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Kate Gosselin: FedEx Fiend!

Kate Gosselin: FedEx Fiend!

Kate Gosselin of Jon and Kate Plus 8 heads out to (where else?) Fed-Ex, the bank, a gas station and finally to the Park City shopping center on Wednesday (August 20) in Lancaster, Pennsylvania.

Kate appeared to be photocopying some monthly household expenses! Wonder what it’s for?

Just yesterday, Kate and the kids got a little bit corny!

10+ pictures inside of Kate Gosselin the Fed-Ex fiend…

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kate gosselin fed ex fiend 01
kate gosselin fed ex fiend 03
kate gosselin fed ex fiend 04
kate gosselin fed ex fiend 05
kate gosselin fed ex fiend 06
kate gosselin fed ex fiend 07
kate gosselin fed ex fiend 08
kate gosselin fed ex fiend 09
kate gosselin fed ex fiend 10
kate gosselin fed ex fiend 10

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  • Julia


  • Julia


  • jinny

    Hi Jared,
    I love your site, but PLEASE stop writing about these attention-craving idiots! Nobody really cares.

  • jinny


  • You/Me

    Seriously, who goes to FED EX that often??? And anyway, as much money as they make why don’t they have their own home office set up?? lol
    I would start watching KATE +8 if they got rid of Jon but as long as he is in the picture I won’t watch.

  • wow

    I was at Lancaster, PA today:o rofl

  • Susie q

    Come on people! That’s probably where their P.O. box is located. I highly doubt they get mail in the mailbox at their house. Crazy people would be stealing their mail all the time. I’m sure Kate goes there every day or so to pick up the mail.

  • kari

    Uh…first of all, her shoes are freakin’ hideous…Can’t she wear a pear of flip flops or ballet slippers for christss sake?? She looks like she’s always trying so hard on the shoes!!!
    Secondly, it is My opinion that those are not household expenses..they look like jotted down notes that she’s kept on her ex…all the times he’s screwed up, had the girlfriend with the kids, etc…

  • barbie

    this woman has absolutely no sense of style! those shoes??? and with her money, and wanting to hide from the photographers why pump your own gas?

  • Baby huey

    Fed-Ex is missing out on signing this family to some sort of ad campaign.

  • victoria #1

    @ AGREE EVERYONE—-The only part of that expense sheet that I could pick up, even with my reading glasses on, is near the bottom right corner, and the number $70,000. A neighbor of Kate’s, stated along time ago, that their post office box WAS there, because of stolen mail by the fans and the paparazzi looking it every day.

    Even neighbors were caught taking card’s ( hoping for money, they hoped or checks ) or fan mail with cash or gift cards in them. So the post office box made more sense.

    Kate’s shoes are hideous. Who is she trying to be? A 20 year old? Is she in competition with her blown-up chucky-doll husband trying to attract or date anything and everything right after the word ” felony ” is no longer valid?

    So many women wrote in to Maria Schriver and e-mailed her to complain about her appearance at the Women’s Conference in California that I’m surprised she is still going. I have not heard otherwise, but several friends of mine, including myself, have cancelled our hotel reservations because of Kate Gosselin. I have since read, that others online on different sites, have done the same thing, and have been extremely disppointed in Maria Schriver and her choice. She should have recinded that invite as quickly as possible.

  • Sally

    She looks so much better than Jailey even without any makeup on. I’m beginning to think that Jon is going blind.

  • Creepy internet stalking!

    What’s with reading her personal papers and talking about it? Do you people go to each other’s homes and read their private stuff? Do you watch your neighbors out your windows with binoculars? That goes beyond nosey and into the realm of stalker. I’d be so creeped out if I was this woman. People wonder why she hates the paps but lets TLC cameras film her family – maybe this kind of thing is why?

  • Denise

    I liked her hair better in the Los Angeles book signing photos. Hair kinda looks flat these days. She still looks fine though.

  • http://justjared jello

    She looks like a complete idiot with those shoes. She is like a teenager the way she dresses. She probaley can’t sleep at night waiting to put on those stupid outfits she picks out. She’s like one big hillbilly, got some money and went wild in the Jr. Walmart section. What is wrong with wearing a pair of shorts or capri’s to go to Fed Ex. She and Jon are the joke of the town. Two white thrash rif rafs. Nothing wrong with dressing nice but come on she is a joke. Dress like a normal mother nice and clean and wear appropiate clothes for whatever errand she is on.

