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Kate Gosselin: Toddler Teeth Time!

Kate Gosselin: Toddler Teeth Time!

Kate Gosselin brings her three sons, Collin, Aaden and Joel to the dentist on Monday (August 17) in Reading, Penn.

The 34-year-old mother of eight takes her three boys to visit a battleship in North Carolina on tonight’s episode. While Kate was on a ship, Jon was on a ropes course with his two twins, Mady and Cara.

WHAT DID YOU THINK of tonight’s episode?

10+ pictures inside of Kate Gosselin and her toddler teeth time…

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Credit: Macca/Sinky; Photos: SplashNewsOnline
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  • Angela

    I feel so bad for them. Why would stupid paps follow 3 5 year olds to the freaking dentist? Now everybody is just going to find something mean to say because haters dont know when to go and get a life… Tonights episode was good though, i loved it. :)

  • anonymous

    Their so big now! it sucks how the paparazzi are everywhere. let people live their lives! they are on a show, but it was their choice.

  • Toni

    The boys were so cute getting their hair cut. It was sweet when they were sharing their ice cream with Kate.

  • Lisa too

    I liked the show tonight. It was nice seeing Kate spend some quality time with just the boys doing something that they would like without taking the girls. Hopefully she will take the girls to something they would liketo do just as well.

    I thought Jon taking Maddie and Cara to the climbing place was not the best place to take both of them when only one of them wanted to climb ( I can’t remember which one was actually liking it), With the twins being older, it would be nice if they could spend time alone with each parent instead of them always having to be paired up. Since Jon and Kate are serparated, I don’t understand why each of them aren’t spending some alone time with each of the childr since they would have more time to spend when it isn’t their turn to have all the children. Kate could take one of the twins with her on a trip, but then it just might ruin Jon’s dating and going to the club nights. Maybe when the twins are older, he can take them for their first club and teach them how to pick up guys and what they are looking for at a bar. ( I know, not too nice)……..

  • xx

    Who gives a flying f*** about these people? What have they done besides have a lot of kids and make a tv show about it?! How about posting about people who actually are famous for the right reasons?

  • bintk
  • Rhonda

    some lady is now pregnant with a litter of 12!

  • posters — ANGELA and toni

    i too enjoyed tonights episode. Kate is looking more rested and she doesn’ t have those bags under her eyes anymore from crying . Mady was funny , her face when Cara was climbing up the wall …… she was like “is there a point to this ” lol.

    It was cute that Kate said the boys are taking care of her more, they will see she’s alone and step up to the plate. It looks like their getting a sense of her needing some cheering up already.


  • hey lisa

    right , not too nice, then why did you feel the need to post that ? You cant remember who liked the wall ? Then you didnt watch the show too closely and its EXACTLY people like you who “dont watch or dont remember” and then spread vicious half truths and lies. 8 separate trips ? You didnt watch the show to even know what HAPPENED but you have all these ideas on how they should live their lives ? You didnt even spell mady’s name right .

    @Lisa too:

  • mel rapley

    this woman is magical ….i had 3 under 15months, i can’t understand why she hasn’t exploded !…..glassy thoughts x

  • Scarlett

    How much longer are they going to dress the kids identically?

  • watch

    For the love of God, please take this show off the air!! The show used to be fun to watch now it’s depressing. Jon and Kate look different. The show is boring now. The kids are not babies or toddlers anymore. Those boys are not developing at all in their speech. Maybe the parents should get off the phone, stop waving to their “fans” and start working with their children.

  • blah

    She needs to get a new hat

  • kelly

    Loved the show last night – except I do agree that Jon might have gone somewhere that both girls would enjoy. That said, Mady seemed to be being a good sport about it.
    The boys are certainly adorable and very sweet. For all the people who love to put down the Gosselins, the kids definitely seem happy, well adjusted and loved.

