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Leonardo DiCaprio: Explosion On Set!

Leonardo DiCaprio: Explosion On Set!

Leonardo DiCaprio and co-star Ellen Page film a dramatic explosion scene for their new movie Inception in Paris, France on Tuesday (August 18).

In this carefully coordinated stunt, a car explodes beside the pair as they eat outside at Cafe Debussy. Ellen‘s character looks to be unaffected by the debris flying all over but eventually falls off her chair. Leo‘s character definitely looks troubled!

Inception is being directed by Christopher Nolan (Memento, The Prestige, The Dark Knight).

10+ pictures inside of Leo DiCaprio and Ellen Page filming an explosion scene…

Just Jared on Facebook
leonardo dicaprio ellen page explosion 01
leonardo dicaprio ellen page explosion 02
leonardo dicaprio ellen page explosion 03
leonardo dicaprio ellen page explosion 04
leonardo dicaprio ellen page explosion 05
leonardo dicaprio ellen page explosion 06
leonardo dicaprio ellen page explosion 07
leonardo dicaprio ellen page explosion 08
leonardo dicaprio ellen page explosion 09
leonardo dicaprio ellen page explosion 10

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  • http://Israel Lisa rose

    Poor Leo he is missing Sina.

  • janet

    This is so exciting! I can’t wait to see this movie with Ellen and Leo. I love that they have scenes together.

  • @1 What is wrong with you? This post is about his movie, you don`t even like him so what`s your deal? Grow up already.

  • Wendy

    It is exciting, great cast, and a great director.This particular scene looks fun hahah.

  • I lOVE JUNO :)
  • eastcoast

    Okay its a movie- so who is sina and what does he/she have to do with the movie set? Surprised you are not asking where his girlfriend Lucaas is at.

  • Peanut80

    Gosh, more great “Inception” pix today !

    Thanks , Jared, your efforts to bring us the lastest pix from “Inception” set is very much appreciated :)

    Looking forward to seeing DiCaprio and Page’s scenes .

  • eastcoast

    I agree Jared gets great pixs. He is pretty lucky getting to be so close to the set.
    I just hope the promo does not give away too much the way Shutter Island has-

  • Lauren

    So looking forward to this film!

    Thanks, JJ.

  • french

    @Lisa rose:


  • http://Israel Lisa rose

    Cant wait to see more pics of Leo and Sina!!!!!! (((((((( :

  • @10

    You’re right, she is STUPID! LOL!

  • Saad

    Christopher Nolan, Leo, and Joseph Gordon Levitt = win!

  • @lisa rose

    lisa rose, go away and stop stalking Leo… you’re such a little brat.

  • Pinkrose

    Is Ellen Page supposed to be acting too? Girl, even if you planted the bomb, and expected it to explode, show some kind of expression at the amount of debris and sh!t flying around you!!!!

  • LLD

    @Pinkrose: you’re right. She has like no expression on her face as oppose to Leo. Maybe she missed the count and they had to redo that scene.

  • @16 and @15

    or maybe she has a crush on Leo and can’t concentrate on her scene LOL :)

  • alexhaas

    I’ve updated our news story over at Nolan Fans to include these new images.

  • K.G.

    Awesome pics Jared, can’t wait for Inception!
    Also people stop talking about whoever Leo is dating and instead talk about this film, Inception.

  • cola

    @Pinkrose: It’s becuz Ellen is the bad guy and she is trying to blow Leo up. Run Leo!! They is gonna git you!

  • anywho

    I dont get these picture but I really am interested in this movie. She is so emotionless in the explosion.

  • bobert

    Actually it looks like Leo is the only one responding to the blast even the waiter and other patrons seem to ignore the explosions. Looks like the rumours that this is about dreams could be true.

  • yoohoo

    i think it’s funny how she falls from her chair…she’s like “Bombs awaaaaaaaaay “LOL

  • lurker

    cant stand Nolan and most of all the cast of this movie

  • http://Israel Lisa rose

    Sina is sooooooooo much the type of Leo!
    seems like they trying to hide their relationship for a while……..cute.

  • poor little lisa rose, doesn`t it bother you that everyone ignores your stupid comments? Pathetic! LOL!

  • http://Israel Lisa rose

    So funny to see how everyone are getting mad on me…….lol

  • http://Israel Lisa rose

    But someone need to say the hard trues- LEO IS DATING SINA!!!

  • @lisa rose

    Lisa rose, why don’t you go to the bar thread and stop stalking every Leo thread with your stupid, nonsensical comments? oh let me guess? cause no one gives a sh*t about bar and you have no one to talk to anymore LMAO

  • @29

    Good guess. LOL! Lisa rose, you belong to a psychiatric ward. Pathetic, just like your beloved Barf…

  • xx

    I hate Ellen Page with a burning passion. Get some acting lessons, b!tch.

  • yoohoo

    actually Ellen Page did a great job in the movie An American Crime.. That movie stayed with me for weeks, it was so disturbing :(… I think she’s a pretty good actress and I thought she did a great job in Juno too.

  • mimi

    Who the hell is Sina?

  • k

    who is Sina??

  • dlanda

    Sina is an aspiring model. Leo is NOT dating her. Lisa rose keeps saying that cuz she is mentally challenged upset that he dumped his prior girlfriend becuz Lisa rose is her biggest fan!

  • Jess

    I hope Leo’s character is alright, I don’t want him to die in another movie :’(

  • just me

    #28 I hope you are right. I hope Leo has a new girlfriend which means he is finally through with his dreadful ex, Bar.
    These photos ( the ones from the other threads as well ) look great I think it`s gonna be an interesting movie even though I`m also not a big fan of Ellen Page…

  • http://Israel Lisa rose

    @mimi: Sina is a russian model and the new GF of Leo Dicaprio!!!

  • just me

    #38, good, it means Barf is out of the picture finally! :)

  • french

    @Lisa rose:


  • Anne V is Russian, Sina Janscheidt is not.

  • http://Israel Lisa rose

    How knows, maybe Sina is Leo’s soulmate?!! LOL!

  • valma

    i am reallyyy sorry but i don’t like ellen page too( sorry for my english, i am french)!!
    for me, she isn’t bad like actress but not exceptional, it’s just my opinion!! And, she seems really unpleasant !! But ok, it’s maybe just an impression!! ….
    Leonardo is awesome lol

  • Dina

    @Lisa rose: This is what Lisa Rose wants to have people giving her attention which she herself doesnt believe. She likes the stir people up. By the way Sina went back to her country. I guess her time with DiCaprio is up, she did her duties! And it was fun while it lasted for sure! :)

  • Dina

    I meant to say that she doesnt believe the stuff that she’s typing. She is just trying to pester people. I say ignore her and she will go away.

  • bobert

    Ellen is awesome. Great to see her working on with such great talent.

  • sofia

    I was there watching from where they blocked the street! Very cool to watch them rehearse the explosion time and time again and built up for the scene at the end. Very cool, can’t wait to see how the scene turns out in the film after having watched it being shot!

  • http://Israel Lisa rose

    “…I’m your biggest fan I’ll follow you until you love me…”

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    Shutter Island will now be released next year February…

  • jennifer

    I know, I’am really angry, this is unfair, wait until 2010…