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Mila Kunis Covers Women's Health

Mila Kunis Covers Women's Health

Mila Kunis opens up about her beau, Home Alone actor Macaulay Culkin, in the September 2009 issue of Women’s Health. Here’s what the 26-year-old sultry actress spilled:

On her relationship with Macaulay Culkin: “I don’t know if I met him at 27 if it would have been a different relationship. We grew up together. You find a steady rock in your life and that’s all you need. We have our ups and downs, but work through them.”

On working with James Franco in Date Night, out 2010: “He’s incredibly smart, but he’s not obnoxious smart, like ‘I’m going to tell you every SAT world I know just to prove it to you.’ He’s naturally smart. He reads.”

On her That 70′s Show male costars: “[Ashton] Kutcher used to help me with my science homework. Wilmer [Valderrama] taught me to drive. Topher [Grace] talked about movies all the time. And Danny [Masterson] took me to my first club and bought me my first drink. He was my prom date too.”

On Hollywood: “[The culture here] isn’t based on anything other than ‘Who got a boob job?’ That’s what I feel L.A. is about. A lot of people here want to be everyone but themselves.”

On her hidden talent: “I really, really kick ass at drums on Rock Band. I’m just sayin’.”

On her fantasy dinner party: “It would be crazy. I’d invite Thomas Jefferson, [Leo} Tolstoy, Barack Obama, Lucille Ball, and maybe Stalin, only because there are certain people in history I just can’t wrap my head around. I’d be like, ‘Explain it to me. Pretend that I’m a 4-year-old and explain what made you do that crazy shit you did.’”

On being a klutz: “Let’s see. I had a snowboarding accident. I fell off a horse. I’ve had a concussion, a fractured rib….I walk into walls. I’m always bruised up.”

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  • ughh

    “He’s naturally smart. He reads.”

    My god is she stupid. Naturally smart? By reading no less? LOL thats a joke. The boy is smart-yes.. but because he has a hunger for learning.

  • Jane

    i love her on that 70s show! she’s pretty

  • yeha

    ughh…..people do get smart because they do lots of reading. He has a hunger for learning therefore he reads……

  • yeha

    ughh…..people do get smart because they do lots of reading. He has a hunger for learning therefore he reads……

  • ughh

    @yeha: I know! You said it yourself.. get smart…

    hes not ‘naturally smart’

  • Loser

    He’s naturally smart in that he picks up on things rather quickly – and retains that information…Douche.

  • jk

    some people are “naturally smart” …………..unlike u

  • roja

    Did she want to give the image of an intellectual?????

  • L

    Lol! James Franco is smart? The dude is 30 and only just graduated from college. Besides, did anyone read that review/essay he wrote on Heath Ledger’s performance on the joker? All he DID was pull out every SAT word he knew. It was ridiculous, I was embarassed for him.

  • ck

    LOL..I LOVE Mila, but that James Franco quote made me spit out my coffee.

  • Noticias de famosos

    She is beautiful, but very common.

  • dollie

    why is everyone hating on her?I think that she’s a nice girl not getting caught up in all the bullshit, and yes you can be naturally smart, just as you can be naturally stupid.

  • luvbird

    i love mila she could have been the drugged out fame whoorre for cash i don’t want to down others but mila has a true group of fans she is gold 2 me like rachel bilson

  • luvbird


  • bella

    @ughh: LOL . . . I know she reminds me so much of Mrgan Fox.

  • Tiara

    She looks like Vanessa Hudgens and that’s not a good thing for me. LOL @ the James Franco line.

  • jaye

    Wow, “He reads.” She should try that. Maybe she could ‘wrap’ her head around some people in history if she did. She ‘walks into walls’, there’s enough jokes in that statement for a whole comedy routine. lol
    I must have missed the part where she became famous.

  • All Women Stalker

    I like her! I think she’s a lovely/quirky girl.


  • lakers fan in boston

    she’s cute, but a lot of guys i know really adore her but im just not that in2 her
    i loved her on that 70s show, but still never found her anything else than cute

  • Lari

    the interview was nice. i really like her work. she’s definitely not like the others Hollywood girls

  • Dassie

    I don’t think Mila meant that James Franco is smart because he ‘reads’…(duh, lol) …she means he is a ‘reader’…there’s a differerence between a reader (someone who is an intellectual and reads books for personal enjoyment and discussion) and someone just reads for schoolwork and maybe ‘Twilight’ on the side..

  • rossy40

    Any of you ever heard of sarcasm? “When asked certain questions…” make your replies straight-forward & dull (get bitchy comments on message boards) or try injecting some dry humor in response (get bitchy comments on message boards). Some people never do anything right… What’s it like for you naysayers being sooooo perfect in looks & personality! Hint: Get dictionary & look up “sarcasm”
    I like the fact that she doesn’t seem to take herself too seriously. After all, she is the voice of Meg Griffin on “Family Guy” – How else should she answer?

  • j

    wow, people seem to really pounce on her quote about james franco. relax, people. :-)

  • kate

    whatever. i think she’s adorable and i love that 70s show anecdote. so cute!

  • suppress your appetite

    sexy cover :)!

  • carol

    she dates danny masterson????

    I wish because I loooove Jackie and Hyde (thats 70 show)