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Heidi Montag Shows Off Her Body (Language)

Heidi Montag Shows Off Her Body (Language)

Heidi Montag shows off her assets while rehearsing her Miss Universe Beauty Pageant dance routine for her single Body Language, on Wednesday (August 19) in Los Angeles.

The 22-year-old Hills star told People, “I am so excited to perform at Miss Universe for my first ever live performance. This is such a miracle in life and I give thanks to God everyday for this once in a lifetime opportunity!”

The Miss Universe Pageant will air on August 23 on NBC with hosties duties provided by Billy Bush and Claudia Jordan.

DO YOU THINK you’ll tune in for Heidi’s performance – YAY or NAY?

15+ pictures inside of Heidi Montag showing off her body language…

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heidi montag body language babe 01
heidi montag body language babe 02
heidi montag body language babe 03
heidi montag body language babe 04
heidi montag body language babe 05
heidi montag body language babe 06
heidi montag body language babe 07
heidi montag body language babe 08
heidi montag body language babe 09
heidi montag body language babe 10
heidi montag body language babe 11
heidi montag body language babe 12
heidi montag body language babe 13
heidi montag body language babe 14
heidi montag body language babe 15

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  • kari

    oh my gawddd…when will this twitt learn we can’t stand her or her gross old skanky hub…SICK

  • Stinkypoo

    ugh…..”her lifetime opportunity”…..

    another bimbo in a show of bimbos….naturally

  • alison

    i think she is pretty

  • Ckayed

    Yes, and we are all certain that God is happy that you are representing him and his son by parading your naked body to the world – you are such a good Christian girl. Between Christ and Playboy I’m confused at which is more proud of you Heidi…

  • ioor

    Omg!!.. SHE LOOKS AWESOME!.. and looks that shes gonna bee amazing !! OMG !! THE BEST THING IN THE SHOW WILL BE HER! =)

    Thanks for the pics! :)

  • Rosie

    Well, she used to be a cute girl. Although I dont think she’s a bad person, I think she turned out odd after dating and marrying that loser Spencer Pratt.

    Think she’ll lipsync cus she cant sing. Her voice is terrible. Anyway, her body is nice tho.

  • tara

    yummm skankilicious

  • nick

    ugh she is so unsexy – give me Kristen Stewart or Taylor Swift anyday

  • Jenn

    she’s pretty…i’ll give her that? :O but her performance is sure to be lame ha can’t wait to get a good laugh.

  • elizabeth

    ewww shes so not pretty like she was beforeee!
    shes SO fake now its not even … watchable

  • alycia

    i’m only going to watch her performance to see how bad it is.her singing is a joke.


    OMG THIS GIRL NEEDS TO CHILLL!! HER VOICE IS TERRIBLE and soo fake did you hear her try to sing on Im a celb get me out of here?? Why cant she just be normal. she and her loser husband need to stop seeking fame no1 cares can every1 plz stop posting news about them! And the only reason that spencer married her is cuz she was on the hills and he wants the fame she was soo much better and a nicer person w.out him she has changed to be annoying and rude she also looked better be4 spencer made her change her body she was no1 until lauren conrad came around n if she is soo christ christ way did she play n try to hurt lauren and then lie about all other stuff christ is not tht kind of person …. uhh they really bug me like really

  • AMY

    Bahahahahahahahahahahahahah looking at these pics makes me laugh soo hard who is she kidding hahaha shes a joke and so is her music it stinks cant wait to watch to see how horrible it really is if its anything like her music vids i will laugh my a** off wow i really cant get enough she has no idea what she is doing hahahaha

  • Kelly

    She is the one reason I am not watching the first part of miss universe she is horrible

  • Karl

    I love women and my playboy but I have had enough of her people and that joke of a husband of hers get a life you 2 now if that lauren would do playboy now thats something to get into

  • naomi

    @ioor: HI SPENCER!!!

  • Missy

    This is gonna suck just like her so called music videos


    I rather see this woman much better in the press threads then Bilson! At least she is keeping fit and doing something other then shopping, walking the dog, eating or doing nothing! The woman is fit and it shows. More posts on Heidi and Spencer then!! At least they enjoy the media attention!

  • Emma

    Why won’t she and Spencer just go away? Can you be like E! and conduct a poll to ban these two horrible people?

  • Jamie

    Heidi trying to perform is like a monkey hating to eat a bannana its just plain wrong………………

  • Carly

    Jared –

    Would you consider NOT posting about Heidi or Spencer Pratt? I’m hoping that the less blog sites report about them, they will hopefully like go away.

