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Jude Law is a Doting Dad

Jude Law is a Doting Dad

Jude Law drops off his kids, Rafferty, 12, Iris, 8, and Rudy, 6, for a tennis lesson in London on Wednesday (August 19).

Yesterday, the 36-year-old English actor was back on the set of the new Sherlock Holmes film to reshoot a couple of additional scenes. Actress Rachel McAdams and Robert Downey Jr. were also on set.

Most recently, it was speculated that Brad Pitt would be joining the cast of Sherlock Holmes to play Moriarty, Holmes’ arch-enemy. Those rumors turned out to be false.

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  • umm

    jared, how come you blurred the faces of his kids but you don’t do it to the other celebrity kids???

  • sheryl

    Jude and the kids!!!! Yay!
    I can’t wait for Sherlock! Didn’t realize how much I missed seeing new pics of Watson until some were circulated around yesterday.
    *waves and blows kisses at Jude*

  • kim

    Jude Law hanging out with his kids and……. remaining sexy doing so

    feeling you Jude. Love Ya

  • dee

    Love you Jude.
    My boo is looking like he need some rest since he is doing Hamlet and Sherlock Homles at the same time. and still making time with the kids.

    Thanks Jared

    Get some rest Jude.

  • Sara

    Awh, how cute *-*
    Love You Jude ♥

  • ashley

    Iris cut her hair!!!! It looks so cute!!! :-)

    And Jude…well..isnt he always cute? Handsome..handome..handsome! :) xo

  • ashley

    My boo????

    Judes been MY boo for 8 years!!! :P

  • Sara

    (and mine, too ♥) :D

  • annieRich

    i love him, I love him, I love him. In just one and a half week I will see him in Hamlet again, this time in Helsingør, Denmark. He is just amazing and sooooooo gorgeous. I love him, did I mention that.

  • sheryl

    Annie, I’m so dang jealous! I have to wait 7 weeks before I get to see it in New York!

  • ?

    i agree with #1.. it’s not like jude is the only guy that doesn’t want his children’s faces plastered all over blogs. it’s ALL the celebs out there! lame.. just lame!!

  • annieRich

    @sheryl: Sheryl, but you will see him.

  • sheryl

    @annieRich: Yesssssssssss!
    I wish it were being filmed.

  • Leah

    You blurred their faces, but you knew how to post personal photos of Michael Jackson & his kids? I don’t get

  • elle

    Thanks jared :)

  • jami

    beautiful dad …… you Jude!

  • Brenda

    The DILF

  • dolorescraeg

    thanks jared,
    daddy jude must be dead tired..three and a half hour performance in hamlet…twice a day on wednesday and saturdays…filming pick ups on sherlock holmes and still takes the time to tennis with the kids…..jude your beautiful family is growing so fast. i can’t believe it. i still can’t get over meeting you at the wyndham theatre. you were so sweet and gorgeous.

  • Team Maniston

    Sexy Jude, even with bedhead. Especially with bedhead.

  • gemma

    Love the bedhead, love the casual Jude, just love Jude.

    Thanks for the great pics Jared and for respecting his children’s privacy.

    See you in NY in September Jude!

  • sheryl

    Gemma, I’m totally not mentioning him wearing this shirt because he wore that shirt and tie the other night while signing at the Wyndham, plus the brown jacket, dark jeans, and white shirt to dinner…so he gets a pass from me today. Plus the bedhead is just…sexy….

  • jami

    the bedhead is Sexy…I agree ;)

  • Sandy

    He Has always looked great with a tousled head of curlsand he looks like
    a little sleep would help but he will get a few hours a day in the next few weeks after Denmark when rehearsals first start
    See y9u the on the1 th of SEPT.


  • Daphne

    Poor guy looks so tired and sleepy. He’s still teh sex though. Heh.

  • dolorescraeg

    after he played tennis with the kids he had to go to work . from daddy jude to hamlet. now that’s a switch. love those pants jude baby…they do you justice.

  • Eloisa

    Thanks JJ. He is doing the play, the movie and still has time to spend with his lovely family and sometimes go out to have dinner. He has to be tired, but still looks hot.

  • http://Sexy sharyllee

    Jude is so cute!! Children are very beautiful. I cant wait to see you, Jude in November.

