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Renee Zellweger: September Issue Sexy

Renee Zellweger: September Issue Sexy

Renee Zellweger helps Vogue‘s editor-in-chief Anna Wintour premiere her new documentary The September Issue at New York City’s Museum of Modern Art on Wednesday (August 19).

The 40-year-old actress is also in town to premiere her own period comedy, My One and Only, in which she plays a 1950s mom on a road trip looking for a mate.

Renee shared, “One of the most fun parts of this experience was discovering that this was based on [actor George Hamilton's] life experiences ’cause it’s a great story. I mean, it’s so much fun — you attach to these characters immediately because they’re just clever and witty and the banter between them is so unconventional that you just kinda want to see where it goes. The revelation at the end that this is how he came to become an actor, quite accidentally? I mean, it’s just fantastic!”

10+ pictures inside of September Issue sexy Renee Zellweger

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  • Monique

    She stands like she has a cobb up her a ss. I guess thats what happens when you date a gay guy.



  • Brooke

    @Monique: You probably have something up your ass too. And since you think your so much better looking than her why don’t you upload a picture of your ugly ass. And P.S. you probably wish your bf looked as good as Bradley but you probably don’t even have one. And another thing if you don’t like her then why do you bother to comment because it makes you look jealous and pathetic.

  • mimi

    anorexic sluttt who dates gay guys, george clooney, bradley cooper, kenny chesney….


    brooke is probably her paid agent. People know the truth and state it about this drug addict whoreee. Who wants to be a drug addict and a WHORE!!! LOL

  • Tornando

    She is NOT sexy

  • woweeee

    horses stand like that.

  • Monique

    Brooke are you dating her??? Why so protective?? You have to admit there’s something funny about the way she stands with her butt out.
    I could care less about her dating a gay guy. I don’t think you can upload pictures to this site. Not that I feel the need sweetheart.

  • Erin

    I’m sorry, but she uses more Botox than Nicole Kidman (if that’s even possible!) She was too cute in Jerry Maguire. I’m 38 and look damn good too, but from SPF, healthy eating and exercise – no chemicals necessary. She should try backing off the ‘tox and remember how pretty she is!

  • Monique
  • Monique


    Sorry the a ss pic is for Brooke, but for all to see!!!!

  • mariuppie

    I looooove her, it is funny the way she stands though, but stop calling her annorexic, she is way too toned and healthy. We should all care that much! I mean, she has to look good… that’s part of her job.

  • Whattagal

    her posing is insanely pathetic.

  • fresh

    there’s something about her that makes me like her. i think she’s incredible.

  • Aram

    PleeeeeeeeeZ….is she sexy? Sexy means Anna Kournikova or Emma Watson.

    Omigosh! The term seems to evolve so much so these days …I gotta say if ya’ll call her to be sexy…She looks awk (to me at least) to say the least.

  • truely

    Renee looks better than aniston who sleeps with everyone first date.You people are jealous.She does not have a face full of Crisco lard like aniston.

  • truely

    Oscar Winner!!!

  • savina

    Did she steal the gay guy from aniston?

  • Milli

    Anna is seriously ugly, then again she is rich and powerful and it does not matter.

  • savina

    John Mayer and Bradley Cooper are gay.Aniston lost loves.

  • savina

    John Mayer and Bradley Cooper are gay.Aniston lost loves.

  • Milli

    No hating on Renee please. She is a major talent in Hollywood and a pleasure to watch. Hello, Bridget Jones anyone?
    I am a bit worried about her weight though. She is making Wintour look fat .

  • eww

    I always hate the sour look on this woman’s face!

  • aska

    talented, humble and absolutely likable.

  • Zoz

    Shhes too cool.I’m so inlove with the bridgette movies.I can’t wait for the next installment.

  • Gay Parade

    Bradley Cooper split from his wife Jennifer Esposito. The two had only been married for four months. One unsurprised onlooker says,”Bradley Cooper is gay. He was gay all through college and he’s gay now. He had no business marrying a woman. I’m truly shocked he went through with the farce.”

  • Allan

    I guess it won’t last long……….

  • sandy

    Renee looks great i love her and her talent, people are just jealous,, they though Jen and brad made a great couple, when he dumped her for Renee, now Renee is all these bad names, sorry but the only fug one is bed hopping Jen the chin, TEAM TALENTED RENEE.

  • boo

    Hands down she has the best legs. She looks absolutely gorgeous.

  • seten

    You see better looking women in the street or malls, compared to most of the actresses. Cannot get over the awful legs on Renne and Sienna, and the when JJ describes actresses as hot or beauties I feel like puking. Women like Jennifer Garner or Katie Holmes run rings around most of Hollywood when they are all dressed up, problem is, they don’t do it often enough, or as JG puts it not vain enough, maybe these 2 women should develop a bigger egos and show them how its really done.!

