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Tyra Banks Flash Mob Flaunts Real Hair

Tyra Banks Flash Mob Flaunts Real Hair

Tyra Banks and her flash mob strip down to flesh-colored body suits and toss away their weaves in New York City’s Union Square on Monday morning (August 18).

The 35-year-old talk show host will trade in her trademark weave and debut her never before seen “natural hair” on the Season 5 premiere of The Tyra Banks Show on September 8 @ 4PM ET/PT on The CW.

Tyra said, “This season on The Tyra Show we’re taking it to the next level and getting more real than ever before by encouraging women everywhere to own and rock what they’ve got and be proud! For the Season 5 premiere, I will be doing just that – no fake hair, I’m rocking my REAL hair. This will all be going down on September 8, 2009, which we’re declaring National Real Hair Day! We welcome everyone to go natural with me!”

10+ pictures inside of Tyra Banks shooting her “real hair” promo…

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tyra banks flash mob real hair 01
tyra banks flash mob real hair 02
tyra banks flash mob real hair 03
tyra banks flash mob real hair 04
tyra banks flash mob real hair 05
tyra banks flash mob real hair 06
tyra banks flash mob real hair 07
tyra banks flash mob real hair 08
tyra banks flash mob real hair 09
tyra banks flash mob real hair 10

Photos: Warner Bros./Michael Loccisano, WENN
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  • lola

    thats not weird at all….


  • nikomilinko
  • concluded

    She’s a nut job.

  • Anonymous
  • toto

    I love Tyra she is soo nice

  • =)=)=)

    OMG !

  • Jenni

    If the point is to show who you are and be proud then why isn’t she showing her body like the other woman and she still has her wig on. She’s a hypocrite.

  • kate bosselin

    wow. she’s def no Oprah

  • ThickChocolate

    I might watch this. My hair isn’t long, but long enough. So I do not feel the need to wear a weave. But some of these chicks need to keep their clothes on.

  • ME3

    that’s her real hair????

  • candyj

    That’s not her real hair.

    Her real hair is like a black women, like lamb’s wool.

  • public

    Black hair is tough as a steel. Very matty too.

    This is not her hair.

  • Kerry

    I don’t think you’ll see her real hair till the ep. airs. You gotta watch to see it.

  • Shantea

    That is her real hair. Pretty!

  • brangelina fan 4 life

    dingbats: that is not her real air. she said she will air it on the premiere. that is obviously why she is wearing that bandanna over the weave. and how does anyone know what black women’s hair is like?

    blacks are the most diverse genetically people on the planet. a black couple can have a white looking kid like vanessa williams who has straighter hair or a colin powell (he has wavier hair and both his parents are black) or a fro, or curly or whatever. there is no one thing with black hair. it is all different.

    put 20 black people in a room and you will have 20 different shades and 20 different hair types. whereas whites are more unified in terms of types and skin tones.

    on another note, tyra is a nutjob though. a total nutjob. how did this woman get famous? geez.

  • snowcone

    Black hair is wirey and tough.

    This is not her hair. This is fake.

  • toto

    Black women think they’re fooling us with their fake hair. We all know when it’s straight, it’s fake.

    Stop trying to hide the obvious Tyra and Atlanta Housewives.

  • M

    Why is she the only one wearing a fullcovering body suit?

  • dundies

    Black woman have the most horrible hair in the world. It�s digusting and that�s why they all wear fake weaves and hair.

    Tyra is no different.


    stop being a Pussy. you probably sit out in the sun for days just to look like us too

  • Horndog

    Take off your tops and bottoms to be real for me.

  • Geezz..

    Tyra is suck a skank. Why is she in a body suit and everyone else is a 2 piece? could it be because then they can’t air brush her? And everyone knows that black women have nappy headed bad hair, just like us white gals have horrible flat gross hair. . So she comes out in a big afro? This is supposed to be a statement? And WHY? Rating .

  • http://www.thecrazycanine.eocm namers

    ya think?

  • Realme2008

    Oh, please most Black women have beautiful hair. The thing about being African American is hair texture varies with each individual, and it’s usually not the same. Most Caucasian people usually have the same hair texture. Hair is just hair at the end of the day, so don’t come on here leaving ignorant racist remarks.

  • Zquit


    Please! Black women have nappy wool like hair.

    It’s obvious and so fake.

  • adrianna

    i don’t get all the racists comments here… it’s just hair wow

  • blackhead

    black kinky hair rules

  • dundies

    Please! Black women have nappy wool like hair.


    switch meds. you NEED to calm down

  • blackhead

    I love black kinky wool-type hair in a ponytail

  • ughh

    You guys are so stupid, shes showing her hair on the first EPISODE, in front of the studio audience….