  • Chili Pepper

    I can deal with bedhead. He’s fine.

  • annieRich

    He is so sexy with a bedhead

  • azlyn

    he looks tired but still gorgeous but he does look sleepy.thx jared.

  • Carmen

    I’ll be seeing Jude in Hamlet in NY this October ,BOY Iam looking forward to that . Jude you look so tried & slepy but what a Great Dad taking time for his beautiful children. Be seeing you this Fall,Take Care LOVE YOU JUDE.

  • dolorescraeg

    i must tell you…i got a birthday kiss from jude backstage at the wyndham……he is without doubt the most beautiful man ever and SEXY!!!!!! i’m a senior so it was o.k. but i’ll never forget how lovely and sweet he was….amazing man……

  • outlander

    hi. my first comment here : )
    lucky dolorescreag!
    i saw him in hamlet, too, in one of the previews in may. he was absolutely brilliant, wish i could see it again.
    he definitely is a great actor, georgous man and seems to be a really good father.

  • natalie smith

    hello everyone!!

    I just checked prices for Hamlet tickets in NY and was stunned!!

    it is something like 315 US dollars for two persons??
    Am I logging on to the wrong website or this is the standard prices…???
    Does anyone have an idea??

  • dolorescraeg

    broadway prices are the most expensive. they are getting $116.00 for an orchestra seat and $232.00 for preferred seating…..first few rows. however 100 seats will go on sale every day for $25.00. also balcony seats are cheaper…around $60.00.$65.00 i believe. call telecharge and ask about balcony seats. they’ve got to be cheaper. rich is better right. you pay big bucks you get to look jude straight in the eye and believe me that’s an experience. the reason broadway tickets are so much more expensive than the wyndham in london is because of unions, labor contracts,’s much more expensive to mount a show in new york. he’ll be at the broadhurst theatre. call them…find out.

  • http://Sexy sharyllee

    Jude is very cute at Denmark. Need more pictures of him where he is.. pls jared. thank you.

  • missy girl

    Aww, it is funny to see him as a tired, fresh-out-of-bed working father. I have to feel his (apparent; I could be wrong) I-didn’t-get-enough-sleep-last-night pain. The green pants are an excellent touch, classic! He seems unhappy to see the paparazzi, though, I feel guilty on that count now I’m seeing the pictures. I don’t envy him that pressure. Have to marvel; he must be a wicked busy guy. Nice that he makes time to do something fun with his lovely kids.

    I would love to see him on stage as Hamlet in NYC or Washington DC. Alas… too busy, too far, and not enough money for that to happen easily. I’m a huge Shakespeare fan (including Hamlet) … AND Jude?… what could be better?! What an amazing experience it must be to play that role. Almost have to sympathize, what could ever quite compete as a follow up?! Hee, hee. I’m sure he’ll mange, he generally does. Cool that some of those posting here have even met him in London. I think I’d feel terribly shy.

  • natalie smith


    Thanks for replying :) :)….I was really stunned of the huge price difference between the west end and Broadway!!…I mean I got to see Hamlet first row, first row… right in the middle for 32 pounds!!!
    THis is absured..ridiculous…If I make it to NY durig that time I will go for the ones that go on sale on the day…thanks so much though you are alwas so up to date on anything that has to do with him…
    if I recall correcltly I read a while back that you got to chat with him also, is that right?? …well I don’t know when I was there he was not smiling at all and had a stif face while signing out autographs so…I guess I was put off by his demeanour and didn’t get close…anyhow he was brillliant! no doupt about that and…I got a gaze at one point as he was moving around on know like when actors talk and look at the audience..he looked at me straight in the eyes so intensly I couldn’t move for a couple of minutes!! :):)…that was fun..:)

  • isabella

    how all of you can keep admiring someone who made terrible mistakes in life with so much obsession?! God, Jude is NOT a teenager anymore… he is a grown man and should be more responsable at his acts… Since he had an affair with his CHILDREN’s nanny, i was shocked of how imature jude are! that’s the perfect word to describe him: imature. he can be a beautiful and talented actor but he definitely isn’t an example of attitude, especially of paternity! Imagine how traumatized his children are going to be from now on… they already knew about their daddy’s inappropriate behavior, maybe not all of them, just raff who is the oldest one, but now they are all concious of what is really happening and are not happy! spending time with his children will not repair the damages that he caused in their lifes, he needs to change as soon as possible, otherwise it will cost even therapy for the poor little ones.

