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Gisele Bundchen: Boston Baby Bump!

Gisele Bundchen: Boston Baby Bump!

Mommy-to-be Gisele Bundchen takes a walk through Beantown after stopping by a pet store in Boston City Center on Thursday (August 20).

The 29-year-old Brazilian bombshell is in Boston as her husband, Tom Brady, and the New England Patriots take on the Cincinnati Bengals in a pre-season game. Early in the first quarter, the two teams are scoreless. Tom Brady returns to the field after being away from the football field for a year after major knee surgery.

FYI: Gisele is wearing a bumboo cap sleeve tee in pebble!

10+ pictures inside of Gisele Bundchen‘s Boston baby bump…

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gisele bundchen boston baby bump 01
gisele bundchen boston baby bump 02
gisele bundchen boston baby bump 03
gisele bundchen boston baby bump 04
gisele bundchen boston baby bump 05
gisele bundchen boston baby bump 06
gisele bundchen boston baby bump 07
gisele bundchen boston baby bump 08
gisele bundchen boston baby bump 09
gisele bundchen boston baby bump 10

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  • http://www. janaina

    Gisele Bundchen
    she is too perfect. I love her very thin body and skin healthy, beautiful cheerful woman.bye

  • Yuck

    God lord she is not good looking at all without the team of people working on her and good lighting. And what’s with what looks like a bump on her lower lip? Botox or some injection gone bad or some STD she caught?

  • JLS

    I guess your boobs don’t grow when you’re pregnant if they’re implants.

  • nick

    meh..not that hot – Kristen Stewart is hot

  • Mike

    Gis without make-up is not very attractive…. I wonder if she’ll ever gain a pound during her pregnancy.

  • jok

    she looks cute! wow her boobs have grown so much since being pregnant, lol

    dont hide the million dollar baby bum! we gotta see it!!!!

    she is prolly having morning sickness alot, poor gi go rest!

  • jill

    I wonder if they’ll fly into CA after the game…it is Jack’s 2nd bday this weekend

  • ally

    come on give her a break she is preggers! I would like to see what other models look like preggers without makeup! (oh thats right, she is the only famous one out there to even be followed around) LOL

    the paps dont even care or know of the other pregnant models. lol

  • Eve

    Okay, I do see a bit of a bump now.

    I got chills reading about the reality tv show model/entertainer who was found murdered and bound in the dumpster – allegedly by her ex husband. They’re saying that this sicko- allegedly – removed her fingers and teeth, so they couldn’t ID her. Sick. I hope the fallout from this makes VH1 phase out a lot of these dumbass reality tv shows.

  • liz

    cute! I think she is gorgeous all the time. at least she is not having a big bloated face like some pregnant women get. You can still see her beautiful bone structure. I have to say though, its so weird seeing gisele with weight around her midsection hehe

  • jj

    sorry folks but her face is NOT cute without makeup!

  • ogg

    opinions everyones got a diff one, THANK GOD!

    i hope the infamous gisele haters ugly abby and fat liz stay away this time lol

  • trent

    I think she looks fine without makeup. She just has small eyes so without any makeup on she can look different. not bad, just different, and she is almost 30 so she cant pull off the no makeup look like she used t.

    (besides what woman/celeb looks good without makeup?) lol I have yet to see one. they all look like they could use a little concealer and mascara

  • Dude

    @Eve: Wow Eve way to bring it down.

  • Anonymous

    Her lip is gross. She should stay inside with that.

  • Jeanie

    Ally- Heidi klum is preggers and famous enough to be followed around….and she looks a millikn times better than gisselle!

  • eww


    eww Heidi does not! have you seen Heidi without makeup? she looks like giseles grandma, lol she is no better at all without makeup. lets face it, every woman needs a little makeup!

  • ally


    not in my opinion.

  • aggie

    Bar R. has a much bigger belly than this and she’s not even pregnant. Yeah I said it!!

  • Eve

    @Dude, sorry, didn’t mean to bring the mood down.

    Looks like most of the famous VS models are pregnant now. I’m predicting a girl for Gisele.

