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Pierce Brosnan & Family: Ravello Relatives

Pierce Brosnan & Family: Ravello Relatives

Pierce Brosnan tours the historic town of Ravello with his wife Keely Shaye Smith, sons Dylan, 12, and Paris, 8, on Tuesday (August 18) in Italy.

The 56-year-old Irish actor, who has always been environmentally conscious, was recently moved after watching a documentary on the slaughter of dolphins called The Cove and has been publicly speaking against it.

10+ pictures inside of Pierce Brosnan and family enjoying their Italy vacation…

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  • me!

    They look like a happy family:-)

  • xuxu

    OH YEAH, BABY! :-D

  • I guess

    his wife is going to get lots of negative comments. I hope not. I love it that he loves his wife as a woman and not as some plastic enhanced, spindle-shanked mannikin. Beautiful women come in all shapes and sizes : )

  • Paige

    Keely needs to get healthy for her family.

    She’s such a beautiful lady, but continues to balloon up.
    Maybe it’s from menopause, but it sure doesn’t appear healthy.

  • victoria #1

    I had read that Pierce was VERY upset about the slaughter of dolphins, and has become extremely involved in their rights. He has even gone aboard different vessels that hunt down boats with have nets and guns and machine-gun type arrows that attempt to kill them, while the dolphins are trapped.

    So far they have successfully stopped over a dozen boat’s, and they were heavily fined and stripped of their hunting equipment, but it won’t take long until these mean, uncaring and selfish men are back to work.

    That is what Pierce and his family and other’s are trying to stop.
    I hope they have alot of help like ,Man power, and financial backing, and prayers. One of the reporter’s that went along to tape it all ,said the cries of those dolphin’s were the most pitiful and saddest thing he had ever heard in his life, and it was the first time he had ever sobbed filming anything. He still hears them in his sleep. Good luck Pierce!!!

  • BIB

    Keeley looks absolutely HEALTHY.Ok she may be just a bit on the heavy side but she has flesh,a good looking color on her face too and she and her family look amazingly happy .Good to see a STRAIGHT heterosexual in HollyWeird.Not showing of a beard but a real woman,real smiles.This makes me happy.With all those fake celebs out there living a LIE and making “non”celebs feel insecure because you weigh more then a bag of chips. or because you were born with small boobs…this family shows that acting is nothing but a job, and you do not need to live lies and surgery to be happy and in love.
    Kudos and big thumbs up to him and his family!!

  • svenja**

    Okay now, I just skimmed over this text and then I read ‘Paris’. Seriously? Isn’t that a girl’s name? Anyways they sure look pretty happy to me.

  • !!!!

    good looking family they look happy good for them.

  • bam!

    Heh, I was just there last month, very beautiful place…bloody hot though when I was there.

  • bam!


    I’ve always known it as a boy’s name until Paris Hilton became known to me, I always thought it was odd that she had what I considered a boy’s name, lol! Maybe it’s a UK thing because I’m from the UK & like I said I would normally associate Paris with boy’s names…that said, I think now because of Paris Hilton’s fame it is becoming more of a girl’s name…maybe it’s just unisex ;)

  • jackie

    He should be saving the whates, his wife.

  • Tornando


    Fat does NOT equal Healthy.

  • erol

    His wife looks like the STAINED PUFT MARSHMALLOW MAN!! Sheesh she used to be cute. Besides looking like that she is not healthy. She’s gained at least 200 lbs since they got married.

  • speak the truth

    Being FAT is not healthy; she needs to lose 50 lbs or so

  • Sam

    His wife looks like the STAINED PUFT MARSHMALLOW MAN!!

  • ladams

    Wasn’t tasteless comments what your were looking for jared???

  • BIB obviously been blinded and fooled by the models that have no BMI at all and are just anorexic.
    She may look fat to you, because you have been blinded by all that Hollywood shows.But look around you in the normal world,there are people way bigger then her and called obsessive.She is very normal looking.
    Besides if she would be considered so fat as so many claim she is, don’t you think that their doctors would put her on a massive diet and training plan?

  • gold

    im sure when Pierce looks at his wife he still can see the beautiful young woman he fell in love with. and in her defence,the camera adds on at least 15lbs.

  • sofia

    Paris was Helen of Troy’s lover long before Paris Hilton, so no, Paris isn’t just a girl’s name. Sad that people have forgotten the classics.

  • sofia

    Let’s not fool ourselves, Bib. There’s healthily chubby, and there’s obese. I would say that Keely is closer to obese. And that’s not being derogatory. That’s just stating the obvious. It has nothing to do with zero BMI or whatever, and has everything to do with maintaining a healthy body and clear arteries. There’s no question that being obese takes off years from your life. Closing one’s eyes to one’s weight issues will not change that.

  • BrightinLA

    she’s a cow

  • http://justjared think+

    @I guess:

    I agree: however, if you google her name, you will find a very different looking “bride”. But you are right, it really shouldn`t matter as long as they are happy and healthy !!!!!!!!

  • Lou

    When you have to resort to MOO MOO’s your no longer healthy , she needs a good healthy diet exercise plan , try Spark people ..

  • JOe

    People say fat is not healthy..Well neither is thin..Death comes to one one no matter the
    If Keely wants to lose weight i am sure she can..It is her choice..If not also her choice..If she doesn’t have a problem looking the way she does..Why should people care?
    They need to mind there own business..If Keely is happy..Good for her!!
    She seems to be content and looks like she is enjoying her life..
    Why does it bother people how she looks or how much she weighs?
    I tell you..Some Americans are so superficial..It is no wonder the Outside world Hate Americans..
    It is not about what is on the outside but what is in the inside!!

