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Jennifer Aniston Has Monmouth Moxie

Jennifer Aniston Has Monmouth Moxie

Jennifer Aniston walks around on the set of her new film The Bounty, currently filming at Monmouth Park Racetrack in Oceanport, New Jersey on Wednesday (August 19).

The 40-year-old former Friends star made a grand entrance onto the set of the movie, flying in by helicopter with co-star Gerard Butler. Over six hundred extras were on location at the racetrack.

Apparently this location has been quite popular, with the 1984 movie, Pope of Greenwich Village filmed here. Episodes of Law and Order and The Sopranos also have filmed at the same location.

10+ pictures inside of Jennifer Aniston and her Monmouth moxie…

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jennifer aniston monmouth moxie 01
jennifer aniston monmouth moxie 02
jennifer aniston monmouth moxie 03
jennifer aniston monmouth moxie 04
jennifer aniston monmouth moxie 05
jennifer aniston monmouth moxie 06
jennifer aniston monmouth moxie 07
jennifer aniston monmouth moxie 08
jennifer aniston monmouth moxie 09
jennifer aniston monmouth moxie 10

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  • wow11

    Dang!! Did someone hit her in the Jaw?

  • stefano


    jennifer is hot

  • wow11

    What is wrong with her jaw?

  • wow11

    LOL i beat you stefano.I am no.1

  • charlie

    Someone give this friend a comb or brush.

  • Ban bottled water

    The tide is turning against this old cougar – join the campaign to get Aniston to stop pushing bottled water to the masses

  • lisa

    I like her, but hate what bottled water is doing for the planet. She should make an effort to be a bit more green.

  • Molly


  • Not impressed by JA

    Why is she out with her nightgown ? Is she stone again ?

  • Plastic bottled

    Plastic bottled water are making people sick.Quick selling it.

  • val

    She looks awful in this pics. ;(

  • Ugly

    WTF is up with her fat, swollen face??? She looks awful!

  • don

    ban the bottle!

  • sheryl AND FRIENDS


  • Tiara

    Damn, why does she have so many haters?! Oh yeah, cheater Brad and homewrecker Angelina ha. GET A LIFE PEOPLE. Her hair looks better when it’s straight and her dress wtf was she thinkin’ when she got out there?! But anyway, it’s her , her body, give her a fockin’ break!

  • may

    her face is a big camel toe – this is what she looks like without all the hair and make-up and lighting.

  • lisa

    I am not hating, but her face looks really bloated.. and I don’t get the hair..

    she is looking more and more like a younger version of Goldie Hawn (not in a good way) I love Goldie… but Jen may want to take a look at her future.

  • linsey

    I love her, even though she is an aging cougar, sells yucky bottled water, only thinks about herself, gets dumped by all sorts of guys, looks gross without hair and make-up, is a very bad actress and continually uses her personal life for sympathy and attention – I love her anyway.

    You might call me a crazy fan and maybe I am, but like all the other ugly dumped women out there – I feel a real connection to Jennifer Aniston.

  • Not impressed by JA

    she went for another refill face after the Brad II debacle again.
    She must have done something very wrong to even piss US Sh*itty with their new triangle : .’Why Bradley chose Renée over Manlesston, the emblem for lonely whiny women who keeps on getting dump’…lol

  • WHoa!

    why does she remind me of kirstie alley???

  • Tina

    I have to agree that girlfriend don’t look so great without all the hair & make-up people styling on her aging butt. She looking old, bloated and tired.

  • WHoa!


    just read your post! wahhhhhahhhhhhaahaa!!!!!!!! nearly fell of my chair laughing!!!

  • spongebob :)

    THAT’S THE RESULT OF TOO MUCH BOTOX. Her face is so bloated ready to explode. Her short fat legs, aging is getting closer and closer. Stop injecting botox, be yourself and age beautifully (or uglier).

  • impressed by JA

    Jennifer looks beautiful. The AJ loons are crying in their hash. Poor old burn out Billy Goat Brad got caught in a lie. HAHAHAHA

    The better she looks the more the loons cry she’s ughly.

    Sorry loons, your idol is a burnout bum……with a sk anky smack addict.

  • JA gone old

    Yuck. Is this what she really looks like without all the lights and make-up? YUCK YUCK YUCK! She looks horrid.

  • omg

    @Tina: agree

  • aj is ugly

    Haters, how about getting lives? You all need some.

  • linsey

    @impressed by JA – you are so right. Even though she looks bloated, old, her hair is a mess, she is constantly dumped by men, she is a bad actress, smokes, fake and bake tans, talks about her personal life for sympathy – we love her anyway. Let’s ignore any flaws and continually and dogmatically spout our devotion to JA.

  • JA Is Christ

    JA is so lovely, smart, funny, thin, great actress, humanitarian – maybe she is Jesus Christ?