  • sometime i hate people

    On what planet is it ok to make nasty personal comments about another person the way some of you people do? If you don’t like the Gosselins, don’t watch the show or read articles about them.
    Would you walk up to Kate Gosselin and call her an idiot – or comment on her shoes, clothes etc.? Why is ok to do behind the anonymity of your computer? That’s nasty and mean spirited. You can’t feel very good about yourself if you feel a need to belittle another human being like that. What small minded little people you are.

  • olddanfan

    Do I care what she is doing, where she is going, what she is wearing 24 hours a day? NO! Give it a rest Jared and all you paps out there. And I DON’T blame her or Jon or the kids on this ridiculous obssessive behavior of the public to follow these people around. The deal was to document their lives as it revolved around taking care of the kids, NOT to have rude and inconsiderate “dudes” (ie. photographers) who try to act like they really care about those celebrities they chat up while following them around like a bunch of puppies looking for mommy’s milk. Get a REAL job and find something to do with your life that is more worthwhile than harrassing other people.

  • MB


    doesn’t look like it

  • joe

    When you put yourself and your family on TV for the public to see then you open your family to public criticism If you don’t want the public talking about yo then you should remain a private person.
    Sometimes I hate people should remember this .

  • Katy

    @sometime i hate people:
    You just did the same thing that you are putting people down for doing.
    So who is the small minded person?

  • sometimes i hate people

    @joe: Respectfully, in my world two wrongs don’t make a right. It’s not ok for us to be jerks and say mean-spirited things about another human being – whether they put themselves in the public eye or not.
    The kids didn’t ask for any of this by the way, so why is ok to say nasty stuff about them? The twins are going to get on the internet either at home or at school and find out that every jerk in America has something crappy to say about them and their family. That’s just plain wrong.

  • sometimes i hate people

    @Katy: Ah but there is a difference between just generally being upset with people in general, and making direct comments about specific people which might be hurtful, especially to the kids. Well that’s how I feel about it, you have every right to disagree.

  • George

    She looks classy, reminds of Diane Lane a little bit. Definately looks better than most of other Hollywood stars that I’ve seen.

  • anonymous

    Jared I care. Please continue covering the sewage that be the Gosselins,because their exploits tickle me!

  • anonymous

    Twenty fifth! See Julia I can post my number as well!

  • anonymous

    @Susie q: I never would have thought of the “stealing of their mail” ploy. Susie q have you had issues with the postmaster to gain that “criminal” knowledge? HMMM………..


    I do have to say those shoes are straight off an episode of “Hookers at the Point” on HBO! Not a good look what so ever!@Creepy internet stalking!: Thanks for that tidbit of wisdom there Creepy! Kate knows exactly where the cameras are & plans her days accordingly,I’d just about bet! So let me guess…you only come here & read post after post,because you’re a good samaritan that doesn’t support this type of stuff? Yeah right! Maybe you should renew your probably much read Enquirer & Star subscriptions & peddle your “superior to everyone else” nonsense elsewhere.


    @sometime i hate people: Oh so you’re playing with a different set of rules than the rest of us I’m guessing. You can hate me & call me small minded,but because you’re riding the good samaritan train it’s ok for you to do that? Give me a break! You’re no better! As for the kids getting on the internet & reading the “crappy” things posted,personally I feel the pics of their dad drunk with numerous women other than their mom(before divorce) & the constant slamming between their parents of each other will probably be a bigger concern for the kids. What’s plain wrong,is the ridiculous exploits of Jon & Kate themselves. Seeing on a computer that someone from Maryland,Tennessee or New York thinks your parents & the way your parents are raising you is wrong isn’t as big of a “slap in the face” to the kids,as is the complete disregard of you & your siblings well being by your parents.

  • Lila

    Since when are wedges only for teenagers or hookers? I’m not a fan of the white straps but that’s a personal pet peeve. I think the shoes would be cuter if the straps were black. As far as appropriateness or classiness though, she looks fine to me.

    Her hair would be so much cuter if she would grow it all out to match her bangs.

  • Cares about the kids

    I do hope people watch what they say, especially about the kids. The GWOP site started out to be a good site to discuss J&K, but has recently been very critical of some of the kids. That crossed the line with me. They are innocent in all of this.

