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Ricky Martin's Twins Hit The Beach

Ricky Martin's Twins Hit The Beach

Ricky Martin has shared new family photos with, including his adorable 1-year-old fraternal twin boys, Matteo and Valentino.

“I’m so happy! Everything they do, from smiling to crying, feels like a blessing,” Ricky says of his boys. “This has been the most spiritual moment in my life.”

Matteo (left) and Valentino (right) were born by gestational surrogate in August 2008.

You can follow Ricky Martin on Twitter @ricky_martin and Just Jared @jaredeng.

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  • from paris

    it’s ricky martin’s childreen or not ???

  • Leah

    Beautiful set of twin boys! Ricky is going to make a great father! So happy for him :)

  • kate bosselin

    and im sure the nanny is right out of camera range to snatch up the kids for the remaining 23 hours he doesn’t see them a day

  • lol

    the one on the right looks like he could be related to Perez hilton

  • princess

    adorable little boys…and a hot dad!!!

  • Cooh

    they are so cute,beautiful babies,not identical,I’m happy for Ricky and haters should back off and get a life

  • Zoe

    Cute boys and he seems like a great dad. Neither of the boys look anything like him though. Not even brown eyes?

  • maritza

    The babies are so beautiful! Ricky looks like he is really enjoying fatherhood, I’m happy for him he is a wonderful person.

  • Jen

    yes those are Ricky Martin’s kids.
    btw Those are gorgeous babies, they are so cute, Im happy for Ricky. When they were much younger I remember seeing pics of them and they looked more like him but now that they are growing they are changing a lot.

  • Aislyn

    @Zoe: Don’t you think they look like him in the mouth? I can’t imagine him having kids that aren”t part of him. Not that I would know.

  • MAry

    Where is his boyfriend hiding?

  • joanne

    omg they’re beautiful!

  • You/Me

    I like Ricky Martin but this whole kid things seems out of whack. Is he gay??? Because that’s the only reason why he wouldn’t have some hot chick hanging on his arm. And anyway, he couldn’t find one woman to fall in love with and have his kids…how old is he??

  • t

    so handsome

  • Soul Full

    I believe that its wrong that these people are allowed to have children by paying a woman to have the baby for them. If gay couples cannot legally get married, why are they allowed to have children? I am very religious, I am a Scientologist and we know that for people to not have the urge to procreate with others of the opposite sex is an abberation. And it will create abberated effects on the children. I just can’t be happy for Ricky Martin or any other gay couple that brings children into this world without the real biological parent involved in the process and instead having two parents who are the same sex. There is a book written by a Scientologist named Ruth Minshull called “How to choose your people.”. It further explain Hubbards viewpoints on this matter at hand and was published by the Church Of Scientology and copyrighted to Hubbard. It is a good book to read to find out why gay people should not have children.

  • queen of august

    all you hater need to go to hell or shut up what wrong with being a single father idiots nothing he is still sexy and so are his kids i still love Ricky no matter what he still my number one. so all you hater need to stop AND LEAVE RICKY ALONE WITH HIS KIDS. GET A LIFE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • lakers fan in boston

    i dont find my resemblance with his kids and him
    they must look like they’re mother mostly, who i still havent seen

  • Ize

    It’s so easy for men to have a baby in a normal way. Julio Iglesias father was a dad in his 90′s or something. So why the need of an artificial insemination? He is young. He could have dozens of kids on the natural way, if he wanted to.

  • marisol

    que bellos los tres felicidades Ricki

  • laura

    People really need to learn to live and let live. Ricky’s kids are gorgeous and i’m sure they will have a great life with a loving father and a supportive network of friends and family.

  • cassie

    @Soul Full:Does it explain why bigots shouldn’t have kids?

  • ladams

    Beautiful healthy boys, all three of them. Single women have been having children for years. I never doubted for a moment that men couldn’t do the same.

  • wtfcuk


    You/Me @ 08/19/2009 at 4:37 pm I like Ricky Martin but this whole kid things seems out of whack. Is he gay??? Because that’s the only reason why he wouldn’t have some hot chick hanging on his arm. And anyway, he couldn’t find one woman to fall in love with and have his kids…how old is he??

    ladams @ 08/19/2009 at 4:54 pm Beautiful healthy boys, all three of them. Single women have been having children for years. I never doubted for a moment that men could do the same.

