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Kate Gosselin Eats Corn On The Cob

Kate Gosselin Eats Corn On The Cob

Kate Gosselin brings home some sweet corn while the Gosselin children then help shuck the corn for dinner in Reading, Pennsylvania on Wednesday (August 19).

Jon Gosselin‘s ex, Kate Major, has just spilled details about their secret rendezvous while they were dating. “Jon never wanted to use his credit card – he was worried that he’d get caught or spotted. On July 20, we went to a hotel in New Jersey,” Major said. “I paid for the room, and he snuck up a back way. That was the first time we slept together. He said he was falling in love with me. He said, ‘I thought Hailey was perfect until I met you.’”

“Looking back, it was all pretty much sexual,” Major added. “That’s what he had in mind. I’m deeply upset by the turn of events. He totally screwed me over and acted like a dirtbag.”

10+ more pictures of Kate Gosselin and the family shucking corn…

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kate gosselin eats corn on the cob 01
kate gosselin eats corn on the cob 02
kate gosselin eats corn on the cob 03
kate gosselin eats corn on the cob 04
kate gosselin eats corn on the cob 05
kate gosselin eats corn on the cob 06
kate gosselin eats corn on the cob 07
kate gosselin eats corn on the cob 08
kate gosselin eats corn on the cob 09
kate gosselin eats corn on the cob 10

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  • gross

    rubbish. this story is rubbish.

  • Noticias de famosos

    It looks a bit serious, you should enjoy a little more …

  • watch

    Kate buys corn? You have got to be kidding me…..who gives a damn

  • who cares about this family


  • Memories

    Remeber back in one of the first epi’s when Kate said the ONLY reason they did the show, which was their life and their life which was the show, was to capture all those heart warming memories that Kate was simply too exhausted to get out of her plastic lawn chair to capture herself?

    Well, by-golly, they sure have done that now haven’t they?

    They use to measure their lives by epi’s. Now they can measure it by tabloid and internet pieces!

    They not only have scrapbooks filled with tabloid covers with mom’s pic with the word, “MONSTER” scrawled across it, they also have numerous covers begging to ask the neverending question of who are their parents sleeping with this week. Daddy’s a dirt-bag and Mummy’s a Fame-Ho..

    .Why I just want to put on Barbara Streisand’s song, “Memories” as I think back to all those treasured moments captured on TV, in print and EVEN on DVD sets!

    If any of the kids should forget that mom loved Hannah best or that TLC painted Mady as an up and coming Jr. Shrew or the day Leah got spanked in the driveway, No worries kids. The nation saw it all unfold!

    Who could forget poop extraction by Jon while mom toiled away selecting bunkbeds,(for the show)? Not us! A marathon can remind the world again and again!

    If Mady blocks out the fact that mommy wouldn’t give her a drink during one of those never ending interviews, FEAR NOT, the clips will live forever on the internet.

    After all that, today we see the fam husking corn. How touching.
    Kate you certainly did capture those memories for the kids now didn’t you? Timely traditions like berrating dad and disrespecting your son’s by calling them dirty, icky, gross, time and again. They’ll never want to forget that! Let’s not pass up your tearful descriptions on how the twins were handling the divorce. WOW! you were so kind to share all of this with us.

    A lesson could be learned from all this as well. Be careful what you wish for. Memories…You got a bunch of them Kate, fully recorded, in living color and owned by a nation. Congrats.

  • nikomilinko
  • noname

    Kate Major, this is why you don’t jump in bed with a new man so soon. You LET him screw you over.

  • More memories

    What little boy wouldn’t want filmed episodes on mommy putting him on a cold floor in a dark laudryroom when he was sick so the carpets wouldn’t get messy?

    The kids will all enjoy the countless episodes of their parents saying how bad they behave, how gay they act or even demonstating with fingers and snuffly sounds how crooked their teeth are and how they used vacant looks to manipulate the parents. WOW! those lucky kids!.