  • mina

    30 please, JG and Katie Holmes they is some fuglie s#it. They lucky they married A-list guys otherwise they be two washed up t.v. stars. Renee is still better looking than those two even though she is fuglie as hell.

  • Sally

    She’s such in a good shape. I can’t believe she’ll have to gain so many extra pounds to Bridget Jones 3. At least, it’s for a good reason. :)

  • Sally

    I should agree with you. She was too cute in Jerry Maguire. I remember to thin she’s pretty when I saw this movie. Nowadays she’s in a good shape and of course she’s not ugly, but I understand your point about her and Nicole Kidman. Nicole was so gorgeous, I hope she reduce the botox too.

  • Erica

    Renee is beautiful with loads of talent. Renee movies are awesome. I really don’t blame Bradley Cooper for wanting Renee who want dealings with Jennifer Aniston bitter fans. I’m sure Bradley Cooper notice Aniston hateful fans and want no part of them. I can not imagine why you mean spirited fans can’t move on and leave Bradley and Renee alone.

  • ERIN

    screweddd her way up hollyweird ladder. major cokehead and pill popper!


    Notice, Wintour, the editor of Vogue knows she is a customer of the couturiers, not a model.

    Renee constantly confuses the fact that she is a purveyor of couture, not an employee selling clothes in a storeroom.

    Hands off the hips, Renee’. You consistently look ridiculous.

    Natural posture equals a lady.

    Stiff, affected poses are quite ridiculous.

    Even, trashy Miller knows not to strike a model pose when walking.

  • corn cob

    up the a ss i’m loving that and its true look how she pushes her a ss out
    GIVE ME A BREAK she is just the most disgusting women in hollywood
    how could anyone touch that thing oh i forgot shes just a beard that’s the best she can do from one gay guy,kenny boy, to another brad

  • ARMS yuck

    what the he ll is up with her arms they are as bad as madonna


  • deformed

    i think she has scoliosis (sp?)
    look at how deformed she looks or is she just trying to contort her body to look sexxxyyy NICE TRY S KANK

  • Annie

    No, she isnt a great beauty, but she is a great actress. Loved the Bridgette movies, funny stuff.

    Can’t beat the shoes and dress, very nice.

  • liam


    i agree with you ,i used to love renee but now her face is full of botox she can barely move her face ,i used to read a ridiculous comments about Nicole Kidman Until I saw a recent picture of her and let me tell you she is a botox free now
    unlike renee she looks ridiculous and no one talks about her frozen face unlike Nicole. not just renee now Charlize Theron too .

  • miapocca

    I cant find the words to describe her ..she is not ugly , but she makes me wanna barf anytime I see those strangly poses….she is unappetizing to my palate….

  • gds

    Are these ugly comments from boo hoo Maniston fans or Chesney fanistons? Renee hasn’t done anything to cause such vitriol, except to be an Oscar winner, discreet and talented.

  • diva689

    Wow. When did the people on JJ become so full of hate? Makes perez’s site seem mellow. Clearly looks are so subjective. Yelling about who is attractive and who’s ugly is just funny & stupid to me. BUT i have to add, Jennifer Gardner is gorgeous (tainted by too many mom shots of her in sweats w/her kids; but that’s real life people) her face remains flawless (has lips like Jolie) and her figure in Alias was something to behold. Renee, awesome tight little body, but man, WAY too much botox and suffers from the worst hair in Hollywood. Agree with others, that she and Aniston appear so desperate, in part because they try SO hard to look young. Your 40. Embrace it and let your face MOVE! Also both chronic serial daters of actors. It’s just embarassing. and DESPERATE!

  • brenda

    FU@K she is one ugly woman. Those eyes, WTF, and those funny looking lips. Looks like she has been inhaling too much d!ck.

  • gabi

    She is HORRIBLE!

  • bella


  • reba

    Renee doesn’t look good lately. I think she is a bit too thin for her age. It’s making her look haggard. If she put on 10-15lbs, it would make her look healthier and more vibrant:)

  • Prizzi

    Bradley’s crazy whore – if he’s not gay, then he certainly likes them f***ed up! What a douche!

  • lakers fan in boston

    F damn she’s ugly
    one of the ugliest faces next to madonna and some others
    does she have a nice body? yah
    but still the face just kills everything about her look, it’s like how a lot of ppl bag on gisele about her face, even though she has a killer body as well
    ive never noticed, renee kinda has a nice little ass