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Sienna Miller Goes Grocery Shopping

Sienna Miller Goes Grocery Shopping

Sienna Miller picks up some cookware and housekeeping items at Williams Sonoma in SoHo, New York City on Tuesday (August 18).

The 27-year-old G.I. Joe star is now reportedly dating George Barker, otherwise known as DJ Slinky Wizard. The pair was spotted kissing on a boat ride in Ibiza, Spain last week.

Sienna and her sister Natasha’s company Eight Events organized a surprise party for her stepmom Kelly Hoppen‘s 50th birthday in Ibiza last week, which George Barker reportedly attended.

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  • zend

    1 word. beautiful.

    too bad she wreck her own life. =(

  • Bella

    hmm….Williams Sonoma is not a grocery store btw…

  • sage

    beware of the fair haired witch, for she found herself another victim!

  • **Jamie**

    love the outfit, simple and cool. the bag and the sunglasses are great

  • nikomilinko
  • Annie

    her sister is Savannah, not Natasha. Williams Sonoma is not a grocery store. Wow.

  • glamazon

    Never been a fan nor appreciated Sienna before, but after watching GI Joe, i’ll be hypocrite if i don’t say that Sienna is so good as the Baroness! She just gives life and excitement to the film!

    p.s. Chaning Tatum is so awful as Duke, he CANNOT act lol

  • riri

    Sienna is much hotter as a brunette imo period

    She looks really good in GI Joe and gives justice to her role. Wait, i think it’s the first time that i’m liking a baddie….. in a movie of course.

  • gross

    another one of jude’s ex-girls becoming famous. i’ve never seen any of the 3 films she’s been in. i think there are too many plain women on the big screen nowadays. bring back the stars who were flawless, talented and inspirational.

  • fashionista

    I really like her style, and congrats Sienna on your role as the baroness. You did really well, and looked good from the beginning till the end.

  • stacy

    She’s really pretty, you have to admit. It’s too bad she’s reckless and has no self-control when it comes to men

  • iloveyoutoo

    I really love it when actors do theatrical plays. I mean it shows real acting talent.

    Btw, i read in an Australian newspaper that Steven Spielberg is quite impressed with Sienna’s performance in GI Joe during the advance screening. Good on you girl and get your acts straight and do good movies.

  • scandalous

    Who would’ve thought that Sienna will be awesome in GI Joe………. even if i don’t like her choices when it comes to dating men, i will admit that she eclipsed the performance of the supposed to be star of the film Tatum who can’t act and so bland.

  • ?

    Why do most of the baddies have great sense of style? Look at Kate, Naomi, and Sienna. They just speak fashion without trying!

  • ; )

    She’s always been a great actress but her personal life gets in the way of people realizing that. She’s got such talent!

  • ; )

    @Annie: Natasha Corret is her half sister, Kelly Hoppen is her mum who married Sienna’s dad : )

  • A

    oh yeah she must be dating Slinky after they got fingered
    and that’s her only talent
    nothing speaks better of the acting talent than the absence of future work on the IMDB page. just compare to DiCaprio, if you wish

  • crazygen

    I think Sienna is really a good and versatile actress. I’ve seen Factory Girl and thought she was so good on it. Now GI Joe, WOW with her performance also.

  • sunseeker

    Is anybody daft enough to believe her relationship with George Barker is kosher. Their acting in Ibiza was obvious, this has been set up by her PR’s to take the limelight away from her affair with Getty, as soon as he files for divorce this guy will be history, most likely dumped like Rhys Ifan’s, by text.

  • ashley

    I really like Sienna as an actress and her sense of style. I wish i could watch her play when i go to NY this fall.

  • amanda

    Sienna is definitely my girl crush at the moment! I can’t believe i’m saying this lol

  • sunseeker

    If her profile is still on AFFLUENT BILLIONAIRE.COM and it says she is dating a young billionaire, how come she is on vacation with Barker , who definitely is not a billionaire. She is telling us she is in a relationship with him. That girl can lie.

  • A

    don’t you think that ‘getting fingered’ on a yacht is just too much for a PR stunt? a couple of passionate kisses would be more than enough. I mean what’s the motive behind it.
    if she’s still with getty then getty must be really thinking the same looking at this photos. what’s behind that ‘getting fingered and her smirk’.
    I’ll post that photo again if you missed it
    getty didn’t do his due diligence about SM in the first place, and like I said in the beginning of this affair – poor getty.

  • riza

    I agree that Sienna is perfect as the baroness. Congrats on you girl for a job well done.

  • rossum

    she looks good , always fit , always pretty but…
    she seems the tpe of girl who would do anything to get what she wants in life , no matter if she has to hurt other people… i know people like her, superficially charming

  • lakers fan in boston

    not really liking her outfit this time, those glasses look ridiculous, and not loving the baggy torn jeans
    only reason she even looks rich is because of that bag
    but ehh, every1 cant look good all the time

  • omg

    what grocery shopping for a new married man???

  • sara

    Boy, Sienna’s PR has the bloggers out working full force today lol!!!

    “She’s so pretty, so talented, Steven Speilberg loved her” blah blah blah

    None of that is going to make us forget that she is an evil, homewrecker ho bag whose only talent is showing her boobs!

    Her play is going to crash and burn….just like her

  • Dee

    What a nasty skanky tramp. Seeing her makes my blood curdle

  • c

    Why was it necessary for her to tip off the paps so that they can see her buying cookware and housekeeping products in Soho? Oh wait, doesn’t the married man have an apartment in Soho? She whines about not having privacy, but makes sure to tip off the paps just to drop hints that she is still sleeping with the married man.

    Just because she was spotted kissing the DJ, doesn’t mean that he is her boyfriend. By her own admission she was single last year even though she was photographed on several occasions kissing/engaging in pd and sexual acts with the married man. This is nothing more than a cover for her affair or yet another attempt to make the married man jealous because he is paying more attention to his kids than he is to her (hence why she wore the white bikini). She hasn’t learned anything and in no time will be back to flauting her affair with the married man. Notice that the “new love” of her life didn’t go to NY with her. What was the point in tipping off the paps so that they could see her all over her sister’s ex-boyfriend or talkign about how they are so serious that he met her family if she wasn’t going to bring him to NY with her? Or is that the next step in this pr game.

  • joanna

    I love this store(williams sonoma)! so sweet that she and her sister threw their mom a party!

  • Michelle

    Smoking sure aged her 10 years.

  • suppress your appetite

    Wow, she mis so beautiful !