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Sherri Shepherd: Swimsuit Cover Model!

Sherri Shepherd: Swimsuit Cover Model!

The View co-host Sherri Shepherd slips into a sexy swimsuit and shares her latest weight loss secrets with OK! Magazine.

The 42-year-old star of Lifetime’s upcoming sitcom, Sherri, dropped 10 dress sizes and cut 10 inches off her 5’1″ frame.

“I lost weight last year and started gaining it back because I wasn’t exercising,” Sherri explains. “I said to my producer, ‘Why don’t we do something where I tell people ‘Let’s do it together!’ and maybe [up the ante with] a bathing suit.’ The minute I said that, I was like, ‘Gosh, I should take it back because I really want M&M’s!’ But I had to do it. Then all of sudden I had all these people doing it with me. I’d Tweet about going to the gym and how hard it was, and followers would write and say, ‘Sherri, I’ve lost two pounds!’ I thought, ‘Okay, people are getting into this.’”

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  • !!!!

    get a boob reduction they make u look fat and your not sherri

  • sir gaga

    isn’t she the stupid fat hoe from that useless gross gossip show the view, well she looks ugly, b,tch cover your fat ewww

  • me!

    She is shaped like a black woman.

  • Erin

    Nothing against Sherri, but isn’t it time we start celebrating folks who accomplish real things? Why does everyone want a bathing-suit-clad magazine cover?

    Melissa Joan Hart, Sherri Shepherd and Valerie Bertinelli should have a pool party. Marie Osmond can bring the Nutrisystem snacks.

  • kari

    she’s built like a linebacker. Huge on top (shoulders, chest, back) Thin on the bottom…YUK. Not attractive, but good job on the loss


    Im more interested in the ‘Robs suprise for Kristen’ tbh.

  • I n F a m o u s l y C o o l

    ewwwwww.. i threw up in my mouth!
    @me!: no she aint! hahahaha..

  • meX2

    @Me…speak for yourself, Sherri is definitely NOT shaped like a “traditional.” If that’s the case Amy Winno must be shaped like a white woman–disgusting!!!

    Anyways, I am African American, with a very nice, figure 8 shape, you know, the one “me” tries so hard to get but her ass is sooo flat, in fact, her stomach is bigger ass, but anyways, Sherri has openly admitted she wishes she shaped more like an “African American” woman

    I think her breast does throw everything off, but even if she didn’t have them, she does NOT have an ideal shape, for any type of woman. She doing a great job on the weight loss.

    @Kari, you are totally on point!!!

  • CBamazing41

    looks good, but definitely not a size 6.

  • A size 6???? BWAHAHAHAHAH
    There is NOWAY she’s a size 6, 7, or even 8. Her chunky legs alone are a size 10, she’s very thick and not a size 6. Why do women lie for, geesh. She does look so much healthier now and I commend her for losing weight.

  • bobbi

    Bottom line: She is healthier. She no longer has to take meds for her diabeties.

    Bravo to you Sherri.

    I can’t for the life of me see why people are so negative unless they, themselves, are leading absolutely miserable lives.

  • WHY lie

    She Ain’t no size 6

  • Maxwell

    She looks like that frog with the top hat and cane LMAO

  • Que


    Yes, she’s shaped terribly!


    A size 6??!! LOL!!! More like a size 12! Possibly a size 10. God. It is false threads such as these that make the thin go anorexic! Sorry. This aggravates me! Congrats on the weight loss and all but please be honest about your size for God’s sake! Honey! Your no size 6! I’m a size 6 and I look microscopic next to that heifer!

  • Lola

    What a lie!! Do they think we dont buy clothes and know what a size 16 looks like! That before pic is not a size 16, more like a 22!! And the after….no way is she a size 6! She could not squeeze one of those legs into a size 6 pants. We are not stupid people, stop lying!!

  • Topdog

    There’s no way she’s size 6, at least not with those boobs. Maybe she’s PLUS size 6?

  • Ms. g


    You’re right! She looks JUST LIKE Angela Bassett. Give me a break!

  • me

    If sherri is shape like a typical black woman, then Kelly Clarkson is shape like a typical white woman…maybe she needs to lose weight too!

  • Ms. g

    @Maxwell: Singing and dancing her way to the bank! LOL!

  • angel

    Does it matter if she is a size 6 or if her chest is proportionate? As women, we need to celebrate the personal milestones of other women. Sherri has done something that she obviously feels good about and that is enough to garner my support.

  • kate bosselin

    how about she wear a two piece and let what is really behind that suit hang all out. lies lies lies. she’s still a chubber anyway

  • the DQ

    She’s always looked totally out of proportion and now looks even more ridiculous than before she lost weight. GET A BOOB REDUCTION!!!!!

  • T

    She’s so top heavy,bless her heart. She would look much thinner if she got the reduction, but great job on the weight loss!

  • Susie q

    Exactly which part of her body is a size 6???????

  • poon

    2 words: breast reduction

  • poon

    2 words: breast reduction

    that will be another 20 lbs lost

  • Anthony

    She looks like a man with huge boobs. No hips, no waist, broad shoulders and big legs. If she didn’t have the feminine face I would swear that was a tranny!

