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Nicole Kidman: Project Runway Cameo!

Nicole Kidman: Project Runway Cameo!

Nicole Kidman will help set up one of the challenges for contestants in the upcoming Lifetime special, Project Runway: All Star Challenge.

Access Hollywood reports the 42-year-old Aussie actress will be joined by returning Runway designers such as Daniel Vosovic, Jeffrey Sebelia and Santino Rice.

Project Runway: All Star Challenge will air @ 8PM ET/PT this Thursday, August 20 on Lifetime. The season six premiere premiere will follow @ 10PM ET/PT.

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64 Responses to “Nicole Kidman: Project Runway Cameo!”

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  1. 1
    Sabrina Says:

    I guess she’s getting into the plastic surgery downward spiral, her features start to look plastic. especially her lips. accept getting older nicole, and you’ll automatically age gracefully.

  2. 2
    becca Says:

    She’s pretty but that’s too much lipstick.

  3. 3
    Marii Says:

    FYI, that picture is from last year when Nicole was on Oprah with Hugh Jackman. Stop saying bad things about her! geeez!

    Btw, I’m SO excited to see Nicole on Project Runway! I love the show!

  4. 4
    Pinkrose Says:

    The woman’s skin cannot move. Her jaws and mouth are wide open and her skin is stretched so tight there isn’t a line in her face. How can you laugh without a line in your face? Where is the animation? The expression?

  5. 5
    Pretty Says:

    She is gorgeous!!! Your all just jealous. She is beautiful, has a HOT husband, and a sweet little girl. And she got away from Crazy! ( Too bad he controls her other children) I just love her, as I said, GORGEOUS! You go girl!

  6. 6
    Granny Says:

    hi grandma!

  7. 7
    Pretty Says:

    #3, your an idiot, that lipstick is perfect. Just because YOU probably can’t wear it, doesnt mean it doesnt belong on her. LOVE you Nicole!

  8. 8
    keith Says:

    THAT IS ONE BAD LOOK.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. 9
    Andrea Says:

    I’m sixteen and I’ve probably more wrinkles than her

  10. 10
    Wendy Says:

    LOVE Kidman, a talented actress and a beautiful woman, i have no problem with her using injections since every movie i saw lately of hers, she was more than able to move her face, and show expression.So whats the big deal, whatever, and for all those yelling botox it shows how ignorant you are, botox is a catchy name and its famous with pedestrians who think everyone does only that.STUPID its been out for years, other injections are way better.

    But i am surprised she would agree to be on PR though!

  11. 11
    Celeb Girlz Says:

    Way… too… much… RED… on those lips! She looks kinda like an embalmed woman… yeech!

  12. 12
    Jack-jack Says:

    Gorgeous woman…
    But I have to say that she looks far better on video (in movies or on tv) than she does in pictures…

  13. 13
    Sunshine Says:

    Too much make-up

  14. 14
    botox Says:

    Here’s a project Nicole.. please runAway.

  15. 15
    Anti bimbos Says:

    Your parents are not proud of you, they told me that

  16. 16
    Anti bimbos Says:

    your neurons cannot move. How is it possible to use the PC in a good way if your brain is completely dead?

  17. 17
    Anti bimbos Says:

    Bashing Nicole for botox is sooo 2008. Stupid morons:

    Poor bimbos, accept that in the world there beautiful women, talented, rich, famous, with a succesfull life, and first of all fuc.k.ed by a man. Nicole is one of them, so that’s enough with this childish jealousy. Go out, take a walk, see people, and…GET A LIFE!

  18. 18
    liam Says:

    why everyone here is talking about Kidman’s face,

    Nicole is not a botox queen anymore .

    photo on the Set of Rabbit Hole

    the botox queen now is Renee Zellweger but i dont know why people doesn’t talk about her frozen face and her big forehead.

  19. 19
    Anti bimbos Says:


    Andrea, you’re sixteen and yout stupider than a 5 years old crazy boy. See a doctor soon.

  20. 20
    Wood Says:

    she has never had botox, stupid dumbs

  21. 21
    Wood Says:

    I mean, loot at this pic:

    How is it possible to say she uses botox? people must be blind, or really really stupid

  22. 22
    N+P Says:

    She is most beautiful actress ^_^
    She is natural beauty queen.

  23. 23
    pAUL Says:

    it’s a shame people still see Nicole in this dimension: a statue that can be offended in this rude, gross and ignorant way. I’m shocked. She is a GREAT actress, and not because she’s famous she deserved a similar bashing. She’s an artist and as an artist she deserves all the respect in the world. Watch her movies, not read crap magazines. The Hours, The Others, Dead Calm, To Die For, Dogville, Birth, Australia, Moulin Rouge..And many others..She is a great great actress, one of the best in movies history, the last diva, and she DESERVES ABSOLUTELY RESPECT AND REVERENCE. When you offend Kidman with these insane posts you offend all the Cinema, the acting and the women! SHAME

  24. 24
    WOW! Says:

    True Hollywood beauty. Talent and CLASS! Yah, she may use too much botox or whatever, who cares??? She has everything now. I’m glad to see her happy. What beautiful hair! I would almost, give my left arm for that! I said almost…..because I am right handed, ha-ha.

  25. 25
    eliza Says:

    Not the most flattering picture, but she should be great on the show.
    Let shallow people rant about her looks. So predictable.
    Right now, she’s got it all. I’m happy for her

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