  • Daphne

    Get a grip, Isabella. Jude spends a lot of time with his children. He is active in their life. He is also a single man who has sex and who now has another child. How is that supposed to “traumatize” his children?

  • dolorescraeg

    did you take a course on judging other people from what you read in the tabloids and on the internet. you have no idea how his children feel about theur dad. i asked jude backstage at the wyndham theatre how they were doing and he said they are really great kids going back to school…..doing great in school. for a busy movie star this man spends more time with his children than most.
    yes maybe jude is a little immature which is not unusual for alot of actors……yes maybe he thinks a little differently than you and i. but his life is a hell of alot different than ours. what he encounters and who he meets and the type of pressures on him are quite different than your pressures and mine. it’s very easy to be judgemental of other people but that in itself is a sugn of immaturity. an adult understands that since you are not in someone else’s body and mind you cannot possibly understand their needs, frustrations, insecurities and baggage that they carry. if mistakes are made by humans…then to err is human…to forgive devine…..jude is just a human being.


    Isabella raises a valid concern. I do think one can admire the man for his obvious talent without condoning the kind of actions that led to this scandal. It’s enough that he’ll have to deal with the knowledge he was central to the cause of it all, including the personal consequences.

    He seems genuinely involved with his three children. It appears he will take as much responsibility as can be expected. He has also seemingly respected Ms. Burkes’ decisions and expressed support for the forthcoming child, publicly moreover. This alone is more than could be said for plenty of people. Children will be okay, half-siblings and all, if parents in complex situations face reality like adults, and show understanding and compassion.

    The media coverage and stress of the situation would be the real concern. The mere fact of his children should have engendered more care from the media… and kept it all as very private as possible. Ms. Burke should have honored that, too, before she posted bikini pictures of herself pregnant. (VERY trashy. I’d be outraged. Entirely unfair to his children.)

  • Pole

    LOVE him and I think he seems to be a great and doting dad just like he and Sadie are great rolemodels for divorced parents.

    Thanks Jared – also for blurring the pictures of the children.

  • sheryl

    Isabella, talk about overreacting. Why don’t you come and work for child protective services for while, and you can see what REAL child traumatization is. Believe me, this ain’t it. Also, you must live in a real bubble if you think Jude’s life isn’t as real as many other people. I have a half sister that I didn’t know about until I was 14 and didn’t get to meet until years later. And you know what? MY PARENTS AREN’T SCUM, NOR ARE THEY IMMATURE AND IRRESPONSIBLE! We’ve all made it just fine with loving parents, and my sister and I are very good friends, too. So get on your soapbox about something that really matters, huh? It’s called acknowledging people for being human and not worshiping them as gods, but rather just seeing the things that are admirable about them, something I’m sure you would hope for yourself as well. Nobody, the celebrity population included, is an example in purity. Most people simply have the luxury of not having paps and tabs in their face or digging through their garbage. Some celebs, though, are just lucky that some things that the public would have a cow over are kept below the radar.
    Jude, after reading about your wonderful success in Denmark, I am even more anxious to see Hamlet in NYC! If that’s even possible.
    *blows kisses*

  • isabella

    After the scandal that he caused the less he can do is take the responsability for it. And the fact that he’s respecting Ms. Burkes’ decisions and expressing support for the forthcoming child, doesn’t make him less guilty. I also see nothing wrong in having half-siblings and all, but the problem is behind this, cause everybody here knows that Jude can’t control his “sexual impulses”, that’s more than proven; so how do you think his kids feel about that? Come on, Rafferty is already 12, he has concious of what’s right or wrong and certainly has been suffering with his dad’s NEW scandal, cause it’s not the first time that Jude shows an immature and irresponsible behavior. About the media, it’s all consequence of Jude’s acts; if he had a bit of sense in his head nothing of this would be happening.
    oh yeah, i can have an idea of how his children feel about their dad. My answer for you is de same that i wrote just now. His kids are concious of the scandal; Rudy is too young, but Iris and Rafferty must understand the gravity of the situation. And If its really true that Jude said to you his children are doing fine, well, if i was in his place i’d say the same, cause you are just a fan of him and he’d never give satisfation of his children lifes for fans. I agree that Jude suffers too many pressures and all, but it doesn’t justify his acts! EVERY human being, regardless of the situation in your life, always can make a choice for better or worse and his choice was definitely for worse. Jude can be a loving dad, but that’s not enough for his children; cause they need a good reference, someone who give them an example of being earnest!

