August 17).

Sophia was seen lugging around a black Titan rolling suitcase, a Max Azria shopping bag and a gray quilted Chanel handbag.

The One Tree Hill costars have been busy in North Carolina shooting their upcoming CW series. Sophia, 27, and Austin, 29, reportedly started dating in early 2006.

10+ pictures inside possibly-on-again couple Sophia Bush and Austin Nichols

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Credit: Jackson Lee ; Photos: SplashNewsOnline
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  • Tina

    Why stop talking about Shantel? She is trashy and part of the show. I don’t think that blind item is about them. Both are tied to the show for two more seasons. I wonder who it is though.

  • rachel

    @157 austin is straight that’s not funny and it is a stupid rumor sophia is NOT desperately trying to have a movie career you know nothing sophia is the kind of actress who dosen’t care about being popular her and austin hang out cause they want to not because they want to be popular that is the stupidest thing i’ve ever heard

  • rachel

    @158 how do you know shantel is trashy have you ever met her have you seen pictures of her with trashy clothes or at clubs no, if you want trashy go gossip about lindsay lohan and paris hilton not shantel and this post is not about her so that is why you should stop talking about her

  • Kristi

    Shantel sleeps around and with James and other co stars as well. I can talk about the trash bag.

  • nooonnno

    well I heard she is also sleeping with rob and tried with Austin but it didnt work since he wants to stay faithful to Sophia

  • ncgirl

    Stop talking about Shantel… so off topic guys this is about Sophia and Austin, Shantel isn’t even in those pics come on

  • lorna

    oth hasn’t been good since s5. i hated s6 and now without peyton, no more oth for me. love brulian though. so i may pop in occasionally.

  • alison

    come on season 6 was the best season there was and 7 will be better i’m gonna watch every single episode @161 and 162 you two are idiots who don’t know anything about shantel or anyone else in the cast so shut up no one cares what you “heard” sophia looks beautiful here

  • bea

    they are not together! this season brook and julian go on the red carpet for clothes over bros as well as for a movie premiere thats why they are traveling together! they are the only ones in those scenes in nyc!

  • hayden

    sophia and austin are together cause they work together they are only a couple on the fictional show one tree hill they have to shoot scenes for one tree hill in new york so i’m guesses they r flying back to north carolina and that is also y jana is with them so people who think they r a couple or she fcks her costars keep dreaming. you freaks need to stop starting rumors and lies i feel so bad for sophia because from what i know of her she seems like a sweet person and she is extremely smart to keep her personal life private. and you idiots on here think you know who the oth cast members date you don’t so go get a life and stay out of theres

  • coverb

    actually the entire cast was in nyc for a few days for a season 7 photoshoot, that’s why jana kramer is traveling back to nc with them. James, Joy and Rob were all there as well. Joy posted about it on her official site and blog. They all just probably left nyc on different days.
    i don’t understand why people keep bringing up shantel and james here, this post has nothing to do with them. I also don’t get how people claim they know all this stuff about her and who she dates? Does she tell you herself?

  • ali

    that is cool i wonder when season 7 pro pics will come out i can’t wait for season 7!!

  • karmababykarma

    Sophia & Austin = NOT dating. Take my word, I know they are only friends. He isnt the one for her and she knows it.

    Shantel & James = NOT dating, could be in the future but for now they are only friends.

    However, I have been hearing a lot of about Robert & Sophia hooking up…but I cant confirm it…

  • casey

    I thought she was with James Lafferty around the 2006 area?

  • sophialoveyou

    Why I love Sophia:
    She is always friendly and even more gorgeous in person. Always takes time with her fans, and is never nasty. She is graceful, elegant, and has the kind of mystery I wish I have. She never bashes anyone, not even the guy who broke her heart. She appreciate what life has given her and doesnt take anything for granted.

  • sophialoveyou

    Sophia and Robert Buckley are dating. They are just keeping it very private and want to fool the fans by letting Sophia be seen with Austin as much as possible….

