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Sophia Bush & Austin Nichols: On-Again Couple?

Sophia Bush & Austin Nichols: On-Again Couple?

On-again, off-again couple Sophia Bush and Austin Nichols seem to be on-again as they arrive together at LaGuardia Airport in New York City on Sunday (August 17).

Sophia was seen lugging around a black Titan rolling suitcase, a Max Azria shopping bag and a gray quilted Chanel handbag.

The One Tree Hill costars have been busy in North Carolina shooting their upcoming CW series. Sophia, 27, and Austin, 29, reportedly started dating in early 2006.

10+ pictures inside possibly-on-again couple Sophia Bush and Austin Nichols

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Credit: Jackson Lee ; Photos: SplashNewsOnline
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  • sophie

    well then congrats to them if they’re dating. It’s not that I don’t want to believe it, it’s that I have no proof to believe it. But I could care less if they’re together. It’s not like I’m after James! the only thing i’ll say is, if james is really dating shantel then how come everytime i’ve seen him out this summer he’s not with her? guess she stays home and knits while he goes out to bars and stuff on weekends.
    at least with sophia and austin, they’re always seen out together. and same when she was with james, that’s why i believed they were together.
    all i’m saying is wilmington is small and if james and shantel were dating, we would have seen them out together by now. but maybe they’re only dating on the set!lol

  • Nan

    James is keeping it quiet because of the backlash from the peeps. His parents aren’t crazy about the idea either. They are together regardless.

  • OTHfan

    Why has this post all of a sudden turned into a discussin about James and Shantel? They’re not even in the pictures. If they are dating and trying to keep it quiet, I guess they aren’t doing such a good job with it considering so many people seem to be so sure about them being together, which I don’t understand how.
    To get back on topic, regardless of whether they’re dating or not, Sophia and Austin are the best part of One Tree Hill right now and they have amazing chemistry on-screen, so them spending time together is working really well for the show! It’s a good thing Sophia was the not one who left OTH because I swear it wouldn’t last a full season without her. She’s the most talented on that show, brings in the most viewers,(I heard this on the set) and has got a very bright future ahead of her after OTH. And if she is dating Austin, then I say good for her, just another great thing in her life, that boy is intelligent like her and very HOT!!!!

  • Linny

    So did Sophia broke up with James or it was a mutual thing? Just curious since everybody in here seems to know so much about these cast!

  • Lucy

    James is definitely making sure it doesn’t get out there in the press. He and Shantel hook up very privately. James won’t risk being seen in public together. Sophia and Austin aren’t hiding but they also aren’t flaunting it. Come on James be proud of your new arm piece.
    Sophia and James decided to be friends.

  • sophie

    Sophia and Austin were seen partying together tonight in NYC, JJ’s sidekick tweeted it. I’m sure they’ll post pics tomorrow!

    And yeah from what I’ve seen, Sophia and James have remained good friends.

  • laura


    Woman would you stop making up stories??????? you know very well that austin and sophia are dating and that there is nothing going on between robert and her, i live here and trust me sophia and austin are attached to each other 24/7 and by the way i am sooooo glad that JJ caught them together yesterday night at the party since your stories are starting to piss me off, you talk like you know everything that its going on with the cast when you really dont know anything, pretty pathetic that you have to come in here everytime jj posts stuff about sophia and chad and talk all the crap you do—

  • karmababykarma


    Just wait and see. Im not gonna say it again, this will be the last time – Sophia and Austin are not dating.

    Hopefully Jared will confirm that.

  • laura


    you do realize that just jared spotted them together yesterday night and he wrote on his twitter “how cute” and that they were partying together?????????? dude its unbeliavable that you still keep saying that they are not dating, maybe they are not dating but they are obviously at least hooking up and you know it too….

  • sam


    could you tell us if you know that if austin is gay or not???? that would be really nice, i totally believe you when you say that they are not dating…

  • Baci

    You people are nuts! Leave poor James out of this. No wonder why the poor guy felt he had to cancel the Charity Basketball Game. They are always rumors about the poor guy and there has been no proof in photos or anything to prove it true. Anyone can come on here and claim they know the truth. But I don’t believe it about Shantel, she seems to professional to do something like that so soon and I do believe James has learned his lesson from his fiasco with Sophia, never eat where you crap!

  • NC

    James is a sweetheart. Shantel is nice but… she was doing John Robinson while they made there movie (sleeps with co stars).. Now she has moved onto James, that is TRUE. She is NO innocent little girl. Ask Brittany Snow about Shantel and Michael. Austin and Sophia are dating, he is not gay. Chad and Sophia got bashed for years because of fans. So nasty. No one is bashing James or Sophia but they BOTH are dating co stars. Shantel is 23 and hot and sleeps around, no big deal.