  • isabella

    ow, you seem very nervous, just because i think jude is immature and irresponsible? well my dear, for someone who had an affair with his CHILDREN’s nanny and now is having a fouth child that was not expected, i think the words immature and irresponsible fix up perfectly!And i really don’t want to know about you’ parents life, your relationship with your half-simbling, whatever…
    Sorry, but your arguments are too weak… You even know to discuss civilized; you started posting aggressively and withou no reason… When you get a little of maturity we’ll have a good conversation, ok? ;)

  • Daphne

    I agree with Sheryl. Her argument isn’t weak; it’s life experience and real. Life isn’t like ‘Leave It To Beavers”. I think Isabella is over-reacting.

  • Pole

    everybody here knows that Jude can’t control his “sexual impulses”, that’s more than proven

    Really? What do we know exactly and how has it been proven? We know he cheated on his fiance – not a noble thing to do but it happens. It happens a lot in Hollywood so I don’t see a reason why it should be ‘proof’ of Jude not being in control of his sexual impulses. We also know he sleept with Ms. Burke and a baby was made. This too happen for lots of people – both in real life and in Hollywood. We don’t know the details but we know he’s taking responsibility so again – where’s the proof that he’s not in control on his impulses?

    He’s single, he’s sexy, he’s popular. Women are no doubt throwing themselves at him all the time. If he really wasn’t in control of his impulses, as you say, I think we can safely assume that he would be seen out with different women – but that doesn’t happen. If he was careless and didn’t use condoms would there not be an entrie army of Jude-spawn on the way? I’m not personally a fan of his taste in women but there’s really nothing ‘proven’ about him not having control with his sexual impulses. We know he has sex, but that’s hardly surprising!

  • isabella

    Pole, you said: We know he cheated on his fiance – not a noble thing to do but it happens.
    It really happens?! Well, i just heard this scandal on jude’s case, it’s not an usual thing that people do, espeacially with your own children’s nanny!
    them you said: We also know he sleept with Ms. Burke and a baby was made. This too happen for lots of people – both in real life and in Hollywood
    In this point i have to agree with you, it happens with lots of people but even way, it’s a BIG mistake; Jude is a father of three children and his kids aren’t having a good example! they not only have to bear the fame of their father, wich affect their privacy as they have to bear the scandals of their father! Please, tell me , what kind of example Jude is giving for his kids? Everybody wants do defend Jude but anyone has an argument of how to explain his bad acts… Come on, Jude is an intelligent and successful guy to do such a stupid thing! And i know women are no doubt throwing themselves at him all the time, but anyway, it would not hurt he to put a condom before, or am i wrong?!

  • dolorescraeg

    you are basing your opinions on two incidents that happened in his life….what about all the care that he has taken over the years in his relationships with women. you don’t hear a scandal every other week with jude. he’s been single a long time and there’s been no other scandals. my point was…you are not in his shoes to judge what his circumstances were and are…until you have lived a full life without making serious errors in judgement. i don’t understand how you can judge. it would have been better if neither of these incidents occurred of course and if he wasn’t jude law we’d never know about it. 50 years ago film stars private lives were respected..but now if you sneeze the world knows. no one is condoning these two incidents…what we’re trying to say is he is human and made wrong choices but i don’t think it’s right for strangers to judge his circumstances. he has had the difficult job of talking to his children and laying it on the line. he’s very bright and i’m sure he had to be truthful and explain it as it is. he’s very responsible with those children. he’s not hiding under the rug from them. he will deal with it in the way that it will be best for the kids. you and i don’t know that jude didn’t use protection. that fails sometimes too. you also don’t know what his relationship with sienna miller was at that other time. as it happens it was going downhill and she was seen with other guys.
    how easy it is to sit in the comfort of one’s home and tell other people how they should run their lives. my dear isabella i don’t think i’m in a high enough position to do that.
    i’m not that vain