  • Faith Lynette

    I believe the papers she’s copying list all of Jon’s girlfriends…[just a guess!]…hehehehe

  • not nice ho’s finish last

    By all accounts she is one rude b*tch. Nothing like new money, is there? White bread all the way.

    She is fake and manipulates the fans of the show to ‘think’ she is slaving away for her kids; right, once the nannies and chefs go to bed.

    I never once saw this woman touch her husband with affection……or give him a peck or hug. She is cold to the core. All this talk show babble about how she can’t stop crying; that is not over her failed marriage, it is over the ‘tv package’ unraveling.

    Can’t stand her cleanliness schtick; thinks her boy are ‘icky and dirty’………control freaks are generally fcuked up people and often narcissists……….why is America watching? I hope everyone tunes out. This ‘family values show’ is a charade now so why film?

    Imagine Kate following the grips outa the driveway screaming, “Wait, let’s do one more season……puleeeeze, you can’t leave me. She’d be more upset if the film crew hiked than she was when her husband left.

    As for Jon, it’s really funny. It’s like the guy was in a cage and now he’s going ape-shite with freedom. He was one repressed guy. I don’t think he’s a bad guy, I think he just regressed ten years as a result of the nagging oppression and lack of affection. His ego was shattered and now he’s running amok at the first sign of female interest. He certainly didn’t get it at home with that calculating machine he was living with.

  • Kendall

    Do the paps really have to follow her doing mundane stuff every day?!

  • nikki

    Poor Kate, waaaa!
    She must have a sh*t load of time on her hands to buy all those god awful shows, fugly to say the least. You can put lipstick, or in this case heels ,on a pig it is still a pig, oink, oink Kate.

  • juliet

    Kate you look great! I love the shoes!

  • Cares about the kids


    They say either she or her PR people call them and tell them where she is going.

  • Elaine

    @Cares about the kids:

    I agree! I was reading on that website and some of the things they said are terrible about the kids! They called the boys haircuts “trailer trash!”
    Leave these kids alone!

  • Victoria

    I really think the site at GWOP are either jealous or mentally ill. The idiot Jon started all this mess and he’s still in a mess. If not for his dumb and idiotic actions within the past few months, his OWN FAMILY would not be under the scrutiny that they are in right now. The show should have been called Kate plus 9 because Jon is still a child in heart and mind. I just hope for the kids sake that Kate take full custody with this immature imbecile with visitation with supervision. If not, he’s going to expose to these innocent children to life of partying, drinking, using drugs, etc., I just feel for the innocent victims that should have never been exposed to his childlike actions. What happened to him? I just don’t get it. His mother should be very proud of him.

  • dawne


    S’okay, hon bun, you had it coming. Your arrogance has been palpable for years……so quit whining and eat what you have sown like a big girl……..instead of weeping all over America. You cry for yourself and your ‘dream image’ which is now shot to shite so wipe those crocodile tears and quit trying to play victim; your marriage is exactly where it shoud be…………in the crapper………based on YOUR CHOICES. Remember Jon wanted to quit the show a year ago and you brushed that off like a fly buzzing your mullet head. Why would you care what your husband wants when there is more $$$$$ and freebies and attention out there for you to suck up like dried up sponge?

    I know. We get it. For all your “I’m all about the kids” you are all about KATE!!! If you loved your kids you would have heeded the signals that your marriage was going south; but you chose to over-ride as you typically do and do what YOU wanted. So, now deal and shut the fcuk up. I hope your show’s ratings fall off a cliff; look good on you and TLC. Giant opportunists. Now go slap a kid for interrupting your 100th phone call today; cause we know how being a mother is so huge to you; just not as huge as being a CELEBRITY. You are cheezy, girl. Your fifteen minutes is ticking down……and I’m counting.

  • Victoria

    Well Dawne, all I have to say is let’s look at the choices. Jon choose to hook up with a elementary teacher, then with a drug addict called Hailey, then his next move was to be with a journalist with a bad track record, including falling off a flight of stairs because she was so drunk, then he has capped it with a baby sitter he met at a night/strip joint and bringing her home at early mornings with no regards to his OWN CHILDREN. Yes, Kate may be tough, but she had to be. She has to carry 9, count them 9 kids around. Jon maybe 32 years old or whatever and maybe a nice guy but he is totally a dumbsh*t and has an I.Q. of a teenager. These are the facts. If you had any kids, would you feel safe that he’s taking care of your own kids? In my opinion, no way because of my fear that some of these beutiful kids might end up like him. I would do anything and everything to protect my kids from this imbecile, bottom line.


