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Marc Jacobs: Wedding This Weekend!

Marc Jacobs: Wedding This Weekend!

Fashion designer Marc Jacobs and his Brazilian fiance Lorenzo Martone attend the screening of Anna Wintour and Vogue‘s new documentary The September Issue at NYC’s Museum of Modern Art on Wednesday (August 19).

The couple plan to wed this weekend in Provincetown, Mass. One source tells Page Six that Marc, 46, and Lorenzo, 30, want the nuptials to be a private affair but “there will be an after-party.”

Congrats to the happy couple!

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Credit: WENN; Photos: J. McCarthy/Wireimage, Andrew H. Walker/Getty
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  • sunshine

    Hehe, he is wearing a skirt…..guess who is the lady in the relationship!

  • I n F a m o u s l y C o o l it legal for, um.. twins to get married? LOL..

  • Wendy

    Its not a skirt, how ignorant can you be!!

    Anyhow…..this couple is insanely hot, congrats to them.

  • jen

    what a fantastic look. the perfect synergy of masculine and feminine. love it!

  • t

    handsome handosme, congrats

  • mia

    If it’s not a skirt, what is it? It may have some fancy fashion name, but it sure looks like a skirt. Definitely not a kilt.

  • ihavenolife

    congrats to the both of them!

  • teresa

    It’s a skirt. If it looks like a skirt, walks like a skirt, it’s a skirt. Don’t deny it. The mother and father of these guys must be so embarassed.

  • calvin

    @Kaleen: The only thing that’s sick about this post is your absolute ignorance. Get a grip, it’s 2009, take that attitude back to the Victorian Era where it came from.


    I think it hilarious! Congrat’s to the happy couple then.

  • Wake up it’s ’09!!!

    @calvin: I couldn’t had said it better myself.

  • dwoo

    WOW what a BEAUTIFUL couple! Congrats!

  • Tata

    Congrats to them!! Cute couple. But just wondering… Didn’t they already get married in Paris a couple of years ago?

  • kevin

    God some of you people are so full of hatred its sickening. So what if their gay, how does it affect you? Gay people are some of the most influential people in modern society, and being gay is most defiantly not a sin.

  • Anne

    I’m not gay & I agree with this marriage. :) As long as they aren’t actively imposing their views upon others (like some people here…), I think it’s perfectly fine.

    @Kaleen: Are you sure you want to use the word “will”? So if you’re gay, you definitely have HIV/AIDS? That’s so ignorant, it’s not even funny. Honestly, STDs can be transmitted by ANY couple practising unsafe sex. The virus doesn’t care what your sexual orientation is. You’re a doctor, you should know that. I really hope you’re joking, but I don’t think so…

    And lastly, if it’s a skirt, so what?! Fashion has no boundaries. Live with it.

  • Dahlia

    LMAO. All of the negative homophobic comments are from the SAME person. Its so obvious. Stick to one name, jeez…
    And don’t talk about the “God” you have no proof of existing, and about the fictional stories you’ve read in the bible because not everyone is a Christian, and not everyone believes in God. So using God and Religion in your arguments is an automatic EPIC FAIL.
    And the AIDS stuff is all bullsh*t. Let’s use Science and Logic, not myths and superstition.

    Congrats to the happy couple!

  • Jade

    They look so stylish and cute! <3

  • :-(

    There are a bunch of ignorant people on this forum, it’s sad.

  • jorge

    @Dahlia: No it’s not the same person. Some comments are + and some -. You need to read the bible to see what it says about a man with a man.


    I’m sickened by some of these comments. What difference does it make to your life how someone else lives theirs?

    My wishes to those who find love in this world is “Long Life and Happiness.”

  • Max

    @Sunday school teacher: Judge not lest ye be judged. Apparently you aren’t a very GOOD Sunday school teacher.

  • peter


    So wearing a skirt and/or a purse is a sin now?
    Oh snap, someone better call the Scots ASAP.
    And all women!

    KALEEN you really think someone believes you when you say you’re a doctor?
    In your dreams, girl, in your dreams.
    Or on Barbies Delusional Island.

    So how do you explain rectal cancer in heterosexual peoples rectums?


    Yeah, that’s why so many HETEROSEXUAL people have Aids as well.


    The bible says a lot of dumb shit.
    Mixed fabrics, shellfish etc.
    Stop throwing things around like you know anything about it.

  • stella

    @You/Me: You are right You/Me. WTF???? Fashion designer or jerk?

  • jen

    @Jose: Christian values that respect individuality and differences. Christianity that leaves the judging to Jesus.

  • jen

    @Moses: I think God has more pressing issues then whether Marc Jacobs is wearing a skirt.

  • ANia

    they make such a beautiful couple. too bad they cant have kids because they would be gorgeous! :P
    congratulations! WOOOO!

