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True Blood Reaches Record Ratings

True Blood Reaches Record Ratings

True Blood drew record ratings on Sunday night, pulling in 4.5 million viewers (11.4 million if you include DVR and HBO On Demand).

The hit vampire series was slightly up from last week’s ep, which 4.4 million people watched on HBO.

Did any of you tune in on Sunday to watch Sookie’s dream sequence? Alexander Skarsgard and Anna Paquin got naked in bed!

Watch a preview of next Sunday’s episode below!

“True Blood” Episode 10 Preview

10+ screencaps inside of Eric and Sookie’s bed scene…

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  • true blood

    Great episode. AS looks so handsome. What a beautiful man.
    Thanks, Jared!

  • ct

    ohhh, eric is a beautiful man.
    lol cnt wait for next week.

  • k

    one of the greatest shows on tv.

  • laura

    Best True Blood scene ever. There are no words to describe sex appeal of Alexander Skarsgard. Later Bill, you were fun for awhile, hello Eric!

  • cate

    Oh God… it was sooo good!
    Thanks for the caps… I just can’t wait for the next season… because we’re having Eric/Sookie (out of dreams) right?

  • nick

    it deserves it- the show is great

  • marissa


    I agree.

    team bill but damn that dream sequence was hot!!!

  • Aurea

    TEAM ERIC!! wooo

  • megan

    Alexander Skarsgard was so hot!!!! i want more naked alex scenes!

  • vmars111

    I’m still Team Bill, but holy jesus I was happy to finally see Alexander Skarsgard show some skin on True Blood after 21 episodes of everyone else had gone all natural!

  • Jen

    eric looks hot! No wonder everybody is drooling over Eric. Alexander Skarsgard is a beautiful man

  • yum

  • LALA

    i LOOOOVED sunday’s episode. eric & sookie :9 plus alexander skarsgard is just pure sex. cant wait till the next episodee

  • Team Bill

    they are better looking in real life compare to the show with all the make up. I prefer this style on him.

    Sookie is having all Bill , sam Eric….how many more Alcin next (Spoiler sorry)

  • cheekee

    Is it hawt in here, or is it just me?
    *fans herself.

  • Lovethatdoll

    I think this was probably the HOTTEST scene EVER on True Blood. I was Team Bill, but now I AM SO TEAM ERIC! Bill? Bill WHO? I think it’s just that I’ve been looking at Bill and Eric together in the past few eps and all I see is this short man with this TALL VIKING and the latter is so much HOTTER!

  • Liz

    jared thank u so much for these sceen caps..eric looks so hot ;)

  • Ann

    OMG I love alexander he’s soo hot, I just can’t wait for the nex season

  • http://KATHY KATHY


  • s

    Love the show! Love Alexander Skarsgard! Loved Godric (too bad)! Yay! for True Blood!

  • cami

    alexander looked so hot .. i can hardly contain myself by looking at the deliciousness that is alexander

  • JJ

    Dang Jared! I think You were a little too excited about Eric’s nudie seen…..

  • JJ

    OOps! fast typing **edit**”Scene”

  • amy


  • stacy

    That scene between Eric and Sookie was heartstopping. It should be illegal for a dude to be that hot. I agree, team Eric!

  • cute

    OMG the episode was amazing. Apart from Alexander Skarsgard being naked, his acting was phenomenal. I literally cried! The show definitely deserved the ratings and damn I hope they got some recognition for their acting. More naked A.S. please!

  • Lauren

    Alexander Skarsgard is BEAUTIFUL!!! The more of him on TrueBlood the better!!!

  • There, I said it

    Sookie is too annyoing and unattractive for Eric.

  • Catchy

    mmmmmmmmmmmmmm…. oooooooooooooooooooooohhhhh… they both loook SO SEXY!
    really great scene!

  • jessie

    That scene was freakin HOT!! The Sookie and Eric relationship needs to grow and Bill needs to be kicked to the side.