  • tidbit

    @Soul Full

    So how do you reconcile Travolta and Cruise having kids?


    @Soul Full, so you are suggesting we should follow the principles stated by a “religion” that is only 40 years old and that was created by a science fiction writer and it’s based on aliens????? Really? Because that is more accepted than a human being wanting to give love to a child???


    great looking kids!

  • Rontex

    @ Soulfull…I think the only thing your religion has given you is a soul FULL of Hate.

  • bella

    Such cuties :)
    I am sure he is a great dad.

  • jb

    he looks really great and happy

  • post watcher

    This is as messed up as the Michael Jackson adoptions. So exactly what is Ricky going to tell these children about their mother?

  • Zoe

    @Aislyn: I looked at the pictures again and I do see a resemblance in the mouth in Valentino but not Matteo. But then the might look more like him as they get older. Sometimes it’s hard to tell in babies.

    Regardless…he seems like a great dad.

  • I n F a m o u s l y C o o l

    ..gestational surrogate. hahahahaha
    @from paris: no! hahaha.. this fāg bought those things. those kids arent even brothers. hahahahaha..

  • Oy Vey

    Soul Full, Thank You – you have it right on!

  • Kimberly

    @post watcher: At least he isn’t dying their hair a new color, putting masks on their faces or taking drugs.

  • Zoe

    @You/Me: Yes he is gay. And he probably went this route so he would never be battling with some Ex. and custody issues. This way the kids are HIS.

  • jake

    I think its ok for Ricky b/c he is a single father. It would be different if he was with another MAN.

    I would rather have kids and raise them by myself, rather than having a nagging wife or husband. Single parents are cool. Two parents are too much trouble. There is always the good/ bad couple. The kids will definitely like one parent more.

  • jesse

    he is such hot peice of man!!! secretly i wish i was his boyfriend in hiding ;)

  • jesse

    he is such hot peice of man!!! secretly i wish i was his boyfriend in hiding ;)

  • Rona

    Ricky Martin has as much right as anyone else to be a father and I am sure that he is a great one. The children are just beautiful and I wish this lovely family all the very best.

    p.s. to Soul Full: science fiction is not a religion. I am extremely tolerant about beliefs but you bigots should not be allowed to spread your lies and ignorance. And how does Mr. John Travolta fit into your
    list of “dos and don’ts”?

  • Kimberly

    @jake: Ditto. And look at the Gosselin’s. If that’s ever a poster to promote single-parent hood I don’t know what is.

  • jake

    GAY people are disgusting Nazis. When it comes to having babies (through surrogacy or iv), they selectively look for preferred partners with blue eyes and high IQ so they could have the best looking babies. They are trying to play God. Its unnatural what they are doing. Shame.

  • adnil

    lol # 5 – bwhaaahahaha. perez hilton.

  • Sofi

    those kids are so beautiful !!!! i love them and the daddy its soo dam hot its a shame that he is gay =(
    i dont think there is nothing wrong whith a gay man want to be a father how many married man are terrible person who hits their childrens or abuse them ¿they are real men? i think that while there is love a child will be fine no matter if their parents are gay or not

  • ladams

    When it comes to surrogacy, there are two types currently used: “traditional” and “gestational.” Traditional surrogacy is done via artificial insemination, with the surrogate using her egg and another man’s sperm. Gestational surrogacy is done via In Vitro Fertilization (IVF), where fertilized eggs from another woman are implanted into the surrogate’s uterus. Choosing which route to take is one of the most important and earliest decisions a surrogate or intended parents through surrogacy will have to make.

  • Shemp lugosi


    you beat me to it

  • twpumpkin

    Well at least there are letting gay people buy kids too!

  • unknown

    Celebs have ugly kds

  • Shemp lugosi

    @jake: gay people were victims of the Nazis, which you’d know if you had any fraction of a brain. you’d better hope that nothing like nazis ever happens in the world again because you’d be one of the first ones rounded up and put in the gas ovens.

  • ladams

    Being a good parent doesn’t require one to be heteralsexual. There are plenty of heteralsexuals that can screw up kids just as good as homosexuals. Parenting isn’t about sexual preference……….