  • Cathey

    STOP WATCHING THIS SHOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    STOP SUPPORTING THESE PEOPLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • joanne

    This show is not entertaining, it is child abuse. The parents split up a year ago, TLC made them pretend to be married, renew their vows, etc, how hurtful to these poor children. Jon is using his inlaws and girlfriend, who are not under contract with TLC, to spill the beans while Kate is pressing on with the lies to save the show and their income. These children do not need a mansion, they need a home, they do not need celebrity parents, they need parents, and they certainly don’t need to see the world through the lense of a camera on them daily. The paparazzi are now part of the show because TLC wants people to think this couple is that hot, they are not, they have the paps on contract, they tip them off, they give them photos and daily news feeds, all to boost the show ratings. Nothing you see on this show is real, it is all staged.

  • bella

    Wow, she actually is pictured with her sons. How rare?
    This woman needs a reality check, both her and Jon . . .seriously stop doing the show and focus on your kids, you have more than enough money.

  • amymo

    FYI the “climbing place” they were at is not a climbing place, its a Fun Park. In addition to the rock wall and climbing levels it also has go-karts, bumper boats, roller rink, laser tag, mini-golf etc. We live just down the road from there and my kids go there a lot. Just because they showed one child enjoying themselves on one thing doesn’t mean the other child didn’t have fun as well. They edit it to make it look the way they want the story to go.

  • Ella

    Quit watching this train wreck 2 seasons ago , need to cancel it so the kids can have a normal life.

  • Lou

    @kelly: Mady is a spoiled brat Kate’s favorite, she would have rather been with her dad and wanted to spoil Cara and Jon’s fun!

  • Dellina

    Filming is done for three hours one or two days a week, hardly child abuse. This is all the kids know. To them it is a normal life and they are used to the camera guys and the short amount of filming that is done. It’s too late now – may as well see the season out anyway. Those who complain about the show seem to know an awful lot about it. Watch something else if you don’t like it.

  • Vivien

    Well, at least one parent seems to be taking care of the children – TODAY, at least. People really should stop watching this show – this seems like the only way to get these parents from exploiting and making money off their kids.

  • Tina

    Let’s break down some of her comments throughout some episodes.. She tells the kids to say paparazzi and when they get out of the van she tells them to never say that. She says that everyone is here to see her and smiles. She goes crazy on Jon for not using coupons but spends like a drunken sailor. This is plain to see she is a B with a ego that thinks she is a big celebrity and the only reason she had kids is to use them for attention, PERIOD!.

    I know some you fans believe what she is saying but she doesn’t give a crap about her fans or people that help her so if you want to give someone credit give it to Jon at least he is trying to give them a childhood.

  • Mary

    I thought it said a lot about Jon as a father that he wears such inappropriate clothing that TLC has to digitize the designs on his t-shirts and sweatshirts because they are inappropriate for a family show.

    STOP WEARING TRASHY CLOTHES AROUND YOUR KIDS! Stop smoking around your kids and stop acting like a frat boy around your kids! You want to do that stuff, fine, now you have free time away from your wife and children to do whatever you choose without exposing them to things little kids shouldn’t be faced with.

    Such as you and your ghetto lifestyle and ghetto druggie girlfriends.

    Jon you’re a complete loser.

  • Lillianne

    Didn’t watch. Not going to watch.

  • local


    I was hoping someone “local” would jump in. All these “outsiders” see is what the show wants them too. My kids love Ozzies too! My son had his birthday party there. I don’t like Jon and Kate but Ozzies is definately fine for both the girls. There’s something to do for every child, no matter what their interests are.

  • joe

    It is nice to see Jon and Kate out doing things with the children. Too bad they never do it when they are not being paid(filming) Who are the ones that are actually working. Jon , Kate, the kids. Well let’s just say that without the kids there would be no show. So the kids are actually paying their mom and dad for playing with them; just like they pay the nanny, cook and bodyguard. Don’t tell the kids but by the time they are eighteen all the money will be gone.

  • joe

    @mel rapley:
    It called hire a nanny and baby sitter. It does wonders for you. A trip to the spa is also called for.

  • nikki

    would she just go away and die, the kids would be better off as orphans.

  • Jessica

    They boys are very cute. They will grow up to be little handsome hunks. And the girls will be very beautiful. They have GORGEOUS kids.

