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Kristen Stewart is a Beanie Babe

Kristen Stewart is a Beanie Babe

Kristen Stewart dons a Born Famous Couture grunge pocket tee as she walks with production crew members to the set of The Twilight Saga: Eclipse in Vancouver, Canada on Wednesday (August 19).

No pics of Robert Pattinson, who recently claimed he’s still single.

Meanwhile, costar Xavier Samuel was seen grabbing food to go. Kellan Lutz did a little shopping today at Zara. Ashley Greene took her pet pooch Marlow shopping at La Senza Express. Jackson Rathbone picked up a sandwich at Subway. Peter Facinelli enjoys some family time with wife Jennie Garth and their three daughters.

20+ pictures inside of the Eclipse cast out and about in Vancouver…

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  • H.

    That supposed “new” interview with Pattinson was bogus. Rehashed, cute and paste job from old interviews. Whether he is, or isn’t, let him be.

  • H.

    Sorry to comment twice, but damn, I had never noticed how good looking Jackson is (probably because that blond wig is horrible on him in Twilight). But, wow.

  • LuckyMe

    Love it! All of it! K Stew is dressing like everyone does here, or at least the way they did when I was in highschool…maybe that stuff is coming back around again.

  • nikomilinko
  • ashytisdalefan

    I KNOW robert isn’t single.
    him and kristen were like making out at that concert!

  • Madison

    She looks like homeless… I agree with you nikomilinko: horrible!

  • Lillian

    She dresses for comfort and not trying to please anyone except herself. I admire her for that. The girl is absolutely gorgeous even without makeup. I haven’t seen a bad picture of her yet. No wonder Robert is smitten with her. I wish people would not bash her so much.

  • Charli

    @H.: i know. I HATE that wig/cut. it is almost worse than Taylor’s. pity cause Jackson is actually rather nice looking.

  • Amalie

    That was a fake interview!!!!

    “A rep for Robert Pattinson has given an exclusive statement regarding the actor’s supposed interview with The Mirror:
    “I will only comment on matters regarding Robert’s professional life, but in order to set the record straight, Robert did not speak to the Mirror, and their claim that they spoke to him a few days ago is manufactured along with any information that they claim to have as an exclusive directly from him.”
    Gossip Cop thinks we can close the book on this one.

    Soo, Rob never said he is single.

  • Destiny

    why does she ALWAYS look like a fk-ing crack addict?!
    ha. eww i’m crying lol :)

  • You/Me

    Seriously, I adore Kristen and really don’t care how she dresses…..but that greasy Joan Jett meth lab hair makes me wanna puke.

  • russian girl

    Ashley looks Beautiful like always. Kellan is such a cute pie and Jackson is absolutely AWESOME! What about Kristen….She looks cute) Seriously. Look at her face. She is one of the prettist girl I ever seen. Natural beauty. And I love beanie and plaid. Stewart looks funny))

  • nick

    hey i still love her if you want to see something really funny – – shows how diff she looks in each movie!

  • bellamor

    Jackson Rathbone is the best looking guy on the Twilight set, hands down, in my opinion.

  • dianaaaa


    totally agree with u ! She’s just not fake like some of the hollywood girls. She’s BEAUTIFUL!

  • dianaaaa

    by the way, I think Robert has a beanie just like hers. Am I wrong?

  • julie

    i cant help it. I love KStew. I love that she does her own thing, and doesnt give a crap about peoples opinions

  • me

    yikes I seriously flinch every time I see a picture of her. she looks like she’s about to sell drugs or something.

  • jess

    Peter is so sweet!!! is the father more nice and cool in all the world haha

  • Jen

    she is far from being a babe, looks like a hobo

  • Jen

    @bellamor: I agree with you. Jackson is so cute.

  • reba

    do the Twi-hards even care about her? I think they mostly want to hear about Edward or Jacob. She was rather forgettable in the entire film.

  • naomi

    what’s wrong with kristen and those horrible clothes she wears all the time??