  • brangelina fan 4 life

    Funny, how people are hair obsessed. Anyone who says bad things about black women has not had the pleasure of being with stunning and beautiful black women. They are so diverse. They come in all shapes sizes, colors and hair types. But no need to debate this here on a celeb blog. Racism against black people has been rampant for centuries. Comments here are proof of that. And then people judge black people for crying racism in certain situations. Black people are the most discriminated people on the planet. Why? Because they are distinct, unique and a mystery to non-Blacks. God judges in the end. He really does. Black women are beautiful: everyone from Grace Jones, to Lauryn Hill, to Iman, to Vanessa Williams, to Gabrielle Union, to Lena Horne, to Billie Holiday, to Naomi Sims (former model). I am not black but my parents taught me to honor and respect black people for their strnegth and beauty. Our hair – white hair – is prone to lice whereas black hair is not – now they could attack us for that but what would be the point? I know women who lost all their hair due to chemo therapy. Seriously, what is the point ob being obsessed about something you lose down the line anyway? Tyra is still dumb as bricks though.

  • brangelina fan 4 life

    Also, when a black woman has straight hair, it is not fake: it means she put a straightener in it. Some white women with curly hair – Jewish women, etc – do it too. A lot of Latinas especially Dominican and Puerto Rican women straighten their hair. They call it a “relaxer” – a chemical straightener. This is very different from a weave. Ok, can you tell I have gay black male hairdresser friends…lol! They can tell a weave a mile away! lol. I know a black couple with wavy hair who had a straight haired daughter who looked kind of Indian. Some recessive gene thing I guess…

  • lakers fan in boston

    1st of all i hate her, period
    2nd i hate it when girls wear weaves, not only do you look stupid because it’s obvious it’s not your hair, you look shallow that you need to wear fake hair to make yourself feel better

  • Sunny

    They don’t straighten their hair.

    They weave and wear wigs.

    Look at Wendy Williams, the tranny.

  • Sunny

    @brangelina fan 4 life: None of them you mentioned are beauties.


    Just because everyone has different hair textures does not make it ok for people to be rude. Hiding behind a computer tends to give alot of people an ego boost but still shows their ignorance. If Tyra as crazy as she is wants to show her natural hair good for her. Not all black women wear wigs or weaves either. Im guessing none of you have heard of a relaxer? Everyone should just keep degrading opinions to themselves. I know all people are entitled to their opinions but some people go overboard when telling what they think. In the end its not about hair at all but respect that should mean the most. Ok enough of that lol…OORAH!

  • jackie

    they have frizz ball heads

  • Jane

    I LOVE African hair types! Whether it be textured and wild or curly. I have long, thick and very straight hair which would never hold a curl, so give me hair with texture and any day. By the way, whats with the racist comments??

  • diane

    Tyra, are you going to rock your real hair for one episode only, or are you going to switch between your real hair and a wig during your regular season? To rock it for one episode only is a waste of time if you are trying to instill natural beauty into the young generation. Why make a big deal of it, just simply rock your own hair when you want to. That’s what I call natural beauty. One time only, doesn’t mean a thing!

  • diane

    @Jenni: True that.

  • jackie

    Wooly bully hairballs


    :) Cute I thought it was funny

  • bajanfan

    I am black and my hair is not wirey and matted, in fact it is quite beautiful. It may not be wavy, straight or soft as Caucasian hair but i wear it proudly and i LOVE it. Some black people choose to wear weave but many black people in the Caribbean appreciate their hair and wear it in braids, twists or locks. Everyone including Tyra has the right to wear thier hair however they choose.

  • angelann

    @brangelina fan 4 life:

  • angelann

    @brangelina fan 4 life:
    I dont understand why you call her dumb?? if she doesnt know the ansure to something she tells you so…
    now for the hair one more time…I have four great children half white half black and all four of them have different hair types my GGdaughter has the nappy hair…one GGson have nappy the other two have wavie hair and nice and soft.. then thers my 26 year old granddaughter her hair is so thin she has to wear a weave to make it look like she has hair…and then theres me…I am white and my hair is so stright that I have to curl it ev ery day…yuck…

  • mkly

    # 15….why?….i mean really….really….everyone knows what black hair really looks like…no need to cover that up………

  • mkly

    # 23…..why are you lying to yourself…i mean really….do you actually think black people have ” beautiful hair”…the beautiful part is what i don’t get………some history books can prove to you that black people most certainly donot have “beautiful hair”…….
    plus……..its the truth…search it up and you’ll have a good look yourself….

  • mkly

    well…everyone…….no one can be or is better than anyone else……….no matter how much they try to be better than others they will not be ……no one is perfect…….therefore we are all beautiful in our own ways….whether its your smile….your personlity……your face…..or your hair….we have all something to be proud of…..hey black people may not have ” beautiful hair”…but come on…half of them look like models………they all have nice white teeth…….they are as tall as ever…and have great bodies…now thats their beauty……some of them also have nice eyes…..some….not all….

  • janey

    Because we all know white women do not wear weaves and hair pieces. Please. Britney Spears is an example. Paris Hilton wears extensions. Jessica Simpson and Paris have their own line of hair extensions. Black women are not the only race of women who wear fake hair. And are we really getting our panties in a bunch about the texture of black hair? Like someone stated above its just hair. Chris Rock has a movie coming out soon about this very thing. I suggest more than a few people go see it when it comes out. And calm your nerves.

    I thought I was on the wrong site for a second. The comments are on some Perez Hilton thing right now. Very tacky.

  • Tatiana

    Black people have hair like wool, hm?

    Sounds like the description of Jesus in the Bible.

  • stacey

    wow, all you white kids need to shut up with these racist comments.