  • Swoosh

    she is NOT cute

  • not me

    My, this woman has everything. Good looks, a hot man, great career, millions $, dog and now a baby…

  • hmmmm

    I hope the baby isn’t as homely as the mom – there is nothing beautiful about this manly woman. She is tall and skinny and very ‘plain’ looking. Brady is prettier than she is. I have a feeling if this is a girl it will be a homely girl with a big nose and big forehead.

  • Umm…

    I’ve lived in Boston for more than 20 yrs. Where exactly is “Boston City Center”?

  • Gemma

    I can’t believe you guys don’t find Gisele attractive!! COME ON!! Don’t be a hater cos girl has it all.

  • anon

    Homely much!!!…….

    Wow what happened to her? maybe too much morning sickness…..

  • Brazilian girl

    I love her. She’s amazing…
    Just like we love Angie…

  • mel

    i don’t get it, we already know she’s knockedup, why hide it with her stupid dog….it’s not like it’s a secret anymore.

  • anon

    When people say “gisele looks ugly”, why do some people respond with “you’re just jealous”. No one is, people who find Gisele ugly say so, that’s it. Anyway good luck to her – she’s looking happy and all. And hopefully after having a pregnant woman at home – having all the discussions of baby names, and nurseries, and all the new decisions parents-to-be usually make, I hope Tom realises what Bridget went through all alone, and uses this as a lesson for him for him to mend fences with her. Good luck to all 3 of them! (Tom, Gisele and Bridget).

  • Mary

    She’s not pretty. But her bod is the best. It just flows without bumps or creases. It doesn’t look like she has to work hard to have that look. That’s good genes/natural and god given. Just wanna see whether her bump will be bigger/smaller than Nicole Kidman’s. Tall and slender women do not become whales definitely.

  • a realist

    Baby bump alert!

  • grace

    I don’t care what anyone says, Gisele is an ultimate supermodel!! I was reading her article in Vanity Fair, and I saw that her Dad is involved with Amway Global (and i assume she got all her positive nature from all the positive thinking lectures he’d do haha)! It’s super cool that he did that because I’m involved with Amway too! :))) <3

    check out my webstore, and look around!! awesome stuff :) I recommend the XS Energy Drinks and the Acne Treatment xox

  • ney

    Pretty woman……

  • lisa

    how could leo DiCaprio go out with her? I just don’t find her attractive at all. She looks like a man to me. I guess she must be a REALLY nice person, that must be it.

  • Sally

    Here in Brazil, we saw a beautiful pic of her in the beach. Lovely pregnant! She’s gorgeous.

  • lisa

    gisele is a goddess. She is not only beautiful in the outside shes also beautiful in the inside. Go Gi.

  • Sally
  • gee

    Gisele is nice person!!! leo ???????? just pig!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • bobbi

    Gorgeous woman.

  • pousada morro de sao paulo

    I can’t not understand why she is always trying to hide her pregnancy – there is no secret anymore!!!

  • Paula

    @Umm…: I was about to ask the same question<

  • Karen Freitas

    This is a plain woman with a wonderful agent.This is the way things work in the model’s world !She got lucky :) There are prettier models and with beautiful bodies but Brazilian ladies have a special way of conquering their life goals…

  • erika

    Hmmm…very protective of that bump, but she is proud to show her stepson.

  • anon

    Erika – that’s the only thing that annoys me too. She talks more about John (or Jack or whoever) than his biological parents do. Loving the child as “100% mine” is one thing, talking non stop about him and using him for PR is another. I’m surprised Tom Brady didn’t ask her to shut up…but then again why would he? He’s completely pussywhipped.

  • aww

    did you see other models without their makeup? they all look plain (some with bloated fat double chins faces) yuck

    give her a break she is pregnant, probably not sleeping well and is probably getting sick all the time. Good for Gisele she is confident enough to go out and show the world her true self. she isnt stuck up like some hollywood people.

  • Sra


    take a look at that pic heidi does not look good without make-up,0,2

  • Alves

    She is a typical pale German fraulein with a boy’s tall athletic body.

  • Goodnews

    I thought it was Anderson Cooper with a ponytail.

    This “chick” is ugly. Tall, gangly, and well horrible.

    I hope it’s not a female child. I would feel bad for the child because she’d be very manly.

  • lisali

    Awwww… so cute!! That will be an adorable baby.

  • http://tofuscloset.blogspot.comp cassie

    oh i do see a bump..cute