  • blackfriday78

    Watched three times on HBO sunday night… officially obsessed! :P

  • nic

    wow i cant wait for the last three episodes! this is some addicting stuff.
    i love Bill! Eric is hot but the way Bill says Sookie !! omg

  • taylor

    I really hope that Alan Ball utilizes the wonderful (and yes SEXY) talent that is Alexander Skarsgard to its fullest. Give him more air time and more naked scenes

  • emma

    Go ERIC! i want the shower scene!

  • Yar

    Alexander Skarsgard should be naked all the time and that scene was amazing.

  • elaine

    TEAM BILL, I think him and sookie are way better together, I don’t want her with Eric, although white boy is sexy

  • I n F a m o u s l y C o o l

    season two of true blood is fcuking incredible.
    bill has no chance against eric.

  • me

    That dream sequence was so HOT!! Omg! We finally got to see Eric with no shirt! *drool*
    I kind of felt bad for Bill though, especially on the parts when Sookie kept checking Eric out. lol.

  • damnn

    a skarsgaard all the way.. he’s blonde, blue eyed, tall, nordic, ,gorgeous, funny ass hell and hot hot hot

  • me


    I know I get flutters in weird places whenever Bill says, “Sookie.” OMG! I think Bill and Eric both are sexy! I’m currently reading the book series and Bill doesn’t go away so atleast we still get to look at him.

  • Tom

    Great episode.

  • LISA


  • zk

    Best episode yet!!!!!!! Love love love True Blood, and Eric is the man!!!

    I was on team Bill&Sookie last season, but ALL about Eric this season.

    Best show on the air today. Period.

  • jrfan

    That scene was SO ADORABLE but totally not in Eric’s character. LOL And then seeing Eric pleading at the end of the ep…just stole my heart! I am still for Bill but I can’t help but be attracted to Eric.

  • RM65

    What a range in acting Alexander showed in this episode. Comedic, in the bullet sucking scene, dramatic in the Godric death scene and so sexy and romantic in the bed scene. Wow, what an actor he is!

  • Team Bill

    containt with spoiler:

    Do not worry Eric will be 100% be the main character in following season. His character will be put fowards as all the fan expect it just like in the book. The only reason I love Bill, his character performance won me into loving True Blood and also others actors( Lafayette) in the show. Yes Bill character will is not needed as Eric is the main guy in the books. Now the The show must go on. If this has to be so be it. Like Stephen said in his interview this is “television drama”.
    Alcide Herveaux, Quinn, Sam are part of Sookie love interest, Sometimes I wonder if Stephen and Anna relationship has to do with this wEIrd Eric/ Bill love and hate teamS.
    Some comments have growned to be very questionable:

    1. the love of Godric character (Allan hyde 19 years) playing a 15 years character. He played a good role people asking to see more of him because of his sexual appearance compare to Bill or others who are much older. This make me wonder if we have kids watching this programme which is inevitable (Twilight) or adults prefering a younger character because of a psychological disorder in which an adult experiences a sexual preference for prepubescent much younger.
    2. Eric is a beautiful guy and Bill as well, their personal life will be more of an interest now due to the sucess of the show. But please Stephen is not a rapist or boring because of the books, or others name people wish to portrait him because he plays Bill. What he delivered as Bill so far has been good lot of him in first season and not much of him 2 season, if they plan to write him off slowly then be it.

  • Bailey

    oh Eric/Sookie!!! Finally, I’ve been waited for months for this. No wonder, this show finally got interesting

  • mia

    I usually root for the good guy, but I’m sorry, Eric is sooooo much hotter than Bill. AS is just beautiful.

  • jessica

    The Eric and Sookie dream is just a little taste for the future ecited for more eric and sookie goodness

  • caitlyn

    bill was nice while it lasted… all i have to say is
    TEAM ERIC ALL THE WAY! the man has it all… ohh my his gracious plentyy. alexander has to be in my book the most beautiful man i have ever seen in my life. everything about him is goregous… true blood is a great show. but i feel a tad bit bad i’m leaving bill high and dry….
    OH WELL.