  • seen it all

    Whoever believes that filming is 1 to 2 days a week for 2 or 3 hours is way off base! Talk to their former neighbors. Filming is 3 sometimes 4 days a week often 7 to 8 (or more) hours a day. Neighbors reported watching Mady and Cara run to their bus over and over just so The Lying Channel could get a good shot. And much more. These two are exploiting their children and started this from day one. Everyone needs to stop watching the lives of these poor children and give them some privacy. As far as the paps…. How different is that from your parents selling your lives to cameras for every event of your life? Birthdays, vacations, meltdowns, bad days, etc. Jon & Kate asked for all of this and don’t let them kid you. They love the paps.

  • Shirley

    Comparing Kate to Hailey is like comparing Mercedes to a Fiat. Bottom line is Kate is above and beyond what this drug addicted, bi-sexual, burned out, and loser of a human being that will strive for but will never come close to Kate. She is so freaking ugly compared to Kate. Kate maybe a little bossy but Jon going around with this loser just proves that he needs a character and integrity check.

  • amymo

    @local: Thank you for confirming. My kids mastered that Rock Wall and the Rope Climbing Course too. I don’t watch the show, but I did see the previews and knew where they were right away!

  • amymo

    FYI a Toddler is between the ages 18mo – 3 years. These children are nearly 5 1/2 years old. School age children. Not even preschoolers anymore. Why try to keep making them seem younger?

  • FLO

    @Lisa too:
    They did do separate trips, Jon took Cara skiing in Utah and Kate took Mady to San Diego for a spa trip, Seaworld, Zoo etc.
    Mady is just a mini Kate controling and manipulative, its her way or you suffer the misery.

  • Amy


    I don’t know how anyone could think that Mady is Kate’s favorite.

  • FLO

    For a take from a close neighbor read this article.

  • emmy jay

    The actual episodes sound pretty boring to me. I’ll catch reruns while I am doing laundry, or cleaning up around my house.

    I’ll be so glad when their fifteen minutes of fame are over…..

    Those little kids verbal skills are not very good at all. Their teachers have some work to do with those little ones, for sure. And, I am thinking that the older ones are in for some teasing when they get back to school. Poor kids.

    These parents are a great example of White Trash, fo’ sure!

  • lakers fan in boston

    ehh they’re so boring now
    i wonder what yesterdays ratings were
    i think they should spice up the show and bring one of jon’s hos on the show
    id watch it just to see kate go crazy =]

  • Christy

    So far in 2 new episodes she has asked the 5-year-olds if they will take care of her when they get older. Poor kids!

  • Nicole

    I can’t stand this woman! That hat is so fugly! I hope their show goes off the air soon! Then maybe we won’t see these pictures of her anymore!

  • lauren

    @Scarlett: i think does that because it’s easy, think about it she has 8 kids!!

  • Lisa too

    Amymo, thanks for telling us that they place Jon took the twins to that has more to it than just climbing. It looked like they went to the place special just to climb and if Mady is just watching, I would think it wouldn’t be fair to her just to have to sit there, but now I understand it was just part of the place.

    To ” hey Lisa”, you need to get another hobby then watching Jon and Kate, you take the show way too serious to get all bent out of shape over the comment I made about spelling Mady’s name wrong. It’s not the end of the world, and so what if I didn’t remember what twin didn’t want to climb the wall. I just think if they do an activity, they ALL should be doing it, rather then having one just sit there and watch. Since they have to share their parents with 7 other siblings, why not make it an activity they can do alone, so the other one doesnt have to sit and just watch.

    Flo, I have seen some bits and pieces of the episodes you mentioned where the twins have shared some one on one time with their parents. I just think that they should be able to spend more time with them since they are older and it seems like they get a little left out with the little ones are around. I know that ” hey lisa” will make another nasty comment to me, but I know that one twin is more helpful witht he little ones and one is more bratty, I can’t remember which one is which though. I know the kids names, but I can’t tell them apart. I only really know which boys are which because Aaden wears the glasses and Colin has more of a rounder face than Joel. As far as the girls, I don’t know the difference between them. So, according to “hey lisa”, I am not suppose to comment on these boards.

    Anyway, it was still nice to see the boys and Kate have fun on the battleship and have the treats afterwards.

  • suppress your appetite