  • sophie

    I don’t believe Sophia and Robert are dating, she is seen way too much with Austin that they really don’t leave time for anyone else, and anyone who lives in wilmington will say that. I really don’t think they care that much about what fans think that they wouldn’t hang out together outside of work just to keep private. Sophia and Austin hang out a lot around town exactly the same amount her and James did when they were dating. Her and Austin are either dating or they’re very very close friends, but from what I’ve seen there, there’s nothing going on with her and Rob. I’ve seen them both in the same place and they act like simple friends and co-stars, and I would believe there’s something between her and Austin long before I would believe her and Rob together. There’s just not even the slightest evidence of that, opposite to her and austin.
    karmababykarma, how do you know what you know? do you know sophia or the cast personally? you seem awfully sure about your claims, just wondering.
    anyway, whoever sophia is with, she just deserves to be happy and i hope she is. She is a very very sweet person.

  • hehe

    i will tell you why they are such close friends: they have friends for a looong time, knew eachother before he joined oth, have mutual friends, went to the same university etc

    + austin is gay, sophia is just his cover-up sorry to say.

    Sophia would never be this obvious with her relationships, when she was with James there were barely any sightings.
    And that is how she is trying to keep it with Robert…

  • karmababykarma

    @sophie: A close friend of mine is dating a guy who has in very close connection to the actors&actresses of oth

  • mary

    Yeah, Austin is gay, such a shame though.

  • crazy

    yeah austin is gay, and in a “relationship”

    robert told a friend of his (when they spent a couple of days in NY that he and sophia bush are hooking up)

  • ana

    i hope so!!this couple is amazing

  • Shaun McGowan

    She is cute as!!!

  • Tara

    This needs to STOP.
    First you have half of the people saying she is with this guy and then you have the other half saying, no, she is with that guy. I mean, do people really have nothing BETTER to do with their lives instead of sitting there and debating who an actress is or isn’t dating???
    Not to mention, you have people saying this person hooking up that person and that person wants to with this person. Its getting ridiculous.
    Just let it STOP.

  • Vivian

    SHANTEL is doing James no doubt about it. After her last co star John Robinson.

  • Tina

    Sophia, Austin and Jake are long-time friends.

  • sophie

    @hehe, sorry but do you live in Wilmington? Because if you did or spent time there, you would know sophia was very obvious with her relationship with james around town. There were many many sightings, just like her and austin now.
    and karmababykarma, I believe you about your friend but I don’t believe the cast would talk about who they’re ‘hooking up’ with on set to someone who works on the set. Tara is right the ‘hooking up’ talk should stop, it’s immature, the cast are in their late’s 20s, this isn’t high school.
    if sophia and rob really had something going on, wouldn’t they be hanging out on weekends at bars/restaurants/beach or something? She’s doing all that with austin!
    whatever as long as she’s happy. she deserves the best.

  • karmababykarma

    sophia and robert are trying to be really low-profile…they dont want anybody to know about them yet because its so new. austin is only a good friend of hers, she spends a lot of time with him and trusts him a lot but they are NOT together. there is a reason as to why they are not together but i shouldnt say it here.

  • wallee

    What is that reason? And I also find it weird that Sophia and Rob are not even hanging out and that they are suposely hooking out…

  • Michelle

    I thought she was dating James Lafferty?
    Anyways – hm, I miss chad & her together.. LOL.

  • ….


    Agree! They were adorable together..

  • mary

    what karmababykarma doesn’t want to say I’ll say, Austin is gay, sorry for all Sophia/Austin fans.
    Even back in 06 when those Sophia/Austin pics on beach showed up, Jake was with them but he was cut out. There is enough proof for that, not only blind items.

  • crazy

    Totally Agree with you about Austin been Gay. Nothing against it thou he’s still a human being. Love Sophia for being private about her love life. Maybe she is still with James and just don’t want any grief about it. Why would she risk all the publicity last year because of Chad and then break up w/James. Make no sense and its not like she just decided to date James they have known each other for over 6 years people.

  • ali

    all of you are stupid people who know nothing GO GET A LIFE


    They would make a cute couple

  • ncgirl

    Stop saying crap, Austin is NOT gay. Some of you need to stop spreading lies its ridiculous. Sophia and Austin are dating so stop making crap… saying that hes gay, Sophia hooking up with Rob…stupid lie.