  • Celebfortune

    She looks great but she ain’t no size 6.

  • Roxanne

    @me!: No the hell she’s not shaped like no black woman. Let me see…Big boobs and flat a$$. The average woman is not shaped liked that. Anyways her shape is indeed messed up…she looks like a line backer.

  • Roxanne

    I meant to say the average black woman is not shaped like that. She’s shaped more like a Mexican…sorry but it’s the truth.

  • Sarah

    Size 6??? WHY do celebs do this? Be honest! Sooo annoying.

  • may i say ugly

    She is ugly.This ugly ho is on the view.She thinks she is hot ..She likes to put everyone down that is not black.Look in the mirror you
    can loose all you want You are still ugly.

  • may i say ugly

    She is ugly.This ugly ho is on the view.She thinks she is hot ..She likes to put everyone down that is not black.Look in the mirror you
    can loose all you want You are still ugly.

  • cole

    I know a pretty Black lady when you see one.This is not pretty.

  • cole

    Sherry thinks if she is skinny
    her husband will want her back.It is your attitude.
    Having ex take care of the child so you can keep tabs
    on him.Working on view ,you can still care for one child.

  • Natalie

    good for her and everything but NOT a size 6

  • lakers fan in boston

    good of her that she lost that weight
    she must have been seriously big is she lost 41 lbs and she still looks chubby, with photoshop as well
    lol at the size 6, no f’ing way she can fit those huge thighs in a size 6 anything

  • k

    I wear a size six b/c I was an athlete, if my legs were smaller I’d be a 2.. Anyway I am still way smaller than her. I wonder what store she shops at

  • No Grace!

    She’s an ignorant mess (thin or fat) and Michelle Obama is, also, an insult to the dignity of the White House. Over and over, again, her Southside Chicago rearing and lack of class (with plenty of taxpayer dollars going for her private school education) is showing the longer President Obama is in office. It is a guarantee that her husband of mixed race will, unfortunately, be the last black elected to the highest political office in the land for sometime to come. She had it all but her inability to “play the game” on behalf of the rest of black America will have spoiled it not only for her husband after this four-year period but the rest of black America There are a lot of beautiful and sophisticated black women, however neither Sherri Shepherd nor Mrs. Obama fit into that category…I voted for her husband last year but would never vote for him, again.

  • Lisa too

    I think it’s great she has lost some weight for heath reasons, but I agree with most of you that I don’t think she is a size 6. It seems to me by looking at her is that she is very short waisted and has big breasts to why she looks so top heavy. I really don’t think she needs to take anymore weight off because it’s all in her chest. With that being said, the only why for her to look better would have to be a breast reduction although it’s a shame to go to have to have surgery to be have better proportions. She kind of has the same body shape as Paula Abdul where nothing really looks good on her because of the shape of her body. I think that Paula tries to wear trendy clothes but they always look so foolish because of her short waisted body. It seems that Sherry is more legs and chest which is just her body shape. Just my opinion, is all……….

  • Lisa too

    Oh, to the comment that she has the typical African American body, I disagree, I think a better example would be Oprah or Beyonce who are very cuvry.

  • omg

    @Susie q: agree. She looks healthier, but this reminds me of star jones part deux

  • the DQ

    Maybe her shoes are size 6…………………………….naaaa!

    If you buy expensive (eg – designer) clothes, they make everything bigger and size it smaller so all thoses celebutards can say they wear a tiny size when in reality, they’re still BIG!!;-)

  • Shemp lugosi

    well, she sure loves following in Starr Jones’ footsteps, doesn’t she? next up, a gaudy celebrity wedding, followed by departure from The View.

  • anon

    @No Grace!: You know you didn’t vote for President Obama. And if going to Princeton then Harvard Law and being incredibly successful in business and raising a beautiful family is a bad thing then you are the one with the problem. You need to stop with all of the racial nonsense because you sound incredibly stupid. If all white men are not going to be blamed for the mess made by Bush and others then it is ridiculous to think that Obama will be the last person of color to achieve what he has achieved. Now head on over to Red State or Free Republic with the rest of the wingnuts.

  • Shemp lugosi

    @Erin: true date, erin! Sherri’s major accomplishment so far has been when she said, “I gave you my pudding, man!” to David Schwimmer on Friends.

  • miapocca

    I am sorry, but she looks like a frog, why are being being subject to see this on a cover…skinny or fat isnt the issues, there big women who have some serious killer curves and that should be celebrate…hollywood thinks any kind of skinny is beauty and people like RacheL Zoe strut around thinking they are pretty. In actual fact they look like sketela play dough that a 2 year old put together…..

    I will take Winokur over Zoe or Richie anyday!!

  • miapocca

    Size 6 is her one thigh….ahahha…I think its Lane Bryant Size 6 guys…chill

  • miapocca

    @No Grace!:

    What does Michelle Obama have to do with this woman. If you hate black women or something find another place to vent..

    No grace but lots of Brain works for me….Try getting a JD from an ivey league Uni and then come back with your grace comments…

    SOrry arse clown!!