    @juliet: You like the shoes? Then you need to get on your corner ASAP before your pimp catches you relaxing/

  • dawne

    BTW anyone who likes those shoes…………..ewwwww, they take on a life of their own. Nasty, nasty. She tries too hard. Not workin’ for her.

    Victoria, I am not saying Jon is a peach right now, I think he is spinning out of control emotionally, but that does not excuse Kate for how she has been a friggin’ Nazi in that family. Any woman who makes her man feel lesser than; well, watch out. He’ll come out of this and be somewhat embarrassed, but she will always be KATE THE CONTROL FREAK WHO REALLY CAN’T LOVE.

    People who talk about how much they LOVE their kids day and effing night on national television, I am suspect……..she doeth protesteth too much. Every time she opens her mouth it is an attempt to manipulate the public into loving her so she can continue to create a bigger ‘career’ for herself.

    She is so much like J. Aniston it is unbelievable; these insecure women give us all a bad name……they are ambitious, vain, controlling, rude, often downright mean, yet they want America to crown them ‘sweetheart victims.’ She is playing right out of Anistons’ playbook on milking the public’s emotions rather than facing up to her role in the break-up. These victims never accept responsibility for their own behaviour and choices; it is easier to stick their fingers in someone else’s face and BLAME.

    I can’t stand women like this; they are not honest or empowered. She needs to get off the talk show circuit and focus on her own arrogance and rudeness to all who come in contract with her. Jon was a nice guy, she destroyed him………….these types do and then they lie back and say, “Oh, my gawd, poor me, look what he is doing.”

    She created the new Jon; he was so used to being controlled and unloved, he went a little nuts when he discovered all women are not like that and they find him desirable. He is free now. He can be a ‘man’ not a mouse. He’s gone overboard but so what, she’s been overboard in other ways for years.

    What kind of woman do you think it takes to destroy a marriage with eight kids?????????????????????????? One on a personal mission, not a family mission. She claims Jon changed………SHE DIDN’T……..GMAFB. She developed stars in her eyes and that became more important than her family.


    That, my dear, is arrogance of which I have never seen the like. So let her rot. I have NO pity. Jon’s being a t^t but he pales in comparison to this robotical and driven woman.

  • larry

    @George: I agree Kate does resemble Diane Lane, she is attractive and has beautiful skin, but I don’t like the shoes!

  • rita

    She has way more class than Jon ( ho dog) Gosselin I bet she’s embarassed she ever hitched up with this guy . She will end up taking him to the cleaners..LOL

  • dawne

    Oh, Rita………try and see both sides, dear. She is really the lethal one. Don’t be so easily duped; not all is what it seems, ya know. Maybe when you stop falling for the victim shite and grow up a bit, you’ll ‘get it.’

  • dawne

    and besides, she has NO class; classy people are not rude and domineering……..and the appearance comments; how shallow are you?? Are you 12? What the hell does that mean to a destroyed family of ten??? God, the superficial people out there; it’s you she’s catering to; it’s you who destroyed her marriage, it’s you who watch this train wreck……it’s you who has fed this monster until she imploded………..judge her on her choices and behaviour if you must, but on her looks……….for god’s sake she 34 years old with a million bucks……….that’s the problem; dressing for the papz shots…..who wouldn’t look good when you spend half your time at spas while the nannies and chefs run your home. You’ve driven your husband to insanity but that’s fine as long as idiots like you are on a blog talking about her SKIN with movie star comparisons.

    Grow up. This is serious shite for eight little kids whose lives have been negatively altered for life. Americans can be so damn HW shallow it is insane. Who cares about her ‘looks’…….she is everywoman at the mall with a bad haircut and ridiculous shoes. Dig deeper, sweet cheeks…….there is more to life that the outer shell.

  • lakers fan in boston

    im glad for kate
    it looks like she got a new job bases on those shoes
    maybe a stripper or possibly a job on the ho stroll =D

  • pjbrown

    those ugly shoes highlight her cankles!

  • Lily

    @sometime i hate people:

    I completely agree with you. I don’t understand people who talk so badly about others.

  • Jill

    Who cares about her shoes!!! Such petty people.