  • Fergie Fan !

    Happy fot them, and GOD only wants love, doesn’t he???

  • calliope

    I forgot that there are still so many close-minded, ignorant people. Your statements make no sense. First, using God as a justification for why two people can’t be together is a failed argument seeing as how people have freedom of religion. They don’t have to believe in your God. Second, even if you were to use God, it makes no sense to me why he would ever call two people in love, regardless of gender, a sin. Wouldn’t it make more sense for a hypothetical God to be accepting and loving of his people?

    As for the AIDS and HIV, that is spread through sex. It does not distinguish between whether it is sex between two people of the same gender or of the opposite gender. It has nothing to do with a person’s sexuality.

    As for whether it’s ‘natural’ or not, there are scientific studies showing that homosexuality occurs in wildlife. The last I checked, it doesn’t get more natural than that. And even if you still choose to believe that sexuality is a ‘choice’, why do you care? It doesn’t affect you or hurt you. Love is love. Let it be.

  • nikomilinko
  • Mary

    Congratulations Marc and Lorenzo !

  • chris

    #46 Calliope, I totally agree with you!

  • ijjkjk

    LOL, Its obvious one person is leaving all these messages. Get a life you poor loser, Marc Jacobs is above you.

  • zac_efron_huge_fan


  • Shemp lugosi

    @Kaleen: I can’t believe that anyone as ignorant as you was able to make it through medical school. Hey, you know what I heard? That keeping hate in your heart gives you cancer! You should be very afraid!

  • the_boyfriend

    wow, i didn’t know there was so much intolerance, ignorance and homophobia here, it’s disheartening.

  • Shemp lugosi

    It’s hard to believe that they are 16 years apart in age. Both of them are way too overtanned for me to find them attractive, but I’m sure they could care less.

    What’s hardest to believe is that so many ignorant haters flock to this site and this thread! Hey all you who have a problem, don’t you realize Jared is gay? And that by coming to this site, you’re supporting a gay man and helping him make a living? Isn’t that a sin in your small, narrow world? And by the way, god told me not to listen to you, that YOU are the real sinners! Jesus never said one word against gays, I DARE you to try and find one in your precious bible. You won’t, ’cause it ain’t there!

  • Sargon bighorn

    46 year old and 30 year old to wed? WTF Are you sure they’re Gay. Must be the money.

  • jay jay 26

    congrats to the happy couple! can’t wait to see pics of the wedding!

    if you wanna read more about The September Issue Premier here’s a cool article

  • lakers fan in boston

    wow, he’s 46?!
    i thought he was in his 30s, surprised
    hope they have a good time over here in massachusetts =D

  • Ali

    Don’t do it Marc. At least have a very good prenup.

  • calliope

    @Lordy be

    Name calling? Real mature. I know of those parts of the Bible but telling someone to go ‘Read the bible’ makes no sense. The last I checked, the Bible wasn’t the law.

  • Jon

    Prenup for sure. In this day and age, it’s a must have.

  • angie’s old nose

    Isn’t this like the 3rd guy he’s been engaged to within a 2 year span? *eye roll*

  • nathan

    I used to be gay, then I found Jesus and realized that being gay was a sin. Now I am happily married to a woman who is my soul mate. i would never ever go back to being gay.

  • Margaritaville

    I don’t think that they will last. but time will tell.

  • Michael Jeffries

    One of the unexpected, remarkable aspects of blogs like Towleroad, is that the “comment sections” act as a reminder to us all. They remind us that we do not live in a postgay world, they remind us that prejudice fueled by ignorance is alive and well, and they remind us to watch our backs while moving forward with grace and dignity.

  • Lolita

    Concrats to the happy couple.In every photo you see those two,they show true love and happyness and i can’t think of a more deserving couple to finally being able to get married. Have a wonderfull loving and happy life together.Please find a surogate to delievere a beautifull baby….would be a waste not to have a baby that would have the look of both of them.xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo

  • Alice

    i’m really sorry for those who think homosexuality is disgusting;

    you guys claim to have ‘christian values’, but what is god?

    GOD is supposed to be LOVE, so tell me WHY he wouldn’t accept the LOVE between two people?
    it’s no big deal, you can be gay, you can me straight… whatever, man! just be happy and love your partner! argh, american people seem to be so stupid…;

  • Look out

    If this is a private party with no guests just watch Lindsay Lohan will be there. Oh and Spencer Pratt too. Ha ha ha ha

  • whoisthis for

    Ahem… what is this site and who is responding to these comments? And why are a bunch of frustrated women even bothering to comment on events that have ABSOLUTELY NOTHING TO DO WITH THEM? Mind your own business. PS Marc Jacobs is untalented and boring (as witnessed by said outfit—skirt? Yawn, so 1985) , therefore…