    They’ll always want to remeber dad flying off to France with the girl on the internet who was stoned and lieing in a potted plant or holding a gun to a friends head. Mommy said, “bad men” weren’t allowed in her life but daddy didn’t det the memo about, “bad, stoner chicks”

    Preciouse times in Hawaii where mom and dad vowed that they’d be together forever even though their marriage was on the rocks. Yes siree boy! MEMMORIES!!

  • Nessha

    Kate has inspired me. I don’t know which I want to do more., join a convent or have my tubes permanently cut and tied so I never put kids of mine through the agony that she’s put hers through.

  • Naomi


  • Blame Kate

    I will always blame Kate for all of this. If Jon was such an irresponsible lout and she had to make all the decisions then she should have walked away from that show when it started to get all the bad publicity. They had made a decent amount of money by then and she was still well thought of and could have continued her book tours and speaking engagements and sought another avenue to make money for them. Back then she could have gotten a reputable talk show or something to that effect. Now, it’s too late because she looks as bad as Jon and no one will ever take her seriously again. She looks self centered and money hungry and he just looks like a loser.
    The poor kids will never get past all of these scandals. Even if half of what’s been said isn’t true they kids will have to live with it all through the toughest years of their lives. Kate should be ashamed to call herself mother. She is a disgrace to the word.

  • honeybunch

    Doesn’t she EVER do anything with those kids IN THE BACKYARD????

  • Melody

    It figures. Kate runs out buys some corn and the kids and nanny have to do the real work. I almost gagged in the last show when she kept asking the boys if they’ll take care of her when they grow up. They already are. I hate weak, whiny women who mask their dysfunctions by playing victim and singing the, “Oh woe is me” tune. Buck up Kate you wanted all this now enjoy it. You got ALL the memories now. Deal with it.

  • brenda

    She only uses the back yard when the TLC film crew is taping it all. Kate needs to be seen!

  • meggysue


    ROFLMAO! I know the feeling! After watching these people wreck their marriage, ruin their lives and put their kids through living hell, it sickens you and makes you want hide your eye’s and turn away. Sickening. How can parents do crap like this to their kids? It’s beyond me to even imagine it.

  • Scott

    Melody & Memories, you people need to get a life. She did not “keep asking the boys” if they would take care for her, nor have the kids’ lives been ruined by being on TV. Stop being so melodramatic. If half of all marriages end in divorce, then Jon & Kate’s predicament is only unique in that Jon’s shenanigans are made public. Kate’s the one caring for the kids, as usual. If Jon had any dignity and was a true man he’d act like it. Instead he’s acting like a frat boy on spring break with no thought to the future. Sounds like a keeper to me.

    Kate you’re well rid of him and will find a man who actually CAN take care of you & the kids in the future.

    Kate haters, look in the mirror and fix your own lives instead of ragging on someone who is doing an admirable job of keeping it together.

  • Zoey


    Really excellent post! She wished for all those memories to be filmed so the kids could look back and see their childhoods. She got her wish alright. Too bad for the kids. The reminders of their scandalous parents and exploited youth will only give them more heartache and grief as they get older.

  • Kendall

    Boo hoo Kate Major, after writing crap about people in Star magazine, it’s not so nice when the tables are turned is it?!

  • Cristy

    wow Jon has surely backed out from his faith fame can really screw you over in this world..and that’s scary..

  • Cathey

    STOP WATCHING THIS SHOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Mol

    So cute when the kids play with the dogs.

  • melody


    You need to take a minute in front of that mirror as well. You’re a hypocrite. You come in posting meladrama about Jon. You just can’t accept that some of us feel that kate is just as bad. Instead of worrying about our lives why not check around and find one of your own.

  • Catalina

    @Scott…..Thank you for a well written post. It’s hard to find these in the middle of the usual moronic posts people leave.

  • skippy22

    I just read that Kate was discovered checking into a hotel with Stevey-boy. They got separate room but signed in as Michaels. Folks on hand saie they were pretty cozy at dinner. It looks like mom’s taking care of those kiddies just like daddy does. She’s a real gem that kate. I’m sooooo glad she wan’t my mom!