  • Terri

    Haley fans want to protect Shantel, that is so typical. She is no saint. Either was Joy. Ask around before Joy became religious/born again. She was partying up a storm, drugs, guys, wild times. You want the fantasy of two little goody, goodies. They are human and do things that can’t please everyone like everybody else. It doesn’t imply that they are bad people. Shantel has a list of guys going that she has *cough* been with.
    James, Sophia, Austin, Shantel, Paul, Lisa, Joy. They are all warm and loving, complex and complicated. Look at yourselves and your own problems or decisions. Life happens.

  • Cali

    James and Shantel are both sexy beasts! What is it so difficult to understand? James is keeping it very low down, haha that sounds funny. He is no shy boy and he has screwed alot of Wilmy chicks. And who really cares co stars date each other especially the sexy ones. I sure would.

  • alison

    wow if anybody from the oth cast was to read this they would be cracking up laughing at you stupid idiots i won’t belive any of your made up stories until i hear it come from there mouths or have good evidence you people are innoying as fck and Terri that has to be the stupidest comment ever about joy you most of thought really hard cause that was funny

  • Kay

    Actually, what Terri said was right on the money. I’m not trying to bash Joy or anything but anyone who isn’t delusional knows that Joy was anything but “good” before became “born again.” People shouldn’t try and cover for her…..especially when she herself has said that she used to party and do drugs like crazy. Just saying.
    But I do thinks that people should just let this whole dating subject go. Its already 9 pages long and it hasn’t really accomplished anything.

  • Katie

    Jake Gyllenhaal is getting married to reese witherspoon if you check that on google. And no austin nichols is not gay he is at the moment dating sophia and he dated other girls before her so i don think he is gay.

  • Jamie Ann

    haha James and Shantel- now that is the most hilarious bullshit I’ve ever heard, considering I personally know for a fact that it’s not true. As well as a bunch of other bullshit that’s not true, that goes around about James, Joy, and the cast in general. Shantel is hooking up with someone, but it’s not James. LOL And, pretty much everyone in Wilmington knows that. Nice try.

  • Jamie Ann

    laura, you are so right. Most people in Wilmington know that, just like they know Shantel is ALWAYS with Robert.

    James and Shantel- that is the most hilarious bullshit I’ve ever heard, considering I personally know it’s not true for several reasons.

    And, the Joy shit. I’m curious as to when and where the hell Joy supposedly said that she used to party and do drugs like crazy. Show me the proof, because that’s another thing I personally know is a crock of shit. Nice try, though.

  • Sophia

    I find her having worked her way through every male lead on ‘One Tree Hill’ absolutely ridiculous. Poor Joy and Hil, having to put up with her whoriness and the awkwardness that follows…

  • suppress your appetite

    she is cute

  • Colleen

    If they are dating I think it’s great cause they make a cute couple but all this time I thought she was with James since last season. Then another poster said James is with Shantel but I thought she was with Rob. I am so confused. I absolutely love Sophia she is so beautiful and I love her husky voice but I would have thought after her brief marriage to Chad Michael Murray she would have learned her lesson and not date her co-stars.

  • April

    James has been with Shantel for a long time now. That’s not even news anymore. People have known about it for a while. I don’t even know why people are still in denial about that.

  • April

    As for how many girls James has screwed in Wilmington, who the hell cares? He’s 24, and it’s not like he’s married. He can do whoever the hell he wants whenever he wants. He’s hot, why not? You’re only young once. No, Shantel isn’t a saint but neither is any of that cast and Sophia is so much worse. The stuff about Joy – complete bs and I know that for a FACT. So, nice try.

  • Jamie

    Haha I love how everyone is talking about how quickly Shantel sleeps around with guys and how she screws stars and was after James and all that. I guess the Sophia fans are back out in full-force, worshiping their heroine. *rolleyes* It has nothing to do with protecting Shantel because people are Haley fans. It has to do with the fact that Sophia’s no better. She does the exact same thing, so it’s a moot point. Who cares that Shantel went after James? Who cares that they’re dating and sleeping together? Who cares how many people she’s slept with or how many girls he’s slept with? Sophia’s slept with just as many, if not more. She’s the farthest thing from innocent, sorry to say. Celebrities sleep around. So what? Who the hell cares? Were you expecting them not to? Because, THAT’S unrealistic, especially when they’re young, hot, rich, and famous. You only live once, might as well take advantage of it.