  • Tila

    She is closer to obese than chubby, her man is gonna pack his bags if she don’t start looking attractive. She has her hands all over him in every picture, insure for sure.

  • Frank

    @JOe: Men want an attractive wife no matter what you think..

  • twpumpkin

    He is sexy as hell. If I was his wife I would call Jenny Craig right away. You people that say it does not bother him that she is so fat are living in LaLa land. It is not fair to your spouse to let yourself go like that. He married a beautiful thinner woman. Now she is huge. I am sure he still loves her but that is not what he married. She is not the same person anymore.

  • m

    I have loved Pierce ever since I first saw him in Around The World in 80 Days in 1989. Reading this heartbreaking story now about his efforts to save dolphins makes me respect him even more. He has a meaning and a purpose in life… what a difference from people just sitting behind their computers making cruel and hateful comments about a woman who happens to not meet today,s beauty standards of having to look like a Barbie in order to be considered pretty and beautiful.

  • nikko

    For those of you who don’t know…the camera puts 20 plus pounds on you. so in reality she’s slimer than the pictures. Dingbats

  • Celine

    There’s an epidemic of obesity in the US causing, and linked to many of the health problems. PB’s wife by definition is obese and he obviously deals with it. She could stand to do more walking up and down the streets and hills. The camera doesn’t lie. Did it make the other woman in the black shorts and halter top look fat? No. Does it make PB or his kids look fat? No. Does it make a flower or a dog or a car look fat? No. Stop making excuses for her and yourselves.

  • loveforfour

    It’s takes a real man to continue to love his wife and not trade her for a size zero supermodel. I respect Pierce Brosnan more everytime I see him. This is what makes him sexy.

  • dee willis

    Skinny does not equal healthy either. Kudos to you Keely for not having to starve yourself and loving your womenly curves. Pierce is one lucky and very happy guy.

  • Brosnan`s Fans

    However Pierce Brosnan declared that he will continue to love his wife whatever her appearance may looks like and it won`t influence negatively their perfect relationship in any case.
    Nevertheless a lot of means of briefing do not respect Brosnan`s family and write depreciatory comments about them. Many times in deed , they demonstrate photographs of Brosnan with his wife on the beach, writing negatively and malignant comments about the the appearance of his wife who was very beautiful before the problem of obesity. Is it so bad that a Hollywood star loves his family and his wife despite the problem she face and he is trying to face this problem together like a real and lovely family as they are. A lot of wedded stars of Hollywood are known for their divorces and because they don`t care about their family and their children. So it`s not right and fair to blame a modest and landed man who had never bother anyone with his behaviour while at the same time he is a member of many charitably and animal`s institutions only because he loves his family and trying to protect it.

  • patrick


  • PB fan

    You people are so stupid. Big or not, she lookes good, she has got a lovely family and a man who loves here. And there are a lot of women around the world that would like to trade places with here and would like to wake up beside Pierce. But she’s got him !!! Leave it to rest people !!!!

  • Cosmopolitan Magazine

    Cosmopolitan Sept. 1996 Article illustrating how Keely Shaye Smith used the old woops I “accidentally” got pregnant and am so surprised! Doesn’t sound like he’s in love with her from this interview. Pierce Brosnan’s first wife, Cassandra Harris, was actually a Bond girl before he was Bond, an established actress herself, and made him the man and actor he is. She was not only beautiful but loved by everyone for her spirit and kindness. She was 10 yrs older than he though you could not tell. Photos from her 20s show why she was in famed photographer Lord Lichfield’s book, ‘The World’s Most Beautiful Women”. Many photos of her available online show how beautiful she must have been inside and out to be dying of cancer in her late 30s while still looking beautiful and sparkling with charisma and personality. Together they parented Pierce’s first son Sean Brosnan in 1983 (incredibly handsome). And he adopted her first two children, Christopher (also incredibly handsome from my memory of him during his New York nightlife appearances) and Charlotte, from whom she had with ex-husband Dermot Harris, great actor Richard Harris’ brother, upon Dermot’s death. So tragic for those children to lose both their mother and father. Tragic for Sean to lose his mother as a young child. And so tragic for Pierce to lose the love of his life. Perhaps he would have never moved on had Keely not forced it all upon him. Calling Keely fat is not nice nor does it say anything about who she is. However, it is said by many her “flaws” on the outside are a true reflection of her inner character and spirit, for those that think fat is a flaw. The article:
    Brosnan first met Keely Shaye-Smith, whom he sometimes absentmindedly refers to as Cassie, in Mexico in April 1994. Brosnan was sitting at the pool when she strode by. “When she walked back, she asked me for a few eco tips. Later on the beach, she was in a bathing costume – very lovely.”
    “I don’t want to be tied down to just one woman. I’ve been open in the relationship, as far as that’s concerned. I have no plans to get married.”
    Indeed, when Keely found out she was pregnant (the baby’s due in January), she and Pierce did intense soul-searching and came to two conclusions: no abortion, no marriage. “We talked about the matter long and hard, ” Brosnan says. “It was so unexpected – [I was] absolutely blown away. Abortion should be the woman’s right, but the thought of it just broke my heart – made me feel like an executioner. Besides, Keely wanted to have the baby.
    Besides impending fatherhood, what holds him to Keely is her allowing him the illusion that he’s a single man. “She’s thirty-one, and I’ m forty-two,” Brosnan says. “I have a wider breadth of experience in life. I don’t mean to sound grand or better, but there’s that element of being older.”

  • Ipotpal

    Tihs is not glory.

  • suppress your appetite

    @BrightinLA: :)))