  • Many names all silly


    WOW scott are you giving yourself a little standing ovation to try and make your nonesense float better. LOL It;s obvious it was you posting under a new name, because the rest of us know how to hit the reply button.
    Hee-Hee too funny!!

  • I spy with my little eye

    @Memories: @Blame Kate:

    You nailed it! Exactly my thoughts!

    @Scott: @Catalina:

    BUSTED! Kate lovers can never take the heat. Your idol is a narcissistic, fame-ho who doesn’t mind wrecking her kids lives for some more cash and attention.

  • honeybunch

    Why does she always dress the kids alike?? Is she too lazy to get them all their own outfit???

  • Mimi

    These parents HAVE ruined their lives, marriage and their childrens childhoods. It would take years for folks to forget this media storm and all the scandals surrounding the whole family. They did it all for what? A big house, cars, horrible accusations on the covers of tabloids. I don’t care how much income all this brought in it still will never be enough to cover the cost of pain in their childrens hearts and souls. They are both disgraceful. I would be very ashamed if either were children of mine.

  • anon

    Why doesn’t Kate actually sit down and shuck the corn with her kids? That is part of the process. The nanny shouldn’t be doing mommy’s job, especially when Kate has so much help and resources now. Kate wants everything filmed, why?

  • Max

    honeybunch @ 08/20/2009 at 8:30 am Doesn’t she EVER do anything with those kids IN THE BACKYARD????
    That would defeat the purpose of doing something with her kids which is all for publicity and/or making more moolah.

  • honeybunch


    The cameras aren’t allowed in the backyard??? why not?

  • VanM

    Honestly…I read a lot of online gossip articles and I can say this. If I don’t care for someone I don’t read the article so if you don’t like KAte don’t read the articles on her. I personally like Kate and I wish her the best, she hasn’t always been nice but at least she can hold her up and know that she IS NOT THE REAL REASON JON LEFT. All marriages are not perfect and after TEN years you don’t leave a marriage because you don’t like how you are treated, you try to work things out and I don’t believe Jon when he says that Kate didn’t want counseling i’m sure she did up until she found out that Jon already had an STD and she changed her mind. Be honest people Jon left because he wanted the freedom he gave up TEN years ago, he knew what kind of person Kate was when he married her. JON IS A DOUCHE BAG…..MY OPINION ONLY……TEAM KATE……PS. To Memories and Melody…You sure do sound A LOT LIKE HAILEY……that is something she would write…..Kate is MORE OF A WOMAN THAN HAILEY GLASSMAN AND KATE MAKJOR WILL EVER BE, oh and let’s not forget good old KARMA GIRLS….it loves to come back around and bite you in the ass……

  • honeybunch

    jon does not want to be a father anymore–its plain and simple. All those kids are just driving him crazy–have you noticed when its his turn with them he just sits in a chair and talks on his phone probably setting up his next meeting for sex. Yes he is a douche—of the lowest kind—he never should have fathered those kids and pity that they all look like him. He should go back to China and stay there.

  • bella

    really you are posting about corn on the cob . . .what next Rachel Bilson or Sienna Miller shopping or eating???? Who gives a S***!

  • honeybunch


    well you DID read it, right? and why was that???

  • Jon Needs to Grow a Brain

    @Scott: You got that right !!

  • melody


    Aren’t you worried about your own karma, accusing Jon of getting an STD and saying that a poster is writing something that sounds like Hailey. Are YOU Hailey’s BFF? Are you psychically gifted and KNOW how she’s write? You don’t know why Jon left.
    You don’t know that what your saying is right. it’s just as much supposition and gossip as what anyone else says so climb off the plastic altar and give up the preaching. Kate is a waste of space every bit as much as Jon. If YOU don’t like what I write then DON”T read it. It’s the same exact advice you just gave everyone who doesn’t like Kate. If you want to make rules for everyone on the internet learn to follow them yourself so you don’t come off sounding like a hypocritical fool.