  • Haya

    I love her! I hope they get back together they look so cute together

  • Candy

    Shantel is doing James and did her other co star John Robinson. Austin is so NOT gay.

  • alison

    her husband chad cheated on her and shes been in a few realationships since then so what chad didn’t leave because of sophia so shut up

  • sophie

    These lies about austin and jake have got to stop because they are beyond immature! So are you saying that Reese is a cover up for Jake and has been all these years? That’s ridiculous! I will never believe is Austin is gay just like I will never believe Rob and Sophia have something going on. I’m sorry but I saw quite a few things in Wilmington that prove to me that austin and sophia are indeed dating and that there is NOTHING going on with rob and sophia.
    I don’t care if anyone believes me because it doesn’t change the truth, wilmington is a small town and if her and rob were really dating, it doesn’t matter how private they try to be, someone would have seen them together by now. But no, we’re always seeing her with Austin. They spend so much time together they don’t leave time for anyone else. Do you really think they wouldn’t even travel together if they were dating? Even when the cast was in LA for the TCA event, sophia and rob didn’t travel back to NC together. I can see ncgirl has been saying the same thing I have, and anyone else from the area will and has as well. Take a trip if you don’t believe us. One weekend will be enough for proof.
    Unless you don’t trust your eyes!

  • hollywood PR

    @sophie: Jake Gyllenhaal is gay.
    Reese Witherspoon is using Jake to get publicity (make more money) after Ryan dumped her for Abbie.
    “Jake and Reese” is just one of Hollywood fauxmances, nothing special about it.

  • sophie

    I’m sorry but Reese Witherspoon doesn’t need more publicity and never did, she was always more famous than her husband, do you really think an Oscar winner would need to have a ‘fake’ boyfriend for more fame? I’m sorry but I’ll never believe it, especially from Reese. Why can’t people just let them be? Jake is not gay, some people need to realize the difference between movies and real life.
    Sophia and Austin are very nice people and I wish them the best as a couple and as friends, whatever suits them. But people really shouldn’t be making up stories about other people’s sexuality and who they’re ‘hooking up’ with w/o any proof. They don’t deserve that!

  • Dani

    Shantel spreads her legs so fast. She started banging James right away. All you fans can try and cover it up but it is TRUE. John Robinson got in her pants while she was still seeing Michael. And then James got into Shantel’s pants as soon s she go to Wilmy. She is fast and slutty.
    Reese doesn’t need anyone to help her career. Reese rocks and has her own company and makes her movies and stars in them.

  • onetwothree

    @Dani: Good thing Sophia got rid of James…. He’s nothing better than Chad just trying to hide his true colors.

  • Ana

    James and CM. I think those two guys were never friends and it was an act for the camera and fans. James and Sophia had a relationship that developed over the years. it didn’t work out but they tried and remain friends. Shantel is a star F***er. haha I bet all the crew and everytone are taking bets on how long this trampazoid will last. Shantel jumps into the sack VERY quickly.

  • uuummmmm

    if they were a couple dont you think they would be walking side by side?

  • lol

    they are not a couple.

    shantel and james are fwb

  • sophie

    I guess i just don’t understand how people can be so sure about james and shantel being fwb? do they tell you that themselves? it’s such a big assumption to make on people you don’t know at all. i’ve met them many times and i would never even assume something like that between them or anybody unless they told me themselves! And i’m not defending shantel because I don’t really care about her at all-not a fan, but that doesn’t mean i have to believe all rumors about her.
    and don’t tell me the crew knows, if james and shantel were really hooking up, i highly doubt they would share it with the crew! and if they are hooking up, it’s none of our business, they’re young, let them be. people put celebs on these perfect platforms, they’re human just like us.

  • alison

    people are stupid that’s why they make up stuff about the cast they think it’s funny to make up rumors so fck u haters

  • Ellie

    It is true about James and Shantel. You DON”T want to believe it. Also Shantel hooks up with guys so fast. The girl is hot and takes full advantage of that.FWB I hate that term. peeps use it all the time like with Sophia and James and it wasn’t true. SJ were dating and so are Shantel and James. Yea Baby James has grown up.