  • Chelsea4totally

    EMMA i tottallllllllllyyyy agree!!!!!!!! can people please stop posting them cuz maybe than they will go away and never come back this girl really stinks its a shame that we have to be subjected to this durring the pagent

  • my opinon…

    i think heidi is gorgeous. & she is not fake; at all.

    who gives a shit about spencer? he really has nothing to do with heidi; besides the fact she’s married to him. but, who cares? judge heidi, not spencer. obviously they aren’t the same person. and, stop saying she sucks at singing… she’s actually pretty good.

    oh, by the way, just cause you hate spencer, doesn’t mean you have to hate heidi.

    & i’ll watch her on the miss universe pagent.

  • marry

    Heidi your voice is worse than a animal dying why r u doing music please just go away no body wants to hear about your dumb loser life your so fake

  • Lyndsey Catastrophe

    Oh i’ll be watching this show but for the reason that I need to see this disaster for myself. She’s the worlds biggest hypocrite but I dont think she was that bad before Spencer, she was pretty, (not beautiful but pretty0 and had a good personality, now her priorities are fame and fortune. She has no idea the ass she is making of herself and that everyone in the world has no respect for her. I truly hope she comes to her senses one day and apologizes to Lauren for always taking Spencers side. My fiance may not like it when i dont take his side but he understands why when he sees reason. Neither one of them would be famous if it wasn’t for her, she wasn’t a very good friend at all once Spencer came around. But me going off on spence is an even longer rant.

  • Jacki

    Ummm my opinion…. Heidi is who is she because of spencer yes they are not the same person but do you not remember who she was before him sweet and nice now she is an attention whore forced to do things that her fame seeking husband wants so he doesnt have to get up from his gross **s and support her the right way, and her voice really does stink its so fixed and redone i really cant stand her anymore and to bad cuz i really liked who she was before all of this

  • Meggggie

    heidi you are a bad singer stop singing please please and shes going to dance at the show sorry this is horrible im not going to watch

  • Meggggie

    Lyndsey you couldnt have put it better

  • pikakii

    cant wait to see when she falls on her face in life cuz it will happen she really needs a reality check .. no pun intended

  • pikakii

    cant wait to see when she falls on her face in life cuz it will happen she really needs a reality check .. no pun intended

  • caaaasygirl


  • Lola

    dont worry this Speidi non sense will be over before you know it i bet you this marriage will not last forever I give them about 8 months, dont get me wrong, i love heidi but spencer jusr totally brainwashed her. I mean Lauren was like her everything and I hope that now Lauren and Heidi are close again she will realize that spencer is not worthit. I will be watching ms. universe though and her song is now on my ipod.

  • jane

    I heard they took her playboy to the premire of GI Joe who does that what losers and my bro gets the playboy and she looks horrible in it she looks like she rolled in poo and so photo shopped and its just plain bad sorry playboy you really lost ur money on this one


    if heidi is doing this maybe this gives me a chance to be the next president of the usa what has the world come 2 i really hope this stuff with them stops heidi your voice stinks and spence hurt you so bad by bashing your friend if someone love you why would he want to take you away from your best friend if my boyfriend ever did that to me I would see he was just with me for the wrong reasons she should have listened to lauren and her family they say things for a reason they dont want to see you hurt wht guy hurts your friends and family who wants to be with you i do not get it she really is under his controlllll

  • Carlee

    this really stinks it sucks no words in the american dictonary that could express how bad she is and how fake she is and all

  • em

    she is basically trying to ruin the whole show.

  • Janet

    I’ll watch but just to watch her crash and burn which considering Spencer and Heidi and how incredibly fame hungry they are they would LOVE! I’m not expecting a live performance Britney Spears is more real than this chick.

  • noodle

    guys, she CHOOSES to be bitchy.

  • Jen

    hey fake nose and boobs are more real than she is come down to earth heidi, get your head out of the clouds

  • =)=)=)


  • =)=)=)


  • h.

    it will be fun to watch! *hopes something goes wrong* lile she falls or something LOL

  • Chet

    you people are so hypocritical….
    give the poor girl a chance, she’s made something of herself from a small opportunity on the hills. she represents the american dream of being successful, you are just a bunch of dumb americans who don’t understand this concept. At the end of the day, her actions do not directly or indirectly impact your lives – you can choose not to watch heidi. Losers!

    Agreed on 1 point: Spencer is a Pratt!!


  • elle

    You can’t knock her down no matter how bad she is at everything, the girl just keeps going. Kudos to her cause if more people had the balls to keep chasing their dreams we’d be happier.

  • Keylee

    She’s basically a dick.. and her husband is a dick! she cant sing and she’s just out of her freaking tree..!

  • haters’ hater.

    wow, the haters know her life so well. They probably watch the hills every monday, ready every of her tweets and everything about her. Haters are SO pathetic.

  • Noticias de famosos

    Heidi seems plastic, a barbie ..

  • KIM


  • mare

    she is so ugly.

  • Debbie

    She’s not pretty at all. I think her sister Holly is alot better looking. Heidi doesn’t even have a good body shape she looks like a straight line pencil.