  • Lauren

    Well, for all of the Kate supporters, I have to say that at some point you need to realize that this is not a nice woman. Another gossip site is reporting that Kate was caused a car accident ( I think she backed into someone) and left the scene of the accident, not even checking to see if the person she hit was ok. She was later visited by the police at her home and said that she had to leave the scene because she was a “public figure!” No charges were filed and Kate “quickly settled everything with the police and the other person. The other person has stated that Kate was not a bit nice to her during any of this. Great behavior from a “christian” woman isn’t it?

  • Denise

    Kate, please take care of the kids, because the so called father of them never will. I now understand that you had 9 kids to take care of. I used to like Jon but this guy is totally disgusting with these whatever phase he’s going through.

  • sammy

    I think the Kate 2.0 story is really a smear job. She’s probably just upset at Jon.

  • memories


    I wasn’t, “ragging” on anyone. I was reflecting back on things I have SEEN and READ with my own eyes. Not one negative word did I say about Kate. or Jon. I think you have problems dealing with the realities of the memories this family has provided and had recorded for these children. I think you may want to consider what state your own life is in when you attack someone for merely stating FACTS.


    I think you should be more worried about Kate’s Karma. If you are such an expert on what sort of a woman she is then you are fully aware that every word I wrote was true.

  • gracey

    Kate’s no Christian. She used God just as bad as she used her kids to get where she is. She lied about going to church and how she just asked God for things and they appeared. I bet she didn’t ask God for all the trouble she is in now. This is Gods way of teaching her not to be such a nasty person. All these bad things happening to them now is God’s way of teaching them a good lesson for using those poor kids and lying about their faith. Religion isn’t suppose to be a routine you go into when you want people to send you money.

  • REba

    Wow, Kate is totally ignoring those children, while the nanny helps them with the corn. Momzilla is the right name for Kate.

  • Sylvia

    Jonnie it’s time to stop riding these horses which are Seabisquit, Barbaro, and Seattle Slew, lol. Just remember that a woman’s face and nose grows over time, lol. You’re throwing away everything good in your life for women with problems left and right. Hope that light bulb in your head turns on one of these days.

  • sammy

    i dont think its no big deal that they got there show and showed the kids. it’s no big deal that they got a divorse, eneybody can have a bad marrage and even if jon is going aroun with other women it happens. the katehaters just are jelouse because there rich and there not , kate will be rich and showing off them kids for a long time and the haters will just have to hate casue nothing is going to chang too bad haters.kate is rich and pretty and is doing good

  • Adele

    I don’t see how anyone can defend these horrible people anymore. The emotional scars these children will carry with them through life is every bit as bad, if not worse, than if they’d starved and beaten them.
    I do believe that God is punishing them both for their lies and trickery in decieving people from the very beginning. Very poor excuses for parents.

  • Dee

    When the Gosselin’s are in the front yard they will get their pictures taken by the paperazzi. Why are there no pictures of them in the backyard? Because the pap’s can’t get a shot. What are the gossip sites going to do? Hey people! The Gosselin’s played outside today but we don’t have any pictures! That’s why you get them going to the dentist, gas station ect. Until there are camera’s that can shot through the walls it seems that the Gosselin’s spend all their time in the front yard.
    Pool-no pix’s, backyard-no pix’s, in the house-no pix’s, front yard you get pictures.
    I agree that Kate should pave part of the backyard put up a shed for the kids bikes and maintain some privacy.
    Of course then there would not be any pictures for me to look at.

  • joe


    I love this post. It is the best I have ever seen. So sad that every word of it is true.

  • Maria


    #38 That hit and run story was a blind item and it was reported in the press later to be about Hulk Hogan’s ex wife Linda Hogan. Nothing like taking a story about someone else and turning it into a Kate story. Sounds like something GWOP would do.

  • Nancy

    I don’t believe one word that Kate#2 has written about Jon. She says that Jon didn’t want to use his credit card, but yet he uses it with Hailey. I think that she is just mad that Jon didn’t choose to be with her. Jon probably didn’t want another woman named Kate in his life. Maybe she should have used her middle name instead of Kate. Bottom line is, this crap is getting old and needs to go away.