  • more Gerard please

    Couldn’t you have at least squeezed a pic or two of Gerry in there? Jen is fine… but Gerard is much more intresting….

  • thats_right

    Dead Woman Walking? Man she looks dead what is wrong with her?

  • iris

    jen very hottttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttt

  • mike

    she is lovely -that large square jaw, those sunken eyes, messy hair, thin lips, botox forehead, fake tan and ugly dress. Lovely.

  • geez!

    When will she start dressing more age appropriate? I mean you don’t have to done a dress to your ankles but just because you have starved yourself to the size of a teenager, doesn’t mean you can dress like one. That is something she should be wearing around the house, no one wants to see that.

    Also, I agree with the others on here she looks like crap but she never was what you called a real beauty anyway.

  • youknowyouare impressed by JA

    Wah Wah Wah—-The Pitt crew has flew the coop to go get hashed in France. Poor PItt fans, Brad will be back to the US as soon as he can peel AJ off his A ss.
    God I hope they have a McDonalds there so the kids will at least get a meal on Sundays.
    The Loons are all flocking to JA’s thread to try to convince someone she is not attractive. Why bother if you hate her so??
    Jennifer is at the top of her game and the loons are crying and tearing out their hair. Go run screaming at the ocean loons.

  • Maxwell

    I don’t know what it is about her lately but she’s I don’t know what’s the right word? Bloated, thick maybe? But her body is getting that settled heavy look even though she’s not heavy.. It’s hard to explain

  • izzy

    Stop being so mean – I like a more masculine looking woman who doesn’t quite live up to mainstream beauty ideals. Jen is not like other women who choose to have a family, children and lasting relationships. She also takes a different path with her acting – she chooses to work in B-movies and only ever try romantic comedies. We shouldn’t judge her for that. I like that she uses botox, fake tans and smokes – makes her seem so real – just like a sort of artificial girl next door. America’s aging plastic sweetheart. We will love you forever Jen!

  • geez!

    Also she is waaaaayyyyyyy too old to be sporting an ankle braclet, it totally out of style and very distasteful.

  • omg!

    the Brangelinahens have arrived!

    got bored of drooling over OLD MAN PITT and the one he will never marry otherwise known as SKELETOR?

  • mindy

    I love Jen even when she doesn’t look her best. I love that she is so real and flawed. Particularly love her puffy face. I mean, who doesn’t have a bit of a puff face going on? I think some of her delicious bottled water would help with that. Who cares that bottled water is bad for the planet? Love her so much!

  • !!!

    She looks absolutely stunning and anybody saying otherwise is speaking utter sh!t

  • get real

    Why is it that if anyone is not a JA fan has to be labled a Brangelina fan? I mean everyone that says they don’t like are Brad and Angelina fans. I think you guys need to get a grip with that analysis. There are people who actually find her very boring, non-funny, non-attractive, and much more and it’s not because of her ex and his new squeeze.

  • izzy

    My God I would give anything if Angelina would dress more like Jennifer. All the black is so depressing. Maybe she could get a little color and not be so washed out. At least I noticed she has taken a page fron Jennifers book with the dress she wore to the IB opening. I’m sure she got that fashion ideal from Jennifer. I love Angie but she can be so dark. I wish she would keep her hair light like Jennifers too.
    But as I said I will always love Jennifer but Angie is may favorite!!

  • Len

    Love her so much that I am going to make wallpaper out of this amazing picture. Even with that messy hair, bloated face, mannish jaw and fake tan skin, she is wonderful. A real symbol of all that is good and righteous in America. I just wish she had her cigarette and water bottle in the picture. Maybe next time….

  • from lainey

    The new cover of Us Weekly –

    And Jennifer Aniston gets shafted again.

    It’s one thing to come second to the most beautiful woman in the world. It’s another to be passed over for SnapFace, slapped on the cover of a magazine with the title “Jen feels burned” having lost to someone she feels is inferior.

    SO embarrassing.

    And so NOT Fabulous at 40!

    Because no matter how hard she keeps trying to convince us that she is Fabulous at 40!, it’s too easy to believe otherwise, exclamation point or not.

  • woooo…..

    i agree she does look bloated and that is bc she is becoming an alcoholic

    i’m convinced she will be 200 pound within 2 year and end up in rehab

  • jcali

    Coke bloat?

  • COURTNEY C friends

    Chinniston, does not care anymore. She’s done , guys. Nobody in their right mind , would be walking around like that. Is this the way that women look when they are high? Is she working under the inlluence.? After all she’s the one that introduced our Brad to this stuff. ? She needs the drugs more than ever now since , Bradley Cooper dumped her for a clean, nice girl, like Renee. She looks terrible. ——- YUCK,YUCK,YUCK,

  • yep yep yep

    Jen’s a babe!

  • yes Maxwell i agree

    i cant explain it either she is just looking thick “wooo…” i have to agree maybe she is drinking, that’s what happens