  • lara

    Update your post!!! The interview was FAKE, ROBS REP RELEASED A STATEMENT SAYING ROB HASNT TALKED TO ANY MAGS, so fix your statement!!!

    kstew is awsome!

  • Good for her…

    I think in the insane world of being a big celebrity, she is trying to “just be herself”… and she’s comfortable enough with herself and has the confidence to wear what she wants. She obviously does not feel comfortable glamming it up and wearing what others want to see her in. Most celebs look like they are dressed to be seen… she does not care. And she has a victorious look on her. You can tell she loves what she’s wearing and is proud of it. A guy will have to like her for who she is, not what she wears. What’s wrong with that? No matter what she wears, her FACE is beautiful anyway. Good for her!

  • Katie

    JARED! that is ROBERTS hat btw. U posted photos from a few days ago. Can’t remember if it was them leaving Sushi place or what, but that’s his hat! Do a SIDE BY SIDE!

  • Mandy

    I love Kristen! She is a talented young actress and I am glad she’s not one of those actresses who lives for media attention. She’s still very young, she should dress like people in high school, which is what she’s doing. She has years to become a fashion plate, people should leave her alone!

  • me


    uhhh. no she doesn’t dress like a high school student…she dresses like a drug addict. And technically speaking she’s 19 years old, that’s the equivalent of a sophomore in college.

  • Gabs

    Ashley and Jackson make a beautiful couple. They’re beautiful.

  • NAT

    I totally agree. Peoples comments about stewart are starting to piss me off. They’re all just jealous is what I think.

    Thanks for your comment Lillian, I am 100% in agreement.

  • Scruffy puffy


  • Alison

    They all look classy, yet comfortable except for Kristen. I wouldn’t be caught dead going out in public looking like I was homless and in need of a shower. When are they going to fix her hair for goodness sakes?
    Peter and Jennie’s kids are adorable! Aww! They are such a gorgeous couple too.

  • seriously

    she’s a d yke

    lookat her omg, she’s a scary skank

  • come on

    #23 reba: “she e was rather forgettable in the entire film.”

    right: she’s narrator and eyes that we see the entire story through, forgettable? not quite. check out her film resume, the girl can act.

    it’s kinda gross how the twi-fans obsess about robert.



  • me

    @come on:

    Not really. The best film I’ve seen her in is Panic Room and she was pretty much overshadowed by the brilliant Jodie Foster, Forest Whitaker, and Jared Leto. She’s not that great of an actress. She plays the same role in every film and she’s boring.

  • lara

    kristen – soap and water and then deodorant. it’s not that hard.

  • way too try hard

    Kristen”s look screams…… I don’t care what I look like I’m so cool……..but instead it comes off as so contrived and fake…..she looks ridiculous!!!

  • Intribones

    I love Ashley Greene eaea

  • JB

    Just’re just stupid! The story was from interviews last year and not current.

  • LOL

    Someone else said she looks like truck driver! LOL So true.

  • Xena

    Kristen can dress like she want, if ‘ve the sexiest men alive only for her
    it either does not…

  • http://facebook Alyberry

    Kristen looks like a frickin’ crack head! She’s gross!

  • noodle

    This is what drugs do to you

  • aB

    a rep for Robert Pattinson has given an exclusive statement regarding the actor’s supposed interview with The Mirror:

    “I will only comment on matters regarding Robert’s professional life, but in order to set the record straight, Robert did not speak to the Mirror, and their claim that they spoke to him a few days ago is manufactured along with any information that they claim to have as an exclusive directly from him.”

  • breaker on nine

    good buddy


    she does look like a truck driver Sk ankville

  • VNY

    WTF – okay, I can understand giving some criticsm but some of you are just straight up RUDE. Jeez, she doesn’t look THAT bad – I’d like to see how ‘hot’ some of you look on an off day.

  • Shanny

    she needs to keep a hat on till that nasty mullet grows out. Next movie requiring hidious hair she should get a wig.

  • katt

    I guess rob is rubbing his style onto her … when you date someone, you becomes one … influencing each other.

  • katt


    i think you are the crack head here…